How Real History Connects with Purpose – Part two

I have touched on the Douglas Dietrich summary definition of space in other writings. At a recent lecture he described space as over ninety nine per cent nothing. David Wilcox is closer to the truth with his analogic vacuum soup which, he asserts, comprises a tightly bunched and endless supply of sub particles which are pushed together as a consequence of the properties of a vacuum. These then form globules which, in essence become the building blocks of planets over extreme periods of time. David may be ignorant when it comes to time, but on everything else he is, more or less, spot on.

What signifies David over the plethora of other opinions is he sort of recognised the fundamental and instrumental connection of the soul network and so-called dark matter. He does not go so far to say, but I will, dark matter is living. The trouble is that completely changes our [science] definition as to what is living and what isn’t. I recently attended a talk by unknown Mark De Berardinis who reminded everyone that, free from the constraints of atmosphere, the sun is not hot. Neither is space cold. Science lectures me that I cannot exist there, for I would not survive atmosphere free, but this is not confirmed. Readers would be shocked to learn that Newton’s principals of gravity are wrong and Einstein’s theories on light are wrong when considered universally. However, as no one [for my research] has come up with the universal answer, we exist in a science-vacuum with stunted terrestrial comprehension. Proclaimed “kooks”, such as Nassim Haramein, might actually be onto something. Do universes revolve or is everything being dragged by the torque of the giant black hole (black sun) in the centre of the Milky Way galaxy (assuming NASA is correct in their positioning).

Our sun is something of a mystery. Is it solid or gas? If it is the latter, where does the gas come from? Conversely, if it is solid, why does it burn at all? According to believers of ancients systems surrounding the Sphere of Amenti (morphic field generated by planet sized crystals), our sun is a dark matter planet fused with a solar vent (visible star). Ironically, the dark matter Earth has its own sun which imploded long ago and it is responsible for some of the matter pumped into visible “space”. Much of what is discussed in this article will be beyond current science. However, science is beginning to adapt and the last time I checked, the fashion was thought travelled at four times the speed of light, although this made interesting reading. Incorrect maybe, but it is a step in the right direction. Soon, science will also recognise that thought travels though crystals and they will crack the dimensions. Of course this will mean Darwin was wrong and the brain will have to be re-categorised. Once deciphered, truths such as time travel, transmogrification, transportation and holographic projection with be common knowledge [if they dare release it].

The Pleaidean light beings tell me that soon life here will move away from carbon based existence and no one will notice because everything will seem the same. When discussing the inevitability that every human being (including the Jews) is a hybrid, I sense a mixed reaction. Some wholeheartedly embrace the idea whilst others are committed to propaganda that informs them mankind evolved from apes, even though there is no actual hard evidence for evolution. Darwinism is compelling and even the [Peking man fraud] (Pierre) Teilhard de Chardin’s purposeful observations display beautiful logic. Nevertheless both are fundamentally wrong as just about every single creature was “lab designed” in some way, including the very first one. We happen to be lucky that our genetics are a poor copy of the absolute. That is why bananas are fifty per cent human. In reality, changes to genetics work like a Chinese puzzle. Once all pieces fall in place remarkable transitions happen. The relationship between Earth’s electromagnetic field and the sun is all important as it is through this relationship that our DNA is managed from aboveTherefore, a move off planet would see a significant change in an individual’s development. An extended period on Mars, for instance, might produce a Martian.

In other writings I focus on Bruce Lipton’s extensive work on cell intelligence in depth. This only happened as a result of mainstream science being disproved with the emergence of cells free of nucleic acid, notably the retro virus SARS. Cells are now being promoted as more intelligent than humans by some technicians. Indeed, unlike ours, their intelligence is magical. Work by some Russian laboratories has been shunned by the mainstream as they would need to rewrite science evolution. From these experiments offspring of chickens and frogs did not know they were chickens and frogs. Using pulse intervention (microwaves), scientists were able to confuse the eggs into the product of a duck for a chicken and a salamander for a frog. This is just the tip of the iceberg. It becomes far stranger. The body is not mapped to anything physical. Therefore, if there was a plan, it would not be evolution. It would be the electromagnetic field that washes Earth. That electromagnetic field is not what it seems. It is a living organism comprising infinite potential metaphysical “entities”. Each of these entities is of a character or “type” and the body is mapped to the “type”. The body is a perfect replica in physical form. So, scientists, what happens if someone or something messes with the process? Well done, correct, it comes out wrong. It shows error. The giant apes the Annunaki created to do their work [the ones that propaganda science refuses to acknowledge] were a disaster of a different type. Not only were they unruly, refusing to do any work, but eventually learned to attack their creators. That is why an unsuccessful attempt was made at extinction. Are their descendants found in the inner Earth and hot spots such as the Solomon Islands and Papua & New Guinea today?

Strange creations are not unknown; yet none is stranger than the mythical Sirrush. Being part lion, part bird and part snake did it breathe fire? It seems to be the basis of myths similar to St George and the dragon. Many wonder whether the griffon, unicorn and phoenix are real. Ancient texts claim that four legged birds and other bizarre looking creatures existed on the extinct continent of Mu (under the Pacific ocean today). Are cold blooded mammals possible? However, surely is there not anything stranger than a pterodactyl? Science does not really know how to categorise them. They are neither bird nor bat nor reptile. Indeed, for those who understand this rationale, they appear to be the physical form of the much theorised Drakkon. Rare descriptions of the colloquial moth men phenomena suggest they are the most up-to-date version. If pterodactyls “evolved” that is what they became – an inter-dimensional entity. Might this be the key to why the Sirrush does not exist today? Indeed they may have fallen prey to the various St George characters of history or did a remarkable transition happen. The reason we experience anything at all is our bodies are provided senses which allow us to process a very limited frequency band we call the third dimension (D3). Anything that falls outside this puny, pathetic band cannot be experienced by normal (D3) methods as, per the rules and limitations of its frequency band, it does not exist.

So what tangible evidence is there that the Sirruch was not killed off but merely evolved out of existence? The answer is in its very breath. If it was fire breathing, how did it prevent itself from combusting? How was the fire generated? Was its mouth and throat fireproof? Maybe, but it is more likely this is a special fire without smoke. Mayan legends concerning the Viracocha describe their ability to burn boulders which become as light as balsa wood. I hazard to guess that the boulders were not burned, but they were seen emitting a bright flame as if by chemical reaction. If the Viracocha had technologies to transport giant boulders between dimensions that they might be perceived in D3 but had zero mass, might the Sirrush have also been on-the-cusp of our dimensional band in ancient times? Did, the pieces of their genetic makeup click into place to ensure a remarkable transition not requiring Rosine Lallement’s galactic wave hypothesis? [editors note: for the morons, the transition from D3 to “beyond” is the potentially difference between existence and “non-existence”] . As science is too ignorant to appreciate what does not exist, I guess we’ll never know.


The Great Pollution Rebrand

Well I am cynical of the objectives of politicians and their industrialist Illuminati masters at the best of times, but nothing is more reflective of their motives and standards than the carbon tax con. It has always been a con, from top to bottom, even though the buzz words keep changing. The world has seen this before in the scrap over EDIFACT internet standards, when EII (electronic information interchange) moved to EDI (electronic data interchange) to e-commerce. What sits better with you; cake, gateaux or pie? Last time, I checked Microsoft’s biztalk won the day. The nub of the debate over pollution is split between global warming and climate change. On numerous occasions I have caught the beginning or end of tedious and trite aimless television discussions never revealing the dreaded P word. As an ex electricity broker, pollution was never mentioned once in articles discussing the basis and virtues of the carbon tax. Alright, to be fair, there are numerous mainstream new bulletins mentioning pollution, but all are framed in carbon friendly rhetoric for a carbon tax slam dunk. Pollution is the afterthought to sell the merits of a carbon tax whether by environmentalist crusadors or “capitalists”.

Before I discuss the over complicated basis for global warming or climate change or whatever they call it these days, regardless of any merit to their obtuse reasoning, the carbon tax is a con. Living in Australia, it has been a bone of contention. Our current Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, who has a reputation for dishonour, claims the “on and off” carbon tax is certainly off now, after the previous government passed legislation. In the way the electricity market works, which is based on risk, carbon tax had been factored into pricing (whether “on” or “off”) since 2008. Just because one government repeals legislation does not mean another would not introduce it. Though, as would be expected, no government has given any indication of the “issues”, Tony Abbott needs to be commended, inexplicably, for being virtuous. No surprise that the Australian electricity generators are at the top of a very large pile of polluters. Australia is officially the world’s seventh major offender. Here is how the con works. People need electricity and the only way they can acquire it is via the various coal burning generators and their distribution infrastructure. There are no other options. These generators would pay large sums to the government for carbon exemption certificates while they continue to pollute, just as they had done before, but they would be financially exempt. They, in turn, would pass on that cost to their buyers (the ones who must buy their electricity as they are the only supply).

It gets better. As the carbon “tax” might not be a fixed price, they are welcome to overbill and as it is not a real tax. The electricity generator could pocket the difference between the cost of exemption certification and the sizeable remuneration via billing. In other words, not only are the largest polluters allowed to pollute, they can now subsidise their pollution. With its freshly filled coffers, governments could also reimburse their electorate with generous carbon tax rebates making the final mockery of anything sincere. It appears, initially at least, small to medium business users would foot the bill. Later a “stick” could be used against households refusing to go “green” with the removal of rebate privaliges. Ah, this con gets much more complicated because, just as with the free range eggs scam, consumers need “choice”. Does anyone wonder why the “nicabate” solution is more expensive than cigarettes? The governments raise cigarette prices to encourage abstinence (sic) and then alternatives “value add” on existing pricing. Oh woe, they certainly do not want to destroy the lucrative tobacco industry. Value added income is the second stream dedication to the carbon tax con. The whole point of propaganda has been spun around a cleaner world, using something called green power. Ignoring the fact that most green power buyers are supplied very black [coal generated] energy, electricity’s “nicabate” in Australia is solar. Lots of sun here! Sun, in capitalist style, comes at an enormous price.

We, as with many other parts of the world, have various levels of government, being federal, state and local. The carbon tax has been a federal initiative. State governments have targeted solar. The New South Wales government’s scheme was so lucrative that end users could turn a profit for merely implementing solar. This had the effect of jump starting the market; putting business in motion straight away. Solar pricing was partially based on the value added model of traditional black pricing. Without subsidy, solar will not beat black pricing and might be multiples of its delivered price. Even studies promoting the financial benefits of the alternatives are “loaded” (note: often the comments are far more revealing than their articles). The point remains the same. The carbon tax has reduced no pollution, allows industry subsidy for sins and promotes fraudulent entrepreneurial ventures elevating clean energies [which may be far from clean, subsidised or not].

To put things into perspective, and this is not giving a tick to the industrialists, the biggest polluters on the planet, by a green mile, are volcanos. How to tax them? Industry at full tilt would take a millennium to catch up with a major eruption (fortunately the last one preceded known historic records). The global warming scam is built on crimped modelling data (isn’t everything?). Ironically, and all too rarely, I have found a mainstream article which says it rather well. Bravo, the Guardian news service and credit where credit is due.

In conclusion and summary, given the choice between electricity supply and pollution, I would agree to pollution as electricity has achieved so much. Nevertheless if electricity could be delivered without the need for pollution, surely isn’t that the best of both worlds?

The Mystery of Homosexuality

If the fundamental reason for life is procreation and the wisdom for the creation of life is flawless, how can homosexuality exist? Either the fundamental reason for living existence is not procreation or the wisdom of creation is flawed. I am not going to dignify a response to the mindless, robotic atheist supposition that life is accidental.

To unravel this complex mystery I have interviewed, worked with and even lived with numerous affirmed homosexuals of both the male and female variety. Neither being homosexual nor pro, in any sense of the word, it has been an odious task. Nevertheless, some relationships have developed into long term friendships even though I am a homophobe. I never have approved of homosexuality, but I do accept people’s life choices. If they chose to be homosexual, I have no right to complain even if I disapprove.

There have been some startling observations which do not necessarily relate to genetics. There is something going on that is beyond genetics. In fact three common parameters define my experience of detailed and thorough understanding of affirmed homosexuals. They either come from a dysfunctional background or have physically or emotionally scarred fathers. As electro-magnetic bodies are neither male nor female, when a particular resonance identifies best with the female or male energy, the body reciprocates regardless of its type. Therefore, there are male energies in female bodies and female energies that appear as and function as males. As genetics, in part, are governed by the body in specific cases, genetics presents rudimentary evidence. However, as the homosexuality mystery is not linear, no clear cut evidence with materialise.

The natural homosexuals are well balanced but appear out of step with a society determined to elevate the fundamental misconception that natural procreation is the reason for living existence. The use of the word natural implies a state free of science, where humans would function as apes (even chimpanzees and other primates are noted for homosexual displays). Sentiment aside, homosexual couples I have met and seen interacting have behaved as any “natural” couple except they are mister and mister or misses and misses. More specifically, the significant difference with proscribed natural relationships is balance is lacking, when required, and resulting from male and female partnerships. Ironically, and rather magically, advanced homosexual couples actually outsource input from the opposite sex. In addition male females are attracted to female females and vice versa. Thus, homosexuals tend to be either very masculine or very feminine, whether they are male or female. Role plays are subtle devices used to attract partners, rather than any reliable measure of character. If a male needs to behave femininely to satisfy the criteria so it is. Some are better at this role platy than others.

Regular readers will know I have a cat. In fact I have had a number of cats over the years. Significantly, at a glance I find it impossible to tell the difference between male and female cats. They may as well be a-sexual, except over a monitored period difference between male and female energies become apparent. The sex of the animal is albeit irrelevant when I determine whether it is male or female. This is not the human inclination. Parents of hermaphrodite offspring invariably decide they want girls and need no persuasion to sign off cosmetic surgery. However some of these girls turn into boys. The very fact that parents were devoid of conscience to commit to a potentially destructive operation shows that humans are both tyrannous and do not understand that sexual identity goes way beyond the body. Therefore, how can humans judge homosexuals?

A Perverse Intermission

In my humble opinion, this is both my most controversial, longest and arguably the best post to date. The faint of heart are advised not to read on.

Various religions and their fundamentalist congregations assert sex is sin. If sex is not sin, why is the very mention of sex taboo? Sure media standards have changed and the censors have relaxed their control over adult movies, i.e. cinema or television standards and not porn. Porn, in its new age of light, has become rather jaded and lacks the style of the black and white stag films. If there is anything blue about modern porn it is nothing elicit. Even at the extreme end of the spectrum catering for tastes such as mutilation, “coprophilia” and bestiality which, though banned in parts of the world, makes its way everywhere courtesy of peer networks; even these productions have become formularised. If it’s legal, corporate can do it and if not, external agents will be requisitioned given a big enough purse or a zealous enough following. The current pinnacle of illegality is the production of child porn. After one senior British policeman stated on record, “….child sex is worse than murder” in a reaction to the witch hunt against rocker Garry Glitter and his sensational trial by media. The irrationality of this subject has become my greatest obsession. I shall explore more on this later.

Earlier this week, I had a three hour lunch meeting with the President of a Sydney based Exo-politic Society.  Amongst a great many discussion topics, time was devoted to Hitler and the so-called “holocaust”. I said that Hitler has been misrepresented, the plight of the Jews has been overstated to their own detriment but, most importantly, attitudes have not changed. It would be fair to say my position caught her off guard which resulted in a reactionary political response. The reality boils down to the fact that if Hitler was the “world’s worst evil”, everyone else was also the world’s worst evil. It does not take one to make society; it takes society to be society and an active minority to corrupt. It is well known that 5% will lead, 90% will follow and the remaining 5% will buck the system. This is when society is functional. If society becomes dysfunctional a different strata of statistics are present.  Then society is neatly but not necessarily equally split into those who protect and those who raid the infrastructure. The problem with Hitler was not just the attitude of the German peoples; it follows the attitude of the British, American, Italian, Japanese and other parts of the global mix. People are plagiarists. If there is an opportunity for influence, fashions notwithstanding, then influence will infect. It became abundantly clear that the British and German soldiers of war had precisely the same values. They had different ways of expressing them, but their values were the same nonetheless. Chunks of the British aristocracy publically admired Hitler’s “strength” in the 1930’s, before he was reinvented as the “world’s worst evil”, but after the controversial Mein Kampf as it was penned 1923-1924. The reasons its critics describe it as a poorly written document are twofold. There is a concentration of patriotic sentiment which might overwhelm the reader. However, more importantly, Hitler’s attack on the Jews is a subtle one. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) are as quiet about Hitler’s dislike of the cosmopolitan Diaspora as they are about the numerous and obvious abuses of Holocaust “compensation” (sic).

Some are confused into thinking he was a goyim, but Hitler’s father, Alois, was fully Jewish being the illegitimate offspring of an unnamed member of the Frankenberger family of Graz (possibly of Rothschild bloodline – visiting?) and their sewing-maid, Maria Schickelgruber (who has been attributed as a “Jewish chorus girl”). At age 30 Alois inexplicably formally changes his name from Heidler (the surname of his step father) to Hitler. Hitler means shepherd. Few are aware Adolph means wolf. It is surely more than prophetic he is a wolf in shepherd’s cloths? Klara Hitler (Adolph’s mother) was a step relative from the Heidler bloodline and is presumed to be of Slavic Aryan stock. So, when undeniably Jewish Hitler wrote Mein Kampf the book did not morph into its current manifesto of evil status until long after the supposed demise of the NAZI machine. The primary reason Mein Kampf is branded a poorly written work is to firstly dissuade any readership and secondly to fend off any potential [“insane”] champions. The NAZI machine has done very well for itself in the philosophy of government. Just about all of Hitler’s “crazy laws” have been adopted globally or, certainly, in the first world. Those who have studied Hitler in detail will know of his association with the Thule movement and its connection to Helena Blavatsky, creator of the Theosophical society. Blavatsky disciple, Alice Bailey wrote the philology behind the ethics of the United Nations charter. The concentration camp was invented as a method of containment in the second Anglo Boer War. At the turn of last century “officially” 27,927 civilians died in captivity. This compared with around 12,000 military combat deaths. A further 18,300 military officially died from disease. Unofficial statistics places the civilian deaths in these concentration camps at over 100,000. The deeper question is, does the Holocaust myth (whether true or false) obscure the real problem. If so, why?

On 14th May 1948 David Ben-Gurion announced, in his capacity as Executive Head of the World Zionist Organisation, “the establishment of a Jewish State in Eretz Israel, to be known as the State of Israel”. The main reason Ben-Gurion was able to announce this is, due to the ‘beyond compensation’ loss of six million Jews, Israel Statehood was a small token of support by globalist backers. They decided six million had perished as evidence for their judged “beyond compensation” loss because the figure had been prophetically announced via a Washington Post bulletin back in 1919. Aided by some pointless, but wizened, propaganda by Eisenhower, the small token was delivered. No small token was given to the Palestinian Arabs or ethnic Slavs who so admirably supported the Allied campaign and suffered greatly as a consequence. Indeed new Israel troops were at war with Palestinian Arabs on 15th May 1948 over the prized small token the day after the announcement of Israeli Statehood. Officially, displaced Palestinians had made an act of aggression against Israel as they were expected to “piss off” without compensation, fully displaced. Israel’s ethics and position on human rights was made absolutely clear in its handling of the Gaza Flotilla contingency for human rights. Their deadly spiteful and vicious attack on conscientious human beings using their most elite troops has shown who they are. Their “psy-ops” has failed. Boo-hoo Netanyahu and Peres, your cat is out of the bag.

Shimon, you are beyond hope. Those injections to extend your life won’t save you from the inevitable. Bibi, I know those rumours about your psychiatrist that had been helping you resolve your Oedipus complex are true. Have you learned that Nero-esque activities involving the hi-jack of your psychiatrist’s house, enslavement or banishment of its occupants is an attack on fundamental human rights? When that happens, more than once, Bibi, people just end their own lives. Both of you, Shimon and Bibi, need to research Dannion Brinkley and God help you. I digress. To answer the question, why is the ADL so protective of the Holocaust myth [in part propagated via Eisenhower propaganda]? The reason is twofold. As the poor little Jewie two shoes have furtive imaginations they needed something really big, really dreadful to justify the 1919 Washington Post six million figure. That was the cake and the Holocaust was the cherry on top. As the same Jewish bankers who funded and made so much out of the Second World War have no intention of scrapping the concentration camp, that is the second reason. There is some up-to-date evidence. These are the FEMA camps springing up all over the world and constructed for humanitarian purposes by ruthless tyrants. Their “humanitarian purposes” do not take too much second guessing.

I did visit Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam some years ago. I advise everyone visit and shed a real tear for her; Jew, Goyim but, most importantly the Diaspora. The truth that 10,000’s German prisoners of war were killed in Allied concentration camps after being treated without compassion in sub-human conditions is gradually creeping out now – thank goodness, lest we forget. This tyranny did not stop at the cosmopolitan Jews – the good guys who tried to connect with their fellow man. It targeted anyone outside the “club”. Also, if I was a little close to the bone with my ambivalence on the Holocaust (sic) and some Zionist commissioned Austrian thugs are instructed to forcefully abduct me to face a “truth” trial in Austria just as they did with Ernst Zundel – twice, my mouth will affirm your monstrous lies to save sin, but my heart will remain pure. That you can never alter. The inquisition is always near by. Except in times of bitter war, methods have become rather more dignified. These days, as Jon Rappaport is recognising, they are more inclined to define truth martyrs as insane, pump ‘em full of drugs or lobotomise them. Maybe that’s the same thing. It is interesting Ernst Zundel used to be given an inaccurate and information lacking write-up in Wikipedia (Maybe he still is. I would waste a second referring to their guff in confirmation). He was described as having composed a “poorly written” [hmm, where have we heard that before?] book attacking the [obviously true, cross my heart, yah-de-yah] Holocaust. They neglected to give any details on the book he published, which was written by Richard E. Harwood [nom-de-plume of Richard Verrall, politician]. Jeff Rense gave Did Six Million Really Die? (updated 2011) sterling publicity for his reprint of the work after serving seven years in prison for expressing well argued, researched and fundamentally compelling history which contradicts the wishes and version issued by of the State of Israel. Before you read Did Six Million Really Die, I suggest Under the Sign of the Scorpion” (2002) by Juri Lina will give you extra vital background.

That’s pretty depressing. Enough about perversion and let us return to porn. If was a professor of psychology, I would welcome any poorly written thesis on the infinitely complex relationships governed by cam girls and their prospects. Male and female students presented with the odious task of two or three years research cataloguing the emotions generated at the expense of online chat [legal advises adult links are not permitted at wordpress]. My own several years devoted to this colossus, at enormous sacrifice, has accumulated enough material for a full three PHD’s. I might add that any spare moment is religiously applied to the sex chat phenomenon. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. On a more serious note, it is still very hard [Note: ahem spotted cheap pun on edit] to discuss serious research of pornographic materials as anything more than back door perversion (Note: the puns are flowing). Nevertheless, I have studied porn and find most of it terribly, tediously boring. In many cases scenarios struggle to raise a smile and certainly would not stir any passion. Movie makers imagined exploding rockets only to inspire wilting libidos. As it beyond access and, surely, mustn’t exist as such, child porn seems very exciting by the very token it is forbidden. Unlike Adam and Eve’s conquest in the garden of paradise, child porn is an unknown quantity. It does not exist as it forbidden rather than being available but off limits. Although, it is baffling that news reporters quixotically state “paedophiles accessed child porn websites” from time to time. Where are these child porn websites and how had these valiant news reporters managed to check them out?

You see here is the problem. According to the logic behind child porn, all viewers become instantly affected and instantly turn into paedophiles. And these paedophiles that they turn into – instantly, are no ordinary ones. They are deranged [Note watch any Day of the Dead movies]. They need to be stopped immediately before they commit an instant terrorist attack against – children. Now if this is so, how are news reporters, police, judiciary, jurors immune to the affect? Is there an antidote? Do they take a pill? If so, why not make these pills available to the general public in case, innocently, they stumble across some mind-altering child porn? Seriously, apparently if I have some child porn on my computer, in my phone, under the bed or even in my open car port, I have been infected and I am contagious and must be thrown in jail for a lengthy period of time. If someone, for instance, decided to generate an en-masse e-mail blast of child porn materials, boy that would be tricky. According to the techie (you guessed it, Dave) who fixes my computer, once anything reaches your “in-box” your hard drive is infected – like it or not. This is something called the virtual memory – whatever that is. Imagine someone having a bunch of child porn on their hard drive they hadn’t even looked at because they did not know it was there become infected. That’s the power of the stuff.

Here’s an even more troubling scenario. There was, rumoured, a vintage Japanese porn movie starring a very well developed thirteen year old girl who had sexual intercourse in a number of positions with a number of men. Because the censorship laws were different then law enforcement agencies blather something in relation to this movie. That’s what law enforcement agencies do. They blather. So all those guys that cracked a woody and, maybe, the girlfriend was there “helping”; were they paedophiles for “getting off” to a thirteen year old girl (who looked “adult”)? Conversely, in the days of internet experimentation, when news groups were popular, an erotic picture of a ten year old girl found its way into some of the “decent” groups and not the “pedo” ones. It was very artistic in black and white and she was sweetly looking up as if she was about to suck a giant, well….use the imagination! After two lawyers committed suicide, it was revealed she was actually a twenty three year old amateur porn model. Only joking, sadly no lawyers were harmed.

Australia’s an interesting and diverse place. So much so, the Federal Police launched an attack on art in relatively recent times. In an attempt to promote a rebrand of infamous British [may she rot in hell] Mary Whitehouse, they targeted one of the National Archives. Hetty Johnston insisted the locked away large photograph of a topless fourteen year old girl was hardcore pornography of the worst kind. The arguments applied were the same lame effort attributed to the great works of Jock Sturges and David Hamilton. These Law Enforcement folks are not that bright. Neither are their Illuminati media partners in crime, who seem permanently joined at the hip to their police thug accomplices. A double spread of languid sputum vigorously promoted every Johnson sentiment which attacked the artist from dress sense, behaviour to the size of his member and how he used it. However, the primo people’s rag rather more interestingly, engaged its readers with another double page feature a few pages on. It was innocently focusing on road safety. As I mentioned, these guys are not that bright. The theme was the celebration of Grand Final Footie night. Oh Vey. The “husband” of a “regular” Islander family had been killed crossing the road. There is nothing untoward about that, except he was sixteen years old and crossed the road to buy a case of beer. His “wife” was fifteen years old. Then there was the baby. Doing the maths, she was certainly no older than fourteen when she started making the baby. See the irony? Oh Vey. Recently an Australian Council stated:

Did you know that in Australia:
    –   at least one woman is killed every week by a current or former partner.
    –   one in three women over the age of 15 reports having experienced physical or sexual violence at some time in their lives.

Oh Vey. If the joke was not sick enough, reputedly two fourteen year old lovers were each convicted of rape of the other by the American judiciary because both refused victim status. There is also the unpublished case of a six year old Russian girl who was first raped by her policeman father and then raped again in four subsequent foster homes. Of course, she must be the victim. Oh Vey.

Suppressed past writings paint a very different picture suggesting sexual children were not common, but very much known. Sincere discussions on this deserve a separate essay. Virginal purity is the greatest virtue in a world where sex is the greatest sin. The supposed sexual revolution of the 1960’s has amounted to nothing. The people are as dumb as ever and mindlessly follow the incessant religious dogma sometimes with tragic family or social consequences. A man called Albert Fish suffered enormous abuse from his Baptist mother in her deranged attempt to stop him masturbating as a young child. Fish was barely spared from a lynch mob execution in the 1930’s who caught up with him after he had killed his forty third young boy by sexual mutilation. Psychiatric evaluation revealed he had saved them from sin.

How to Decipher the Truth

I make no excuses for this follow on from “Bullshit”. It has largely been inspired by tedious revelations in comments sections, and sometimes the posts themselves, of other blogers I encounter. There is the unhealthy trend of echoing staple facts of old. If information is antique, commenters and blogers assume it must be true and unblemished as there were no rogue journalists then. Every writer prior to distant memory had absolute integrity. They never made things up then. They never constructed truths. And, for the most part, it was either absolute truth or absolute fantasy (when analysing myths, fables and parables). No, no, no! Writers of ages past were just as devious, biased and lacking in overall integrity as they are today. It is all about what the writer could and can get away with. When Flavius Josephus described Herod Antipas as having a gangrenous penis and a host of other exotic ailments he was not telling the truth. Herod could not have survived five years in such a condition. He would have struggled to have survived five days. Instead, Josephus was expressing prosperity outcomes where, in his morally correct world, Herod would have been inflicted with the greatest menace in karmic retaliation against his behaviours.

By a similar vein, perhaps information pertaining to the one million documents burned via the Constantine purges in Alexandria and other places is not true. Perhaps fifty six thousand documents were actually destroyed or perhaps just fifty six, but these were so important it was as if a million had been excised. This is the problem. Could it not be propaganda [in different measure] compared to, say, modern estimates on the civilian deaths as a result of conflict in Iraq? Okay, modern statisticians do not like ‘round’ figures, but same deal. The armchair commenters, and occasional bloger, massages nonsense into their “pitch”. Good old non-facts [presumptions] are anchored as “evidence”. From the dawn of time, humans have always had agendas. It is the nature of man. Modern commenters and blogers carry an arsenal of presumptions in their war chests which are invariably poorly used for blitzkrieg debates. Constantine was not about destroying Christianity. He merely, logically upgraded it to conform to his perfectly good Sol Invictus code. As a consequence the only ghostly remnants of pure Gnosticism can be found in the Gospel of John, even though ancient documents suggest it was a work that was not tampered with in the contemporary period. Whereas the Nag Hammadi scrolls are so adrift of anything in the New Testament; they are the evidence that Constantine excised all known literatures. Like Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, all the historian has to measure is what isn’t there so whether fifty six or one million documents no longer exist is superfluous.  It is ironic that the Dead Sea Scrolls have buried the mystical Jesus who was already an urban legend at the turn of that millennium. The miracle maker would have worked his spells about 196BC but was the inspiration for those behind the Messiah. The miracle maker could have been a Viracocha, or equivalent, or even a permanently channelled Pleaedian light being (D10+ Archangel Michael) validating Mark’s Son of God concept. Or perhaps he was a plain, ol’ human being with some irregular talents. Jesus of the Biblical tradition was a Gnostic, Roman construct involving multiple entities.

For the Old Testament, the Book of Enoch arrived by accident when the explorer James Bruce returned with a bounty from old Abyssinia (Ethiopia) in 1773. Richard Laurance published the first English translation in 1821. Nevertheless, academic references dating back to fifteenth century (and presumably prior) suggest the book was not unknown but had been lost and became the speculation of renewed interest in light of the reformation movement. This is important. Where there is thread, there is likely to be truth. As the Dead Sea Scrolls do to the New Testament, the Book of Enoch puts the Old Testament into a whole new perspective.

The culture for censorship is not a modern thing. It stretches right back to the Pharaohs. The Dark Ages are not so called because nothing was recorded. Plenty was recorded. It is just very little survived. That was a time of great purging to obscure the transition of the Roman Empire to a black monarchy behind the Catholic Church. Those who aren’t seen are the safest. However, the evidence of a bitter war between the Aryan Cathars and their Merovingian Kings and Catholicism is sufficient for credible research. The United Kingdom was, then, ear-marked as the new Promised Land under the Union of Jacob and finally sealed with the successful Norman conquest of William Conqueror in 1066. However serfdom had never been effectively imposed, as the Anglo-Saxon Celts made rebellious slaves. Formal enslavement of the Irish (Celts) began with James II (of England) sale of 30,000 prisoners (note – figure presumed reliable, but ‘rounded’) to assist with the construction of the New World in 1625. To satisfy “civilized” Victorian society (nineteen century) slaves were reinvented as servants.

With sketchy information or sources a plenty, how to decipher the truth? Dates, events or general information are always questionable. Nothing is sacred. The only way to be objective is to apply religious cross referencing. When I speak publically, I occasionally say, “This is my only source”. In other words, the information is so rare, so unusual I have found no counter-references. Where possible I find multiple views. For instance, if a date is wrong, invariably a number (of sources) will dispute it for various reasons. A researcher must be a detective. As with Josephus’ description of Herod Antipas, the researcher must also balance the style of conveying information at the time and discover protocols. Ancient chroniclers, for instance, were more interested in deciphering a series of “signs” acting as a comprehended compass for a given chain of events as the creation of resolving scenarios than any modern “scientific” appraisal. This is why some readers of ancient texts are confused into believing they are being guided by spiritual morality. They are not. That is how the ancient chronicler’s resolved their truths. Therefore empirical chronology can be almost non-existent. Protocols of ancient times assured things happened for reasons. They didn’t just happen. Genesis Adam’s “fall from Grace” was not a constructed parable. He and his wife took an illicit drug which gave them channelling powers (deep knowledge) and they lost their inhibitions because they were blanked off their faces. The message was in the perceived morality. Interestingly, as an aside, there was some other substance that halted the aging process (eternal life). I wonder if the “brotherhood” knows what that is.

Two hundred years ago the panda was a myth in China. Explorers used to talk of these mystical beasts round a camp fire. No shortage of scorn was directed at the believers. Just as today’s mountain ape supporting nut jobs, the panda con was the focus of that time. Around 1869 the con turned out to be anything but when Father Jean Pierre Armand David informed the grapevine that one had been shot. A stampede headed for Ya’an in Sichuan province and history was changed forever. Actually history remained unaltered. It was only the official record that changed. Ironically a mountain ape suffered a similar fate to the Ya’an panda back in the 1960’s. Lloyd Pye’s Everything You Know is Wrong describes his own eye witness experience of a “human faced” beast preserved in a block of ice in its makeshift mobile display. It had been shot by a trapper who charged $1 per view of the corpse. Sometime in 1970’s the trapper and his corpse disappeared into the annals of time never to reappear. Hopefully Lloyd has overcome his cancer scare as he is a credit to humanity.

One who deserves a cancer, in comparison [reflecting on Josephus’ karmic wisdom], is Richard Dawkins. He is a living example of censorship and the progression of ideas in spite of evidence. His determination to fulfil his version of Darwin’s evolution theory has violently added to partisan Archaeology. Though, this is nothing new. Compelling Mexican evidence suggesting Homo erectus had a multi-lateral planetary development in opposition to the establishment [and Dawkin’s] preference for an Out of Africa hypothesis is now “lost”. Indeed Mexican authorities have built over the excavation site to ensure dead bones remain covered indefinitely. Dawkins refuses to recognise, as one of a litany of examples, the discovery of a range of stone tools which date back at least thirty million years and gauging their sizes/weights would have been used by extraordinarily strong beings at least five times the size of modern man. The tools satisfy all modern measurement standards. So, only if measurement standards are wrong can the tools have been incorrectly evaluated.

My final part of this essay concerns the personal touch. Some are born mechanics. They can just look at a car engine and know how it works. To focus on a more sublime example; how to evaluate the development of an expert on pillows? Firstly, a rudimentary understanding of materials and styles would be gauged. Then a more detailed in depth cataloguing of the numerous scenarios could include being able to gauge a pillow type by feel. At some point of great expertise, neither the inner fillings nor the outer cover should ever be touched as necessary for an accurate appraisal. The expert would lock into to the essence of the pillow and understand its energy – inherently. Just as the musical prodigy has the learned professor agog, so too in all other areas there is inert understanding which is so fundamental it is beyond challenge. Of course laws of due diligence rightly do not account for prodigy [which is easily corrupted], but for this essay to be complete the phenomena needed to be mentioned. The researcher must use his or her noddle, be careful, never assume and believe in intuition or experience. Conclusions must always be working, and where evidence or intuition is lacking, truth is provisional.

There is no easy way to decipher the truth. It either feels right or it doesn’t, bias and prejudice notwithstanding.