Why Are We Here?

This is one of my shortest posts to date, but in these few lines readers will find some of the most challenging ideas. That challenge is not in their comprehension, but in the convention that makes comprehension possible.  “They” are those that protect convention at all cost and in spite of comprehension.

The vital clue as to why we are here can be found in the analysis of what we really are. Funny that. Absolute comprehension belies reason. “They” have tried hard to obfuscate the truth, but only to their own detriment. The Gnostics used to use the term forgetfulness as reminder to the idealists that truth cannot be constructed. Our mainstream and alternative Medias are not run by Gnostics. That is non-negotiable idealism.

Imagine the body is a vehicle with maybe two, perhaps hundreds or even billions of passengers. Driving is not important as reflecting on experiences and, at any one time, there can be only one driver. All vehicle riders are passengers and there must be at least two, maybe more; maybe many more. All passengers are passive for at least some of the time, but one or more will be active whilst driving. For human beings, we are the product of two; one male and one female. We are not the product of gay single sex parents. We are not the product of adopted parents. Whether admired or despised; our biological parents are our parents and this impacts one of the reasons we are here. Evolution is correct in one of its statements. The new is meant to be an improvement of the old. However, as improvement is a loaded term which requires appreciation of standards, with nothing to measure it is perfunctory. If the creation process was overseen by anything, it would be God. Therefore, only appreciation of God’s standards can determine what improvement is and whether procreation affirms improved offspring. Without God, the passive observer can surmise improvement by the fusion of the traits of two bodies into one; and then maybe another one and so on. Each offspring member is both mother and father renewed; an improved version of each per se.

Every new human body is a new window of the combined male and female elements. The egg is an extension of dark matter made of electrically charged sub-particles. These are both the physical components of the smallest parts which create the illusion of solidity coupled with an expressive energy comprising at least one active identity and innumerable passive connections. When the new life begins, the active will become the sub-conscious. As hard as it is to envisage, the sub-conscious is part of a perfect extra-dimensional replica of the physical body which is located in the second Holographic Universe of D4. However, the perfect replica of physical form is only a disposable skin which covers a void shadow [being]. Shadow entities (one part of every human being) tend to be very negative and contain unresolved emotions seeking resolution. As they are built from a considerable number of expressive channels over eternity, conceptual change is impossible. This defeats the resolution process which requires changed scenarios, processes and analysis. That is why every new life requires a male sperm. Each sperm is powered by an electrical energy which might materialise as proto-physical ectoplasm from the point of conception. The creation of the ectoplasm closes the conception process and locks out any meta-physical intruders.

Our male sperm decodes the final part of the truth as to why we are here. It is host to our electrical body, which in combination with the shadow (soul) creates a readable electro-magnetic field. However, the electrical body is known as the spirit in the vernacular. The spirit is a human’s super or higher conscious. I feel a few readers are beginning to see the penny drop now. A light body, once again, is a perfect human form in pure light. This is located, I shall say, in D6. The problem with definitions of dimensions is the numerous standards. Whereas I like to break dimensions into phases and densities, others give much narrower bandwidths. Therefore, for simplicity, D4 is Tara and the realm of dark matter, D5 is a universe of sound and D6 is the light universe or HU3. In summary we are a combination of existences in Holographic Universes One, Two and Three. One is physical reality, two is a soul state of darkness and confusion and three is our guiding light force. Without its spirit guide the soul cannot improve. Without a physical body in a conditional universe without hereditary memory, there would be no desire or opportunity to manufacture opportunities for resolution.


2 thoughts on “Why Are We Here?

  1. Corrado Malanga appears to promote a “reptilian conspiracy” which is unfairly exaggerated and blown out of proportion. Yes, humanity is monitored 24/7 by them for their purposes which occasionally means “interventions” have to be implemented. The US armed forces administer far greater injustice with absolute immoral impunity.

    This is a very short article. I recommend you review some of my later writings. I shall publish a new one soon which you will find particularly interesting as it will deal with spirit and soul in a way no other has.

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