Are Cells More Intelligent Than Bodies?

This post has been inspired by regular commenter, the vegan satirical poet, Peter Schreiner. A small video explained the extraordinary, perhaps paranormal, properties of the cephalopods. Though ideas will be expressed normally, some of the concepts and progress of modern, dare I say it, mainstream science is nothing short of miraculous. The problem is that everyone, including most of the scientists themselves, takes the miraculous for granted.

There are things I know because I know them. Others are the result of guesswork or painstaking deduction, usually, partially at least, aided by experience or evidence. The way I know makes me completely unique or, should I say, I have not met another who knows the way I know. Tomorrow I will know something I have always known, but did not know it today. Insomuch as I have the ability to delve into the depths of my mind and find something that preceded this life, or was it something to come? Logic dictates it must have happened for a memory to have existed and one hopes memories are secured by experience or evidence. Nevertheless, knowing what I know, reality looks nothing like logic; it would not surprise me if my channels were timeless.

Dr Bruce Lipton occupies the border of mainstream science. As I mentioned in Real History Connects with Purpose – Part Two, were it not for SARS it would be likely he would be unknown. The idea of non-nucleic cells is not new. Critical thinkers published the notion in 1960’s, but were debunked as “kooks” by the mainstream. Oh sweet sorrow, how fickle that mainstream is. I am deliberately not going to refer to Lipton’s new biology as there may be differences in my presentation. To simplify the theory, mirroring truth, cells have hair like antennas which give them a 360 degree snapshot of their environment. Information is collected by them and uploaded to build a program which comprises cell operations, behaviour and type. Scientists involved with the revolutionary bio printing technologies have also recognised the extraordinary properties of cells, which not only specialise, such as the beating heart cell, but “instinctivelyknow what to do. Therefore a culture of “random” cellular materials will literally organise itself into position. Without that miraculous aid, there would be no bio printing.

Russian experiments manipulating microwave frequencies confused a chicken into producing a duck as offspring and a frog to bear a salamander. Then the properties of so-called junk DNA were put under scrutiny. To be accurate, the chicken produced a hybrid “ducken” or “chuck”, but the enigma was the same. Frog egg cells in foetal state miraculously designed a salamander which was not in any way related to progeny. Nevertheless, parental characteristics were likely to have been apparent. The important point is, which is clear from these experiments, cells both have access to and interpret DNA code and the properties of this DNA code goes beyond the body. As I have already stated elsewhere and on a number of occasions, DNA is processed by the electromagnetic field that connects the Earth to our Sun. The same electromagnetic field consists of an infinitely flexible number of impetuses which express themselves as resonances to become the souls that power life. A body is a dead battery until it is charged.

I have appeared to move away from the topic, “Are cells more intelligent than bodies?” Though, the point I am trying to make is the mind is a separate entity (as demonstrated by the Scole Experiment) and, as such, it is directly relevant. Indeed, I might be so bold as to say it is the key. Though scientifically unverifiable, Sixto Paz Wells has laid claim, via Nordic channels off the Saturn Ganymede moon, that thought beings exist in the D8-10 band (although the separation of dimensions and densities becomes confusing with the number of definitions or standards). If it could be scientifically verified, the brain would simply be another group of cells. The fact the body dies, inexplicably, suggests it is powered by an external source or sources. Science making observations as to causes of death does not explain why the body dies. Indeed the death of the body is scientifically miraculous as it can be intact, but no longer functions life. No matter what science does, after a certain point it cannot restart life.

Those who have studied Sixto Paz Wells have also learned that one of the significant differences between the beings on Ganymede and normal humans is they live for two to three thousand years (by our time measurements). This, he informs us, is because they have the ability to regenerate at the cellular level using their minds. As he also explains they have a fourth dimension existence, it would be unscientific to compare our D3 existence with theirs. However, it does sow the seeds for the last part of this discussion. Also should anyone propose that NASA organise a trip to Ganymede to prove the existence of these enigmatic beings, assuming that was the correct Jupiter moon, D4 cannot be experienced in conscious state by most humans. Therefore even if they found them, they would likely be hidden in plain sight. Cynics may also question NASA’s integrity gauging its chequered past outside its own eternal sycophantic network of political correctness. For NASA findings and revelations are independent beasts. Mind you, they are not all bad.

I have not lost sight of the fact the reason for the creation of this post was the dear old cephalopods. Unlike the primitive chameleons, cephalopods can change colour and shape almost instantaneously. They, also, continually change. Nevertheless, scientists deduce the three levels of visual change; colour, texture, shape are an illusion. This illusion is manufactured via the management of skin pigment and rigidity. This has opened the door to an unwelcome reality; humans cannot see. The deeper and more uncomfortable question might sound something like, if we cannot see what is the value of sciences which rely on validating reality? Does science possess the power to transcend perception? The cephalopods open another murky avenue of consideration. They have the ability to mimic shape shifting so well the viewer is compelled to believe they have transmogrified. Their instantaneous and perpetual management of skin is so miraculous it begs the question whether mind management of entire cell structures might be equally possible.

Those in the know know that the Annunaki live in our oceans. This is not to say these are the descendants of the creators of Homo Negro, but, indeed, more likely are hybrids themselves. They have been filmed, photographed and skeletons are regularly spirited away to vast repositories which hide most evidence which contradict political detent. Euphemistically called mermen and mermaids, they have a special relationship with dolphins which, science refuses to accept, communicate, or perhaps sentiment is changing? As the dolphins are the low vibrational bodies of the Arcturian Elders (“Zetas”) the special relationship with the Earth bound Annunaki should be of no surprise. At the highest level, the Aryan-Annunaki, Arcturians, “Luciferians” (I cannot create a pronounceable name) and Thoth types control everything here. The rest are all bit players. The interesting fact about the mermen and mermaids, in relation to this article, is they appear to have the ability to manage cellular generation in D3. Mainstream science cannot embrace that which is denied, but if it could the mystery would be how they can manufacture fully functional human looking bodies and move from a piscine environment to land without the need of any intermediate adaptation stage. Without science the observer can only guess the mechanics, but a clue might be the short lifespan of their transmogrification.

The few references I have scrutinised claim the maximum effect would be a few hours. After that these beings are unable to keep up the illusion. Illusion is probably the wrong word, but they do not seem to do anything different to the cephalopods. Instead of managing skin appearance, they manage entire cell groups using their minds. The cephalopods have given some insight into what is possible given the right genetic makeup. The only reason we cannot shape shift is we are either not able, which is likely, or we do not remember how. As recently deceased (or is this another sick CIA psy-op?) Lloyd Pye was adamant that we are part Annunaki, have we merely forgotten how to manage our bodies? Are cancers evidence of the breakdown of the relationship between mind and body?

Dimensions and densities do not appear to be clean and accountable. For some time, I have considered the idea that minor shifts in DNA will evoke a different frequency resonance. Evolution is an illusion that mirrors DNA shifts. My wider consideration has been as to whether dimension bands are clean or otherwise. Currently I have concluded the process might be compared to frequency changes on a transistor radio, which tunes in and out. As the signal weakens features are apparent but remain unclear. Thus, can this reasoning be applied to dimensions; as those in D3 tune in to D4, features become clear? We know of the extraordinary shape shifting abilities of the Alterians, Phalzants, Drakkon, Moth Men and a wide range of other, often, indescribable entities. Yes, all-too-real looking holographic projections have been encountered on numerous occasions too, but they are a safety procedure (it is impossible to kill a holographic image). The Zetas these days use their minds to power small polished discs, which are propelled at mind boggling speeds. In the old days, they used carpets and even broomsticks. There are some spacecraft which become a living symbiosis with the flier. Pilots plug in using various advanced technologies to become living ships. Might we experience some miraculous abilities as DNA takes us ever near D4? Even now, I believe, some of us can tune into paranormal features.

For me it is certain intelligence transcends cells and bodies.


4 thoughts on “Are Cells More Intelligent Than Bodies?

  1. There are significant events in my life I cannot dismiss. Two come to mind. Although I cannot accurately explain either, try as I might. The first, I was about 5 or 6 and asked my mother what it was that kept us alive (what force or energy). Of course, she explained the body’s need of nutrition, food and water. I told her, yes, I understand that, and I did, but what is it that actually keeps us alive. She never understood the full intent of my question. The second was in 2005 after my father died (peaceably and unexpectedly one night) and I looked at him in the casket. That was he lying there, his body, but it wasn’t he. It was an empty husk, a shell. Like looking at the empty skin of a cicada whose body moved on. I can’t explain it any better than this, other than to say, I sense he moved on.

    I believe in shape shifting, or something of the sort. Perhaps it’s nothing more than a childish fantasy or as you say, something we’ve forgot. I’ll relate a childhood experience. One night, I and another friend were crawling around a neighbor’s driveway playing ‘army’ when suddenly he, the neighbor, switched on the floodlights, those on the house and around the carport. This lit the area quite well, and the instant they illuminated my friend and I both flattened and lie still, face down in the grass no more than six feet from his car. He walked outside and I heard his footsteps near, and ‘felt’ him looking. I remained absolutely still, eyes closed, and focused on being invisible as I heard him pacing back and forth. I knew my friend was doing the same invisibility trick having talked about this before, but never put to practice before this night. After a while, he went back in and turned the lights out. Did he see and recognize us as the harmless neighborhood kids playing and chose to ignore us? Perhaps, although it would have been out of character for him not to berate us had he seen us. Did we shape shift or camouflage into the grass, not only effecting our cells, but those of our clothes? Or did the combined force of our consciousness overpower that of the neighbor’s awareness? Looking back, I can’t say for sure. But at the time, we both became invisible, and we knew it.

    One more item of interest though only abstractly relevant. Around the age of 6 or 7 our family went, for the first time, to visit friends of my father and mother. They had a daughter about the same age as myself. She led me into another room where sat a white upright piano. I had never played the piano before, though I, like every one of the era, had seen Liberace perform on television. I sat at the piano, briefly looked over the keys and peddle and commenced to play. Afterwards, I was asked where I learned to play. My response was, I never learned. I then realized it required instruction to play the piano and I hadn’t been able to play since.

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