Why Are We Here?

This is one of my shortest posts to date, but in these few lines readers will find some of the most challenging ideas. That challenge is not in their comprehension, but in the convention that makes comprehension possible.  “They” are those that protect convention at all cost and in spite of comprehension.

The vital clue as to why we are here can be found in the analysis of what we really are. Funny that. Absolute comprehension belies reason. “They” have tried hard to obfuscate the truth, but only to their own detriment. The Gnostics used to use the term forgetfulness as reminder to the idealists that truth cannot be constructed. Our mainstream and alternative Medias are not run by Gnostics. That is non-negotiable idealism.

Imagine the body is a vehicle with maybe two, perhaps hundreds or even billions of passengers. Driving is not important as reflecting on experiences and, at any one time, there can be only one driver. All vehicle riders are passengers and there must be at least two, maybe more; maybe many more. All passengers are passive for at least some of the time, but one or more will be active whilst driving. For human beings, we are the product of two; one male and one female. We are not the product of gay single sex parents. We are not the product of adopted parents. Whether admired or despised; our biological parents are our parents and this impacts one of the reasons we are here. Evolution is correct in one of its statements. The new is meant to be an improvement of the old. However, as improvement is a loaded term which requires appreciation of standards, with nothing to measure it is perfunctory. If the creation process was overseen by anything, it would be God. Therefore, only appreciation of God’s standards can determine what improvement is and whether procreation affirms improved offspring. Without God, the passive observer can surmise improvement by the fusion of the traits of two bodies into one; and then maybe another one and so on. Each offspring member is both mother and father renewed; an improved version of each per se.

Every new human body is a new window of the combined male and female elements. The egg is an extension of dark matter made of electrically charged sub-particles. These are both the physical components of the smallest parts which create the illusion of solidity coupled with an expressive energy comprising at least one active identity and innumerable passive connections. When the new life begins, the active will become the sub-conscious. As hard as it is to envisage, the sub-conscious is part of a perfect extra-dimensional replica of the physical body which is located in the second Holographic Universe of D4. However, the perfect replica of physical form is only a disposable skin which covers a void shadow [being]. Shadow entities (one part of every human being) tend to be very negative and contain unresolved emotions seeking resolution. As they are built from a considerable number of expressive channels over eternity, conceptual change is impossible. This defeats the resolution process which requires changed scenarios, processes and analysis. That is why every new life requires a male sperm. Each sperm is powered by an electrical energy which might materialise as proto-physical ectoplasm from the point of conception. The creation of the ectoplasm closes the conception process and locks out any meta-physical intruders.

Our male sperm decodes the final part of the truth as to why we are here. It is host to our electrical body, which in combination with the shadow (soul) creates a readable electro-magnetic field. However, the electrical body is known as the spirit in the vernacular. The spirit is a human’s super or higher conscious. I feel a few readers are beginning to see the penny drop now. A light body, once again, is a perfect human form in pure light. This is located, I shall say, in D6. The problem with definitions of dimensions is the numerous standards. Whereas I like to break dimensions into phases and densities, others give much narrower bandwidths. Therefore, for simplicity, D4 is Tara and the realm of dark matter, D5 is a universe of sound and D6 is the light universe or HU3. In summary we are a combination of existences in Holographic Universes One, Two and Three. One is physical reality, two is a soul state of darkness and confusion and three is our guiding light force. Without its spirit guide the soul cannot improve. Without a physical body in a conditional universe without hereditary memory, there would be no desire or opportunity to manufacture opportunities for resolution.


The Science of Existence

I have been doing more work on my book Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons and this, sadly, has taken precedence over blogging. As the introduction and first chapter sound more like science philosophy manuals dealing with macro and quantum physics scenarios, I have decided to issue another sneak preview:

In the beginning there was the word and the word was God”.

Before I broach the complex and convoluted subject of exo-politic affairs, it is important to form an understanding of how and, to all intents and purposes, why we are here. Though few of us might appear to have direct relationships with exo-politics, we are all connecting through a combination of history as representative of our multi-faceted symbiotic presence and the future in its relationship to the past and present. Without fundamentally understanding the nature of man, the reader may as well give up any quest into the exploration of exo-political enlightenment. Dimensions, densities, demons and Earthly deceptions are intrinsically connected. For an even rudimentary understanding we must start at the very beginning before, presumably, there was anything; when the “word was God”. The reader, while reading, must also not lose sight of the fact that, on so many levels, we are not a single process or single thought, but a the culmination of an extraordinary journey stretching back to the very start which is likely to have begun at the end. Everything is as it was and will always be regardless of rudimentary changes as a consequence of this journey. Every single body is a cooperation of an infinite number of ideas, each jostling for position. The winners, in position, are the manifestation we call life.

Those aware of gnostic philosophy are blessed. Gnostic philosophy is surprisingly accurate. More importantly, it moves away from traditional structures like atoms, molecules, organisms and so on. Instead it discusses creation in emotional terms. If anything, the building blocks were the finished products, as the components were irrelevant. How the designer and builder of horns or hooves did it, was unimportant as, to the experiencer, a horn is a horn and not an immense group of atoms inadvertently glued together. The important thing is horns and hooves were designed and did not accidentally materialise or miraculously evolve. So-called evolution merely catalogues changes. It records the symptoms and science creates its make-believe as a consequence. Improvement is a presumption; which is not to say some lateral changes were not better or a retrospective improvement. Nevertheless improvement per se is not in any way evidence for evolution unless that improvement is systemic and continuous.

Exo-politics goes beyond bodies and we learn of extra-dimensional forms and/or some entities which do not possess physical bodies. Some argue that dimensions eight to ten (D8-10) consist of pure thought. Under those conditions such entities would neither possess physical bodies or form that conform to scientific convention and, as such, are beyond the fathom of science reasoning. Therefore in this case readers will discover ancient documents such as the Gnostic Nag Hammadi scrolls become the manuals for extra-existence.  For instance, in material found in the Apocryphon of John, the Gospel of the Egyptians and other books a focus is devoted to the creation of metaphysical states, emotions and devices. Conclusions drawn determine that without “logos” or “thought” nothing could have begun and that is why, “In the beginning there was the word.” Thought may not have personified words, as such, but merely was the “awareness of one”. Though the power of one has become infinite in capacity and potential, it was always one and was not always aware. We call this the prime source.

Prior to thought, that which existed had no comprehension as it was what was and there was nothing that could invoke comprehension other than its awareness through thought. The thought could have only have been produced as a reaction to bliss, for bliss is bliss. Importantly, behind the thought was the impetus to think. Both Buddhists and Gnostics have taken this for granted. Impetus preceded thought. Without a reference point there can be no causality. In other words, for bliss to have needed to think there must have been a motivator. Once thought came into being, in a sense irrationally or unnaturally, there was only one possible outcome. That outcome was a chain reaction that has reached the point we call the present today, and will call the future tomorrow. The limited third party observer, like me, can only hypothesise why an all-consuming entity, consumed in bliss found an irregularity to justify beginning thought. Perhaps in its brilliant sameness, bliss became boring and the all-consuming entity needed a distraction from itself. It needed, I hypothesise, some place to explore and discover; some place to express and be. The expression “a change is as good as a rest” summarises the catalytic momentum of the first thought. The production of thought changed everything. Now standards could be based on, aligned to or graded on bliss. Bliss was the yard stick. Though it could not be improved, as it was the ultimate standard, it could be measured against other standards. From the perspective of those outside; those not in bliss, it might not be viewed as the ultimate as tastes might change. Only from the perspective of bliss, was bliss the ultimate standard. Therefore, also, those who assume bliss is their ultimate standard are forlorn.

Categorisation and zealous requirements based on introspective views and experiences have created all the problems humanity and other universal systems are facing today. There is no good or evil. Rather, opinions driven by the strongest team corrupt a group identity. Over vast, extended periods, these opinions have forged two fundamentally opposed groups. There are those who apply the synchronicity of proscribed order to the letter against the ones who passionately create. It has been, is and will be dogma versus imagination. This manifests as brute force or alternative virtuosic brilliance. The spectrum of each side runs from light to dark and dark to light, but it is always closed minds versus free thought. Nevertheless there are a range of distinct rules that no one, nothing can avoid. Whilst eminent human scientists describe their hypotheses on how everything is 99.9% nothing, they fail to comprehend that everything is 100% of everything and therefore they do not experience 99.9% of everything. That is why they label it nothing. Human science recognises a tenth of 1% of everything exists and they understand one tenth of 1% of that. That said, good science is still a blessing.

One of the reasons science only comprehends one millionth of everything is most of everything is offline and, thus, does not satisfy science standards. Most of everything is literally beyond the measurement of science. A good and simple example of this is happiness. How does science measure happiness? If I said I was 19.38% happy, could science prove or disprove it? The greater problem is science could only possibly know D3 as, according to the rules of empirics, anything outside is not real. However, if the Pleaedian light beings are correct, there are over fourteen hundred dimensions. Just about all are beyond the realms of science, but what of even D1 or D2? Empirical mathematics claims these are lines and areas complimenting its definition of the cube. Yet they are defeated by their own rules as according to empirics a line or an area cannot actually exist in a three dimensional world, for each would have to be 3D to have form. If any “side” was zero the mathematics of 3D existence does not work. Therefore a cube is “X x Y x Z”, an area is “X x Y x 0” and a line is “X x 0 x 0”. Real D1 is, in fact, an infinite pulse and D2 is an infinite pulse looped to create a force field (the illusion of solid atoms). In fact all dimensions consist of four simple elements; pulses, force fields, waves and frequencies. Similar symmetry is found in cosmic code. DNA consists of four chemical elements which, in correct combination, can create anything. There is nothing beyond the power of creation.

A big part of the creation process is perception. Indeed, without perception nothing would exist. Yes, I have heard all those Zen-style arguments about trees falling in unimagined woods which have not been witnessed. However, if there was no perception, existence would not exist because there would be no awareness of it. Perception is a cooperation of existence and awareness. In the case of human beings, the cooperation is selective. We are all surrounded by extra-dimensional entities all the time, but the majority cannot see due to flawed perception. Our perception is designed to make sense of our reality. Instinctively, therefore, we do not like change. Indeed some would go so far as denying or attacking change in order to preserve their reality. This can be extended to reasoning behind the clash of cultures where Muslims want a Muslim world or homosexuals want bi-sexuality to be normal with homosexuality the preferential example of self-expression. Currently global society is being tortured by the xenophobic exploits of Zionism, which is something that goes way beyond Judaism or any expression of faith. In fact, Zionist zeal very much connects with exo-politics.

Existence is much more complex than humanity and its science supposes. I have explained why science cannot or will not comprehend in the preceding paragraphs. Now I shall attempt to decode existence. It is important to start by saying that though we rationalise time as linear, it is anything but. In fact there is something I call blueprint time in other writings. Just as a prolific painter maps out his latest grand masterpiece, so are cornerstone events mapped into blueprint time. Time itself is series of static scenarios which might appear in chronological order should the experiencer rationalise them that way. From our rationalisation of what we generally call “reality”, blueprint time runs in the reverse direction. In other words it starts at the end and finishes at the beginning. Although this is not strictly true as it comprises a hotch-potch of unordered scenarios. Time, though, as a concept is drawn to a particular linearity which mimics the ever-presence of blueprint time. As pure time is a mix of unordered scenarios, there is no past or future. In fact it is the rationalisation of perception that personifies time going in particular directions; in our case from the known historic past to an unknown future reality. Perception has concocted the notion of time travel. As everything is in the present, providing a particular order could be deciphered from the mix, of course the experience of time travel would be possible.

Now things become rather more complex. There is certainly one blueprint time, but there may be more than one. In fact, the reason I am writing about exo-politics is because my timeline appears to be a blueprint alternative. Timelines are the realities which rationalise entities ensconced in chronological scenario connections. My reality is not exclusively me. It is shaped by the numerous external connections I build up to validate it. Those connections are as real and important as the relationship I have with myself. Because I and everything incorporated in these scenarios has free will, In order for blueprint time to remain the emphasis for chronological development, every variation from the plan sees the creation of a new timeline. These are theoretically holographic timelines. Timeline splinters only need to branch at the original points of difference. Nevertheless, this precludes the potential for more or less infinitesimal timeline variations. Some will have made relatively rapid progress (measured against the requirement of blueprint time) and others would have made next to no progress at all.

Therefore, returning to the exo-politic investigation, technologies (natural or otherwise) that allow time travel are actually bridges between timelines, whose differing chronologies present the illusion of time travel. Our science calls these bridges between timelines worm holes. As past and future scenarios are anchored in the present and unravel as per the chronology of blueprint time (probably multiple timelines), time travel is not possible (or theoretically possible as a manipulation of the prime source intelligence). However, from the linear perspective it would be possible to visit any matched segment of blueprint time at any position along the holographic timeline. There is neither a guarantee nor even a likelihood holographic timeline outcomes would match blueprint time scenarios. Because of the magnetic effect of blueprint time, which uses devices like déjà vu to steer outcomes towards planned scenarios, elements of all timelines; holographic or otherwise, contain the essence of blueprint time.

I hope you all enjoyed that…..

The Sun is Pink

The year of our Lord is twenty forty two. Global Union of Nations federalism through its single currency, the fraud proof electro-dollar was a disaster but that did not limit the Amalgam of Foundations to welcome its newest member. This prestigious organisation had attracted Rockefeller, Soros and Gates to its ranks back in the early twenties. A lot had happened after the 2017 centenary of Zionist world domination.  So the infamous Brotherhood of Babylon made their move in the new age of Rosicrucian enlightenment and jostled for position in the democratic order of Amalgam of Foundations. The ink had barely dried on their membership certificate before they were in front of the Commissar for Marketing Propaganda and its reputed 436,752 body network.  As a trading partner of NSA/CIA collaboration, many intellectuals had theorised the police state was effective at global federal level. Be that as it may, the Brotherhood of Babylon was still reeling from the effect of “penny activists” whose virulent slander began the century before.

They knew that once the mind is influenced the heart will follow. A similar technique had been employed to enslave the people. Most, at the time, ignorantly supported the outlaw of corporal punishment for children. Few even considered prior generations had learned to mentally resolve smacks and slaps developing into mentally strong adults. The few that spoke out were demonised and drowned by the mainstream machine. This meant the new crop, our generation, would wail at the first sign of trouble. Cowardice as an absolute became the new fortuitous standard. Nevertheless, the Brotherhood of Babylon’s executive was not too concerned at the penny activists’ spurious allegations. All attempts to brand the brotherhood as a sub-set of Satanism was mildly welcomed in view of Michael Aquino recent popularity. The founder of the Temple of Set had eloquently proposed a new Judaism which conformed to Rosicrucian order. His miraculous rejuvenation after casting a spell in 2020 saw conversions en-masse. This partially led to an amnesty given to paedophiles who were allowed to express sacred duties.

The Brotherhood of Babylon executive concluded that it was “malicious” sun worship that had caused all bad PR and not possible shadowy connections into the world of masonic eugenics. Indeed, now genocide was legal masonic eugenics was a hot topic amongst conspiracy theorists. Legislation passed by the Global Union of Nations stated that rogue nuclear suicidal peoples needed to be cleansed for the overall good of the people. The first world media always presented eugenics in a constructive, positive light. The same as capital punishment of individuals it was deemed necessary in the balance. Naturally the review process was overseen by the Israel Firster’s in light of their horrific and certainly not false suffering from the absolutely, unquestionably true NAZI holocaust, they said. If any nation had the ability to judge genocide, it was Israel, it was thought. Many applauded their careful decision to wipe out the Palestinians for their own good once they mysteriously became nuclear suicidal.

For the Brotherhood of Babylon, the Ministry for Marketing Propaganda piloted a number of surveys. Resulting feedback drew some surprising conclusions. No longer did the sun offer a warm glow. It was not the golden chalice and life giver of old. Cowardice had taken such a big hold of the people; the sun was seen as an aggressive giant; not a life giver, but a source of radiation and decay. This stemmed, partially, for the mistaken view it was a burning planet rather than an explosive zero point spatial vent. Science had successfully, though inadvertently, conned the ill-informed. This was made worse by successive advertising campaigns by the pharmaceutical cartel that blamed just about all the increasing types of cancer on the sun. As their medications could not work, blaming an unresolvable ever-presence was a fait accomplis. The stupid, ignorant people wouldn’t be expected to check the integrity of their institutions which, of course, are beyond question.

One of the Brotherhood’s executive team members had been involved with the Glen McGrath breast cancer awareness foundation decades back. Their marketing efforts had taken stride with the power of pink. They had even managed to convince a number of butch sportsmen to wear pink clothing as part of the campaign. Pink, at the time, was regarded as a feminine colour and in no way representative of masculinity. The sun might need a pink-over to win the support of the people. The decade prior to Glen McGrath would have seen a sportsman badly beaten by his own team mates for his gayness wearing pink. Therefore, the same trick could surely be applied to the sun?

It turned out the sun did pass through a pink phase on occasion, so the Brotherhood employed a team of scientist to write an enormously complex and detailed report to conclude the most important element of the Sun’s spectroscopy was indeed pink. The report was so complex it consisted of eight hundred and thirty seven pages of text and a further two hundred containing diagrams, models and complex equations. Octogenarian scientist Stephen Hawking was quick to approve the research, as was terminally ill science intellectual Richard Dawkins. Indeed, other than one prominent scientist who had sadly and inexplicably drowned attempting to swim for the first time two hundred kilometres from his home, all agreed the sun was pink and science had undeniably demonstrated the fact. The Brotherhood of Babylon executive could simply wait and see. Headlines were ready for release:


What Is Justice?

A reader of this blog has requested I present my model for a feasible working social order. This is no easy task and the first step of serious preparation must be the evaluation of justice. Our current system is an infrastructure of revenge. Under its premise justice is negated by tit for tat. Not necessarily eye for eye, a quota system is in place which is backed by a convoluted legal framework. The culprit’s guilt or complicity is unimportant as the quota system merely requires its own victims to pay the price. Complemented by an arbitrary justice system, which embellishes sentiment in favour of law enforcement preference, hard evidence has been reduced to sales props in court room dramas. Presumed corrupt plaintiffs and defendants rely on the power of storytelling. Thus many revenge punishments are administered to innocent victims. But even if all were guilty as charged, that would not be justice. The first step in making the move to a new social order is the comprehension that the justice system does not work and therefore is a failure.

To understand why the justice system does not deliver justice, one must first determine its objectives. Sycophants concoct glib reasoning based on assumption. Assumption determines the justice system satisfies three fundamental, but not necessarily concurrent, objectives. These are revenge, punishment and social education. It is important to evaluate every one of these objectives for credibility. Let us put them to the test and determine whether we have been fed lies to satisfy the falsehoods the elite use to keep the people stupid. The justice system’s determination for revenge is beyond question. Though there are grades of detention, the system attempts to dehumanize inmates with the ultimate goal of breaking rebellious social spirits. Punishments are administered in vengeful way and inmates are branded criminals for life. With the sporadic exception of an official pardon, criminal records encourage the ex-con to break the law in order to function in normal society. A continuation of the plausible deceit of those that back the justice system is the culprit convict is both guilty and must be remorseful of guilt. This affirms the justice system administers revenge based on quotas; convicts for crimes. Culprit convicts are neither guilty nor remorseful of guilt.

Culprit convicts are neither guilty nor remorseful of guilt? A few readers may be hurling expletives at their screens at this point, summarising me as a confirmed delusional. However, let me explain my reasoning. After explanation, some will still be in disagreement, but none will feel confident they are right. Laws act as a staple for the justice system. Law enforcement both targets and goes so far as to incite criminals via sting operations. This is because law enforcement is also based on a quota system. High profile culprits are ridiculed by mainstream media which scope the fundamental parameters for the case, aiding law enforcement prosecutors. Lawyers or barristers, parrot populist reasoning in their creation of ebullient fantasies for or against depending who they represent.  Evidence act as superficial props in their grand stories and, in the case of jury trials, once the fanfare is over; the fanfare begins always in favour of law enforcement. Everyone caught up in the pantomime misses the point. The point is simple. The law is an ass as it was not created by would-be criminals determined to self-regulate. Instead it was created by those who were not even slightly affected who, for various reasons, had decided to go to war against parts of the wider social order. Thus laws create disorder. Prior to the creation of laws, short of vigilantism, there was order and no criminality. In their unmitigated arrogance, law makers have presumed they have a God-like effect on their constituents. The social elements that are targeted by law are presumed to instantly agree. That is how society concludes culprit convicts, that have not been wrongly judged, are guilty and must be remorseful of that guilt. I say, if there was a guilty party, it would be the stupid arrogance of the law itself which can neither synthesise guilt nor expect any remorse from those who are prisoners of virtue.

I met a man recently whose sister had been tortured, raped and finally murdered. The culprit convict was likely correct but was still a prisoner of virtue. The reason he had tortured and raped at least one woman to death was that is what he wanted to do. The law had neither acted as a deterrent nor had any adverse effect on his behaviour. In addition, the only reason he was processed by the justice system was it existed and he was not nor will be guilty or remorseful of his actions. However, most would agree what he did was thoroughly wrong and the pinnacle of anti-social behaviour. As an act, the torturous rape murder of another is about as bad as it gets. Don’t talk to me about age or sex, or whether the victim was a drug user or a nun. However, a sanctimonious justice system blustering about guilt and remorse is in denial of its vengefulness. So why did the culprit convict commit a crime that would be judged as as bad as it gets by wider society? Hold that thought, I will return to this after my evaluation of the justice system.

The system certainly is vengeful, but can justice be called punishment? The word punishment reinforces vengeful sentiment. In fact it goes further. It legitimises revenge, as administered by a higher force. By punishing the culprit convict the system is both sanctified and sanitized. In effect it has deflected the malicious nature of revenge and replaced it with a superficial authority. The culprit convicts that were not wrongly convicted are not punished. They, instead, are subject to the mercy of their assailants, which, in this case is the justice system. For the culprit convict to be punished, they must accept the crime (beyond fascicle court proceedings). It would be dishonest of any culprit criminal to accept any crime they committed. Crimes are committed from a disrespect of the law. Those who disrespect the law do not respect it. The law has discovered a sanctimonious rebrand of revenge in the guise of the more human punishment. There is one final observation. Satisfying the slave owner paradigm, the justice system acts as a wilful father, where all criminal constitutional offspring may be punished for transgression. However the child parent relationship is parasitic in favour of the child. A baby cannot survive without [parental] assistance. In the case of the justice system, it is both leech (child) and autocrat (parent). Its prisoners are its victims.

The autocratic ambivalence of the justice system is all too clear when considering it social re-education of culprit convicts. As very few wrongly convicted culprits receive pardons, statistics are hard to find. However personal research has pointed to an unwelcome conclusion. A surprisingly high number of would be innocent, unblemished citizens will morph into habitual criminals. The supporters who see this as further evidence validating the justice need to think again. Whereas on face value the system appears to be making a pre-emptive strike on would be criminals, whose innocence was convenient, the system itself is not beyond reproach. Therefore, why did so many innocents find the law unattractive once branded criminals, as reason to observe the law is superfluous once criminality is established? Social reconditioning is reduced to various forms of torture and drugs, which are as likely to induce psychosis as provide a social remedy. The few remedial programs aimed at improving inmates are pretty much exclusively the result of humanist interest groups and non-government initiatives or proactive cooperation’s between talented inmates and their captors. As law enforcement works off a quota system which must be perpetually maintained, the last thing the system wants is improved criminals. The unproven fact that many wrongly convicted innocents become criminals is a testament to the unmitigated failure of the prison system as a bridge to social reconditioning.

Though all prisons or correctional facilities provide recreational facilities for inmates, these are not, invariable, for the education and development would be law abiding citizens. Therefore the justice system does not re-educate offenders and its punishments are only a categorisation of self-regulated revenge of victorious over the defeated. To rehash this method of controlling society would see the failure of any ruling system. In order to design a working system, the very first remedy has to be definition of criminal behaviour and the operational administration of any opposing force. Remedies must incorporate a social solution, rather than the current band aid approach. Though, in my opinion, this is politically motivated to ensure perpetual inheritance and perpetual social divides. Be warned my system will remove all social divides and there will be no inheritance. In assessing what is criminal and appropriate measures to address criminality, why would always transcend what. That is the only way a lasting solution to torturous rape and murder might be conceived. Details of crimes are unimportant; only reasoning behind criminality. Are many crimes committed as a reaction to laws? As their rite of passage, don’t human beings like to test limits and boundaries?

Real justice will be the removal of the need of a system of control. My further model for social order will attempt to address the problem and provide an uncomfortable, yet workable solution.