The Law is an Ass


The title of this essay is a little misleading. Though I don’t intend to defend the Law in any way, individual laws have their uses and, occasionally, can be virtuous depending on how they are applied. “Depending on how they are applied” is a staple part of my argument against the Law in later outlines.

First, let us begin at the beginning. Science is certainly wrong about evolution and the reason it is so insistent that life evolves in the way it says, is the Illuminati masters want to impose a superficial state of Atheism. Of course, they (the masters), are all [false] Levites and that is why the Law underpins Semitism where the Levites are second in command to a dumb, deaf and blind invisible God. Everything is tied up in a neat little bow. Those connected to British royalty may be told the Queen has the largest private child porn collection on the planet, along with archives of postage stamps, porcelain plates and tropical fish of great value. Readers must understand that those in power are given get out of jail free cards. The Bushes and Clintons can snort as much coke as they like. Monsanto bosses don’t have to eat their toxic GMO foods.

Okay, I have digressed, I promised to begin at the beginning, so there I shall begin. Beyond atheism, evolution does not make a great deal of sense.  Why would a divine creator start off with flawed or defective units? Originally, therefore, everything was perfect, but because the code was open source, it was tampered with by those who could tamper. This and only this led to corruptions. Perhaps that was the fault of the collapse of the Satan Star. Perhaps the perpetually state of conflict between opposing forces led to negative use of the code. But, that aside, it began as perfection as it was conceived.  Certainly there were designs that did not work and things that simply did not connect, but these were altered. This lateral alteration is what science erroneously describes as evolution.

The work Dr Bruce Lipton has done on how cells think is so accurate; I am surprised he has not been blacklisted for a mainstream media tar and feather campaign. In line with this are David Wilcox’s revelations on some of the work done on so-called Junk DNA by the Russians. Oh yes, as one molecular scientist recently informed me, the Junk DNA slur has been replaced by a slightly less disingenuous attack. Who cares?

If we access true history well into the period of corruption (after the collapse of the Satan Star), the shape of conscience is rather different than it is presented by spiritual guidance. Sixto Paz Wells claims he is an ambassador for and, as a consequence, visited the home planet of a Nordic non-terrestrial type. There’s is a futuristic existence on the Jupiter moon Ganymede. Each over seven foot in height, they have the ability to engage internal cellular regeneration with their minds. Though they are in 4th dimension (sub-conscious) state where time is perceived at one twentieth of our perception (i.e. fifteen minutes seems like five hours), cellular regeneration allows them to live for up to two thousand years (by our chronology), or so they say. These self-professed cosmic overlords call themselves the Rama Mission. They informed Sixto Paz Wells that the Earth did not exist as it was destroyed by a great [intelligent life war] catastrophe one and a half billion years ago. From that time to 21st December 2012 the Earth has been in non-time. After 21st December 2012 we have switched back to real time and the Earth, as a consequence, rematerialized. The Rama Mission, of course, is incorrect at a number of levels (even though their non-Earth hypothesis is backed by an enigmatic crop circle diagram), but the idea will allow the reader to think of possibilities not contaminated by science-propaganda.

The Great Russian folk tales are sometimes much older than their readers might imagine. Some might predate the Martian-Aryan Atlantis settlements (circa 27,000BC). In those ancient times maybe hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of years ago the people were of one mind. Alright, there were differences that made up personalities, but all were, say, Republicans. Maybe that is too broad. All were, say, “Neocon’s”. Mars, for instance was the planet of war – neocon heartland. I wonder if the rover curiosity will be allowed to see the skull shaped citadels – remnants of a deep history prior to the Maldek implosion. Planets were spheres of influence, because of the coordinated conscious. Everyone there, except visitors, resonated on a very narrow band. Indeed visitors were feared as intruders so needed to behave very carefully. The point being, the group conscious of Mars might influence the group conscious of Earth at certain alignments and that is how astral psychology was born.  The God of a planet had the purest genetics and acted as the voice of the whole. Those genetics were passed down the family line.

Could anyone imagine the voice of the whole on Earth? That is so far adrift of reason it is beyond comprehension. Earth is cosmopolitan and, as a consequence, comprises numerous minority factions. There was an attempt to coordinate through control via the Drakkon conceived survival of the fittest. Individual chieftains would decide what was for the good of themselves and the clan would be obliged to follow. As clans grew, political influences ensured no one entirely governed the law structures. Therefore everyone won and lost but, as a whole, it was generally agreed, things worked. Eventually the chieftain figureheads led much greater hierarchies as populations swelled. These kings and Emperors saw unimaginable wealth and power. Although, initially, they tended not to meddle in the affairs of the people but preferred to allow them to roam free. This changed as colossal infrastructure projects required mass labour and parasitic opportunism was born.

Originally laws occupied two streams. Laws of the conscience were understood through like mindedness and debates only concerned whether penance would be issued and what form it would take. Laws of state concerned only the protection of the royal asset base. As the Earth has been seen as something as a safe haven for non-terrestrial refugees, over a considerable period a large number of disparate types have formed what is known today as global society. Global society cannot be likeminded because it never was. There is a bit from Mars, a bit from Sirius outposts, a bit from various habited exotic moons dotted here and there. All, however, are faced with the same problem. They or, rather, we are all here and now.

Law first appeared as Scripture. Scripture did not just define morality. It also attempted to construct rules of commerce. Kings and Emperors were the highest moral points, acting as conduits between the masses and God. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the Jewish Kings, for the most part, were also priests – as embroiled in the Christ concept. Roman Aryans worked off a different model. In a cooperation that could only have been engendered by the Drakkon, they observed a system of conquest (fitting for the old Varangian Guard). Their polytheistic model championed particular Gods. Carna may have been the flavour one month, until an uprising backed Vediovis. Being King was unpredictably dangerous. That is why Rome eventually evolved into a Republic, as the Greeks did prior. As the republics were only set up to deflect responsibility from the leaders, the sap on decision making powers was certain to engineer the collapse of civilisation. In the Roman case the presidents became the new emperors.

That all changed with the emergence of Christianity; which is more important than publicly discussed. Constantine took the step of converting to Catholicism in 312AD. This is the view of propaganda history. In reality, Constantine actually created a rebrand of Sol Invictus Paganism using Catholicism as the dressing. Christianity would change forever. The Roman Catholic Church became the new global administrative authority and Roman nobility chose the safer black (back seat hidden power) option. Masonic orders certainly stretch back to the Pharaohs and probably prior. However, the Roman Guilds were in a class of their own and are still the instrument of World power. The Brotherhood of Babylon is the same ancient order that coordinates the so-called Illuminati and other brethren groups.

I have already written that the Illuminati were behind the science renaissance which has evolved into full blown Atheism. Now we have crooked science and crooked faith. Very few seem to get the game being played by their political masters and why the Law is an ass. Three distinct camps have formed under the illusion that Semitism is the Law, Catholicism is the power and the New Age is the voice. Illuminati mainstream media juggles conflicting sentiment which encompasses three distinct variations. These are:

1)      Rule of Law by God, as defended by the Law Enforcement Agencies

2)      Absence of Law by God and rule by conquest of the fittest

3)      Absence of Law by God and rule by conscience

Even with enormous might of the Satanic Military Industrial Complex, Pentagon and its NSA propaganda units, their preferred subjective freedom standards have not superseded rule of Law by God even though laws are the result of political atheism. Rule by conscience is true Christianity [and perhaps a version of Buddhism) where, as with utopia, laws cease to be necessary. This is known as objective freedom and resonates with the universal brotherhood concept (“meek will inherit the Earth”). Though our mainstream Medias have occasionally dared to inflict a mock battle between the conscience and the Law, even they don’t wish to anger the invisible God.

Because there is an aggressive and natural war between the unnatural, proscribed natural and natural, the most high and mighty constitution fails at conception. A constitution cannot embrace fundamental disagreement. It merely draws a compromise where all the competing parts might be satisfied that the whole is the next best thing to freedom. The problem is that the competing parts learn to abuse the intent of the compromise, shredding any constitutional integrity and their Law has become an ass.

The Law now is an ass.


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