Beyond the Body

My last post barely covered why we are here. Indeed, in some ways, why we are here could be summarised in a short statement:

“The fusion of good and evil will cultivate eternal bliss”

That would cover divine purpose, but now we are in these fragile bodies, why we are here means a whole lot more. As outlined in other writings we will always be faced with the conflicting requirements of objective versus subjective reasoning. In order to pervert the truth, the mainstream has gradually positioned reasoning to align with looking after number one. An invisible caste system assures not all number ones are the same. We, in our bodily form, gravitate around self-interest, which mimics satisfaction. We are decidedly carnal creatures. Anyone who claims otherwise is a devout liar. Thus, far from failing to respect the oligarchs and their unelected world leaders, we worship them. Through inheritance or promotion, the closer one is to the source, the more overt the worship.  Of course, those that are so far removed from the tribe have become disenfranchised. Their worship manifests in the forms of jealousy, hatred and spite. Yet every single one of these disenfranchised individuals who then found new cause through a new order overtly rejoiced in their status and proceeded to worship that new tribe for its potency.

This is why the elite are unrepentant. By everyone’s standards, they are both Godly and worthy. In my writings about love, I have gone to great pains to stress that real love can only be offered to those that are detested by the giver. Giving love to those you are attracted to is merely a form of patronising infatuation, once again, validating commitment to self-interest. Writings concerning other worlds relating or connected to our own dear Earth have touched on a conspiracy involving hidden Draco overlords which keep humans spiritually confused with a false matrix. The Draco’s are a hybrid created from Tyrannosaurus Rex and (Human) Aryan (Pleaidian) DNA. The transition may have taken millions of years. Genetically superior, they are located closer to the fourth dimensional frequency bands and can hide in the sub-conscious.  The false matrix is a collaboration of entities which include Zetas, human types, reptilians and other lesser known body types. As DNA is progressive, they have tried to disconnect the Earth’s energy field from the sun to stunt progression. The 1943 Zeta Draco (Futczhi) Philadelphia Experiment was one of the most significant failed disconnection events. It created a rip in our present time fabric continuum which affects current scenario interplays. Historically humans have not behaved well, as evidenced by the current objectives of the Pleaidian Zionist new world order. Criticisms directed at the Draco’s have focused on parasitic opportunism. However, the same criticism must be directed at man. We are born parasites and cannot (at least initially) survive free of external relationships. If the behaviour of (carnivorous) known reptiles might be used as a character assessment, the ability to hide in plain sight, mesmerise and strike with speed and precision might be anticipated traits. As the Draco are issued role maximising bodies and have a range of attributes nothing “known” possesses, traits vary tremendously. In essence, they have the ability to attract confidence and betray “strangers” in the most treacherous manner. Thus, I find Simon Parke’s recent description of them honestly berating the smelly human form as hard to believe.

My other articles regularly appear to attack mainstream science. This is for good reason as science provides the evidence the elite use to sell their policies through puppet democracies. It is ironic that the only true governments are dictatorships and that is why they are so despised by the Illuminati mainstream news propaganda services. There was a period of renaissance science, but many errors were made and became easy prey for the new world order. The same tar and feather trick is used on modern alternative science. Genuine science is invariably underfunded and risks running out of steam or producing rushed conclusions. Mainstream science is sometimes thorough but invariably produces weighted results to endorse the political wind. Certain areas of mainstream science, such as medicine, are crooked and these are well publicised (even by the mainstream!). Unsurprisingly, if science is corruptible, so are peer groups. In the case of medicine, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a horrendous record. Very little is offered by way of evidence and most sciences heavily rely on theoretical interpretations of data and ignorant acceptance. The establishment gives its people credentials of the highest merit and the game is fixed. Movements on the fringe of the mainstream, such as exo-politic and alternative health, issue rumours of discordance in the wider science community usually blamed on the political wind.

At this stage readers are probably wondering what an earth all this has to do with beyond the body. The same rules apply. When considering beyond the body matters, the elite have weighed in and reduced any sensible talk to jargon. There was a religious arm, but these days it has pretty much lost its way. Very few ethically follow a religion and faith has been reduced to sound bites. The establishment and its united front of Zion have affirmed atheism. Mainstream science offers churlish giggles when faced with the sane question; how did everything come into being, progress into regulated order without a planner? The main reason the establishment has backed atheism is very much to do with that which is beyond the body and the ultimate purpose for physical existence. It is an easy sell, because everyone is selfish and faithless. God does not step up and present his, her or itself and, even if it did, how could it prove it was really God? The Draco can shape shift, levitate, walk through walls and do a number of other real magic feats. Actually, this is connected to that which is beyond the body and another reason selfish, faithless, ignorant people are programmed to suppose they believe nothing.

To explain beyond body requires the imagination of the reader. So let us imagine time was a giant, endless conveyor belt which enables a string of processes called events or scenarios. Everything; the conveyor, the processes, our bodies, everything is defined by a cosmic code which, in part, is DNA. With a number of checks and balances built into the conveyor’s schedule, DNA would be programmed to click forward once targets were met. These forward clicks would gradually push bodies through various frequencies, densities and dimensions. We are currently in a transition between carbon based “dimension two” and some other standard defining the “fourth dimension”. That will be a big jump. Along the invisible time conveyer we travel oblivious to the forward clicks. In this physical world we call the third dimension, which is actually the second dimension with add-ons; our elite program us with their supposed morality. However, in addition, we have our own individual consciences which often mimic the elite’s proscribed group morality. Nobody ever asks why. If anyone did pluck up the courage to ask the most important question of existence; why do we have an individual conscience? The answer is very simple. Our physical bodies convey a spirit and a soul, which may comprise numerous entities of passive and active identities. The spirit is a parcel of white light which was originally responsible for the suppression of the chaos of unwelcome identities. The soul is representative of so-called dark matter which is the manifestation of chaos of unwelcome identities. For clarity, in case any readers understand this, ordered white light is not necessarily good and chaotic dark matter is not necessarily evil. How to explain? Ah yes, one is positive and other is negative. Simple 😉

Now we are about to reach the interesting bit. You see, we have not been issued physical bodies to adore white light. Our quest is to welcome dark matter back to order. If that means order has to change so be it. Any attempt to purify the dark matter is to break of body contract with the Prime Source (God). However, if dark matter found white light attractive through self-determination, the quest would be complete. So, white light is welcome to illuminate the darkness. Thus, far from being repulsed by darkness our job is to attract it with our light. Therefore anyone who sides with Satan pushes a racist white light agenda enabling the permanent destruction of chaos. The bad news for the Satanists is dark matter is indestructible. This is perhaps an over simplification as some matter is too dark for salvation and some light is simply too white. The true Satanists represent the extremes. Extremism manifests as idealism. Credible influence can only be managed through realism.

My purpose is not to divine another brand of propaganda. Individuals label themselves Satanic for different reasons. If we agreed that purity was the ultimate objective of order, then the satanic reaction would be destructive chaos. Those closest to the centre are the purest as they will put up with more or less anything. Crusaders, whether for right or wrong, are destructive chaos as compliance cannot be forced. It would be wise for humanity to appreciate this. If the much publicised New Age ascendance is going to take place (and by the laws of DNA progression, it must do at some point), two uncomfortable scenarios will materialise. Firstly, we will become part of the realm of dark matter, powered by black light, which is called the fourth dimension. Secondly those branded satanic entities that have so admirably assisted new world order will have nowhere to hide. Because of our aggressive, imperialistic nature we will become a real existential threat. Therefore if we cannot adapt to their rules in double quick time we will beyond the mythical objective of white light state. Our carbon status is the shallow end. Jesus is attributed as saying, “the meek shall inherit the Earth”. Prepare yourselves for meekness in the deep end if you wish to continue.


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