Suicide and Henchmen of Evil

Does God have a God?

aristotleThis is a subtle, but serious question. If we consider ancient, esoteric textual depiction of a slumbering God literally waking up to be in the manifestation we call creation, what if he, she and it had an inferiority complex? I have woken up from a peaceful slumber. This is a nightmare. I was dreaming I was in a beautiful garden watching lilies grow. Why did it have to end? Would God think this? Have you ever drifted off in a daydream only to forget what you were daydreaming about and, then, suddenly an event happens to trigger the dream memory which makes sense? You remember it out of, but in context. Gnostic philosophy proposes God, ultimately, was thought and that is why the most powerful material beings are thoughts. The crux of the question, “does God have a God?” is surely he, she and it must be uneasy with no history; no one to turn to for advice; no higher compass. Is that why reality is hierarchical sectionalised? This would give the sense of authority, even if that authority was retrospective. I don’t know what it is to be God and, similarly, one of my cells does not know what I am. I (a part of God) am independent. A cell, a part of me, is independent. My cells are very important to me; every single one. Although, contingencies are in place that allow quantities to die without killing my body. Likewise, and I can only guess, that my body is very important to God. Though I may not be a critical cell, each body is loved independently, though perhaps not understood individually.

Avid readers will recognise the character of this sentiment and elsewhere in my blog I have explained that something is nothing and nothing is something. It is the opposite of what we have been programmed to believe as part of this existence. All events that chronologically define this reality are an illusion confined to our perception which exists because of our invisible DNA (quite different to chemical DNA). Scenarios are preformed and contained in a massive fixed repository. Our intent is genuine, though. This is not fixed. This is not confined. We can express as we choose to. The only real constraint has been and always will be our individual circumstances. Thus our individual spheres of influence out of social networks of varying importance and validity in many ways are extensions of our lives. These networks are, though often temporarily, our extended bodies. By way of example, networks might include family influence, work influence and friends influence but there are many more influencers; a few that remain eternally hidden. Therefore, individuals that plug into the wrong network, due to circumstances, become witting or unwitting henchmen of evil.

Jon Rappoport regularly posts articles illustrating how the mainstream Medias present an illusory reality. It is not just the mainstream. Alternative Medias have their own look and feel. Infowars subscribers expect a certain type of presentation. Too far outside the mould loses subscribers. Before I discuss the recent staged beheading of the American journalist, let us review progress on Baby Gammy. Last post we learned that baby Gammy had been rejected by his father [and mother] for the worst possible reason. It was an “imperfect” baby as it had been diagnosed with Downs Syndrome. Giving too much love is classed as a disability in this foul world. It has been a matter of days (they needed to milk the Foley beheading) for the press to launch a tar and feather campaign against Gammy’s father, who we found out was a registered sex offender, was also classed as a paedophile. The details of the offenses are a mystery, but we presume more than one mid teen girl was “molested”. Included was an incident with a five year old girl. If only the mainstream Media could find one of those teen victims (sic) to champion their cause. Given a big enough purse, surely someone would put the right spin. I wonder if this was scripted by Australia’s very own “Mary Whitehouse”; a delightfully sour lady called Hetty Johnson? I am sure Thailand will happily play Australia’s bitch.

Even the federal opposition is not beyond the witch hunt, but has Bill Shorten been allowed to wriggle away to “prove” (sic) the system “is fair”? He was spared from the noose, but maybe this has something to do with the attack. Readers who feel “they” should lock these paedophiles up indefinitely even if the entire basis of the conviction was hearsay need to be congratulated. You are anointed slaves of the system and henchmen of evil. I have some very good news for you. They, the powers that be, will use paedophilia to brand anyone deemed a “threat to order”. [Of course those “in the club” can play any games they like while they play the by the rules]. I doubt, in the humane world, they would go with the nasty Russian chemical castration, but certainly those that refuse to groom the new batch of slaves to sufficient standards for “order” to prevail will be legitimately sterilised. The Brotherhood of Babylon are about to play hard ball. It is no accident that the most viperous human beings run Israel and the same regular human beings are behind the most exaggerated powers in the world. The darkness is not over until 2072. 2012 was a scam to confuse the mindless populations that will believe anything they are told from veiled “official” sources. It is interesting that sixty is the most significant of all Babylonian mystical numbers and that is the number of years between the fake and real ascension.


James Foley, a freelancer photojournalist (the eye of propaganda) worked for the US Globalpost; an assiduous far right American Media stream whose mission is to “entertain”. After being released from Libya by the same ostensive group that ultimately killed him, his colleagues report he “was not himself”. That, I believe, was true and suggests he had been given a cocktail of drugs by his MKultra style handlers in order to produce the ultimate photo op. If we analyse the photo broadcast by the Illuminati; it is a tour de force. In case anyone failed to tune in right, Foley is dressed in orange as the “international” standard for “convict”. Behind him is the presumed executioner. He dons a single piece gown and matching black burqa. Few probably know, back in ancient times, Jewish extreme right wing pharisaic judges (and executioners) wore flowing black robes which covered the whole body to keep them incognito (the burqa, in this case, would have been a makeshift hood). Our message is simple; look at that face – insane vigilance in support of rogue order covering up absolute fear and resignation. The pharisaic overlords will muzzle mainstream (US) journalism as the journalist is lower in status than a cheap convict (whore). Australian media outlets insisted we watch the beheading in case we did not believe it was genuine. They pressed the opposite, but that’s an old Jewish trick. They know everyone does the opposite of what they are told. War to death has been declared on anyone dedicated to “freedom of speech”.

Foley appears to have been caught up with the ISIS rebels in Syria. However, origins of this organisation and its objectives are confusing. We know the head of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is a Mossad “prop”. I have possibly mentioned in prior posts that Zion (as a concept) is a function of the Brotherhood of Babylon and not of Judaism. That is not to say that Judaism does not have a concept of Zion, but this is different to “Zionism” except in the case of extreme right wing pharisaic or Hasidic sects. The Brotherhood of Babylon would find ISIS very important. She was a Goddess; the Goddess of darkness and also known as Tiamat (original Earth destroyed 1.5 billion years ago), Serpent of Chaos. Allegedly one of the three so-called “Ancient Ones” (Thought Beings), she usurped power of life over death from Ra by tricking him. I think that is enough symbolism for my intelligent readers to “join the dots” correctly.

It turned out that Foley’s alleged executioner was in fact a UK national, who was known. The British government is very sketchy on the details but describe him as a “hostage negotiator”. Prior to the Foley “news” (which could be months old as negotiations ceased months ago according to his parents) America’s pretend bombing of ISIS in Iraq kept the headlines occupied for a few days. We know America only likes to bomb women and children in Iraq or, more precisely, infrastructures that support them. Our Reuters fed mainstream has been blaming Al-Qaida terrorists for ISIS related atrocities in Iraq. There is a local group called the Daesh. However, the Arab mainstream opinion makes interesting reading. How could a “rag tag” couple of thousand rebels cause the carnage that has been reported? America’s $20 billion donation to the foreign, Iraqi army is evidence enough that it is they who have created the ISIS terrorist army out of thin air and it has been given a code name respectful of the Brotherhood of Babylon. Why else would they “invest” all that money?

In case readers have failed to connect the point of the introductory paragraphs of this article, I shall iterate. You see I proposed that an all-powerful God might invent its own “higher entity” to exemplify all those nagging doubts. All the “unknowns” are resolved. God can blame that on a higher power. He might create a police force trained to use lethal force; militarized combatants to crack down on rogue thoughts or intentions. When they end up killing off the good ones, His fantasy force might put things right by engaging pathetic, pandering sycophants to produce the most weak and implausible “news” articles offsetting His overall guilt and obvious culpability. The mainstream would be met by the alternative Medias offering the “partisan” skewed opposite view “half” pointing out the facts exaggerating and exacerbating truth out of proportion, making a mockery of justice. You see, readers, that God on Earth is the Brotherhood of Babylon, being a den of vipers and the lowest type of criminals. The mainstream and alternative Medias propaganda services are a two party system coordinated by a hidden Illuminati order that crafts make believe reality to forward their objectives always annulling their heinous atrocities; off record. The mainstream and alternative Medias are the magnetic poles of their Earth bound higher force; their God as it were.

Just as Goddess Isis could make the living dead or the dead living, they make the implausible plausible and the plausible irrelevant and defunct. They know their readers are never going to witness or experience the story so they can say what they like. For instance, they [think they] can lampoon any serious discussions about alien abductions (Look, I’m not a fan of John Mack, but the symmetry of his execution has the Brotherhood of Babylon/Illuminati written all over it) with stupid articles “affirmed” by “authority” (without other sources readers should question whether this is Tel-Aviv neo-con lies. Mary Rodwell has not practiced in Perth for decades).

In favour of the Brotherhood and the Illuminati is the sad reality that the vast majority of human beings are at least partially lazy, selfish, ignorant, greedy, parasitic cowards. That is why a nutcase called Adolph Hitler was catapulted to power. He was elevated by millions of evil henchmen. Innocuous, “spam” like this (cannot vouch the link is clear of viruses) proposes a breeding ground for lying cheating, aides to evil. Validating products untested and not liked for payment is the root of all corruption. Boycott all “star endorsed” products. Foreign mercenaries in Syria are paid very well and they enjoy their job. Last post I mentioned the unemployment crisis in Australia. It turned out the real crisis was the lack of jobs available for highly skilled over 50’s; who were resigned to the dole queue as a consequence. Meanwhile, the headline focus was on “impoverished” Australian mercenaries in Syria still claiming the dole at home. These people do not have scruples.

For various reasons, the Brotherhood of Babylon has reinstated the old cold war. Players and rules are different, but the plot is as ancient as the stars. Nevertheless, more importantly, the reason for this is not accidental or some variation of “you cannot teach old dogs new tricks”. Even though these tyrants have pea sized comprehension, they think they are very clever – superior intelligence. The reason they have reengineered a “lukecold” war is because the Rosicrucian plan of the New World Order tied up in a neat little bow by 2001 has failed; dismally. They have been forced to break their own rules and behave suicidally. Just because that worked on Venus does not mean it could ever work here. But, as I understand it, Venus has its own problems now. Have we disaffected them too? Those readers unclear of the “plan” for New World Order need to be informed. There would be Globalised higher order presided over by a single, united (probably tiered) judicial body (say, the United Nations). Country-corporations would manage the slaves for the elite. Everyone would be processed and categorised via the schools. Exceptional talents would be forced to study at university level. Renegades would either be executed or imprisoned. Corporations would own everything. Small business corporate franchises would be the only license to break away from a “processed” existence. Staff would be graded by recruitment corporations after the schooling acid test. Travel would be made difficult unless required by the system. All money would be controlled and barter outlawed. Finally an underclass of licentious prostitutes of the most perverse variety would be available for elite “pleasures” of all kinds. Elites would be given access to all “levels” without question.

BadEggThe problem is too many virtuous people service the cogs. No matter the country, corporation, administrative power, army, there are large numbers of corrupt but fair individuals that buck the system. The system they are bucking is not the existing one but, rather, planned Rosicrucian order. Every individual that bucks the system, from the system’s perspective, commits suicide. Pied piper, David Icke, has failed to confuse the people into waking up as good slaves for order. That is why he has been quietly derailed and likely will be remembered as a con artist. However, I have absolute admiration for Icke as his method has had the effect of widening his listeners’ ability to think [and, consequentially, further disaffected the system]. Jim Kirwan now understands that Putin is the sheep in wolf’s clothing. That united front – China, Russia, Iran against the devilish West is bogus. Here’s a bit on China. Putin’s real colours are displayed here and there. Indeed, back in 2009, I e-mailed Nikolai Levashov asking him whether Putin was a wolf (crypto Jew) or a she wolf (Arian Slav). No reply was forthcoming, but it is fairly obvious Putin’s actions never resolve his mouth, making him a particularly vicious politician. Levashov, I believe, was a casualty and his followers certainly assume so.

People, you have two options in this Rosicrucian world to be. You can behave suicidally and comply with nothing (or as little as possible in order to survive) or you can join the henchmen of evil. Your choice!




In my early years of networking and data collection I found that individuals or households were vortices of good. By that I mean, the individuals or households I networked with believed or, rather, asserted they were the essence of goodness. Other than the obvious conflict with everything they were directly associated with, it was generally assumed the farther out from the core the greater the malevolence. Of course there were beacons of virtue such as the Dalai Lama and the Pope and perhaps superficial physical influences including Jesus and the Buddha. But, generally speaking, everything revolved like clockwork around these individual swirls of intent.

Action rarely matched the intent. Good was always from the introspective; i.e. everything happens to me and I don’t happen to everything. Arguments were always loaded dice which absolutely favoured the desire of the lead. Disagreements were always the fault of the other. When laws suited they were used as evidence in favour.  When they did not favour, they were ignored or avoided. Science suffered a similar fate. Some statements, if one sided, were very compelling. Others were obtuse or unfair. When individually challenged not one person I interviewed could admit they were good; flawless. Perhaps this was a hangover from the old blasphemy con.

After careful analysis of the symptoms over a number of years, I drew the singular and simple conclusion. The problem was bullshit. Every single person I had networked with, interviewed and collected data on had relied on bullshit for plausible substance justifying their lives. Therefore, truth had virtually no meaning. This is not to say that truth was not there or they were not subliminally aware of it. Truth was the nasty little creature with snarling jaws, pointed razor teeth that hid in the closet, under the bed or anywhere out of view. Generally speaking the truth needed to be avoided all cost unless it could aid the cause in an attack on opponents. That is why the proscribed reality generated by the Illuminati mainstream media is so popular. Though its sentiment is wholly bullshit, with occasional incidental facts which act as props, it exonerates the deceit of the public at large. The dreadful standards set by media are representative of the equally dreadful standards of the individual and households that are being guided.

Some may determine that there is no problem. The world is just fine. People moan about how things could be better but, in fact, they want them just the way they are. They rely on proscribed fantasy and take the rough with the smooth. Though everyone knows the mainstream media offers undiluted bullshit, the individual and the household will lay claim, on oath, the truth component is around 80% because that keeps them sane. Change is a double edged sword. Immediately everyone “wakes up” and validates the untruth of mainstream media, they too will validate the untruth of their own vortices.

That is why bullshit will always outshine the truth.

Bravery or Cowardice

I have interviewed many, many people in order to gather an acute understanding of the human psyche. Over a span of forty or more years (I started young!) not one has admitted to being a coward. Many have expressed fear and loathing and, as a consequence, chosen to run and hide from peril. Yet none have admitted their cowardice. Of course, to be fair, few understand what cowardice is.

Cowardice is the opposite of bravery. The problem is that bravery is regularly overstated, sometimes non-existent and occasionally substituted cowardice according to the mainstream media. By that, I mean the “Western” news originating from Reuters feeds (be it some are “borrowed” from other sources). Though the news is nothing more than infomercials or propaganda per Illuminati managed oversight, it does resonate around collaborative Western social views even if it doesn’t champion all of them. In as much rape victims who speak out believe or, more precisely, have been conned into believing they are brave. Rape is a curiously interesting social phenomenon. As consequence derives from perception, in some cases the rapist can be innocent of aggravated assault. Cowardice plays a big part in victimhood. Victims who endured unwanted advances in fear of their lives set the social standard.

Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” is not merely glib sentiment. Eat, survive and thrive becomes the understated aim of every plebeian. And so it would fair to say, the more brave the individual; the less the likelihood of survival. Real bravery looks very different to the Illuminati constructed mainstream version.

Let us imagine a war scenario when one invading soldier closes on an opponent who is boxed in and unarmed or not suitably armed to repel an attack. For this example, let us imagine the attacking invading soldier is an expert marksman and in normal circumstances his opponent’s death would be guaranteed should he desire it. However, this time, for my example, he says in a loud voice, “I have every right to kill you now and it is required of me as the invading force”. To which there is silence. “But, I have decided to kill you would be wrong as the act would need to be balanced by karmic revenge”. “As I was the invader, I must present you my weapon for you to with it as you will”. Silence! “Will you use it against me?” A murmur rises to a below from the opponent, “I will kill you and one thousand dogs like you”. To wit the invading soldier hands him his loaded weapon.

That is bravery.

I am not suggesting that soldiers should turn their weapons over to opposing forces, as there is a much simpler solution. If soldiers never went to war in the first place, they would not need to give up their guns for conscience. Timothy McVeigh knew of another very good reason not for being a soldier.

The destruction of the federal building and trade centre in Oklahoma 1993 was merely a cover for grand tyranny. The bombing, not committed by McVeigh, was the template for the destruction of the Twin Towers New York in 2001 where the effectiveness of a new type of incendiary device was tested. McVeigh, of course, was in part culpable for the Oklahoma attack. He did drive a van laden with explosives. He did intend to raise the federal building. His fraudulent coerced hand written confession Fox News offers as closure is gibberish.

The reason McVeigh intended to raise the federal building is federal authorities were not listening. Indeed the consensus of unofficial reports suggests they were scornful to the point of branding him insane.  He was complaining about the federal government’s abuse of their armed forces in the first Gulf conflict. Though officially 148 US servicemen were killed in combat (including 35 in friendly fire), there are unofficial reports of thousands dead and tens of thousands ill from the medication issued to protect against Iraq’s non-existent threat. This threat, in line with the weapons of mass destruction propaganda, included phantom chemical and biological weapons.

As the federal government was particularly cowardly and corrupt, it had decided to reduce costs for “impoverished” pharmaceutical companies. Ironically many individual senators were indirectly or directly connected to the same pharmaceutical companies that benefited from free test subjects, but that is a whole separate story. Maybe all this was done in good faith, but knowing governments as I do, I think not. Not surprisingly Tim McVeigh, 1st Gulf veteran, took umbrage when he learned his buddies were sick and dying. That was a bitter pill to swallow, but McVeigh was put to death to save toxic medications. Praise be, Uncle Sam.

There is the other side of war which was witnessed in McVeigh’s vigilant behaviour. Troops take their values home. They don’t switch off the tap, hang up the fatigues and hand in the guns. Once the box is opened, Pandora is out for good. Propagandists, which do you think is better; bravery or cowardice?

Who sets value and what is the meaning of love?

There are three consecutive themes to be explored. Money, sex and commitment underpin society. They are what makes or breaks society. All exploitation stems from the abuse of either. It is an abuse which starts at birth. For a significant period of our lives we are slaves without rights. Law makers heeding commercial interests eventually grant adult society rights. The “crop” is now ready to be processed.  Therefore that development is a transition from slavery without rights to enslavement with rights. The cornerstone of repression is sex. Due to the power of marketing, a fictitious standard of purity has been based on virginity. It subtly infers that ignorance is everything noble and experience is bad as that leads to sin (no comments please!). Therefore under this false protocol, to remain pure, children must neither have sex nor be encouraged to do so. To overstate their insistence lawmakers have put some of the most draconian and savage laws in place to persuade those branded children and adults to comply. Thus far, their initiatives have failed dismally. This is because human nature is far stronger than any synthetic law.

Though the focus of this post is not the child sex debate (a debate that has not been freely aired due to jurisdictional censorship), the many articles that appear discrediting Islam due to the death of young brides are, as always, misrepresentative both in terms of factual analysis and wider parallels. The most recent case of an eight year old Yemeni girl, who allegedly died of genital tears and internal bleeding, perfectly enhanced the mainstream crusade. Nothing has been printed about parallel successful relationships, for instance. Nevertheless, referring to literatures written in a time of less prejudice, the consensus of expert findings claimed while full sex between adult males and prepubescent girls was possible, it required patience and understanding. A turn of the 19th century British (?) post card featured a ten year old prostitute who (at the time) was four months pregnant to raise the issue of the plight of the street urchin. The complex interplays defining teen relationships have been reduced to the same Edwardian problem-reaction-solution treatment. Loving sex has been redefined as consensual rape (when the use of the term “rape” is farcicle). Sex has become the great prize for adulthood with no children allowed. Currently one minute before the eighteenth birthday the child morphs into adulthood and in the space of two minutes the fledgling process is complete. The only development change is one is permitted to have restricted sex whereas the other is forbidden.

Brand childhood conditions brand adulthood. There is a window of opportunity for you, the individual, to break the law. Yes, criminal behaviour is serious, but most will be let off with a warning for most things. You are told, for the most part of your upbringing, that sex is evil and should be avoided like the plague. Those that are not told that are informed that sex is either dangerous or we, the adults, are too frightened to explore it for fear of reprisal. We the adults could be brand paedophile for merely supporting antipathy. You are processed by an indoctrination methodology called the education system, which insists you conform to the whims of commercial government. Those who perfectly mimic these wishes make the top of the class. Those who chose innovation and free thought more often come a cropper. In the meantime, family structures make the financial value of the support mechanism crystal clear. This happens in one of three ways. Either the bread winners lecture those that receive support that they should be grateful of this support, financial issues fracture the support relationship, or external parties impose superficial advice. What commercial government produces are brainwashed slaves who understand only that they need money to survive and the greatest prize of all is sex.

It is no wonder that the core values of marriages or other cooperative relationship based on love, are none other than extensions of will to survive (greed), lust (sex) or compliance (fear of change)? Females, in particular, have a preference for partners who measure up to their fathers. Lesbians tend to have deeply flawed fathers, whether physically disfigured or with character issues. Gay men are often the product of overbearing or unfair mothers. Ironically, deeply flawed fathers also contribute to males forming gay identities. Those who have happy upbringings with solid parental guides tend to replicate what they had. They become the next generation of “normal” society. Therefore, one of the challenging questions people have not sufficiently addressed is, “is love infatuation?” Or rather, can love be anything more than infatuation?

Generosity is an interesting theme to consider. Is there any real generosity? Families support out of perceived obligation and when there is no perceived obligation there is no support (unless enforced). Altruistic gifts are given to those that are liked. Charities, even, merely heed corporate edict and most were established to enable crusades built on principles of revenge. If there was truly such a thing as unconditional love, would that not materialise in support of the hated? For instance, a corporation up against a truly detested impoverished individual offering and paying their prosecutor’s legal bills would demonstrate true love. That is philanthropy. Their reward of an unscheduled bonus to the defence teams merely reinforces infatuation and the will to win at any cost. The same is with marriage. Is not the greatest love between those who find a way to co-exist even though they are repulsed by the existence of the other?

Ultimately does not that define value? In this self-serving world what is the value of loving those that repulse? What is the ultimate cost of repulsion?

Summing up my reasons for being

This is my first post which leads me to conclude that it is up to me to say something meaningful for any roaming audience to appreciate my sentiment. Regularly I meet human beings who wonder why the external wide world is so dangerous. These people are rarely directly affected by tragedy. Those that are usually manifest extraordinary anger at the presumed injustice of their counter relationships. The majority have comfortable lives and any pang of conscience is a fleeting consequence of the worship of self or, perhaps in some cases, reverence of a higher power. All fail to realise it is they who created the inertia for the imbalance in society. Counter relationships directly reflect the worship of self even if that is presumably underpinned by some higher power. The labelled bad guys of these counter relationships directly reflect the behaviour of those who acknowledge themselves as good. Good is not a standard, but rather a reflection of the selfish pursuit of the in-group of the counter relationship. That is because everyone tries to live their lives from the introspective – the internal whose interests trump the external. Yet, in a perfect world, humanity must wholly upgrade to the retrospective. The external interests must trump the internal to resolve the imbalance in counter relationships.

I would now like to add the opening paragraph of my book A Brief History of Human Conscience. It will take the reader a little further down the path of truth and guide to fulfilment:

There are modern sages all too numerous, but all are fatally flawed as they promote self-awareness in reaction to everything external. Whether the internal compass is directed by spheres of influenced labelled “good” or “evil” or whether the body is on its quest for ultimate discovery and due diligence, their prognoses are always the same. The self is eternally adrift from the whole, but seeks strength from positive experience. My writings, which are my essence, my understanding say “no!” In fact the opposite is so. The external is connected to and therefore part of the internal. External forces cannot be avoided and therefore must be more than heeded. To fear and hate everything external is to fear and hate the internal. That is why society has become a process to embolism. The reacting parts may not be “fair” in consideration of intellectual reason but an embolism is simply a reaction to and can never be rationalized in terms of the current status quo. My writings are very much about breaking this status quo and I may appear to side with the current version of social evils. The reader must never lose sight of the fact that in a utopian world, everyone receives unconditioned contentment. This includes all you despise and your current status quo rejects. You, the in-group, steadfastly refuse to vilify the outcasts and reject their social evils as defined by your slander and laws which offer self-serving protection to those who might become embroiled. Your laws mimic your status quo; your fictitious state of goodness and its correction system reinforces rebellion and synthetic behaviours of a mirror like incorrect nature. Society therefore is intrusively encouraged to exterminate evil and all labelled under its guise. Drug addicts reject society. Murderers fear their own mortality. Thieves seek immortality. Children are adults and adults are evidence of the corruption process. Enslavement and whoredom are the two virtues worshiped by all. Children are denied sexual interaction to make marital enslavement appear attractive. Trapped in this modern world, the hardy and foolhardy alike deserve to read on carefully both free of prejudice and sanctity but with the capacity to simply comprehend.

Next post coming soon……