The Sun is Pink

The year of our Lord is twenty forty two. Global Union of Nations federalism through its single currency, the fraud proof electro-dollar was a disaster but that did not limit the Amalgam of Foundations to welcome its newest member. This prestigious organisation had attracted Rockefeller, Soros and Gates to its ranks back in the early twenties. A lot had happened after the 2017 centenary of Zionist world domination.  So the infamous Brotherhood of Babylon made their move in the new age of Rosicrucian enlightenment and jostled for position in the democratic order of Amalgam of Foundations. The ink had barely dried on their membership certificate before they were in front of the Commissar for Marketing Propaganda and its reputed 436,752 body network.  As a trading partner of NSA/CIA collaboration, many intellectuals had theorised the police state was effective at global federal level. Be that as it may, the Brotherhood of Babylon was still reeling from the effect of “penny activists” whose virulent slander began the century before.

They knew that once the mind is influenced the heart will follow. A similar technique had been employed to enslave the people. Most, at the time, ignorantly supported the outlaw of corporal punishment for children. Few even considered prior generations had learned to mentally resolve smacks and slaps developing into mentally strong adults. The few that spoke out were demonised and drowned by the mainstream machine. This meant the new crop, our generation, would wail at the first sign of trouble. Cowardice as an absolute became the new fortuitous standard. Nevertheless, the Brotherhood of Babylon’s executive was not too concerned at the penny activists’ spurious allegations. All attempts to brand the brotherhood as a sub-set of Satanism was mildly welcomed in view of Michael Aquino recent popularity. The founder of the Temple of Set had eloquently proposed a new Judaism which conformed to Rosicrucian order. His miraculous rejuvenation after casting a spell in 2020 saw conversions en-masse. This partially led to an amnesty given to paedophiles who were allowed to express sacred duties.

The Brotherhood of Babylon executive concluded that it was “malicious” sun worship that had caused all bad PR and not possible shadowy connections into the world of masonic eugenics. Indeed, now genocide was legal masonic eugenics was a hot topic amongst conspiracy theorists. Legislation passed by the Global Union of Nations stated that rogue nuclear suicidal peoples needed to be cleansed for the overall good of the people. The first world media always presented eugenics in a constructive, positive light. The same as capital punishment of individuals it was deemed necessary in the balance. Naturally the review process was overseen by the Israel Firster’s in light of their horrific and certainly not false suffering from the absolutely, unquestionably true NAZI holocaust, they said. If any nation had the ability to judge genocide, it was Israel, it was thought. Many applauded their careful decision to wipe out the Palestinians for their own good once they mysteriously became nuclear suicidal.

For the Brotherhood of Babylon, the Ministry for Marketing Propaganda piloted a number of surveys. Resulting feedback drew some surprising conclusions. No longer did the sun offer a warm glow. It was not the golden chalice and life giver of old. Cowardice had taken such a big hold of the people; the sun was seen as an aggressive giant; not a life giver, but a source of radiation and decay. This stemmed, partially, for the mistaken view it was a burning planet rather than an explosive zero point spatial vent. Science had successfully, though inadvertently, conned the ill-informed. This was made worse by successive advertising campaigns by the pharmaceutical cartel that blamed just about all the increasing types of cancer on the sun. As their medications could not work, blaming an unresolvable ever-presence was a fait accomplis. The stupid, ignorant people wouldn’t be expected to check the integrity of their institutions which, of course, are beyond question.

One of the Brotherhood’s executive team members had been involved with the Glen McGrath breast cancer awareness foundation decades back. Their marketing efforts had taken stride with the power of pink. They had even managed to convince a number of butch sportsmen to wear pink clothing as part of the campaign. Pink, at the time, was regarded as a feminine colour and in no way representative of masculinity. The sun might need a pink-over to win the support of the people. The decade prior to Glen McGrath would have seen a sportsman badly beaten by his own team mates for his gayness wearing pink. Therefore, the same trick could surely be applied to the sun?

It turned out the sun did pass through a pink phase on occasion, so the Brotherhood employed a team of scientist to write an enormously complex and detailed report to conclude the most important element of the Sun’s spectroscopy was indeed pink. The report was so complex it consisted of eight hundred and thirty seven pages of text and a further two hundred containing diagrams, models and complex equations. Octogenarian scientist Stephen Hawking was quick to approve the research, as was terminally ill science intellectual Richard Dawkins. Indeed, other than one prominent scientist who had sadly and inexplicably drowned attempting to swim for the first time two hundred kilometres from his home, all agreed the sun was pink and science had undeniably demonstrated the fact. The Brotherhood of Babylon executive could simply wait and see. Headlines were ready for release:



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