For the Empowerment of You

I read many gung-ho articles parading the possibilities of true rebellion yet all, when push comes to shove, are ultimately persuaded to observe asinine legislation written by the “foe”. The best outcome is the promise of another of those “cause and affect” limp-wristed protests dragged along by the will of phantom masses. Whether the proposal is to parade outside the local town hall, send never-to-be-read chain e-mails, or inspire more and more rampant vocalisations from dissenting fringe journalists, outcomes never change. They do not care. Your “will” may as well be a fluffy white cloud; evaporating at the first sign of thunder. Yes, I agree, the Patriot Act is assiduous legislation and there is plenty more where that came from. It does nothing for the people, unless you refer to “The People”. Assiduous legislation invariably rewards those in the “corridors of power” very well. Besides, when there is a conflict of interest, when legislation is issued that affects them, there are always those get out of jail free cards.

“You a paedophile, Mr Bush?”

No problem, step right up. The Bushes are The People and that gives them the right to do anything they like as they have designer genes. If they wish to impregnate fifteen year old Mexican prostitutes or snort coke in the Whitehouse, that’s ok. Beats Prescott’s penchant for little boys, I guess? Salacious, and I suspect never to be tested, allegations by Cathy O’Brien reveal far, far worse lifestyles of other Bush clan members, “cousin” Clintons, and “papa” Reagan. That is why limp wristed protests and fringe journalism will achieve next to nothing. Indeed, far from empowering you, it empowers them. They know you know, but you either cannot or will not do anything about it.

The first step to the empowerment of you is what I call “getting real”. It is easier to explain what getting real isn’t than what it is. For instance, it isn’t about convenient truths that suit the argument. It never was about making unsubstantiated and baseless claims. It certainly could not be related to playing their game in any way. Getting real is a cold hard dose of turkey, where the only things that count are the facts and the only knowledge is of basis. There are no “get out of jail free” cards in that domain. This is the place where no fingers need pointing. Novices willingly fess up their individual inadequacies for their own empowerment.

The first step on the straight path has to be dispelling myths. One of the greatest conjuring tricks that has befuddled humanity since time began is religion. Religion is fiction as God is everything. Everything is not limited to that which is labelled good. Besides, that which is labelled good becomes the condition of the labellers. No, religion is a fake; a fraud; a scheme. The con goes right up to the top and way beyond mere “humanity”. The stakeholders are not of this Earth. Last post I provided insight as to one the great mysteries; who was the Gnostic Jesus? The answer was, Josephus, who was not the only Jesus. However, taking religion’s political position, Josephus was the relevant Jesus. It turns out that St Paul could not have been active around 58AD as “science” has it because Josephus began his ministry after the Passover 66AD. Popular tradition holds that Jesus’ father was called Joseph (although his birth name was Matthias). Josephus is an odd play on Joseph. it is a Latin anagram of “Pho[r] Jesus” – Josephus “brings forth” (or bears, produces) Jesus.

Continuing our theme of empowerment through information or, “he who has the knowledge wins”, my prior post piggybacked off some of Jon Rappoport’s excellent work in exposing the toxic Measles Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccine. I suggest readers visit his website as it includes much statistical evidence supporting arguments tendered here. Varicella has not been included in the MMR controversy, and although brief research will reveal this strain of the Zoster Virus (chickenpox) is particularly contagious, resulting in thousands of severe infections, hospitalisations annually and some deaths. On balance, fairly, it is regarded as a blessing when considering the ravages of smallpox (although infections began to decline in metropolitan centres from 1800’s, so it is not clear whether the reasons were medical or due to better infrastructure). The currenr great worry for the ignorant masses, needless to say, is the Ebola virus. For my research the following information has emerged:

Centres for Disease Control (CDC) and the pharmaceutical regulator, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are private corporations separate of government. They are private enterprises for profit. The classification not for profit is merely an accounting statement; a term. It does not mean that an organisational body is not a vicious, profit seeking enterprise with little or no regard for anything else. Considerable taxation advantages are gained from the not for profit status, given the right set up, and I would recommend everyone, in the position to do so, adopts one of these. Even government is not beyond reproach [regards the manufacture of exploitation]. The Government of South Africa is a corporation, so there must be more. However, the United States of America’s status is formally unclear. Named after “virgin” Queen Elizabeth I of England (part of the Union of Jacob) the Virginia Company began trading in 1603 under the inherited instruction of James I, formerly James VI of Scotland. This both moved Great Britain a step closer to a complete union, but also proposed a true land of milk and honey for the elite to plunder. Under these auspices, the United States of America is a corporation called the Virginia Company. Via the Pearce bloodline, I have been led to believe the Clintons are beneficiaries.

We learned that the CDC deliberately cooked the data for MMR test outcomes after Andrew Wakefield defied his handlers by stating there was a link between some vaccines and autism. Naturally he was remorselessly slandered from tip to toe by agents of the establishment partially ending his reputation in 1998. The final coup de grace was the announcement giving the MMR a clean bill of health in 2004 (Messrs Thompson “et al”), against undisclosed inconsistencies. At that time MMR was under the leadership of Julie Gerberding, who then inexplicably moved to Merck Vaccines in 2009. This was company that made and sold the foul, poisonous MMR vaccines. She apparently was handsomely rewarded as is so often the case. 2009 was the date, I am informed, that the CDC patented an Ebola strain, which is classed as a “bio-weapon”. The allegation, only a few months ago, via an innocuous Washington Post article, was the nasty Russians created the Ebola bio-weapon in their laboratories in 1980’s. This was a decade which saw a bitter proxy war with the US in Afghanistan and the unthinkable boycotting of the corporate jewel in the crown – the Olympic Games (games in more ways than one).

Once more egged on by Jon Rappoport, I have searched the net high and low for information on the mysterious Ebola Virus, considering a recent “outbreak” in Africa had reached pandemic status in a matter of days. The last WHO confirmed “pandemic”, lest we forget was the swine flu. This, as far as I can ascertain, claimed twenty two lives. That’s category 6 no less. Compared with around two hundred accidental drowning deaths in England alone, for instance, it seems hardly worth mentioning. The psychotic promoter of swine flu, our friendly (according to their website) CDC, issued the figure of 39,519 suicides in the US for 2011, again, according to the website. If only they could find a vaccine for that? Attacking Ebola (I think that’s the right expression), I behaved like the worst kind of sceptic, perhaps even a debunker (God forbid?), to collect only valid information out of Africa, knowing I could not trust my own opportunistic press for clarity of information under any circumstances. The number of deaths withered from thousands down to hundreds, then further still to tens until I could only confirm seven, a humble seven, deaths I could be sort of certain of. The deaths and causes were not irrefutably beyond doubt, but were likely enough caused by the Ebola virus. Unlike the phantom terrorism in Salem’s kindergarten, there does seem to be a grain of truth to the Ebola scare.

As I understand it, for some reason the team responsible for the patent of the Ebola bio-weapon happened to be in the same part of Africa that saw the outbreak; in the area as they say.

What a coincidence, eh?

Also, does anyone remember the wonderful gift of Polio vaccinations Billy Gates (not forgetting Mel?) gave to the children of India? What did the press-titutes crow; a $5 billion freebie from the bottom of his heart? It turns out that it is a very black heart now that Gates vaccines are up against the Corporation of India for poisoning children of their hill tribes. Sadly, they too, are “friends of Zion”, so it’s all huff and puff. Now hear this, Gates, believe it or not, is heavily invested in the Ebola bio-weapon too. Let me repeat that; Bill and Mel Gates Vaccines are reputedly one of the entities that has been funding the Ebola bio-weapon program.


Just in case ignorance still festers in the cracks; bio-weapons would be used in acts of war. Talking of war, the best way to beef up the armed forces is to depress the job market, you know, by creating something like a Grand Financial Crisis.

Anyway, yawn, let us recap and consider possibilities before I discuss how AIDS fits into the grand plan. One more little publicised mainstream article features complaints from inhabitants of one African nation. There were claims that folks were becoming very sick and maybe dying from their untested Ebola vaccinations.

No way, right?

Things reached breaking point when angry mobs raided the hospitals releasing “patients” in order for them to survive. The press-titutes did not see it that way, but that was the way it was.

Last post, my attempt at playing detective was hopefully effective, so I am going to try it again. As the Ebola bio-weapon was in the area at the time, I can reasonably assume that it was the cause of the recent Ebola outbreak [killing seven?]. In other words there was a deliberate or accidental breach of the Ebola bio-weapon in Liberia or wherever it first struck.

Let us pause for a second and consider the prospects of Russia running an unannounced nuclear test.

Let us say unarmed warheads were inadvertently armed consequentially blasting New York city with a gazillion mega-tonnes, you know, by mistake.

Would that have been an act of war or a “red faces all round, chaps” moment?

My bet is on full scale World War Three.

Having no treatment for our Ebola Virus bio-weapon, containment becomes very dangerous and very risky even for the managers of mayhem. But, as with the other times, real cases are all limited to very isolated areas so there is just about no chance of any real trouble – just enough for the photo shoot. So, as with the number of other times the virus was tested, sorry, accidentally released; very high percentages [of carriers] died within hours and the virus had no option but to burn itself out – airbourne or not.

This is the mystery and this is what tells me the current “outbreak” is not Ebola. Not only are there very high percentages of “positives” surviving, but when deaths do happen, it’s taking weeks and not hours. Long forgotten, many years ago, the press-titutes told us that Ebola Virus rapidly attacked blood cells, eventually liquefying organs. It was as though the gradual effects of tuberculosis were sped up and multiplied thousands of times. Things began with “flu like symptoms” just as they describe now, but then the roof caved in.

Oh yeah!

It is this that deserves a separate discussion. Jon Rappoport believes the current Ebola outbreak is not Ebola but a deliberate misinformation campaign to ensure global sales of toxic vaccines (perhaps designed to sterilise the greater percentage of humanity).

The only real “evidence” that is being presented are those flu like systems, backed by the, so ineffective it is almost pointless, PCR test. Indeed the PCR test can only confirm flu like symptoms. Anywhere between 3,000 and 49,000 people die of “flu like symptoms” each year in the US, according to the CDC website. On the same webpage it states, “Flu deaths in children were made a nationally (US) notifiable condition in 2004”. Scrolling down, the basis of said “control” is justified by a Thompson MG “et al” report, issued on 27 August 2010 outlining mortalities for 2006-2007 “influenza” (assessed by “flu like symptoms”) season as per the Fox News faux terrorism style “MMWR” fear gauge. It is the very same Thompson MG “et al” that issued the bogus report designated as Andrew Wakefield’s final “nail in the coffin” in 2004, launching illustrious, satanic Gerberding’s predestined career (courtesy of her designer genes). Thompson MG “et al” claimed that MMR vaccines did not induce autism. Facts have disproved rhetoric many times over and now Thompson has admitted it.

Andrew Wakefield was correct. He must be vilified.

We also need to understand that subsequent breakdowns of flu like symptoms have found the greater cause to be pollution, as most tests have ultimately shown conditions to be influenza virus free. It is interesting to note the vast majority of flu like symptoms are caused by pollution of one kind or another. Pollution is the pretty, industrialists’ “it could be anything” word for toxins, poisons “et al”. Heavy metal content alone would class rogue vaccines as poisons. Therefore, the valid sceptic might argue rogue vaccines are a deliberate mix designed to further weaken a toxic body. In light of Thompson’s confession as to foul play regards MMR, the sceptic must surely question the relationship with toxicity and the flu shots after the overt, rabid publicity by the CDC. Considering both emanated from the same 2004 brainchild, it would be foolhardy to think otherwise.

In fact, and this is the kicker, could an untested, theoretically rogue vaccine have been deliberately and maliciously created to excise tracts of society, as per the 1979 Georgia Guide [cast in] Stones population reduction pledge?

Bill and Mel Gates, as supporters of the eugenics movement, would surely applaud the obligatory sterilisation of “useless eaters”. Babies with designer genes are always good, even if they turn into mass murderers or drug addicts, which, sadly, is so often the case. If useless eaters are truly useless, then why would those without scruples, morals or any attestable spirituality allow them to circulate? Would it not be better to be rid of them for good and shelve the humanitarian sterilisation program?

That is the case for poisonous Ebola vaccine.

Continuing my detective work, I needed to find another instance of bad vaccines used to kill off the sick. Jon Rappoport is an expert on HIV/AIDS politics, but here is my limited understanding. Back in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s various batches of Polio vaccines were developed and grown in the kidneys of live green monkeys and chimpanzees. Guinea pig human users initially saw a miraculous decline in Polio outbreaks, however, as Jon reveals, this was a “statistics trick” redefining classifications (Check Jon’s blog) and not a real decline in outbreaks. Anyway, the vaccine did not fare well, generally, as it caused some very bad side effects. The useless eaters blabbed and blabbed and blabbed, so it had to be shelved.

As the industrialists were severely invested in a shelved and now useless vaccine, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the outer darkness.

For a while….

Until one day an agent of Isis had a brainstorm.

What about the Dark Continent?

Africa? They’ll [corrupt enough] take anything. So on slow boats, vials of toxic vaccine took decades to distribute long after polio thing had become a distant non-memory. In this case the vaccine, as far as I can gather, was not deliberately toxic; it’s just, science, as usual, was ignorant of the facts. We know the outcome. The so-called “gay plague” was caused by green monkeys out of Africa. The reason the industrialists failed to mention chimpanzees is they were well known and popular crowd pullers at corporate zoos.

No need to stop the money flow

Certain individuals with weak immune systems, naturally developed health problems; to death, in some cases. This led to incessant NAZI style propaganda encouraging all the gay men from the four corners of Christendom to go “on the pill”. And that is how the real destruction appears to have been caused; by the remedy to HIV/AIDS. Sinful acts attested infections were passed by blood to blood. For those without designer genes, sinful sexual practices and promiscuous drug use is sheer folly. Polio vaccine induced HIV begged for an emergency fix for the fearful fools. If the immune system was not already weak, AZT made sure it was finished off.

They successfully converted HIV into full blown AIDS with a simple poison pill.

According to Jon Rappoport, AZT had failed in is use in different circumstances twenty years before ensuring it remained shelved as a result. Let me be clear, I am still unsure if these vaccines are being used to bolster industrialists’ profits or are an obtuse and calculated attack on humanity. It may be bit of one and some of the other, but, either way, the result is abhorrently clear. As a pre-emptive strike, relatively well though insecure people were banished from any form of sexual liaison (in lieu of sterilisation) and then killed off by their poison pills.

For the empowerment of you, avoid all medications like the plague. Medication should only be used when absolutely necessary; risks fully understood. Medication for those that are not sick is neither welcome nor necessary. Phantom, bogus plagues only create epidemics of ignorance. Foisting pre-emptive, experimental drugs on frightened, relatively well and extremely ill-informed people is unforgivable whether administered in good faith or for malicious intent. There are no designer genes, just supreme spirits.


The Truth about Jesus

I have been devoting as much time as possible to my unfinished book, “Dimension, Deception and Demons” which discusses the history, politics and infrastructure of the Earthlings. These are euphemistically called Draco as they were presumed to have prehistoric origins from Alpha Draconis. Zetas and Thubans also originate from Alpha Draconis; a star system literally teaming with intelligent life forms (including around thirty different types of “Grey” being). However, the Draco view themselves as middle Earth’s indigenous man and the true native. My book attempts to unravel the complex relationship with and origins of what we call man – hu-man. As with the truth about Jesus; nothing is out in the open. As the string pullers are beyond or outside our reality, deciphering truth is all the more fraught with obstacles (notwithstanding ignorant “debunkers”). Indeed, the only way to deal with reality has been to demystify it, de-science it and de-humanise it. Patient analysis has encouraged progress and I have more or less concluded chapter two, “The Birth of Hu-man-ity” with some very big surprises. Evaluation of the Atlanteans and their journey from Mars, revelations on the destructive practices of the Lemurians and their “universal” role, the enigmatic “grey skinned” dark forces of the Vedas and, of course, the varied Draconian networks of influence produced more questions than answers, initially. Now I believe I have coordinated relative clarity and the conclusions will shock humanity.

One of my research points has been Maree Moore’s “Merlin & the Shepherds of Arcadia”. The book itself is so determined to impose a contextual White Brotherhood regime, truth has been reduced to zealous fantasy. Though findings are not completely without merit, a few of the numerous references have become more appealing as a strategy quest for truth, particularly in determining the meaning of Rosicrucian order. My planned future blog post, “The Rose Cross” will have to wait. Moore’s book also discusses a karmic relationship between Francis Bacon, St Germain, Taliesin, Moses, Tutmoses and a number of other noteworthy historic figures. Thematic material revolves around gnostic culture, mystery schools and the Essenes. She also presents her “truth about Jesus”. However, she could not be more wrong about this and that is the reason I have presented my latest writings.

Readers must understand that those who have gone to university and studied something known as the synoptic problem have been badly misled. Great scholars are so far adrift from the truth at the start of their quest; it would take an Einstein with resolve to vanquish superstition. Indeed, Einstein’s wobbly theories of relativity and error riddled analysis of the photon hardly encourages thoughts of valour. Modern traditional scholars might view Gnosticism as a cult that emerged a few decades prior to the supposed birth of Jesus. Moses a gnostic? Nay! Maree Moore’s opinion that King David was none other than the Hyksos (Kassite) Pharaoh Tutmoses, I agree with as is her conclusion that a number of the shepherd (priest) kings were also rulers of Egypt. I do not agree that Moses or David were Gnostics. In fact, quite the reverse would be so. They were tyrannous and despotic Pharisees. Moses smashed the sarcophagus casing of the arc of the covenant (sic) [proposing an arc and an Ark] and removed the source of power (switch) from the great pyramid of Giza. That’s why the armies gave chase. What did it achieve? We had to wait for Edison to reinvent a square wheel because Tesla offended the pharisaic tyrants. Another hint at the joint Jewish Egyptian heritage can be discovered in the very creation of Is-ra-el. Is represents darkness and the Goddess Isis. Ra is light and the enigmatic Sun God. El is their version of Akhenaten’s Amen (Which should be written A-mon) – gone but not forgotten. The Elohim (God beings) instructed Jews they were the Chosen People. That is why they mercilessly distribute their vile dark forces under the guise of ISIS or ISIL in the “name of God”. Incidentally, the Islamic State is merely a précis to Pharisaic reductionism.

So what is the truth about Jesus?

Before I answer that, we will need to do some detective work. This time we should apply logic in place of zealous hysteria. Those that have studied the synoptic problem will agree that one of the great mysteries about Jesus is why nothing was written about him until, perhaps (depending on which dateline theory you subscribe to), 65-70AD. In other words, according to the fundamentalists, Jesus died on the cross on or around 32AD and there was an “oral period” for more than thirty years. Reasoning ranges from big memories, cultural practices, and scarce writing materials to belief in something called the parousia or second coming. However, the Christian classification of Messiah is radically different to the Jewish authentic meaning. Therefore, the notion that predominantly Jewish (converted, but still “Jewish” at this stage) congregations waited decades in sincere expectation of a Messianic rebirth is sheer nonsense. The other problem is writing materials were not scarce. Therefore, I conclude, there was no oral period.

Continuing as a detective, I first must establish whether Jesus was a “plausible” real entity as there was no oral period. Other than some bizarre accounts in apocryphal texts, Jesus is reduced to an estimated two year ministry as determined by “reasonable” datelines (such as travel schedules) estimated from evidence presented in the four gospels. There is not one mention of Jesus in the weight of Roman records compiled 0-40AD. Jesus’ birth stories do not belong to the original gospel texts and were “presumed added” to Matthew and Luke’s gospels. Reputed scholars place Mark as the first gospel (though I will contradict that view) and he fails to mention the birth of Jesus. The stories themselves try to parallel superstitions over Moses’ birth and the way John the Baptist’s anointing of Jesus symbolises David/Tutmoses’ accession to the throne. Orthodox Christians now celebrate the birth of Jesus on or around 7th January. Roman Catholic tradition holds it was the eve of 24th December. Adonis (perfect love) was born at midnight on 24th December. Adonai is the Hebrew word for “Lord”; a common name for Jesus. At the other end of the popular account of the scale of Jesus’ life is the crucifixion and resurrection. Mark, once again, fails to mention the resurrection and logic dictates that, at best, accounts were “metaphoric”. Though all gospels agree Jesus was affixed to a wooden cross until he relinquished his life, there are problems when cross referencing attributing data and Roman custom/traditional punishments for crimes. Therefore, I argue that the crucifixion and resurrection were both metaphors of different meaning depending on the individual ambitions/purposes of the gospel writers.

It is generally assumed and reasonable to conclude that Jesus was neither a child nor an old man when he conducted his ministry. The Jewish age of manhood, thirty years, might be a good guide, but could never be assumed as an absolute. Therefore, we need to understand key historic events before drawing conclusions. We know that with the death of Herod the Great in 4BC there was considerable upheaval in Judea and jostling for power in the Sanhedrin. Roman influence became more oppressive (from the orthodox Jewish standpoint) and there was an attempt to beef up the Sanhedrin with hard line Pharisees (admirably countered by an influx of radical “left wing” Essenes). Indeed, Jesus “from Nazareth” is a mistranslation as he was a Nazarene (an Essene). Herod Antipas (ruler of Galilee) tried to court Rome and was a cordial ally of Pontius Pilate. A particularly turbulent period saw Caligula advanced to emperor of Rome and Antipas banished to Gaul in 37AD. This happens to be the birthyear of Titus Flavius Josephus in Jerusalem. As Antipas succeeded Herod the Great in 4BC, the crucifixion (of Jesus) theoretically could have taken place any time between that date and 37AD. Our next key event was the siege of Jerusalem and alleged (but not confirmed) destruction of the temple. Emperor Nero had placed some austere measures to crack down on Pharisaic disorder in Judah. This led to a Jewish rebellion for the Passover of 66AD. The situation quickly escalated into a siege of Jerusalem, culminating in the razing of the city in 70AD. However, arguably, most of the “key players” of Jewish order were not there.

If there was going to be a metaphoric crucifixion and resurrection of a Jewish shepherd king, then sometime directly after the siege of Jerusalem seems the best historic place. We are led to believe Jesus was a Zealot and they were the significant force behind the Jewish side of the Jerusalem rebellion. However, for this history to be complete, we need to consider some other key characters. Let us start with Josephus, the Jewish Roman historian. Corporate history (no doubt sponsored by Israel) tells us that Josephus’ father was a Jewish priest called Matthias, or rather, according to Josephus; he descended from the priestly order of Jehoiarib (one of twenty four priestly orders formed by King David). There is some ambiguity as to their status by Josephus (to cover up his connection to Jesus?) and they were aligned to the Sadducees (political left wing of the Sanhedrin). As a High Priest of the secret order of the Nazarenes, could have Matthias also been known as Joseph, naming his son Josephus? Could that High Priest been called a carpenter (craftsman), a euphemism for builders of structures with professional status, at the time?

Now we need to deal with the female line leading to Josephus. Scholars argue his mother was an “unknown” Jewish woman and he collected regal names Titus and Flavius to court favour with Rome “for some reason”.  I say that Josephus’ mother was a Roman aristocrat of great importance and his birth marked a fusion of the Roman and Essenes elite. Josephus’ mother was a Piso. Let’s call her “Mary” for fun. This family produced the Emperor Vespasian. Let us now consider that Jesus was not born in 0-4AD as postulated by mainstream scholars. Instead he was born in 37AD. If we add thirty years for the customary Jewish age of manhood, Josephus/Jesus ministry would have begun 67AD. Could it have begun with trouble with Nero and concluded with the razing of Jerusalem in 70AD? That is 2-3 years accounted for in the four main gospels. There is more. Was the fact he “wasn’t recognised” by some of his apostles after the crucifixion an indication he travelled incognito. Those throngs of sick followers were “not allowed to touch him” and, as a precaution, he was surrounded by body guards (the twelve disciples). We know they were body guards from analysis of their violent behaviour in the lead up to the crucifixion. Jesus is also noted for wearing “long flowing robes” which encourages the logic that he may have been “covered from head to toe” to avoid recognition/discovery. Finally, throughout the writings of the four main gospels, he never seemed to settle anywhere. This is the behaviour of a man “on the run”.

What is the case for Josephus’ mother being Mary?

Once again added to the original texts, Mary, mother of Jesus, is described as a virgin. This does not mean she was chaste. In fact it is a reference to her “void” spirituality. The Essenes were regarded as the purest of pure and their society suffered the curse of nepotism, so she would have remained a spiritual virgin for life. As a Roman aristocrat of the highest importance, she trumped the irrelevant Joseph/Matthias into oblivion. Indeed, of the three characters (Matthias, Josephus, Mary), from the Roman perspective, it is she that would have been the most spiritually pure. That is why, in the Catholic Church, the effigies of Virgin Mary are more potent than the Christ Saviour. Mary has become a renowned miracle maker, whereas Jesus has not. When Mary was canonised she occupied a higher place in the church than Jesus. [Added 5/10/2014 for additional clarity. Though some argue the “Virgin Mary” concept is merely evidence of the Adonis/Isis/Osiris father/son rebirth counterplay; it was not just this. We know from the Solomon Wives parable that the virgin “represents nature’s purity”. Moses’ anger at the worshipers of the Golden Calf was really an attack on Pantheism (Celtic Wicca) or, in accordance with the Roman/Babylonian religion; the worship of the “fruits of nature” and fertility rights as sybolised by the calf. Under this jurisdiction, a Roman Queen would have  been the celestial representative of nature. Another metaphor played on by the concept designers was the relationship between Jesus and John. The last recorded prophet was Zechariah (?) (although some purists argue that true prophecy ended centuries before). He and his wife, the “barren” Elizabeth, produced a miracle son – John the Baptist (Ebionite “king of the Jews”). This parallels with King of the Jews Jesus’ miraculous “virgin” birth.]

Though Josephus was a Roman aristocrat via his mother’s heritage, he seemed to align more to his father. The emphasis of his family history revolves around his relationship to Matthias. From the orthodox Jewish perspective, by ignoring his mother’s heritage, he also affirmed he was not a dreaded Diaspora. As a proclaimed Zealot, and political agitator of his time, this should be no surprise. Romans, incidentally, were particularly adept at inventing personas. The same individual might use numerous names for his different “characters”. Was Josephus’ cover blown sometime in 70AD and he needed to reinvent himself in Antioch? It is likely John wrote the first gospel and there is good reason for this (discussed later). However, the first “published” (if that is the right word) gospel was Mark’s (or Marcus’); who was a Roman aristocratic follower/friend of Josephus. Of course according to the symbolism, Jesus returned to Jerusalem only to be captured by the Romans and put to death. A “loved spy”, Marcus calls Judas was the traitor. Was Judas a codename of Marcus who was also the “young man that lost his loin cloth” at the arrest of Jesus? If we think about the symbolism of the crucifixion and resurrection, was that not a comment on the Jew’s losing/reclaiming Jerusalem (70/1948)? Marcus, a Roman aristocrat, would hardly endorse that in his gospel. And, sure enough, Mark fails to mention the resurrection. I guess it simply wasn’t important enough (sic). [For clarity, the arrest of Jesus and the crucifixion are separate events decades appart invloving different character sets].

We now can also see why there was no oral period and what was really meant by the “second coming”

The reason the “people of Nazareth” rejected Jesus’ teachings is code to say the Nazarenes knew who Jesus was. The fusion of a High Priest and Roman Queen did not make a Priest King – Messiah. The true Priest King, certainly according to biblical lineages, was John the Baptist. That is why Mark made sure Jesus/Josephus was anointed by John. The hereditary right had been transferred, but Nazarene insiders did not buy it. Thus the modern Jews assert Jesus was a great priest, but not the Messiah. Christian focus on philosophy and the philology of Messianic tradition merely beclouds clarity. That is not to say that the gospels simply act as testament to a rogue Jewish Messiah but, on balance, considering that question; the Jewish position is correct. In my unpublished encyclopaedia, “A Brief History of Human Conscience”, a chapter/book is devoted to the philosophy and history of Jesus; I recommend at least three different individuals are presented as “Jesus” in the four gospels. One dates back to 196BC and was an urban legend when the gospels were written. This blog post is very much an oversimplification due to time restraints.

Joseph of Arimathea features strongly in Merlin & the Shepherd of Arcadia. None dare give him a chronology as his persona is steeped in legend. Early British tales posit him as a trader; a merchant banker that negotiated a relationship with the druids who oversaw Cornwall’s tin mining facilities. Tin was needed for the production of bronze and was a valuable commodity at the time. Maree Moore calls Joseph of Arimathea a “Culdee”. These were, for lack of a better explanation, Arian Jews or Celts. Moore draws the correct conclusion that Joseph was both a Jew and a Celt as there was nothing to separate them other than a name. Interestingly, as a reader of energy fields, I have a very orthodox Jewish colleague. He is an unmistakable Celt. Allegedly his [Jewish] family history can be traced back to the sixteenth century. There are two possibilities for Joseph of Arimathea, but I recount only one (as this is a blog post and not a book). I postulate and speculate that he was an ally of Matthias, Jesus’ father. In this capacity, he would have been well into middle age (late 30’s/early 40’s) at the time of Jesus’/Josephus’ birth. Could Matthias been the minor agitator, Barabbas, in the reign of Herod Antipas. Did he, indeed, come to blows with Pharisaic order (for my American readers this is a version of Puritanism) only to be saved by Rome (Pontius Pilate) who happened to be less of a friend of Herod Antipas (supporting Pharisaic order in the Sanhedrin) than Joseph. Was Pilate paid twenty pieces of silver to allow Matthias to be [mock] “crucified” on Joseph’s land? No one has been able to locate Golgotha. Is this erstwhile fiction or the Arimathea homestead? I suggest Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln’s “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” is worth a glance.

Continuing this line of speculation could Joseph’s [of Arimathea] son have been Lazarus? The Holy Blood, Holy Grail borrows the view that Lazarus was the enigmatic Beloved Disciple, John. I believe it is more than compelling so must be correct. Lazarus is arguably the writer of the fourth gospel, John, but I also happen to believe he was the son of Joseph [of Arimathea]. His sister, Mary Magdalene, was married to Jesus/Josephus and predictably described as a “whore” by Mark/Marcus because she was not Roman. To Mark, Josephus was royal Roman blood. To his followers, he was the King of the Jews. The reason Jesus, according to the apocryphal texts, “a debater with priests” at age twelve, did not write a word was he was the greatest writer of his age – Josephus. However, the powers behind him had infiltrated the Pharisaic Sanhedrin. His father had almost been killed by Herod Antipas, except Rome intervened. Was the condemned man destined to meet Virgin Mary and change Judaism forever? Though Jesus/Josephus may have lost his chronicler (and first gospel writer), John, in the commotion leading to his exodus to Antioch, I believe the Rylands Library Papyrus P52 is possibly all that remains of Jesus’ personal copy of John’s Gospel.

When Rome razed Jerusalem, the crown of Judea, a new battle had been conceived. That is the fight of the orthodoxy, now split into the Hasidic right and the “non-orthodox” left. Their political army is the Knesset of Israel which only serves the pharisaic black heart that rapes Isis at the expense of Ra to preserve the vanity of their false prophets. Their foul cauldron of discontent conjures hell from the abyss of malevolence. Yet still, the brightest light, in His many guises, will forever rise and reign immortal.

That is the truth about Jesus.