How Real History Connects with Purpose – Part two

I have touched on the Douglas Dietrich summary definition of space in other writings. At a recent lecture he described space as over ninety nine per cent nothing. David Wilcox is closer to the truth with his analogic vacuum soup which, he asserts, comprises a tightly bunched and endless supply of sub particles which are pushed together as a consequence of the properties of a vacuum. These then form globules which, in essence become the building blocks of planets over extreme periods of time. David may be ignorant when it comes to time, but on everything else he is, more or less, spot on.

What signifies David over the plethora of other opinions is he sort of recognised the fundamental and instrumental connection of the soul network and so-called dark matter. He does not go so far to say, but I will, dark matter is living. The trouble is that completely changes our [science] definition as to what is living and what isn’t. I recently attended a talk by unknown Mark De Berardinis who reminded everyone that, free from the constraints of atmosphere, the sun is not hot. Neither is space cold. Science lectures me that I cannot exist there, for I would not survive atmosphere free, but this is not confirmed. Readers would be shocked to learn that Newton’s principals of gravity are wrong and Einstein’s theories on light are wrong when considered universally. However, as no one [for my research] has come up with the universal answer, we exist in a science-vacuum with stunted terrestrial comprehension. Proclaimed “kooks”, such as Nassim Haramein, might actually be onto something. Do universes revolve or is everything being dragged by the torque of the giant black hole (black sun) in the centre of the Milky Way galaxy (assuming NASA is correct in their positioning).

Our sun is something of a mystery. Is it solid or gas? If it is the latter, where does the gas come from? Conversely, if it is solid, why does it burn at all? According to believers of ancients systems surrounding the Sphere of Amenti (morphic field generated by planet sized crystals), our sun is a dark matter planet fused with a solar vent (visible star). Ironically, the dark matter Earth has its own sun which imploded long ago and it is responsible for some of the matter pumped into visible “space”. Much of what is discussed in this article will be beyond current science. However, science is beginning to adapt and the last time I checked, the fashion was thought travelled at four times the speed of light, although this made interesting reading. Incorrect maybe, but it is a step in the right direction. Soon, science will also recognise that thought travels though crystals and they will crack the dimensions. Of course this will mean Darwin was wrong and the brain will have to be re-categorised. Once deciphered, truths such as time travel, transmogrification, transportation and holographic projection with be common knowledge [if they dare release it].

The Pleaidean light beings tell me that soon life here will move away from carbon based existence and no one will notice because everything will seem the same. When discussing the inevitability that every human being (including the Jews) is a hybrid, I sense a mixed reaction. Some wholeheartedly embrace the idea whilst others are committed to propaganda that informs them mankind evolved from apes, even though there is no actual hard evidence for evolution. Darwinism is compelling and even the [Peking man fraud] (Pierre) Teilhard de Chardin’s purposeful observations display beautiful logic. Nevertheless both are fundamentally wrong as just about every single creature was “lab designed” in some way, including the very first one. We happen to be lucky that our genetics are a poor copy of the absolute. That is why bananas are fifty per cent human. In reality, changes to genetics work like a Chinese puzzle. Once all pieces fall in place remarkable transitions happen. The relationship between Earth’s electromagnetic field and the sun is all important as it is through this relationship that our DNA is managed from aboveTherefore, a move off planet would see a significant change in an individual’s development. An extended period on Mars, for instance, might produce a Martian.

In other writings I focus on Bruce Lipton’s extensive work on cell intelligence in depth. This only happened as a result of mainstream science being disproved with the emergence of cells free of nucleic acid, notably the retro virus SARS. Cells are now being promoted as more intelligent than humans by some technicians. Indeed, unlike ours, their intelligence is magical. Work by some Russian laboratories has been shunned by the mainstream as they would need to rewrite science evolution. From these experiments offspring of chickens and frogs did not know they were chickens and frogs. Using pulse intervention (microwaves), scientists were able to confuse the eggs into the product of a duck for a chicken and a salamander for a frog. This is just the tip of the iceberg. It becomes far stranger. The body is not mapped to anything physical. Therefore, if there was a plan, it would not be evolution. It would be the electromagnetic field that washes Earth. That electromagnetic field is not what it seems. It is a living organism comprising infinite potential metaphysical “entities”. Each of these entities is of a character or “type” and the body is mapped to the “type”. The body is a perfect replica in physical form. So, scientists, what happens if someone or something messes with the process? Well done, correct, it comes out wrong. It shows error. The giant apes the Annunaki created to do their work [the ones that propaganda science refuses to acknowledge] were a disaster of a different type. Not only were they unruly, refusing to do any work, but eventually learned to attack their creators. That is why an unsuccessful attempt was made at extinction. Are their descendants found in the inner Earth and hot spots such as the Solomon Islands and Papua & New Guinea today?

Strange creations are not unknown; yet none is stranger than the mythical Sirrush. Being part lion, part bird and part snake did it breathe fire? It seems to be the basis of myths similar to St George and the dragon. Many wonder whether the griffon, unicorn and phoenix are real. Ancient texts claim that four legged birds and other bizarre looking creatures existed on the extinct continent of Mu (under the Pacific ocean today). Are cold blooded mammals possible? However, surely is there not anything stranger than a pterodactyl? Science does not really know how to categorise them. They are neither bird nor bat nor reptile. Indeed, for those who understand this rationale, they appear to be the physical form of the much theorised Drakkon. Rare descriptions of the colloquial moth men phenomena suggest they are the most up-to-date version. If pterodactyls “evolved” that is what they became – an inter-dimensional entity. Might this be the key to why the Sirrush does not exist today? Indeed they may have fallen prey to the various St George characters of history or did a remarkable transition happen. The reason we experience anything at all is our bodies are provided senses which allow us to process a very limited frequency band we call the third dimension (D3). Anything that falls outside this puny, pathetic band cannot be experienced by normal (D3) methods as, per the rules and limitations of its frequency band, it does not exist.

So what tangible evidence is there that the Sirruch was not killed off but merely evolved out of existence? The answer is in its very breath. If it was fire breathing, how did it prevent itself from combusting? How was the fire generated? Was its mouth and throat fireproof? Maybe, but it is more likely this is a special fire without smoke. Mayan legends concerning the Viracocha describe their ability to burn boulders which become as light as balsa wood. I hazard to guess that the boulders were not burned, but they were seen emitting a bright flame as if by chemical reaction. If the Viracocha had technologies to transport giant boulders between dimensions that they might be perceived in D3 but had zero mass, might the Sirrush have also been on-the-cusp of our dimensional band in ancient times? Did, the pieces of their genetic makeup click into place to ensure a remarkable transition not requiring Rosine Lallement’s galactic wave hypothesis? [editors note: for the morons, the transition from D3 to “beyond” is the potentially difference between existence and “non-existence”] . As science is too ignorant to appreciate what does not exist, I guess we’ll never know.


4 thoughts on “How Real History Connects with Purpose – Part two

    • That isn’t transmogrification, Peter, but well spotted. This short video does underscrore my point about the ravine between “what is real” and “what we perceive”. There is a youtube video of a humanoid figure “burning” in an intense light (few seconds) and disappearing that seems genuine (can’t find it). Real transmogification is the ability to control cell structure and/or even shift at the molecular level; say carbon to silicon. The Alterian “chameleons” are renowned for ebulent shape shifts, which include human appearance (they have appeared as relatives of abductees, “Jesus”, Elvis Presley, Pliaedean damsels, etc.). The Drakkon “bats” carry ruby like chrystals sewn into (?) the inside of their wings. Alterians live in chrystal dwellings. That’s how they can reverse the thought process and burst through (out of) their target’s crown shakra. Pinpoint and beyond time & space – spooky stuff!

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