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Writer at deskThis website has been established to progress ideas. Some of these are fomented from deep thought. Others are proverbial anecdotes. Content ranges from light to heavy. The current climate in the First World permits overt freedom, but this is balanced by covert censorship. Controversial, sensitive and repellent subject matter is the most suitable for progressive ideas. Those who are easily offended should find a more productive use of their time.

Though there is no attempt to politicize any of the articles, some do draw on political scenarios in order to express analogic resonance. Macro current affair occasionally creeps in, but posts are designed to be timeless and can be viewed in any order. Diligent, advanced students will find this the only resource for certain universal secrets. It is a resource that includes revelations of deep history and how the alteration of truth to preserve tradition not only affects chronology through perception but also shapes reality because perception is greater than existence. It is unlikely religious, scientific or masonic fanatics will be validated. Those who are happy with their fraudulent, characterisation fantasy lives, please leave in silence for you are blessed. This place is for advanced thinkers.

My Bio

Though I had requested to be the progeny of rich parents, apparently that queue was full to overflowing. As there was some urgency, instead of being the son of a conscientious, philanthropic billionaire I was product of the spawn of an illiterate Irish pig farmer. The Matriarch line offered more promise. I learned my great grandmother had disowned her extraordinarily rich family around the turn of last century to enter into a matrimonial alliance with a “thieving” plumber. Love over mammon has been our motto ever since.

At the ripe old age of 18 months I well and truly established my difference with “normal” kids by, according to my mother, “writing before I could walk properly”. Ah, the heady days of youth! At age five my grandma explained the [Darwinist] origins of man and I felt compelled to correct her. “We were put on this planet one hundred and twenty five thousand years ago” I confidently stated. That earned an appreciated spanking as it taught me that rehearsed eloquence was the only way to claim a doting following. At 13 I started collecting stamps. By 15 I was earning more than my father trading exchanges. Then I went to college and left all that behind.

Underfunded and broke until I was 28, I was suddenly “discovered” and became an international philatelist in months. Having a whiff of opulent riches only gave me rock star tastes. Thank goodness fate intervened and reduced me to poverty again! Seven years of bad luck ensued with the occasional highlight, but in 2003 the tide turned reversing fortunes with a further seven years of good luck now only with the occasional lowlight. I had learned nothing and was still committed to being a mini-rock star, except my great passion was for classical piano.

In 2003, after believing I was already trained sufficiently for concert podium status, the eminent coach Bransby Burne accepted me under his tutelage. Six weeks of lessons saw the first two bars of Beethoven’s Appassionata final movement not even close to competent performance. Six long years of scales, arpeggios and concert exercises, two hours daily (including Christmas), were to ensue as my preparation for concert performance. 2003 was also the year I began my commitment to the encyclopaedic collection “A Brief History of Human Conscience”, which promises to expand to fifteen volumes likely collecting millions of words. In 2013 I pledged “to give it away for humanity as my gift to God” to light beings channelled through an intermediary.

By mid-2010 all that accrued good luck suddenly vanished as I had been, once again, blessed with a bleak financial period – so bleak, without charity, I could not have survived. Gold and savings saw me through to mid-2011 when, inexplicably, I took a diversion from my conscience writing project to explore “messages” I was being given subliminally about extra-terrestrials and a deep unrecorded history of man. My thoughts at this time had been almost exclusively focused on determining where the real ills corrupting man’s potential to attain cosmic consciousness lay; breaking the spell of stuff and nonsense issued by the mainstream and alternative medias. Within two months of joining and attending a Sydney based exo-politics group called SYDUFOR in February 2012, I was approached and quizzed as to the possibility of speaking publically. My time came in August 2013 after a presentation at the similarly missioned Tuggerah Lakes UFO Society.

With no book in tow (at this point), I began my political conscience blog, Ozzie Thinker, which tackles human issues in a unique and original way. Most of the content deals with psychology of human character but occasionally I do refer to deep historic developments (contradicting proscribed mainstream theories and idiom) and energetic “extra-terrestrial/dimensional” overseers. Building strong personal networks there was a repeated call for a specific exo-political resource and in December 2014, I took the plunge by setting up a new blog. Content, once again, is revolutionary with some humorous writings such as “Do Aliens Poo?”

2011 heralded the beginning of invitations to perform concert classical piano. That has developed into a youtube channel and regular monthly recitals at Sydney’s Milsons Point. If that was not enough, I began an impromptu writing project revealing unwritten histories and a deep extra-terrestrial involvement with man implicating the paranormal and spirit world as of March 2014; “a single volume”, I swore. By the time the first part of Dimensions, Deceptions & Demons was published, I had drafted notes for seven further volumes with plans for up to eleven instalments. First part, The Beauty of Existence Decoded, was published last year but I have had to withraw promotion of payment options as my “financial agent” has failed to reimburse me for any prior purchases. Thus, donations (see below) are the only viable transaction method for the time being until that situation is rectified.

The rather more expansive volume, “A New World Order” is scheduled for completion by September. In the interim, I have published a long short story called “Life on Mars; inspired by Harry Potter” which makes light, attractive reading and may be a particularly useful tool for the encouragement of our unliterary youth as a means to embrace the joys of reading once more. Increasing my reputation as a writer, the environmental internet news service and Pure Professional Journalism Gazette regularly re-blogs my articles.

More recently, I have been interviewed on the Peter Maxwell Slattery show and written for the large American information resource, Conscious Life News. More articles are being prepared for future release. May 2015 saw a lengthy interview for Brendan D. Murphy’s Global Freedom Movement. The relationship has progressed with my invite as guest journalist for his informative alternative news resource. 2016 has seen calls from Revising Reality Radio and two recorded interviews.

Please donate for my book or just donate for me

Donations of not less than $10US (Australian readers can visit here and donate A$12 or more) for my book “The Beauty of Existence Decoded” are welcome. For clarity, this is not a “fixed price” and there is no ceiling to donation amounts, which should be $10 or greater. Contributions keep my Dimensions, Deceptions & Demons writing project afloat. Donators should e-mail quick2learn.steve@y7mail.com with the simple instruction “Donated for DDD Intro” (97 pages) or “Donated for DDD Intro Print Friendly” (27 pages) after payment has been made.

**NEW** Donators can request the book/audio bundle comprising large and printable (mostly black/white) versions of “The Beauty of Existence Decoded” and “Life on Mars – Part One (inspired by Harry Potter)” as well as a three file (mp3) audio version (50 minutes) of the latter. Web/e-mail version is minimum $22US and CD $30US. Please e-mail with “Donated for web bundle” or “Donated for web CD bundle” (and don’t forget to include a mailing address!) in the header.

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51 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey!! another Ozziethinker!! that makes 2 of us!!!

    I think you would like quote from Frank Herbert, he wrote, Dune. If you search for “quotes Frank Herbert”.


    There are a lot of parallels to thinking outside of the box and vision of an other kind 🙂

    Thought you might enjoy.

    Read all your stuff, it was very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

    • There are too many quotes to read in one sitting, but he, Frank, has moved on from Confucious. For your kindness, I have created a quote of my own:

      “A man who claims he has faith resorts only to blind control. When mankind says, “we are in control” they merely demonstrate blind faith. Without a firm guide, blindness always leads to ignorance.”

  2. Curious if you have tested the difference between the A432 and the 440, I was just looking at that today and I read here about classical piano above, Just wondering if you’ve ever experimented with it?

      • I am not that concerned with pitch. Indeed, I do not know of a single composer of the Baroque to Romantic periods that have given any notation as to pitch. Indeed, modern pianos perform very differently to antique instruments. Mozart wrote for the fortepiano. Scarlatti wrote for the harpsichord. Yet, in both cases, works sound equisite (and occasionally better) played on the pianoforte.

        Zeta crop circles are obsessed with pitch as frequency is the common source managed by DNA (chemical patterns are merely a “symptom’). From this perspective, certain pitch frequencies represent the pivotal joins (or cracks) between densities. Therefore certain sounds can trigger an interdimensional reaction. The lower vibrational Draco reptilian priests used a mix of gutteral sounds and sexual energy to summon a manifestation of Ba’al (Enki). YHWH is [sometimes] used to represent that gutteral sound which is impossible for humans without technological assistance. Other times it signifies a humanoid of the insect line.

  3. A supplementary question for your study is how a piano is played. Glenn Gould, Martha Argerich and Vladimir Horowitz offer a performance mystique which captures them as unique – unmistakable. More importantly, different note combination offer different hz values (depending how each note is struck). The sustaining pedals displace sound. Also is this in a “sealed” (sound pure) environment? Location is important. Finally, for a piano, the better the soiund board, the better the resonance.

    As for me, I play an out-of-tune upright Kawai piano in a thin walled house. Time restraints mean I can never polish performances, but here are a couple of my latest recordings:

    Liszt Mephisto Waltz 1
    Chopin Scherzo 4 in E

    This is a more serious analysis of hz values:

  4. Hi. I comment on your comment yesterday on Dave Hodges Article about the DOD censoring him. I also left a comment saying he censored me and hasn’t posted my comments on his site but he will cry foul when it happens to him. Please go look. I think you will smile.


    I enjoyed you comment and clicked on your link and looked around a bit. Very interesting and i will be back.

    Just so you know. I am a Christian who is tired of all these guys scaring and taking advantage of good but gullible people. it is because they are good that they are an easy mark. Sadly, I know from experience. Life is hard enough without that so I poke at them a bit. They need to lighten up.

    Thanks again


    • Hello Ken

      Thank you for the feedback and I have replied at BIN,

      I worry when people say, I am a Jew, Christian, Muslim and so on. You know the most charitable person I have ever met claimed he was a Muslim, but, irronically, the most insensitive person known to me has adopted that religious brand. Being white and “Anglo” most people see me as “Christian” too. I once asked one of my Muslim counterparts, “What does that mean?” after being informed of their “faith”. It turned that being a Muslim meant growing a beard, abstenance of pork products and the insistance women are censored. So I responded, “Why did you not say, I don’t eat pork, won’t shave and hate the appearance of women?” You see, that tells me something.

      A Christian needs to read all the Mohamed’s surah’s, Buddha’s mantras, understand all the principals of pagan religions as well as the aspects of Hinduism and other faiths. Only from the point of absolute awareness, can I say I am Christian. But, once I reached that point, why would I need to say anything?

      Christianity has been manipulated, just as you say. They have also changed the meaning of patriotism from a state of communal grace to mindless idolatory. You kill what we say because we say it. That is now the extent of patriotism. I too have deep underground sources and they fear me like to devil. They are all entranced by my bright, shining light; so much so they cannot break free. Yet they know my message will destroy them.

      Ignorance is their blessing. Wisdom, knowledge and comprehension will wreck their illusory reality. Your “making light” comment will not work. They made light in the Victorian era and that led to the giant clash of cultures begining with simultaneous Boer/Colombian/Boxer Rebellion, which fused the first and second world wars. The people finally rebelled with Vietnam and that heralded a new age of light. Now the stars must dazzle and turn fear on itself.

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    • I don’t recall you visiting before and Zamolxis is new to me. There are rumours that Jesus was Archangel Michael in human form. This is not correct. The Zamolxis character is Archangel Michael’s extended form. Interestingly, I was on Africa when it was an island continent larger than Australia. Let us say the date was 16,852BC or somewhere in that ball park. At that time I was called iXossana and have been remembered as Hosana (although, once again, fictitious Jesus is also given this title).

      A post would better suit my Exopolitician blog, so once I channel the facts from cosmic records, I will make a presentation there.

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  44. I found your website while searching for anyone interested in Ken Bakeman. For whomever follows Ken’s artistry, writing and theories/experiences would you please let it be known that Ken died in Seattle Saturday, Jan 30, 2021. I had known Ken for fifty years becoming for a few years his business partner in cabinet making and musical instrument building. We lived together in the suburbs of Seattle, traveled, studied and grew close, but paths diverged and we fell out of constant contact. Sometimes years would pass without my knowing where he was, and on rare days he would surface long enough to fill me in on his discoveries and writings. While I was never a true believer in his accounts I always gave him every chance to try his ideas out on me, hoping to be a sounding board. Probably not always what he wanted!

    Early in 2014 I heard from him for the last time as he was happily working in a home & garden store, then writing and doing graphic design work at home. That may have lasted only a while because I heard from one of his family last week that he had fallen into depression and poor health in recent years. In order to quell his psychic sensitivity he medicated with alcohol. He apparently lost his home and job and became homeless and a client of social service agencies, which ultimately had him admitted to public hospital where he died of infection and organ failure. I learned also that his spiritual and psychic gifts were inspiring to others in the homeless shelter and he had good relationships and a sort of following there.

    As Ken wanted, there will be no service or memorial. However I felt some mention of his passing to his readers was warranted and your website seems a fitting place for that. Since he was content helping customers in the gardening center I plan to go plant a tree for Ken.

    Kindly acknowledge you have received this, edit my words for your readers if you care to post, and contact me for more information if you wish. Sincerely, Robert Sickles, Olympia WA. 2/2/21

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