Support and Charity

This is a very important subject which finds the heart of true love. To begin with I shall present a simple scenario.

Q, “My landlord has terminated my lease due to my lack of income”,

A, “Ah ok, as a friend, I wish you well”,

Q, “How will your wishes solve anything?” “If you had any real sincerity, would you not offer charity?”

A, “That’s not very nice, I meant well”,

Q, “If you truly meant well you would do everything in your power to find a resolve”.

Western culture works a little differently to others, but conscience is more or less universal. In essence, everyone asserts physical support is not a requirement of the manifestation of love. Instead, invariably vain, emotional encouragement must suffice, or superficial love. Indeed love is mostly based on leverage and control. My husband loves me because he does not copulate with other women. Immediately those circumstances change, love is rescinded. How was there any love in the first place, unless it was superficial? Families place enormous expectations on the kindred that break protocol. Similarly disownment demonstrates a lack of love and a selfish ambivalence determined to control. The western philosophy, in particular, sees physical support limited to non-vital resources, except in cases where there are physical or emotional advantages gained by tendering support. Generally speaking though, except in exceptional circumstances, non-vital resources would be off limit.

Support would be limited to excess resources. Therefore, would be givers stretch their definitions of resource allocations. Just about all resources are vital all the time with sparse non-vital funds pretty much always earmarked for something, so may as well be vital. Excess resources are for rich people. It is funny that even billionaires know of rich people. Taking money out of the equation, the dynamics suddenly change. Let us say an individual procured one ton of fresh bananas but could only offload eight hundred weight commercially. In the interest of maximising value, he would rather give the remaining two hundred weight away than let them rot. Psychologically he has clocked up an advantage directly with the receiver who, under the terms of that perceived contract, morally owes the giver. In cases where no direct advantages could be figured, karmic points are accrued. Headline “The American Fruit Company gave away a quarter of a ton of bananas to the homeless”. A gushing article fails to promote harsh facts such as oversupply, the company was lumbered with too much fruit for their market and if they did not give it away the fruit would have rotted.

The power of being seen to be doing good deeds is that great, that some companies donate a percentage of their profits to charity. This is not just for tax reasons as it is also good public representation. There is a rather more sinister motive. Evidence can be found in the London Stock Exchange. I have not checked recently, but years ago the Custodian of Charities occupied second place to British Telecom. Charity is big business and offers jobs for the boys. Having a few aristocratic friends, I knew how the game was played. One uncle was receiving twenty five thousand pounds a year for attending one meeting a month! I forget his “title”, but I think your disgrace would be appropriate. There is also the problem of charitable motives and suppliers. Readers will no doubt remember the Christmas attack on the Muslims by “God” in 2004. If this was the case, God was adequately aided by the Draco and HAARP. Zionists tweaked a dormant underwater volcano in the Sumatran region to dramatic effect. Thank goodness they killed off their “own” in those plush Thai hotels. I don’t think that operation will repeat itself any time soon. Or maybe I am wrong. Australia, in particular, made a big drive for charity on the back of the tsunami.

Indeed that was met with a tsunami of dollars, allegedly totalling one billion. The Christmas 2004 attack on the Muslims was effectively an act of war, so how can any sincere Zionist control centre administer charity for the Muslims that survived? Australia sincerely is a Zionist control centre, as are all Western powers along with several other nations. One Australian Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam, looked as though he was going to break rank, but ended up being “killed” by Rupert Murdoch – now famous for illegal wiretapping. Gough plausibly described Murdoch as a characterless subordinate. I cannot find the quote, but it is beautifully worded and heart-warming for every crusader of virtue. After the collapse of Whitlam’s government there was no turning back. The treasurer of the ultra-conservative party “the Liberals” at the time of the Asian tsunami was Peter Costello. His brother, Tim Costello, ran a children’s charity. Directly after the event this charity launch an advertising campaign (funded by Peter Costello, if I remember correctly) declaring flocks of paedophiles were roaming the stricken Indonesian Bad Lands like zombies in search of orphans.

Thus is the mentality of these tyrants. Similar to the cascade of once famously respected Jimmy Savile, accusations and hearsay have replaced honesty and due diligence. At times of inquisition, witches were tried, convicted and executed on a whim backed by hearsay. Though then some of the unproven accusations delved into the realms of magic, what has changed today? The infamous Little Rascals American “childcare paedophile ring” had infant witnesses describing adult sexual acts along with dragons and fairies. Due diligence did reign on appeal, but the lives of the accused had been destroyed beyond repair. Fair and just (sic) law enforcement representatives were unrepentant, for this is a war where fantasy opponents are easy targets and easy prey.

Back to tsunami aid, very little of the $1 billion amassed actually reached those that needed it; perhaps none. Indeed, the principal of charity is to stock pile money, which can leverage the money markets. At the times the crusaders of virtue are loud enough to become annoying, funds are released to friends of Zion with over priced goods (probably “surplus”) and services as “official” contract suppliers. What a lark? Of course, some charities do attract ignorant volunteers. This they can use as PR. Most charities of size support a large infrastructure work force. Every one of these workers is primarily there in order to survive. This is not to say they do not feel strongly about the potential of the organisation they represent. However, I must remind reader of the opening lines of this essay – meaning well is not doing well. Isn’t Jimmy Savile being judged by well-meaning people? They see no evidence. It is unlikely the jury has seen any evidence. Just as with the Michael Jackson case, endless testimonials support or deny judgement. We know Michael Jackson had enough money to influence support in his favour. I do not question Jackson or Savile’s innocence or guilt. My investigation is into the universal hatred of humanity. How can so many people hate so much, they believe someone to be guilty on hearsay with zero evidence? Jackson and Savile have granted mindless, ignorant human beings a license to hate.

Charity has become the easy option for conscience outsourcing. Give a little money to the local collection plate and we will save your sins. Now the first world is atheist, the charities hold the collection plate. Physically assisting those that repulse you can be distressing, but even helping those that are loved but outside the circle, conflicts on the parent/child value base manufactured by the current system of atheism. Parents have been in place to break the will of the developing individual for as long as history records. As the child is a mirror of both mother and father, biological mothers and fathers must be the best guides, logically. Children, currently, are treated as currency; a commodity to be exploited by the system. Indeed, as I have argued in another post, if commerce management systems that are labelled governments truly governed, why are there one hundred million global charities? Why are there any charities? Enablement of commerce systems, does not regrettably undermine the development of the human identity, it relies on its repression. Repressions caused by government are supposedly alleviated by charities. It is no wonder that government has ensured that charities are, at best, ineffective. Or rather, should I say, the effective charities are outlawed or unknown. Indeed, charities are an extension of the commerce system. Allocated funds both prop up the finance markets and remove the burden from government. Is that the real reason some are able to donate to charity for “tax reasons”? Thus, most importantly, if charities were outlawed, government would be forced into meeting its responsibility.

I would like to conclude, by discussing the final line of the opening conversation. “If you truly meant well you would do everything in your power to find a resolve.” Because, in our current first world state of atheism, corporate propaganda promotes love of number one (yourself and various proscribed ideals), we could not possibly unconditionally and indiscriminately love our brothers and sisters. Thus, and even though we were all born helpless and in need of nurture, finding a resolve, we have been conditioned into assuming, is not our responsibility. Wrong, wrong, WRONG. Those who really want to demonstrate they are powerful should dedicate their lives to the resolve of others. Crusaders venting hatred or commercial interests are not powerful and cause conflict only. These are the well-meaning frauds that precipitate selfish desire, often solely motivated by revenge. To truly reach the point of enlightenment to find the power to resolve you must love the one you used to hate the most. Support your most bitter enemy and you have shown true charity.


The Forces Behind Judaism – (final) Part Three

This is the final part of my essay. A recent follower has a very informative website which covers changes to the American Constitution and the unconstitutional, illegal Federal Reserve Bank. You can find details here. Part of the discipline of due diligence is continually reviewing past writings and I am invariably displeased with the consistent “typo’s” and clunky writing style of recent posts. Unfortunately, posts are becoming so large, projects so numerous, adequate proof reading time is unlikely to materialise. However, I am working on it! Finally, I often edit online, so if a part of a post does not make sense, I will have likely improved it by your next visit to this site. Do check back because some changes are significant. Pipeline up-and-coming posts to look out for will be Support and Charity, Planets, Society Must Never be “Cashless” and For the Empowerment of You.

By the early 1800’s the time was right for the invention of a new version of Judaism for the pioneers of the new Promised Land. This needed to be a fusion of mystic Judaism, gnostic Christianity and militant Islam – a sort of “one stop shop” for every religious fanatic. The man who stepped up to the plate was none other than Joseph Smith (Junior). In 1829, reading seer stones as his “divining tool”, he was presented a new version of Judaism which he argued was a direct message from Jesus Christ represented by the “angel” Nephilim, Moroni. The basis of the Latter Day Saints, root of the Mormon sect, was laid out in a series of gold plates which only Smith had access to. It did not just include a spiritual message but gave the historic development of America long prior to the Pilgrim settlers. The obvious flaws of messages reported on the phantom gold plates were so out of step with the popular mainstream the religion was a non-starter. Nevertheless, ironically, the Joseph Smith experience has all the hallmarks of a Pleiadian or Lemurian “abduction”. The gold plates were maybe somewhere in the 4th dimension where logic is turned upside down. It would not surprise me at all, for instance, if the plates themselves induced a download into Smith’s mind. That would explain his extraordinary, infectious charisma and determined confidence.

In a sense Joseph Smith had invented multiculturalism with his sympathies toward the Redskin natives. Mormonism signified a new age development of Judaism, which made the old order very uncomfortable. At that time the power of the proverb was everything. On one hand its sympathy towards some of the tried and tested bastions of order dissuaded enlightened would be recruits. On the other, its latitude towards branded perversions, such as polygamy, alienated would be dissatisfied Puritans. The focus on the importance of family and family values did persuade a large number to see the Mormon light. Indeed, in recent times, it should not surprise readers that Jewish-American Christians swing towards Mormonism. Prominent politicians, such a Michelle Bachmann, pledge their allegiance to Zion, naturally. One of the features of Mormonism is its veiled racism, which is not quite as overt as the Amish. Indeed, it is a policy of the Latter Day Saints to send “Pilgrims” out to the four corners of the Earth. Affable young men and women with American English accents with black name tags can be met in all the “civilised” parts of the globe. However, to ever be part of the “family” you must sell your soul to the devil. It will hardly surprise that Mormons are not really tolerant of other’s views. They are not multi-cultural at all but have made their version of “being nice” an art form. Those with the ability to remove the veil will find a seething cesspool of hatred beneath that facile smiling veneer.

There is some confusion amongst mainstream historians as to whether the Latter Day Saints partnered with or exploited the native Indians. Conflicts between the ever increasing numbers of gold rush fortune hunters and the fragile establishment led to America being called the Wild West by civilised people. The great Czech composer, Anton Vorsak, was not impressed with the “noisy rabbles” of 1896 as expressed in a couple of his compositions. The Indian Removal Act was first drafted by Andrew Jackson in 1830 and by the 1900’s; populations had been ravaged out of existence. Save for infectious mythical leaders, such as Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, genocide or complete abject slavery (as fourth class peoples) would have been instigated by 1900. As it is by 1930’s populations were a shadow of their former greatness. The Dawes Severalty Act of 1887 attempted to remedy the Redskin problem civilly by providing large land tracts for “settlement”; known as Indian Reservations. The real problem was, after the cull of the wild buffalo, which coincided with the creation of the Dawes legislation, the Redskins (who were hunters) had been starved out. It was deeper than that as the culture relied on the spirit of connectivity with nature; something city dwelling “Westerners” could not comprehend. With that very important aspect of their lives removed, part of every living Redskin died. The relentless waves of pioneers conquering America also needed somewhere to root. This led to conflicts with the natives proceeding [sometimes successful] attempts at annexing reservation land. The situation was not dissimilar to modern day Palestine and Israel, with key Palestinian land tracts occupied by Jewish “settlers”. The wheels of commerce were in place and all had been exploited by Zionism in its ambition to build up America for the prosperity of the Order of Zion. When sufficient immigrants had settled, an immigration bureaucracy was established with some expediency and operated with impunity.

It is no accident that after the building of the new Promised Land was complete, Zionism attempted to end disputes once and for all. This began with the simultaneous wars in Latin America, Africa and China. The United States challenged the old guard of the Latin south to a dual which resulted in American colonisation of Cuba. Philippines and other places were also scooped up as part of an initiative by the Roosevelt’s. Spain had shown its true metal – which was yellow. Understandably, the gold standard could not withstand universal, simultaneous wars but, inexplicably, the standard was “saved” by the so-called First World War. Afterwards and heralding the roaring twenties, the introduction of hire purchase finance in the US stoked faux optimism, for while cash circulates there will be no recession. In Europe to counter, untenable reparation demands and legislation imposed on German after their WWI defeat satisfied a number of purposes. Primarily, however, it was to build up Zionist British gold coffers . The banking system launched its coup d’état by stealing the US Treasury in the otherwise pointless creation of the  Federal Reserve in 1914. The same bankers funneled German reparation payments (resulting from another, different, Dawes Act) via Britain into American vaults only to redirect them back to Germany again to advance Hitler’s ambitions. Incidentally, under its ludicrous legislation, US Treasury borrows funds from the Federal Reserve for all cash produced in perpetuity. Did the elite know of electronic systems back then and was this with view to bring on the cashless society to a welcoming general public?

Woodrow Wilson was responsible for the draconian and unrealistic legislation imposed on Germany after WWI. Included was his demand that the League of Nations represented the common interests of the global power centres. The League of Nations was the dry run for the United Nations. Alice Bailey had established her Lucifer Trust in 1922 (The date of the formation of the Irish Republican Army and the final affront on the Celts). She is a lesser known associate of Helena Blavatsky (Ukrainian “Jewish” Khazar decent). The Lucifer Trust was used as a publishing house for materials produced by the Theosophical Society. Short lived in transparent form, Lucifer Trust was renamed Lucis Trust collecting surprisingly high profile sponsors including United Nations, Greenpeace International, Greenpeace USA, Amnesty International, UNICEF. Undisputably evil Robert McNamara (former US Defence Minister) was a patron. Though not official recognised, for my research, Alice Bailey was allegedly the brainchild behind United Nation’s philosophy, which was a globally federalised New World Order underpinning draconian legislation defining humans as slaves in every facet of the life stage cycle. Hints can be found in Bailey’s published works, such as Disciples in the New Age (1955). She is is a forerunner of the New Age movement which is a new order of Catholicism. Blavatsky was one of Hitler’s favourites and her philosophy influenced NAZI ideals. Woodrow Wilson also ensured the Zionist coup of Russia, euphemistically known as the Worker’s Revolution, in 1917. Communist-atheism is the preferred governing system of the Zionists. Russia became “communist” just after the First World War and is regarded as one of the only super powers that might veto the US militarily. China is the other super power. It became “communist” after the Second World War. Historians try to argue the Chinese version was a “social movement” but it was a military one. That is why Feng Shui is threatening to undermine the “spirit” of the people’s ignorance. 2017 appears to be the date “planned” for the US super power to succeed its governing control over to the United Nations. This may spark the creation of a new global only-electronic currency which is being tested with the bit-coin concept.

The most recent destabilising event, simply known as the “Financial Crisis”, had a number of objectives. Though Greece/Cyprus were the “fall guys”, it was an attempt to bring down Europe. Falling short of Germany, it seriously targeted Spain, Ireland and Italy. The Zionists are determined to unseat the Republic of Ireland and make it part of the Union of Jacob one way or the other. The attack on Italy and Spain was an attack on the old order. Nevertheless the black aristocracy now uses the Mafia to front their assets so, just as with China/Japan’s green dragon dynasty, investments are a covert operation. North Korea is a beacon for multi-lateral relations and the Zionists are not easy with that, as signified by American nuclear warheads stored under Fukushima for safety (sic). The Military Industrial Complex should think twice before dabbling in [HAARP] technologies they do not understand. Obama’s government took the unprecedented step of injecting cash into the populace in order to test the effect of cash flow. The reason reports were mixed is the so-called bailout had almost no direct effect on the progress of commerce because pessimism alone underscores a recession. Thus, the negativity of the Financial Crisis did not change the spending mindset to permit a recession. With the added obstacle of much less cash “in motion” the gloom was always going to set in sooner rather than later. Years ago I had a conversation with a senior banker friend (yes, some of them are ok). Though his programming refused to accept the fact, I argued that if a word of mouth campaign encouraged everyone to spend what they had twice as fast as they would have done, the economic velocity would result in boom time even if there was a theoretical “recession”. The Zionists have recognised financial health is as much a state of mind, so some carefully placed, well publicised investments can change an economy overnight. The key is not having the gold. It is how the gold is used that counts.

Modern day Zionists do not seem particularly concerned with the potential for a plebeian revolution, although I sincerely believe they have miscalculated the potential for spontaneous collapse. The greater concern is with the wrong elements gaining control of the power centres. Wrong elements are prime Aryan stock leaderships, such as in various Balkan nations (hence the war on Serbia under the pretext of Yugoslavia). The most feared “rogue nations” will always be Russia, Germany, Ireland and Iran. There is a common misconception that the elite [and Zionism] want to keep the people a notch above abject poverty. This is not true. In fact in some ways the reverse is true as money is a fantasy that requires social belief in its credibility. The Romans could not give money away to the Celts. A popular pastime of young modern Britons is to go metal detecting for ancient buried treasure troves. If the slaves would do what they are told when they are told if they were rich, the Zionists would make everyone millionaires. The problem is once people are rich; they become fat, lazy or when the hunger for success still rages they are more likely to compete with their masters than capitulate. That is why all the great technologies and secrets are locked away. Free energy is the tip of the iceberg.

Certainly since 1900 and probably prior, all US presidents have been affiliates of the Order of Zion. Eisenhower produced bogus Holocaust “evidence” for the creation of Israel. This is the global administration centre for Pharisaic policy. Any country that steps out of line risks war. The current president Obama has been groomed for the role of Messiah (though, some argue, of Satan’s church – or a “reverse Messiah”) to enable the global succession of the first world [initially] to United Nations oversight and control. It is likely America will be plunged into civil war before 2018 threatening the prospect of indefinite martial law. The United Nations will be offered as the logical solution. Die hard critics may as well talk to the hand. This will also permit the springboard to a one world single electronic currency because the old “economic wedge” method is hindering “free world trade” (Zionist tariff free rigged commerce). Those with the keys to the controls can still allocate black money and there may be a Mafia currency outlawed but permitted to simulate order and control. Such was tested in the old USSR. Stalin’s outlawing of foreign currencies did not stop US greenback of varying quantities flowing into the Mafia supported black market. The Zionist Corporation will likely control all small businesses via “official franchises”.

In the not-so-distant future there are other hidden forces linked to the Zionist takeover that will become apparent. These are the phantom extra-terrestrial entities Rockefeller Inc. has made every effort to censor. Though the Sephardic Jews are closer aligned to Zeta genetics, referenced via the Futczhi, Zionist Aryan supremacists are very Draco in character. Their cloak and dagger politics, which relies on overt censorship and covert misinformation, is right out of the Reptilian handbook. Listening to one of Netanyahu’s pointless and nonsensical speeches that has his cronies in raptures reminds me of some of the Chameleon (cloaked Draco) channellings. At least the Draco have a bit of style about them. A false flag ET invasion has been prepared for when the greater percentage of humanity wake up (a euphemism for the scheduled DNA shift Draco and Zeta filters have not been able to halt). Ironically, this will be conducted by extra-terrestrials – some of which look human and others are off world humans. Previously invisible, non-existent entities will materialise. There will also be invasions, perhaps infestation, of unappealing, likely dangerous, creatures “from nowhere” that are unknown. The increased incidence of the so-called chupacabra, which are actually Draco engineered Phalzants, are the tip of a very big iceberg.

Evidence can be found in Israel-ET relations by investigations into the Raeleon cult (or Is-raeleons) who make the correct claims there are numerous global underground bases either controlled by or occupied by (in joint-venture operations) ET’s. Zionism’s modern covert/overt military propaganda force is, of course, the United States Pentagon, which “owns” the NSA. The Pentagon is embroiled in Satanism and the mystic arts which it uses to summon Draco and higher entities associated with dark light spheres. Jewish/Zionist Billy Meier is the proprietor of a Swiss cult that channels Lemurian (?) dogma from Jupiter’s moon Ganymede. Their “laws” are listed on the mysterious (sic) Georgia Guidestones. The expression “cast in stone” should bring a chill down every human’s spine. These are not “demands”. It is diktat – to death, if necessary. Bio-war, insane “Gates-ian” initiatives (such as killer mosquito robots, turning everyone “gay” as evidenced by child sex change assistance), forced sterilisation via “inoculations” and other rogue “medications” or military/civil conflict will be stepped up to reduce the population sufficiently. It is likely the Jewish Diaspora will suffer for the anti-Semitism cause – again.

The Mosaic preoccupation that all Jewish tribes serve the Levites and wild animals were created to assist the obedient Jewish slaves of God is not worthy of sincere discussion. The same, too, can be said of the racist “belief” (sic) that Jew is man and human Goyim are lower in status than the wild animals as they are “devil’s spawn”. There is certainly a lot more I could have mentioned, but that is enough…..for now!