What is the opposite of fickle?

I don’t make a point of having dreams and, on the rare occasion for this kind of interval, I tend not to dwell on them. Kind readers no doubt suspect my channelling skills resonated in prior posts. Experts, or so believed, have confessed I am so unusual I am unique, but that is nothing uncommon as everyone is unique in some way, otherwise there would be no point in differences.  Correctly, though I channel, I do not channel in dream state and this makes me extremely unusual. It also gives me a strength that ensures I am relatively unhindered by forces that might not compliment my work.

Meaning, prophetic dreams are extremely rare. In fact I dreamed of a car accident the night before. This, thus far, has been my only real time prophetic dream. Much earlier; in fact when I was aged five, I saw what I thought-to-be the magnificent Jesus Christ. He was dressed in flowing white robes and his face shone from afar. I approached him as if I was mounted on a cameraman’s dolly so, gradually, I saw more detail. Focusing on his face, he gradually became wizened eventually revealing putrid olive skin wriggling with maggots. His smile produced foul blackened and crooked teeth. That was enough to waken me, but I remember the detail as if it was yesterday.

My only other prophetic dream state vision happened recently. I was standing on what I perceived was a balcony, although, on reflection, I could have equally as well have been suspended in “nothing”. What is important is I saw a canopy of stars that were filtered through a rosine-lavender-pink aura. There was nothing unusual. I had seen a photograph earlier for my preparation of a power point presentation. It was one of the images I had selected, and eventually used, as a backcloth. Although, thinking back, the dream did not really match the image. It was just like it. At some juncture the serenity of this stunning view was broken by a dust cloud similar to one that forms from the base of a building demolition. This was no ordinary dust cloud. It completely obscured the centre of the Milky Way and must have extended billions of miles in all directions. But, in relation to the giant expanse we call space, it seemed relatively minor. Nevertheless, I sensed an extraordinarily powerful [or perhaps intense is a better word] surge as a result of the dust cloud’s instant formation. Expectation mingled awe and befuddlement as the few seconds counted down to impact. Though the centre of the event was so far away, comprehension was defied; there was only a few seconds; twelve or thirteen at most, between event and presumed impact. The impact was going to be so great, I sensed, it would obliterate everything. If there was a God, only He [He is not right word, but every attempt to depersonalise God sent auto-correct into attack mode] could intervene. With one second to go I woke up with a jolt.

The other day I woke up with a strange memory. The circumstances behind the memory elude me, but it was significant enough for me to grab a notepad and write down a single word. It was a word I have never seen before but I knew precisely what it meant. Later corrective diligence encouraged me to type “rentund” into an online search engine. When that failed to yield any results which weren’t a play on lettering, I tried “rentunde”. Still nothing! Various online dictionaries suggested rentund or rentunde were either archaic or non-words. The deeper question was had they been deliberately bleached from common language. I knew rentund [whichever spelling] meant “a considered and reasoned sporadic change of allegiance”. It meant precisely the opposite of what it is to be fickle. However, it did share the commonality of sporadic change of allegiance. Was it removed from language to protect the establishment view? If there was no intelligent alternative view, then surely would that not immortalise corporate dictate? Some will echo, “But the establishment does not have a single view. It is a spectrum of voices, sometimes diametrically opposed”. This is correct, but those that publically side with Einstein’s general relatively risk ridicule if, for instance, one of the many scalar field theories was championed in its place. Critics would argue the change of opinion was fickle. For the establishment it is scalar fields or general relativity. Not both!

However, to routinely dismiss any of Einstein’s theories would be improper. Instead, what if a champion liked parts of general relativity? Rentund would allow progress of the idea as evidence of flawed man with both peers and non-peers able to open up any opinion wilfully dismissing the components that either didn’t work or had not been sufficiently tested to confirm its hypothesis (which would be 99.99% of all theories). As the stability of theories, concepts and hypotheses would no longer be glued by credential, everything would come under scrutiny and the real notion of fickleness would become largely obsolete. Indeed all would see great advantage in being rentund as support would only be tendered at a legitimate hefty price [though opportunity for corrupt allegiance would also always be possible]. It might also break peer group clans committed to issuing nonsense based on commercial or other convictions or, at least, hope for truth might collect some credible allies to wield contention with conviction.

Thinking generally about the advantages and disadvantages of language, there is a far more fundamental problem. What of the African tribal groups who speak with clicks or those who permanently reside in Outer Mongolia? They too might have voices. But are they ever heard? Yes, there was a valiant attempt to design a universal language with Esperanto. However, its designers made no apology for any lack of comprehension. What is language without communication? Those in darkest Africa and the ancient Orient can similarly identify with a pictogram of a large snake displaying pointed fangs. Keep out! I have encountered many modern examples of diagram or pictorial communication systems used for order in multi-racial workplaces. Why stop there? Why did the most ancient languages use pictorial symbols? Was it so that all, no matter which nation, which race, which dialect, would understand intent unaided?

A rather more controversial idea ferments. The Australian Steven Strong’s work with a “maybe sixty thousand years old” Aboriginal language, suggests the origins of vocabulary did not coincide with Tolkien’s Holy Grail. The ancient pictograms are mostly obvious even to modern man. I know the historic propaganda of man the ape miraculously evolving into the modern version hu-man in double quick time is nonsense. However, are we intellectually superior or inferior today? If, indeed there were historic great civilisations prior to the Egyptian pharaohs [who literally popped into existence fully civilised], were these the Ants of Atlantis, Lemurians of Mu, the Paradisians and then…what even farther back? Considering my greatest challenge is universal comprehension but my great fear is actually not being heard, surely the splintering of common discussion by the creation of multiple dialects would be the best way to keep “the group” ignorant? We know from the ancient Russian Aryan folk tales that in the most ancient times there were systems of planetary federalisation (confirmed, in part, by the Vedic texts). The deeper question is, was the introduction of multiple languages and their corresponding thought patterns, a deliberate ploy to fragment global society and destroy the common voice? Are not the many thousands of global languages actually closed codes?

I knew that Hebrews was a failed attempt at harmonising disparate races into a common order. They are an ancient experiment dating back to just after the colossal disaster of 10,400BC when the Earth was unhinged from its core. I also knew the Hebrews were given a star language. However, it was my opinion this was a cut down version for children and perhaps it was only actually the symbols that were used to create a wholly new mini-language. Yet when I channelled for an answer as to what was the real name of the Hebrew language, berischt came as the revelation. It turns out this was a poorly spelt ‘bericht’ which is a German word meaning eyewitness news. Hebrew was a chronicle. It had been created, merely, for the record and that is why it was not spoken. The Modern Hebrew is genetically closer to the despised Aryan and has converted that ancient experiment for peace into an endless vengeful attack on order. The unverified Levite bankers are behind Communism, in its version as the perpetual enslavement of humanity.

The modern eyewitness news is the embodiment of fickle, as commissioned by the Illuminati masters. Therefore, it is no wonder there is no place for a word like rentund in their world of falsehoods.


The Law is an Ass


The title of this essay is a little misleading. Though I don’t intend to defend the Law in any way, individual laws have their uses and, occasionally, can be virtuous depending on how they are applied. “Depending on how they are applied” is a staple part of my argument against the Law in later outlines.

First, let us begin at the beginning. Science is certainly wrong about evolution and the reason it is so insistent that life evolves in the way it says, is the Illuminati masters want to impose a superficial state of Atheism. Of course, they (the masters), are all [false] Levites and that is why the Law underpins Semitism where the Levites are second in command to a dumb, deaf and blind invisible God. Everything is tied up in a neat little bow. Those connected to British royalty may be told the Queen has the largest private child porn collection on the planet, along with archives of postage stamps, porcelain plates and tropical fish of great value. Readers must understand that those in power are given get out of jail free cards. The Bushes and Clintons can snort as much coke as they like. Monsanto bosses don’t have to eat their toxic GMO foods.

Okay, I have digressed, I promised to begin at the beginning, so there I shall begin. Beyond atheism, evolution does not make a great deal of sense.  Why would a divine creator start off with flawed or defective units? Originally, therefore, everything was perfect, but because the code was open source, it was tampered with by those who could tamper. This and only this led to corruptions. Perhaps that was the fault of the collapse of the Satan Star. Perhaps the perpetually state of conflict between opposing forces led to negative use of the code. But, that aside, it began as perfection as it was conceived.  Certainly there were designs that did not work and things that simply did not connect, but these were altered. This lateral alteration is what science erroneously describes as evolution.

The work Dr Bruce Lipton has done on how cells think is so accurate; I am surprised he has not been blacklisted for a mainstream media tar and feather campaign. In line with this are David Wilcox’s revelations on some of the work done on so-called Junk DNA by the Russians. Oh yes, as one molecular scientist recently informed me, the Junk DNA slur has been replaced by a slightly less disingenuous attack. Who cares?

If we access true history well into the period of corruption (after the collapse of the Satan Star), the shape of conscience is rather different than it is presented by spiritual guidance. Sixto Paz Wells claims he is an ambassador for and, as a consequence, visited the home planet of a Nordic non-terrestrial type. There’s is a futuristic existence on the Jupiter moon Ganymede. Each over seven foot in height, they have the ability to engage internal cellular regeneration with their minds. Though they are in 4th dimension (sub-conscious) state where time is perceived at one twentieth of our perception (i.e. fifteen minutes seems like five hours), cellular regeneration allows them to live for up to two thousand years (by our chronology), or so they say. These self-professed cosmic overlords call themselves the Rama Mission. They informed Sixto Paz Wells that the Earth did not exist as it was destroyed by a great [intelligent life war] catastrophe one and a half billion years ago. From that time to 21st December 2012 the Earth has been in non-time. After 21st December 2012 we have switched back to real time and the Earth, as a consequence, rematerialized. The Rama Mission, of course, is incorrect at a number of levels (even though their non-Earth hypothesis is backed by an enigmatic crop circle diagram), but the idea will allow the reader to think of possibilities not contaminated by science-propaganda.

The Great Russian folk tales are sometimes much older than their readers might imagine. Some might predate the Martian-Aryan Atlantis settlements (circa 27,000BC). In those ancient times maybe hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of years ago the people were of one mind. Alright, there were differences that made up personalities, but all were, say, Republicans. Maybe that is too broad. All were, say, “Neocon’s”. Mars, for instance was the planet of war – neocon heartland. I wonder if the rover curiosity will be allowed to see the skull shaped citadels – remnants of a deep history prior to the Maldek implosion. Planets were spheres of influence, because of the coordinated conscious. Everyone there, except visitors, resonated on a very narrow band. Indeed visitors were feared as intruders so needed to behave very carefully. The point being, the group conscious of Mars might influence the group conscious of Earth at certain alignments and that is how astral psychology was born.  The God of a planet had the purest genetics and acted as the voice of the whole. Those genetics were passed down the family line.

Could anyone imagine the voice of the whole on Earth? That is so far adrift of reason it is beyond comprehension. Earth is cosmopolitan and, as a consequence, comprises numerous minority factions. There was an attempt to coordinate through control via the Drakkon conceived survival of the fittest. Individual chieftains would decide what was for the good of themselves and the clan would be obliged to follow. As clans grew, political influences ensured no one entirely governed the law structures. Therefore everyone won and lost but, as a whole, it was generally agreed, things worked. Eventually the chieftain figureheads led much greater hierarchies as populations swelled. These kings and Emperors saw unimaginable wealth and power. Although, initially, they tended not to meddle in the affairs of the people but preferred to allow them to roam free. This changed as colossal infrastructure projects required mass labour and parasitic opportunism was born.

Originally laws occupied two streams. Laws of the conscience were understood through like mindedness and debates only concerned whether penance would be issued and what form it would take. Laws of state concerned only the protection of the royal asset base. As the Earth has been seen as something as a safe haven for non-terrestrial refugees, over a considerable period a large number of disparate types have formed what is known today as global society. Global society cannot be likeminded because it never was. There is a bit from Mars, a bit from Sirius outposts, a bit from various habited exotic moons dotted here and there. All, however, are faced with the same problem. They or, rather, we are all here and now.

Law first appeared as Scripture. Scripture did not just define morality. It also attempted to construct rules of commerce. Kings and Emperors were the highest moral points, acting as conduits between the masses and God. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the Jewish Kings, for the most part, were also priests – as embroiled in the Christ concept. Roman Aryans worked off a different model. In a cooperation that could only have been engendered by the Drakkon, they observed a system of conquest (fitting for the old Varangian Guard). Their polytheistic model championed particular Gods. Carna may have been the flavour one month, until an uprising backed Vediovis. Being King was unpredictably dangerous. That is why Rome eventually evolved into a Republic, as the Greeks did prior. As the republics were only set up to deflect responsibility from the leaders, the sap on decision making powers was certain to engineer the collapse of civilisation. In the Roman case the presidents became the new emperors.

That all changed with the emergence of Christianity; which is more important than publicly discussed. Constantine took the step of converting to Catholicism in 312AD. This is the view of propaganda history. In reality, Constantine actually created a rebrand of Sol Invictus Paganism using Catholicism as the dressing. Christianity would change forever. The Roman Catholic Church became the new global administrative authority and Roman nobility chose the safer black (back seat hidden power) option. Masonic orders certainly stretch back to the Pharaohs and probably prior. However, the Roman Guilds were in a class of their own and are still the instrument of World power. The Brotherhood of Babylon is the same ancient order that coordinates the so-called Illuminati and other brethren groups.

I have already written that the Illuminati were behind the science renaissance which has evolved into full blown Atheism. Now we have crooked science and crooked faith. Very few seem to get the game being played by their political masters and why the Law is an ass. Three distinct camps have formed under the illusion that Semitism is the Law, Catholicism is the power and the New Age is the voice. Illuminati mainstream media juggles conflicting sentiment which encompasses three distinct variations. These are:

1)      Rule of Law by God, as defended by the Law Enforcement Agencies

2)      Absence of Law by God and rule by conquest of the fittest

3)      Absence of Law by God and rule by conscience

Even with enormous might of the Satanic Military Industrial Complex, Pentagon and its NSA propaganda units, their preferred subjective freedom standards have not superseded rule of Law by God even though laws are the result of political atheism. Rule by conscience is true Christianity [and perhaps a version of Buddhism) where, as with utopia, laws cease to be necessary. This is known as objective freedom and resonates with the universal brotherhood concept (“meek will inherit the Earth”). Though our mainstream Medias have occasionally dared to inflict a mock battle between the conscience and the Law, even they don’t wish to anger the invisible God.

Because there is an aggressive and natural war between the unnatural, proscribed natural and natural, the most high and mighty constitution fails at conception. A constitution cannot embrace fundamental disagreement. It merely draws a compromise where all the competing parts might be satisfied that the whole is the next best thing to freedom. The problem is that the competing parts learn to abuse the intent of the compromise, shredding any constitutional integrity and their Law has become an ass.

The Law now is an ass.

Is Obama the Antichrist?

Readers need to be aware this post will touch on areas that are politically, racially and religiously offensive to those who are trapped in the fantasy bubble offered by corporate media; marketing arm of the so-called Illuminati. Serious consideration will be given to analysis which is traditionally ridiculed.

First things first, what is the Antichrist? To answer that simply, the Antichrist is Christ’s opposition. It is the opposing force that might prove too powerful for good. The term “good” is used in the marketing sense where good is everything the in-group, those behind the Christ, deem favourable. It does not mean good is particularly fair, unbiased or even truthful. Indeed if Christ were a demonic or satanic character good would not be redefined and labelled bad. Similar to the principals underpinning anti-Semitism, good is not about goodness but, rather, a hierarchical status separating the chosen from slaves. Therefore, if the term good were to be aligned to goodness and everything virtuous the Antichrist might be somewhat better than the Christ.

The Antichrist cannot be understood without comprehending Christ. There is not one Christ. There are many. In fact the word derives from the Greek Christos, which means Messiah. Anti-messiah might put things in perspective, but perspective is the last thing the manipulators of the Antichrist want. Christs are priest kings, who are both ruthless warriors and enlightened prophets versed in all aspects of Scripture. According to Jewish tradition, the final Christ, which some argue is the seventieth in line from Adam, is to heralded Messiah. Therefore there is one Messiah from many Christs. The Messiah is no ordinary human, for similar to the Babylonian Phoenix rising from the ashes, his reign would result in an enormous battle inducing Armageddon. After which the new body would rise to see peace on Earth.

Jews are traditionally not great believers in the super natural and therefore this basic message has been rationalised and extended by Prophets who suggest a potentially great period between the catastrophic end of the Messiah and his rebirth. Rebirth seems to have been translated as of the family line rather than a miraculous metamorphosis from ashes. The rules are relatively simple and, though need to fulfil certain cyclic traditions, are the global federalisation advancing one leader who brings peace on Earth. However, Earth only consists of areas occupied by the chosen people and peace is a reference to their security. Interestingly, for the ancient threat Gog and Mahgog were singled out. The world, at that time, consisted of the Africa and Asia. Though known as Iran and Libya today, then Aryan and Nubia were the great threats. The Ancestors of Aryan were the settlers of Atlantis who were of Pleaedian-Martian stock with a deep genetic history. Nubians were the descendants of the recently created Lemurian race of Annunaki fame.

Isaiah backed the great Persian King Xerxes as Messiah, so the appointment was not restricted the Jews alone. Indeed, as Iran has always been seen as a challenging conquest, an insider seems the logical approach. The Mongols certainly raised Persia decimating the native population, but did they actually conquer the nation? Even after Jericho, the Jews merely infiltrated the Royal courts for short-lived advantages. However, if Obama is anything in connection with this it is more likely he is the Messiah than the Antichrist as he is rapidly fulfilling prophetic requirements. These include:

Conquering Libya

Enabling United States succession to the United Nations in the creation of global federalisation

Inducing a civil war for peace in the Promised Land – United States

Attempting to fulfil Daniel’s prophetic deadline which is calculated at 2017-2018

Planned blitzkrieg on Iran

Conversely Obama has done nothing to justify the label Antichrist unless it is used in relation to the modern superficial Christian translation of Messiah. To the Christian, the Messiah is the pinnacle of virtue and more likely to be a slave than a great warrior. Their goodwill is not the Racist Jewish version which assesses the Gentile as “alive only to serve the Chosen People”. Even the most altruistic Jew who is faithful to Scripture will not fail to notice the ravine between the standards of the people and their branded slaves.

Of course the plan for a global currency, the Annexation of and which may mean the creation of Greater Israel suggests this is not Obama’s plan. He was merely groomed for the role. If that is so, details of his childhood involvement with Project Pegasus and the Stargate to inner Mars deserve scrutiny. Though, his associate (at the time) Andrew Basiago has written nothing more than fantastical drivel, his writings are so bad that they appear to be a deliberate false flag. The only coherent explanation for a false flag of this type is that Obama was embroiled in Project Pegasus and the stake holders have attempted to distort truth to create ridicule so the very mention of Stargates and Mars will induce raucous laughter. A number of sources not linked to Obama or Basiago also talk of various Stargates or portals in US Military secure facilities. These connect with the Moon, Mars and various points on Earth’s surface. There are also possibly more distant exotic location connection points.

Obama’s background [and even his birth certificate] is far from clear. Though his parents appear to be correct, there have been comments about his facially similarity to Akhenaten, Pharaoh of Egypt 1,300’sBCE. More strikingly, Obama’s wife is uncannily similar to the stone facial images of Nefertiti. Most unusually (according to Egyptologists), Akhenaten is depicted without genitalia and has a strange female physique whilst Nefertiti has been shown in battle dress, even though she allegedly bore him six daughters. Indeed this is categorised as an “enigma”. Few know that it was this great Pharaoh who first divined monotheism. He abolished the cult of Re and its hedonism in place of the worship of Amen, who is the invisible Omni-presence. As the reptilian priest classes were behind the cult of Re, Drakkon overlords order the capture of Akhenaten. Circumstances around his demise are unclear. Official history claims he was killed in a coup by those connected to the Aten cult. His body has not been formally identified, as the one in his [presumed] tomb is wrong. The Drakkon do appear to have collected deposits of his DNA. Whether they store his body is debatable. Obama appears to have been genetically modified to infuse Akhenaten’s DNA. A paragon of virtue was needed for Messiah. What better choice than Akhenaten?

In a sense it doesn’t really matter. Obama is what he is and who cares if he is the result of some bizarre genetic experiment? His administrative governance is what counts. Has he made things better? On the other hand Israel, anti-Semitism and the Goyim are the feature of sideshow Obama. I must confess this is going to be quite a long post and we are only at the half way point. The next part is going to be concerning why Obama is the Antichrist or the Messiah.

Let us be clear. There is no magic but certain technologies and higher dimensions and densities can induce the magical. Ancient wizards’ wands were not magic but they did exist. They were representative of an age of technology lost to today. Just as the orb was not a crystal ball to tell the future. It was a natural holographic generator which could beam precise historic 3D streams. Work done by the Scole Experiment is modern insight into this type of technology. History, for the large part, is nothing more than glib propaganda. However, the important question [if it can be answered] is why do the Jews assert or believe they are the Chosen People? How are they different to the Goyim; their slave masses? If the Jews are the Chosen People there has to be a greater reason than God needed someone to choose. Are the Chosen People or Jews any different to their slave classes?

Some evidence suggests there may have been a genetic separation between Aryans and Jews at some point in the distant past. Trichinosis did not affect the diet of ancient Celts who were large consumers of pig flesh. However, according to the Torah, pig flesh is one of the banned meats because Jews were affected by Trichinosis. Though, obviously, over time genetics have become mixed, as the majority of Jews are cosmopolitan and Aryans are good actors. Interbreeding might also have something to do with prized red (auburn) hair welcomed by both types. The circumstances behind the rapid formation of Israel give a bizarre hint at truth. Although, as with most truths nobbled by science, the explanation is so strange it will convince very few readers.

According to Sanni Ceto, who [has been predictably ridiculed for] claims to be the reincarnation of the pilot that made a navigation error on an unscheduled flight of the infamous non-terrestrial craft that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico early July 1947, she was a Zeta [although her electro-magnetic body reads as a Zeta-Draco]. However Santilli’s enhanced [due to poor movie stock, not faked] Roswell autopsy is of the blue-grey Hebrew type. The physiology of these creatures is interesting. They apparently possess no heart, so blood is continually pumped by powerful bellows-like lungs. Just as with most other known non-terrestrial types, they are vegetarian with unconventional gastric systems. Living examples were accidentally filmed after having used a light portal to visit in Brazil (Moon Stargate?). These used no breathing apparatus, which suggests they were juveniles or young adults. If the Roswell craft was, in fact, manned by the common-link to Israelite heritage – the Hebrews, and not Zeta-Dracos, could this explain why Israel was rushed back into existence, resulting in the massacre of some of the land occupants, for inauguration in May 1948?

On the other hand, young Israeli geneticist Eran Elhaik has recently made the unpopular statement, backed by extensive testing, that the Jews are not a single race. Unsurprisingly, the Ashkenazim [the talent pool] are closer aligned to Aryan genetics. Nevertheless if the Israelites are the Chosen People, at least some must have been chosen for reasons more compelling than they happened to be there at the right time. If, for instance, I could propose the outlandish theory that the twelve tribes were actually distinct races that were harmonised with common genetics [for which the Hebrew blue-greys are the missing link], the Chosen People brand makes more sense. If, I could add, along this line of thinking that a hidden force, such as the Drakkon (who are allegedly expert geneticists), actually manufactured an entirely new race to supersede everything prior, then “Chosen” becomes far more poignant. How could the genetics of man be made reasonable without fusion of “reasonable” DNA? “Expecting improvement without fundamental change is the definition of insanity.

We know that there were at least twelve races of humans as described by various ancient texts. These are Dagos, Ur-Antrian, Lumarian, Breanoua, Alanian, Hibiru, Ayrian (Aryan), Melchizedek, Muvarian, Yunaseti, Euanjhechi (Paradisian) and Seres (or Ceres). Discussion about the Nephilim will have to wait for another post. We know of man’s proclivity towards war even against friends. Therefore, the supposition that expert geneticists, such as the Drakkon, might take ownership in the creation of a single harmonised species comprised of twelve sub-species is plausible. Given the understanding that the Drakkon consider themselves Earth residents and guardians over all other visitors, which included the various races of man this consideration becomes more than plausible. The great problem is the Drakkon are so far genetically advanced they have ceased to be carbon based and exist in the higher D4-6 band or 4th density and above. This means, by normal methods, they cannot neither be seen nor experienced. Scientifically, they do not exist!

Going back to Israelite genetics, if young geneticist Eran Elhiak is allowed to work unhindered, it is likely the Sephardim and chunks of populations now labelled Arabs will turn into the long lost original tribes of Israel. It is ironic that those who associate with Islam likely have just as much right to the Chosen distinction as the Jews themselves. It is even more ironic that the most aggressive, despotic and unfair civilisations are Jewish and Islamic ones. The experiment has undoubtedly failed and the Chosen have long fallen to a status well below the Goyim. Fortunately, a few enlightened Jews and proto-Muslim intellectuals are trying to make amends. Though, thus far, there has been little political resolve, if any, so the Messiah con trundles on as ever.

We know the Brotherhood has been staking out Latin America because they feel the current Promised Land, United States of America, is ruined. Rumours abound suggest the plans for a HAARP attack on Yellowstone National Park to once and finally rid the riff-raff are already sealed. But the Latinos have strong blood. They are fighters and will fight to the last man. Therefore, the new preferred option is China. That’s why most of the money is moving to China. The problem is the Drakkon are not amused. They are not at all amused and they feel they have been, and I need to find the right words here, yes, “done over”, they feel they have been done over by their Chosen People. Therefore all this bluff and bluster about the Antichrist and Messiah is going to result in wailing and gnashing of teeth from the outer darkness. Obama is but a sideshow, however you label him.

As neither the Lemurians nor the Aryans seem to be up to dispelling myths and putting a stop to this nonsense, who will the Drakkon requisition? One thing is without doubt. Whoever they select as their Antichrist will be the Messiah.



In my early years of networking and data collection I found that individuals or households were vortices of good. By that I mean, the individuals or households I networked with believed or, rather, asserted they were the essence of goodness. Other than the obvious conflict with everything they were directly associated with, it was generally assumed the farther out from the core the greater the malevolence. Of course there were beacons of virtue such as the Dalai Lama and the Pope and perhaps superficial physical influences including Jesus and the Buddha. But, generally speaking, everything revolved like clockwork around these individual swirls of intent.

Action rarely matched the intent. Good was always from the introspective; i.e. everything happens to me and I don’t happen to everything. Arguments were always loaded dice which absolutely favoured the desire of the lead. Disagreements were always the fault of the other. When laws suited they were used as evidence in favour.  When they did not favour, they were ignored or avoided. Science suffered a similar fate. Some statements, if one sided, were very compelling. Others were obtuse or unfair. When individually challenged not one person I interviewed could admit they were good; flawless. Perhaps this was a hangover from the old blasphemy con.

After careful analysis of the symptoms over a number of years, I drew the singular and simple conclusion. The problem was bullshit. Every single person I had networked with, interviewed and collected data on had relied on bullshit for plausible substance justifying their lives. Therefore, truth had virtually no meaning. This is not to say that truth was not there or they were not subliminally aware of it. Truth was the nasty little creature with snarling jaws, pointed razor teeth that hid in the closet, under the bed or anywhere out of view. Generally speaking the truth needed to be avoided all cost unless it could aid the cause in an attack on opponents. That is why the proscribed reality generated by the Illuminati mainstream media is so popular. Though its sentiment is wholly bullshit, with occasional incidental facts which act as props, it exonerates the deceit of the public at large. The dreadful standards set by media are representative of the equally dreadful standards of the individual and households that are being guided.

Some may determine that there is no problem. The world is just fine. People moan about how things could be better but, in fact, they want them just the way they are. They rely on proscribed fantasy and take the rough with the smooth. Though everyone knows the mainstream media offers undiluted bullshit, the individual and the household will lay claim, on oath, the truth component is around 80% because that keeps them sane. Change is a double edged sword. Immediately everyone “wakes up” and validates the untruth of mainstream media, they too will validate the untruth of their own vortices.

That is why bullshit will always outshine the truth.

The System is Guilty

System-is-guilty-e1428169582149Schapelle Corby is not a global household name, but she should be. For those who have not heard of her, she is currently languishing in an Indonesian jail for drug smuggling. I don’t like Schapelle Corby. She is not my “type”. She is not a great thinker. Product of the system, she had a common rural Queensland Australian upbringing which makes her proto-Catholic by default. Maybe she did a little speed or took an “e” at a party, who knows, but generally speaking she is a bulk standard common beautician. She has not behaved noticeably badly or broken the social mould. So what went wrong?

On 8th October 2004 Corby was arrested for the possession and transit of 4.2kg of cannabis. About this time, a package of cocaine was found on a QANTAS jet heading out of Australia, although the circumstances were very different. Those who remember Ross Perot’s presidency contests against Bill Clinton may not have heard of his off the record allegations as to how the presidency works by the Bush dynasty. His candid allegations included federalised drug trafficking managed by Halliburton. After Schapelle Corby’s conviction the so-called Bali nine were captured trying to export 8.3kg of heroin from Indonesia. The Illuminati mainstream media failed to mention they were supplied by Interpol via a phantom Thai woman affectionately given the Cherry Likit Bannakorn pseudonym for her part in the sting. Van Trong Nguyen was arrested for the possession of 0.4kg heroin 11th December 2002 on transit in Singapore. The tiny export quantity suggested he was something the industry labels a wood duck. His backers remain unknown to this day and were likely connected to Interpol’s drug trafficking network. A “wood duck” is a decoy used to keep tipped off customs officials busy while large quantities of contraband are being exported.

Let us not lose focus of Schappelle Corby’s innocent plight. Those who have read the ramblings of prime Illuminati propaganda sources, such as A Current Affair or Sixty Minutes may rest assured the slanderous and incorrect false association character assassination of Corby is drivel. It is drivel primarily as it has no bearing on the case. Fortunately, I did review the United Nations 2001 recreational drug industry statistics. It makes interesting reading. The wholesale value, for instance, of cannabis in Indonesia was appraised at 20 cents per gram. According to my calculations that means 4.2kg cannabis could be purchased for $840 wholesale price. At the time US$840 was the equivalent of no more than $1,100 Australian. According to the Australian mainstream media valuations of the haul ranged from A$80-100,000. However, ironically and due to a flaw in the system, mainstream television issued the Indonesian version account via the SBS international stream. Bali Gold, as the cannabis haul had been lovingly described, was worth A$10,000. Interviewing 100’s of potential Bali holiday makers, I uncovered a common street price of about $7 a gram for marijuana compared to $20 in Australia. It also became clear the reason every Australian holiday maker went Bali was for cheaper prices. Given the extraordinary risk and potentially high price for exporting cannabis to Bali, should the premium be $50 or $100 per gram. Who would pay for it?

For the official version and official opinions, it gets worse. The consignment had neither been shrink-wrapped nor obscured in any way. Euphemistic accounts suggest the cannabis plant lay as it were harvested in plain sight on the top of all other suitcase contents. Once the suitcase was opened it was the first thing customs would see. Did I mention Schapelle Corby was a qualified beautician? She has shown no inclination to behave like an insane swash buckling air pirate determined to give cheap dope to the impoverished Australian masses in Bali in her many interviews. What a girl; a cultural hero exporting $100,000 of dope, to sell it for $29,400? Sell it for $10,000? Sell it for $1000? You pick!

The sorry affair of corrupt customs officials who have blamed their operative screening procedures has gained little media attention. It does not take a great imagination to construct the potential for a carrier service between the cannabis producing heartland, Queensland and the other states, but mostly Sydney. If, for instance, customs was completely corrupt it would be easy to use unwitting passengers baggage’s as mules. By default, entirely innocent passengers would entirely liable for these proceedings and would become proxy drug smugglers. Imagine, while you are in the mode, that a mistake was made and a baggage via Gold Coast, Queensland failed to be intercepted at Sydney and 4.2kg of corrupt customs cannabis zoomed off to Bali. What a hoot! Red faces all-round? I’d say! Would corrupt customs fess up and do the right thing? Give us our dope back you lying, cheating Indonesians. Of course not; they would do what was done to Schapelle Corby.

Feel safe travelling? If yes, then I pray to God this happens to YOU.

Bravery or Cowardice

I have interviewed many, many people in order to gather an acute understanding of the human psyche. Over a span of forty or more years (I started young!) not one has admitted to being a coward. Many have expressed fear and loathing and, as a consequence, chosen to run and hide from peril. Yet none have admitted their cowardice. Of course, to be fair, few understand what cowardice is.

Cowardice is the opposite of bravery. The problem is that bravery is regularly overstated, sometimes non-existent and occasionally substituted cowardice according to the mainstream media. By that, I mean the “Western” news originating from Reuters feeds (be it some are “borrowed” from other sources). Though the news is nothing more than infomercials or propaganda per Illuminati managed oversight, it does resonate around collaborative Western social views even if it doesn’t champion all of them. In as much rape victims who speak out believe or, more precisely, have been conned into believing they are brave. Rape is a curiously interesting social phenomenon. As consequence derives from perception, in some cases the rapist can be innocent of aggravated assault. Cowardice plays a big part in victimhood. Victims who endured unwanted advances in fear of their lives set the social standard.

Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” is not merely glib sentiment. Eat, survive and thrive becomes the understated aim of every plebeian. And so it would fair to say, the more brave the individual; the less the likelihood of survival. Real bravery looks very different to the Illuminati constructed mainstream version.

Let us imagine a war scenario when one invading soldier closes on an opponent who is boxed in and unarmed or not suitably armed to repel an attack. For this example, let us imagine the attacking invading soldier is an expert marksman and in normal circumstances his opponent’s death would be guaranteed should he desire it. However, this time, for my example, he says in a loud voice, “I have every right to kill you now and it is required of me as the invading force”. To which there is silence. “But, I have decided to kill you would be wrong as the act would need to be balanced by karmic revenge”. “As I was the invader, I must present you my weapon for you to with it as you will”. Silence! “Will you use it against me?” A murmur rises to a below from the opponent, “I will kill you and one thousand dogs like you”. To wit the invading soldier hands him his loaded weapon.

That is bravery.

I am not suggesting that soldiers should turn their weapons over to opposing forces, as there is a much simpler solution. If soldiers never went to war in the first place, they would not need to give up their guns for conscience. Timothy McVeigh knew of another very good reason not for being a soldier.

The destruction of the federal building and trade centre in Oklahoma 1993 was merely a cover for grand tyranny. The bombing, not committed by McVeigh, was the template for the destruction of the Twin Towers New York in 2001 where the effectiveness of a new type of incendiary device was tested. McVeigh, of course, was in part culpable for the Oklahoma attack. He did drive a van laden with explosives. He did intend to raise the federal building. His fraudulent coerced hand written confession Fox News offers as closure is gibberish.

The reason McVeigh intended to raise the federal building is federal authorities were not listening. Indeed the consensus of unofficial reports suggests they were scornful to the point of branding him insane.  He was complaining about the federal government’s abuse of their armed forces in the first Gulf conflict. Though officially 148 US servicemen were killed in combat (including 35 in friendly fire), there are unofficial reports of thousands dead and tens of thousands ill from the medication issued to protect against Iraq’s non-existent threat. This threat, in line with the weapons of mass destruction propaganda, included phantom chemical and biological weapons.

As the federal government was particularly cowardly and corrupt, it had decided to reduce costs for “impoverished” pharmaceutical companies. Ironically many individual senators were indirectly or directly connected to the same pharmaceutical companies that benefited from free test subjects, but that is a whole separate story. Maybe all this was done in good faith, but knowing governments as I do, I think not. Not surprisingly Tim McVeigh, 1st Gulf veteran, took umbrage when he learned his buddies were sick and dying. That was a bitter pill to swallow, but McVeigh was put to death to save toxic medications. Praise be, Uncle Sam.

There is the other side of war which was witnessed in McVeigh’s vigilant behaviour. Troops take their values home. They don’t switch off the tap, hang up the fatigues and hand in the guns. Once the box is opened, Pandora is out for good. Propagandists, which do you think is better; bravery or cowardice?

Thug Science

There is only inherence, reality and perception. Inherence is “what is”. Reality is the manifestation of what is and perceptions are the infinite spectral elements individual introspects of reality. These introspects are guided and defined by physical and metaphysical capability. Big Science is trying to standardise perception. Please visit Jon Rappoport as he has been doing a wonderful job educating truth seekers. That is why mind altering drugs must be forbidden for recreational use. Effects are always labelled hallucinations. Creating bridges to fourth density or higher dimensional frequencies defies perception and must be outlawed. Sick people who, by that token, must be mentally ill, tested and diagnosed or not, are required to mind alter to validate the scenario. There have been and are many great scientists, but all are held to ransom by Big Science. Big Science may as well be rebranded thug science as it ensures output mirrors or is limited to its vision. It insists on this to the pain of corruption; corruption that can promote poison as medicine, invalid hypotheses as valid and sanity as madness or vice versa. As perception is not reality, to standardise it is beyond menace and defies the purpose of existence. This is the most serious malevolence; far more serious than any devastating war.

In my earlier post, I have already explored flawed science. Though science has the potential of being something pure within limits, there are three predominant poles causing outcomes.  These are perception, data and theory. Perception is the ultimate limiter. Within perception’s spectrum, test measurements are made and processed to produce data reports. This data is analysed and theories are produced based on the findings. When more than one individual or committee has access to raw data, opinions and findings can differ to the extreme of theories drawing opposite conclusions. However, in most cases, conclusions are only partially inconclusive. This is assuming science is fair and if there is such oversight as Big Science, it would not interrupt the diligence of the skilled interpreters of data or rig the control environment to ensure conclusive outcome would be one brand or another.

Big Science is broken into different influencers. The political stakeholders were originally reasonably diligent as science was a renaissance of free thought in its attempt to break religious construct. Once the job was done, corruption eroded that goodwill. Corporate interests became the new front seeking limitation and are at the forefront of standardised perception. Religion factions have been forced to embrace science though various version of existentialism; by embracing an extra-physical plausible alternatives to the physical become valid. There is something else happening, though. It has correspondened with the emergence of overt Satanism. The majesty, magnificence and sheer immenseness of the God figure has been so long diminished, it appears lost to genetic memory. Therefore Big Science has tried to recreate God in its own design. Big science’s operational arm, Thug Science is attempting to ensure everyone complies. Eventually those who reject the terms of standardised perceptions will be stamped defective and terminated, whether they are one of the science-elite or “nobody’s”. By these circumstances science could be reduced to acts of vandalism or superficiality vainly attempting to defy nature. They will never break the will of truth so the Big Science strategy can only fail.

Partly because of perception limitation and partly through its own lack of inertia in light of its corrupting influences, science cannot do anything that grand. It cannot manipulate density or dimension though electro-magnetic frequencies. In fact it does not understand anything beyond D3. Equations are mostly based on home analysis, such as Newtonian physics, and cannot possibly factor the potential for anything beyond what can be experienced. Thus Higgs Bosom’s God particle was bound to turn up; as the theory was written before any data was compiled. Big Science has imposed the modern trend of searching for data to validate its fantasy.

This has also encouraged a lack of finesse and Thug Science is concerned administering destructive practices. Using satellite vibrations to induce weather, earthquakes and perhaps even future volcanos is the latest fad. Prior, science ruptured the D2 force field reducing various types of atoms to microscopic implosions (mini black holes which vent the outward manifestation as explosions). Illuminati media hype revelled in the evidence that holes could be punched out of moving comets as “evidence” of asteroid prevention even though no asteroids have been prevented thus far.

When real asteroids come close to the Earth and elevate to potential life threatening disasters, science merely ogles in suspense. Those in the zone quake with fear, just as prophets of old. Observant commentators, for the most part away from the mainstream Illuminati media sources, have identified devices or spacecraft which behave like nothing known to science, intervening in situations of peril. The same tubular objects, fluorescent discs and other bizarre machines which appear to be able to change shape at will, follow the deadly barium deposits in our skies. Big Science has yet to validate the existence of “chem trails” just as they refuse to validate beyond terrestrial intelligence.

Thug Science is both unclear if and why poisons are being deposited in our skies, so prefers to ignore or deny evidence. The messenger of Tall White fame, Charles Hall, theorises that it is because the Earth is about to become an intergalactic hub. His Charles Hall photon theory is worthily argued though is perhaps lacking galactic experience.

Those who sacrifice the large amount of time required to effectively understand influences cataloguing exo-politics, will draw conclusions that Big Science and its operational thuggery is heading for a conflict with destiny. There are considerable numbers of stakeholders vastly more advanced and developed with unimaginable technologies who have vested interests in the progress of humanity.