Is Obama the Antichrist?

Readers need to be aware this post will touch on areas that are politically, racially and religiously offensive to those who are trapped in the fantasy bubble offered by corporate media; marketing arm of the so-called Illuminati. Serious consideration will be given to analysis which is traditionally ridiculed.

First things first, what is the Antichrist? To answer that simply, the Antichrist is Christ’s opposition. It is the opposing force that might prove too powerful for good. The term “good” is used in the marketing sense where good is everything the in-group, those behind the Christ, deem favourable. It does not mean good is particularly fair, unbiased or even truthful. Indeed if Christ were a demonic or satanic character good would not be redefined and labelled bad. Similar to the principals underpinning anti-Semitism, good is not about goodness but, rather, a hierarchical status separating the chosen from slaves. Therefore, if the term good were to be aligned to goodness and everything virtuous the Antichrist might be somewhat better than the Christ.

The Antichrist cannot be understood without comprehending Christ. There is not one Christ. There are many. In fact the word derives from the Greek Christos, which means Messiah. Anti-messiah might put things in perspective, but perspective is the last thing the manipulators of the Antichrist want. Christs are priest kings, who are both ruthless warriors and enlightened prophets versed in all aspects of Scripture. According to Jewish tradition, the final Christ, which some argue is the seventieth in line from Adam, is to heralded Messiah. Therefore there is one Messiah from many Christs. The Messiah is no ordinary human, for similar to the Babylonian Phoenix rising from the ashes, his reign would result in an enormous battle inducing Armageddon. After which the new body would rise to see peace on Earth.

Jews are traditionally not great believers in the super natural and therefore this basic message has been rationalised and extended by Prophets who suggest a potentially great period between the catastrophic end of the Messiah and his rebirth. Rebirth seems to have been translated as of the family line rather than a miraculous metamorphosis from ashes. The rules are relatively simple and, though need to fulfil certain cyclic traditions, are the global federalisation advancing one leader who brings peace on Earth. However, Earth only consists of areas occupied by the chosen people and peace is a reference to their security. Interestingly, for the ancient threat Gog and Mahgog were singled out. The world, at that time, consisted of the Africa and Asia. Though known as Iran and Libya today, then Aryan and Nubia were the great threats. The Ancestors of Aryan were the settlers of Atlantis who were of Pleaedian-Martian stock with a deep genetic history. Nubians were the descendants of the recently created Lemurian race of Annunaki fame.

Isaiah backed the great Persian King Xerxes as Messiah, so the appointment was not restricted the Jews alone. Indeed, as Iran has always been seen as a challenging conquest, an insider seems the logical approach. The Mongols certainly raised Persia decimating the native population, but did they actually conquer the nation? Even after Jericho, the Jews merely infiltrated the Royal courts for short-lived advantages. However, if Obama is anything in connection with this it is more likely he is the Messiah than the Antichrist as he is rapidly fulfilling prophetic requirements. These include:

Conquering Libya

Enabling United States succession to the United Nations in the creation of global federalisation

Inducing a civil war for peace in the Promised Land – United States

Attempting to fulfil Daniel’s prophetic deadline which is calculated at 2017-2018

Planned blitzkrieg on Iran

Conversely Obama has done nothing to justify the label Antichrist unless it is used in relation to the modern superficial Christian translation of Messiah. To the Christian, the Messiah is the pinnacle of virtue and more likely to be a slave than a great warrior. Their goodwill is not the Racist Jewish version which assesses the Gentile as “alive only to serve the Chosen People”. Even the most altruistic Jew who is faithful to Scripture will not fail to notice the ravine between the standards of the people and their branded slaves.

Of course the plan for a global currency, the Annexation of and which may mean the creation of Greater Israel suggests this is not Obama’s plan. He was merely groomed for the role. If that is so, details of his childhood involvement with Project Pegasus and the Stargate to inner Mars deserve scrutiny. Though, his associate (at the time) Andrew Basiago has written nothing more than fantastical drivel, his writings are so bad that they appear to be a deliberate false flag. The only coherent explanation for a false flag of this type is that Obama was embroiled in Project Pegasus and the stake holders have attempted to distort truth to create ridicule so the very mention of Stargates and Mars will induce raucous laughter. A number of sources not linked to Obama or Basiago also talk of various Stargates or portals in US Military secure facilities. These connect with the Moon, Mars and various points on Earth’s surface. There are also possibly more distant exotic location connection points.

Obama’s background [and even his birth certificate] is far from clear. Though his parents appear to be correct, there have been comments about his facially similarity to Akhenaten, Pharaoh of Egypt 1,300’sBCE. More strikingly, Obama’s wife is uncannily similar to the stone facial images of Nefertiti. Most unusually (according to Egyptologists), Akhenaten is depicted without genitalia and has a strange female physique whilst Nefertiti has been shown in battle dress, even though she allegedly bore him six daughters. Indeed this is categorised as an “enigma”. Few know that it was this great Pharaoh who first divined monotheism. He abolished the cult of Re and its hedonism in place of the worship of Amen, who is the invisible Omni-presence. As the reptilian priest classes were behind the cult of Re, Drakkon overlords order the capture of Akhenaten. Circumstances around his demise are unclear. Official history claims he was killed in a coup by those connected to the Aten cult. His body has not been formally identified, as the one in his [presumed] tomb is wrong. The Drakkon do appear to have collected deposits of his DNA. Whether they store his body is debatable. Obama appears to have been genetically modified to infuse Akhenaten’s DNA. A paragon of virtue was needed for Messiah. What better choice than Akhenaten?

In a sense it doesn’t really matter. Obama is what he is and who cares if he is the result of some bizarre genetic experiment? His administrative governance is what counts. Has he made things better? On the other hand Israel, anti-Semitism and the Goyim are the feature of sideshow Obama. I must confess this is going to be quite a long post and we are only at the half way point. The next part is going to be concerning why Obama is the Antichrist or the Messiah.

Let us be clear. There is no magic but certain technologies and higher dimensions and densities can induce the magical. Ancient wizards’ wands were not magic but they did exist. They were representative of an age of technology lost to today. Just as the orb was not a crystal ball to tell the future. It was a natural holographic generator which could beam precise historic 3D streams. Work done by the Scole Experiment is modern insight into this type of technology. History, for the large part, is nothing more than glib propaganda. However, the important question [if it can be answered] is why do the Jews assert or believe they are the Chosen People? How are they different to the Goyim; their slave masses? If the Jews are the Chosen People there has to be a greater reason than God needed someone to choose. Are the Chosen People or Jews any different to their slave classes?

Some evidence suggests there may have been a genetic separation between Aryans and Jews at some point in the distant past. Trichinosis did not affect the diet of ancient Celts who were large consumers of pig flesh. However, according to the Torah, pig flesh is one of the banned meats because Jews were affected by Trichinosis. Though, obviously, over time genetics have become mixed, as the majority of Jews are cosmopolitan and Aryans are good actors. Interbreeding might also have something to do with prized red (auburn) hair welcomed by both types. The circumstances behind the rapid formation of Israel give a bizarre hint at truth. Although, as with most truths nobbled by science, the explanation is so strange it will convince very few readers.

According to Sanni Ceto, who [has been predictably ridiculed for] claims to be the reincarnation of the pilot that made a navigation error on an unscheduled flight of the infamous non-terrestrial craft that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico early July 1947, she was a Zeta [although her electro-magnetic body reads as a Zeta-Draco]. However Santilli’s enhanced [due to poor movie stock, not faked] Roswell autopsy is of the blue-grey Hebrew type. The physiology of these creatures is interesting. They apparently possess no heart, so blood is continually pumped by powerful bellows-like lungs. Just as with most other known non-terrestrial types, they are vegetarian with unconventional gastric systems. Living examples were accidentally filmed after having used a light portal to visit in Brazil (Moon Stargate?). These used no breathing apparatus, which suggests they were juveniles or young adults. If the Roswell craft was, in fact, manned by the common-link to Israelite heritage – the Hebrews, and not Zeta-Dracos, could this explain why Israel was rushed back into existence, resulting in the massacre of some of the land occupants, for inauguration in May 1948?

On the other hand, young Israeli geneticist Eran Elhaik has recently made the unpopular statement, backed by extensive testing, that the Jews are not a single race. Unsurprisingly, the Ashkenazim [the talent pool] are closer aligned to Aryan genetics. Nevertheless if the Israelites are the Chosen People, at least some must have been chosen for reasons more compelling than they happened to be there at the right time. If, for instance, I could propose the outlandish theory that the twelve tribes were actually distinct races that were harmonised with common genetics [for which the Hebrew blue-greys are the missing link], the Chosen People brand makes more sense. If, I could add, along this line of thinking that a hidden force, such as the Drakkon (who are allegedly expert geneticists), actually manufactured an entirely new race to supersede everything prior, then “Chosen” becomes far more poignant. How could the genetics of man be made reasonable without fusion of “reasonable” DNA? “Expecting improvement without fundamental change is the definition of insanity.

We know that there were at least twelve races of humans as described by various ancient texts. These are Dagos, Ur-Antrian, Lumarian, Breanoua, Alanian, Hibiru, Ayrian (Aryan), Melchizedek, Muvarian, Yunaseti, Euanjhechi (Paradisian) and Seres (or Ceres). Discussion about the Nephilim will have to wait for another post. We know of man’s proclivity towards war even against friends. Therefore, the supposition that expert geneticists, such as the Drakkon, might take ownership in the creation of a single harmonised species comprised of twelve sub-species is plausible. Given the understanding that the Drakkon consider themselves Earth residents and guardians over all other visitors, which included the various races of man this consideration becomes more than plausible. The great problem is the Drakkon are so far genetically advanced they have ceased to be carbon based and exist in the higher D4-6 band or 4th density and above. This means, by normal methods, they cannot neither be seen nor experienced. Scientifically, they do not exist!

Going back to Israelite genetics, if young geneticist Eran Elhiak is allowed to work unhindered, it is likely the Sephardim and chunks of populations now labelled Arabs will turn into the long lost original tribes of Israel. It is ironic that those who associate with Islam likely have just as much right to the Chosen distinction as the Jews themselves. It is even more ironic that the most aggressive, despotic and unfair civilisations are Jewish and Islamic ones. The experiment has undoubtedly failed and the Chosen have long fallen to a status well below the Goyim. Fortunately, a few enlightened Jews and proto-Muslim intellectuals are trying to make amends. Though, thus far, there has been little political resolve, if any, so the Messiah con trundles on as ever.

We know the Brotherhood has been staking out Latin America because they feel the current Promised Land, United States of America, is ruined. Rumours abound suggest the plans for a HAARP attack on Yellowstone National Park to once and finally rid the riff-raff are already sealed. But the Latinos have strong blood. They are fighters and will fight to the last man. Therefore, the new preferred option is China. That’s why most of the money is moving to China. The problem is the Drakkon are not amused. They are not at all amused and they feel they have been, and I need to find the right words here, yes, “done over”, they feel they have been done over by their Chosen People. Therefore all this bluff and bluster about the Antichrist and Messiah is going to result in wailing and gnashing of teeth from the outer darkness. Obama is but a sideshow, however you label him.

As neither the Lemurians nor the Aryans seem to be up to dispelling myths and putting a stop to this nonsense, who will the Drakkon requisition? One thing is without doubt. Whoever they select as their Antichrist will be the Messiah.

5 thoughts on “Is Obama the Antichrist?

  1. Good read Oz…Well written, well done… I remember reading quite a few years back…I think it was one Graham Hancock or another author on the ‘Ark of the Covenant’. I have read so much, I am not sure, and it was quite a while ago.
    Anyway, I remembered reading there was very strong evidence to the claim that Akhenaten was none other than Moses.
    When we look at Akhenaten’s history it parallels Moses. He did flee Egypt and spent a number of decades in obscurity. The timeline between Akhenaten, Moses is startling. When studied…I forget most of it.
    Akhenaten was called the ‘Heretic King’
    He was known as Amenhotep IV, before changing his name to Akhenaten. It is true he believed in one God. He pulled down a lot of the temples and made a most if not all the priest class angry. They wish his death.
    He is considered to be the predecessor to Judeo-Christian monotheism.
    Akhenaten taught Moses or he is Moses, there is a very fine line between them. And the later seems to be the likely.
    His son Tuthankaton, I think tried to undo what his father had done to the Priest class…and I think it got him murdered… sins of the father. He died at 19. It seems Nefertiti (Neferneferuaten) ruled for a while in his absence. Possibly his mother as well.
    I think the Heretic king is none other than Moses. When we look at Akhenaten’s history it parallels Moses. There are a lot of similarities; in education, beliefs, they both had strong esoteric interests. Architectural and building interests. The belief in monotheism.
    Akhenaten did flee Egypt and spent a number of decades in obscurity. He was a scholar and it is thought he went to the east. Moses in the desert for 40 years he could have been him on the run, the Egyptian priest class wanted him badly. There was a price on his head. Moses’s body was never buried; it is believed that God buried it in ‘unknown grave in a valley in the land of Moab’. So who knows!
    Both Moses and Akhenaten are considered ‘Messiah’.

    Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) 1353–1336 BC his reign
    Moses 1271-1391 BCE birth to death

    • I had planned to sit back allow “wisdom to flourish” via the growth of the readership. However, misunderstandings are so entrenched that without an additional prod here and there, the truth will never make it. My dear Michael, you have forced my hand and I am obliged to reveal deep secrets. The truth never sits easy. It has been clouded for too long.
      Let us consider Hebrew. What does it mean? What is it? We know and rely on the truth that it wasn’t spoken as texts were not “pointed” (vowels added) until the thirteen century (CE) and it is plain knowledge the common spoken language was Aramaic. This creates an enigma which has been embroiled for several centuries as to why the unspoken name of God was “forgotten”. YHWH was first translated as Jehovah and then changed to the “more accurate” Yahweh. Neither, of course, is correct as the true name of God was a reptilian guttural bellow than sounded something like the roar of a lion used to summon Ba’al in his various incarnations. The best description for Hebrew is the German word “bericht” which means “eyewitness news”. In other words, Hebrew was the language of testament. It was the historic record.
      By this vein Biblical texts must be treated very seriously as, unlike the eyewitness news of today, chroniclers were not deliberate liars. They could mislead, camouflage or distort the truth, as explained in the Nag Hamedi scrolls as the “forgetfulness” of dark forces. Therefore, there are no easy paths. As an aside Hebrew is a “cut down” star language “for children”. I have been informed [by channels] its name is Chakalana or Chukalana. Make sense?
      The Biblical texts make clear Moses was of Royal heritage, but he was not Akhenaten. He was a grave threat to the regime as he was a black race, perhaps even Lemurian, prince. Isn’t it poetic that the great Israelite law maker was not actually an Israelite? Also, the “slaves talk” was all about the Israelites being disgruntled they weren’t running the show. In all other ways they were well looked after, unless they bucked the system (which I am led to believe was common and frequent). In order to keep him quiet, the regime decided to put Moses though the secret initiation schools and he was shown how the inside of the great pyramid of Giza worked. Oh these were very different times and not as described by our politically sanctioned propaganda-history. Even dear Graham Hancock, whom I respect as a brother, cannot bring himself to tell the whole truth.
      The fact of the matter is that Moses was a crook, leading a band of parasites and ran off with the electronic key (switch box) which allowed the transmission of free power. That’s why the Egyptians gave chase. Israelites were free to go and good riddance. No wonder JP Morgan (et al) put a stop to the Tesla “rot”. Tyrants don’t like déjà vu. The control box was God and announced anything that Moses decided was Law through a tannoy system. However it was dangerous technology and that’s why it caused the bush fire.
      But the “plot” becomes thicker. You see Akhenaten was a Zeta hybrid and the Zeta’s have a physical connection to sea dolphins. Sea dolphins are “best buddies” with the best kept secret on this planet – the Annunaki. I can say this, the Annunaki have been filmed but no one seems to be able to see them. Why did an Israelite woman make headline news for marrying a dolphin? Why has India given dolphins what amounts the same “rights” as humans? The Arcturian Council of Elders made up of fifth dimensional Zetas has a reputation for being uncompromisingly ruthless in the administration of its decisions.
      Keep thinking, Michael, it does you proud……

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