Are strangers any different?

By replacing the word Goyim with stranger, standards are set for the demonization of anyone outside the inner circle. This extends way beyond arguments as what is meant by Chosen People. Pure blood “Jews” were originally Aryans we would call Caucasians today. At the time the Torah was being devised, Caucasian stock branched into Slavs (Philistines) and Celts (Sephardim). When it was clear the Philistines and Sephardim could not coexist together the former moved to populate the Balkan regions, most notably Greece. After the collapse of Greece, political adjuncts began the slow process of building up Italy. Under the tutelage of the Pentateuch, readers are told strangers (or Philistines or Slavs) are lower than animals. We are also informed the tribe of Levi is the “closest to God” and that is why all modern resources are totally controlled by Levite bankers.

You and "decent" sentiment

You and “decent” sentiment

My personal calamity has relied on the support of strangers. In this case, I “the stranger” am relying on unknown quantities – YOU (plural but directed individually, if that makes sense). Reasonable qualifiers as to “why?” are; why should we help you? And, who the hell are you anyway? Initially, I appealed for straight out, no bones, charity. Pictorially, I demonstrated that decent people with genuine problems would become destitute without support cashing in on the notion of Jesus’ “Good Samaritan”. Other than small tokens of support by two courteous bloggers, nobody offered or gave anything. There, of course, was the usual band of professional apologists. Even though I had made every effort to dissuade hollow positive affirmations, they came gushing. People are great, providing it is free and does not require sacrifice.

Thank you all; now I’m homeless

The homeless Samaritan

The homeless Samaritan

This is all thanks to you. You may say it isn’t our fault. We owe you nothing. I mean, you are a stranger after all and we are firmly committed to the system; whether Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, Agnostic or “other”. The system says that Mister Levite banker is the king pin and he can take our jacksy with his big thing any day of the week. And you know what, we’ll squeal like little pigs because we wouldn’t change that for anything.

The great Les Dawson on Blankety Blank

The great Les Dawson on Blankety Blank

Therefore, in this Darwinist world, “strangers” can get “blankety blanked” just the same as we are by Mister “big potatoes”. None of you have disconnected from the banking system, right? I did. In 2011, I chopped up all my banking paraphernalia and threw it in a big box marked “return to sender”. Oh boy. Being mature, I did not add any fake poo, but I can tell you I was very tempted.

Thank you Jon Rappoport

In an age more or less Samaritan free, it was clear a lateral remedy to my situation was going to need more than charity, so I wrote a book. Ten years ago, if someone announced to me that they had decoded existence and published a book, I would have rushed out to buy ten copies for myself. Instead,

What just happened?

Oh some idiot just decoded existence.” “I mean who cares, right?”

Give me a book on puppies any day of the week. Hey, or what about the latest pop star gossip or “great sports moments” that have gone?

I cannot understand why the imagination of a supposedly educated readership would not be compelled to at least investigate existence decoded. I paid $55 for Rex and Heather Gilroy’s “The Energy Beings” simply because no one else has dared to be so brazen. Though thay have clearly tried to “materialise” subject matter, it is a trail blazer.

Of course there is the other thing, which became the basis of an earlier post – credentials. The age of information is built on fake science and propaganda, so what happens to truth? It is rejected out of hand, of course. Why? That is because it is different to messages implied by credentialed propaganda. More importantly, though, how could an unknown stranger know about the double slit experiment, Kondo effect or even Goswami for that matter? Does not the stranger without credentials pretend that they are important? To a mindless, enslaved following, the answer would be an emphatic “yes”. Sadly, that is my audience.

I did say last post that there would be a “turnaround in [my] attitude” with “just one brave purchaser”. Honestly, when I said one, I meant, well, maybe, forty two, but little steps are still good. Thanks to Jon Rappoport and one of his subscribers, an unknown bought a book off a stranger. The reason he made the donation was “to support my situation” and he “did not think he would like the book”. Here is his response after reading it:

“I went ahead and read your book last night. Very powerful stuff. Lots of odd connections were made leading up to getting your book. Your content was challenging, empowering at times, and a little disturbing at times because of the materialism you talked about and terminology. I think it is an excellent book. I want to read again after thinking or not thinking that much about things”

Of course, it is one thing saying you have written a book, but is the work going to measure up to the cover (or not, as the case may be). Then there is the other problem, you know, the banking one. This guy, me, either has two names or the bank account isn’t his. That’s pretty bizarre, weird, crazy, right? He surely must be a weirdo or perhaps he’s even a terrorist? Any decent, credentialed person would have their own bank account, vote, pay taxes and they certainly would not be a homeless stranger. That’s what a mindless, enslaved following would assume and assure. That is my audience.

Of course it is impossible to fully opt out of the banking system, but if great numbers used financial agents, there would be the framework for barter communities. It could even issue its own currency – guaranteed Federal Reserve free. The only way that can happen is through entire communities disconnecting from the banking system. Instead of its current “value added trade” status, barter can muscle the financial baseline and knock out Mister Levite banker.

In practicality, as it stands now, the only two ways to fully disenfranchise from corporate finance is to become an invalid or to summon authority. Taking the latter course, shopping expeditions would be accompanied by the “one barrel or two” payment method

Two barrel shopping broads

Two barrel shopping broads

. I can tell you it is amazing how philanthropic shop keepers become when presented this payment system. You see for the “one barrel or two” scheme bluster doesn’t work. It is really shit or bust. As a shop keeper, you can put your foot down and lose your head (egged on by the Illuminati Medias) or keep cool and grant mother fate a passive channel.

I have judged the majority of my readership as mindless slaves through your inactive response to posts

To me, you are all strangers, just as I am to you. Perhaps I have been harsh. My writing style, I had assumed, was credential enough to encourage rapturous support of an unknown artiste. However, posts, thus far, have been of rather clumsy quality and uninformative compared to my book, so even those that dislike my “style” would likely find something of value between the covers.

There used to be an expression that marked a resolute change of attitude, when fate turned in favour of the artist. The veil of ignorance could only be pierced by the “fat lady singing”. She sang and hold onto your hats for lights, camera, action. Mindless slaves would be transformed into swooning fans. Would a “fat man playing [piano]” be an acceptable variation? Here I’m playing for your support.

Salon piano recital

I have selected two works; both unashamedly romantic. Arguably Beethoven and Chopin are the two greatest composers for the piano forte with Liszt fractionally behind. Chopin’s music, in particular, has a transcendental quality. Liszt’s fiendish etudes series are comparatively musically barren.

Beethoven sonata in C minor “Pathetique” Op. 13

Of the “early years” piano sonatas and usually listed as No 8, the so-called Pathetique was so popular it ran out of print. This was all the more strange as the outer movements are extremely hard to play well, requiring an advanced technique. Musically, it transports the listener.

Chopin Polonaise in F# minor “tragic” Op. 44

To be blunt, I think what has happened to me, in light of the lack of support, is pretty tragic, but that is not the only reason this work was selected. It must be performed with such flare and gusto; it is one of the ultimate virtuoso works. In this performance I blame the incorrigible Alfred Cortot for lulling me into playing “what wrong notes?” (he was renowned for massive memory lapses, more wrong notes than right ones, but as an interpreter he was the master Chopin performer of his time). It requires a brave, brazen style and l’istesso tempo which few (including the greats) favour.

There is very simple request. Donate to reinstate a homeless man and his piano. Maybe you will like the book too.

The first of my book series is available for a donation of not less than $10US (Australian readers can visit and donate A$12 or more). For clarity, this is not a “fixed price” and there is no ceiling to donation amounts, which should be $10 or greater. Contributions keep the writing project afloat. [Important: I do not believe you need a Paypal account these days as major credit/debit cards are accepted]

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