Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons

I had originally planned to simply copy paste the introduction to Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons for a humble yet shameless plug. However, as it begins with an exhaustive background to existence; the elements which make up what is, our reality being a very tiny part, it is not that much different to anything in the science of existence or deep, hidden and real history sections of this website. I decided I needed something to knock the socks off. Therefore, more appropriate, I felt, would be something that is completely different, unique in its way and representative of the core identity of the book. Therefore I have decided to write something about the Drakkon, which some call the Draco. As such I believe this brief but weighty piece is unique insomuch as, of its type, this is the only source of literature available publicly or privately. Whether it knocks the socks off or not, it certainly defies the well intentioned though partisan ramblings of David Icke (“Hidden Hand” plant) and others of his ilk. The Drakkon are very clearly linked to the corruption of good and evil, but not in the way esoteric writings indicate or David Icke [for the large part] and the next post will explain why and how. Seventy per cent drafted, it will be titled “God Is Corrupt and [He] Knows It”.

I have a favour to ask of you four or five regulars and anyone else who wants to contribute. Would you wish to buy my book and how much would you pay for it? Take into account this is not going to be yet another re-examination of ancient texts or opinion on visible or hidden artefacts. It will not be scientific because it is beyond science. Most importantly, it will be one of a kind and the only reference point of its type. What is that worth? If there are any would be investors, with very deep pockets, any offer of support would be gratefully received. Unlike David Rockefeller Investments Incorporated, you would need to be a true philanthropist as I guarantee only money will be lost. Decent feedback is appreciated.

The whole notion of good and bad is entirely wrong and, in fact, good was bad and bad was good, but now badness is corrupt so both good and bad are bad. The good, bad paradigm is actually, “We are right and you are wrong”. Virtue does not come into the equation, other than the bad are the most virtuous, most courageous and most truthful. Or rather they used to be. Now there is only room for deception. The movers and the shakers are the best deceivers. The whole idea behind [animal or human] sacrifice sums up our universal culture of slavery where we are right and you are wrong. This may have been obscured in modern times, but the sacrificial beast had never had a say on any great provenance. That is some joyous party when you are served up for supper or, perhaps, are only given a torturous death in praise of God. What sort of God would accept this “praise”? Only an aberration! It is praise which shows utter contempt of life.

In addition, this excerpt is specifically written for my blog and may not find its way into Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons. The information contained certainly will.

According to esoteric history, the Drakkon created the Draco, which, in turn, were also geneticists who manufactured their own creatures. This, as with most alternative histories, is partially correct, though misleading. There aew much higher forces governing these bloodlines. Everything goes right to the top. But I will start  the beings which may be able to manifest in D5 (fifth dimension). These are all-powerful thought beings which occupy dimensions eight through ten (depending how you define dimension). Lucifer is the stylised name given to one. Entrenched in this vibrational field we call reality, we have no powers and are contained by the rules our sciences partially observe. Just to put things in perspective. There is another physical being (possibly not able to manifest in D3) which has a name which cannot be reproduced by the human pallet and which is more senior than the Drakkon which, in turn, remain phantom. The Drakkon is the most senior so-called reptilian the “conspiracy theorists” focus on. In fact Drakkon is a more precise pronunciation of dragon. Therefore, dragons are (and yes they still very much exist) mystical sages. They look rather odd, but even that is misleading as their physiology works very differently to anything in D3. How do I fit this enormous subject into a tiny excerpt? Well, I shall try.

The first myth I wish to dispel is the reptilian one.  Though there are a large number of reptile-like creatures involved in complex beyond terrestrial influences on this planet and humanity, none [I believe] are actually reptiles. There are cold blooded mammals and a range of warm blooded creatures with pulmonary and gastric systems nothing like anything scientifically assessed on Earth or, at least, publically available. There are creatures without blood, hearts, lungs, brains. In fact any design that scientifically cannot live can! There is one planet with living water. Another has walking vegetation. Forget horses, how about plants that can fly? Beyond the reality science defines in D3 on this planet, there are systems that would shock Peter Pan. Dragons, it will surprise all to learn, are closer related to cats, bats and birds than lizards. The infamous Draco were cut down versions of the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex which, few realise could talk, and now have elegant, well-proportioned human-like frames. These used to be called the Alterians and are colloquially known as Chameleons due to their shape shifting abilities, which will be discussed later. Today under two hundred thousand live in caverns below ground here and are occasionally seen in caves. Their greater population (which may be genetic cousins) are the Imu people which live on a planet supported by the Tau Ceti sun.

Yes the dinosaurs were engineered by the dragons over a significant period, but this was when the Earth was much closer to the sun and it was a greenhouse planet. I am led to believe successful communities took hold, as per the drakkon vision about two hundred and eighty million years ago. The research and development phase spanned over a hundred million years. That changed after the Marduk (pronounced Mal-dek) implosion seventy eight million years ago. However, even in a twenty two degree temperate climate, it took twelve million long years for the dinosaurs to evoke a spectacular DNA shift. Marduk was a dragon planet, so the implications of the attack leading to its implosion are as important as the downsizing of Tiamat and creation of Earth 1.5 billion years ago. The conflict between the same forces continues today hidden in plain sight. Because dragons are relatively ugly in appearance, although I do not see them that way, they personify evil and are branded “bad”. They also oppose the ultimate Annunaki agenda. Agreed, they do support conquest to the death and insist that the defeated should exist in slavish subservience as their lives are “owned” by the conqueror. However, dragon’s slaves are not abused and mostly treated as loved pets. That is because dragons know right from wrong. All lateral threats are exterminated and a careful eye is kept on recalcitrant souls, which are developed in isolation in future bodies to avoid reoccurrence. Dragons know that killing off the threat solves nothing as the same bad souls power each new crop of flesh bodies.

There are three important characteristics which separate the dragons from other social orders. We, humans, like to feel safe. They are incapable of this emotion. Dragons assume everything is threat, but not to a point of paranoia. The Imu peoples, for instance, are renowned for their fearsome defences. Unlike humans, they do not make pre-emptive assaults as a pretext for conquest. They simply ensure any would be attacker is faced with impregnable fortifications protected by unimaginable weaponry, including extra-dimensional illusions. Dragon bodies are confusing as they have the technologies and ability to upload any electromagnetic body (soul) into a new physical body. In fact, in reference to Simon Parkes felines, the queen could either chose to occupy her granddaughter’s physical body or die at the end of her physical life. Therefore the body is viewed as something of a “husk”. Finally, dragons enjoy technology and illusion, so the experiencer is never quite sure as to what is real and what isn’t. They feel they have fun and believe they are fun to be with although they can look quite ferocious and behave energetically. It is their spontaneous and explosive energy that can put the fear of God into any [human] onlooker, but please always remeber this is the way they are. It is not done to harm or even to be provocative or, at least, most of the time! For their pets they do real, extravagant magic (or perhaps “magick”) shows. A favourite is where they lunge with extraordinary power and grace into spontaneous flight only deflate as balloons gently rocking to ground, finally disintegrating as cinders on a fire.

I see a light or white coloured pot-bellied beast sitting on a giant, marble throne (?). It must be at least fifteen feet from head to toe seated. Its arms are bigger than would be expected, but smaller than its kangaroo-like legs. It is enormously flexible, beyond the capability of any human. The face is quite distinctive; grotesque yes, but not unattractive with marked high arched brows. There are certainly human features present or, rather, some features that seem to mimic human characteristics. However, the face is unmistakable and certainly not human by any stretch of the imagination. The one I use as a reference point, sitting on its marble throne, has a small, relatively “human” nose, but I believe others may have long, gnarled snouts. Even in flight, no wings or tail was seen, but that is not to say they were not there, as others have recorded them. Some describe them as deep green with fiery red bellies. Another variant is the brontosaurus type with two fearsome heads on extended necks. That one is so animated it reminds me of the symptoms of those suffering Parkinson’s disease.

I have seen a number of body types. Specifically used by dragons is a creature not dissimilar to Star Trek’s Ferengi. Ferengi-like is an observation as to the shape and character of the visage and not the components; eyes, nose and so on. For instance, the eyes are not even remotely human, being two piercing, twinkling black buttons. These creatures range in size, from mouse or vole right up to gargantuan guards towering a less than elegant eight or nine feet. The so-called large grey (or mother race) which reputed attacked the US engineer Phil Schneider, in fact must be be a hybrid. Its cyber-technology is something one would expect of rebrids. In addition, “large greys” are occasionally seen above ground raiding graves as they ingest putrefied animal/human flesh through their skin. Their “noses” pick up scent for a radius of fifty miles, or so they say. Ironically most are an olive-brown shade, so I don’t know why they are called “grey”. Nevertheless, the Drakkon “ferengi types” are not likely to attack as they are scouts. In order to appear non-threatening to those they visit, I know of none witnessed taller than four foot and many would be a few inches in stature. Second grade dragon souls seem to find their way into bat bodies which range in design enormously. Most famous are the feared Mothmen (possibly responsible for the Count Dracula myths found in Bram Stoker’s writings). However, continuing with examples, there is another type which would be best described as an imp, less than five foot in stature, all black, red eyes, small horns, pointed tail and, of course, stylised bat wings [permanently on view]. Is this the proverbial “devil”? It is indeed quite dangerous; shy but very vindictive.  Another type is very bat like. About human height, its extended wings have fingers on every articulation with maybe up to fifteen each side. This is the one with bright red crystals (rubies?) sewn into each inner to aid inter-dimensional travel or camouflage. Though I cannot see a face, it may have an extended snout. I sense it has a square head which might be described as the human type sometimes called blockhead.  I also sense it is very untrustworthy, though eloquent. It reminds me of one of our mafia stock brokers.

Perhaps I was not specific enough in my description of a dragon’s eyes. The shape of the eyebrow reminds me of the shape of the top of a common chicken’s egg – a pinched, acute circle. It does not seem to be fine hair, as we have, rather, a ridge of hard skin. However, in general, the skin of the dragon is of the texture and touch of the softest, plush leather. It is quite unthreatening and luxurious. There is another possibly related creature that I will describe now, as it does fit in context and will act as a nice bridge to the explanation of the harvesting of souls.  I saw it, not physically but I knew it was there. Taking no steps, it somehow had managed to contort its body from three meters in front of me to a vantage point behind me so I could clearly see its features out of the corner of my left eye. The best way to describe its body’s behaviour was snake-like but it was perhaps closer to one of those strange Marvel Comics’ creations. It was almost human in proportion but so bendy it became supernatural. Just as with the dragons, its arms seemed rather longer that one would expect and, of course, much more flexible than ours. Its visage also had an extremely high brow and, once again, the eye brows were not of fine hair but more like ridge impressions. Those who might occasionally fondly remember the old black & white films of Laurel & Hardy and who recall Stan’s hair scratching blank looks after being sprung for stupidity he could not fathom will surely resonate. You would understand the essence of “snake-man’s” hairless features reminiscent of Stan Laurel’s facial expression. However, its eyes were not blank. They were raging coals, far brighter than any dragons and with such intensity they instilled an awe only capable of the Annunaki.

Unlike the dragon, whose reputation stems more from propaganda and poor judgement than wisdom, these snake-men are vile. Or, at least, the one I witness was. It was scorn, resentment and mistrust in one neat package. I have written that our women use our men as emotional overcoats. This creature does the reverse. It is a parasite wishing to impose an emotional skin on its victim. Talking of skin, I did not describe its physical nature and shall do so now to complete the profile. Though I did not have the inclination to touch and feel, I can describe the skin type, which is most strange. It looks just like our skin but is a light deep olive (yes that is the best way to describe it; a light, deep olive). Perhaps it is anaemic as it seems ghostly pale and dark at the time. Anyway, the skin texture gives the sense it may be made up of microscopically fine scales and not a composition like ours after all.  I did mention the Annunaki earlier, which may leave some readers intrigued. I will describe them in detail in another chapter.

The snake-man is a design that could have been something produced by geneticists as a blank unit for a wanting soul. They certainly do produce these blanks and I recommend readers research Joanna Iatridou’s video testimony. She may come across as unbalanced; nevertheless her testimony is truthful and correct. Indeed, of all the Ammach contributors, her videos have been wiped from youtube because they are the only ones containing deeply guarded secrets directly relevant to all humans and which counter the Annunaki agenda. [They were back up, last time I checked]. Anyway, I have been shown a number of body types but shall conclude this section with one more description. As a side note, some may be natural and others appear to be geneticists’ creations and there is no easy way of distiguishing which is which. The most bizarre vision I have experienced is of a creature that does not seem to fit any category as it is best described as a bloated frog-like being. The use of the word bloated is not descriptive of an over-sized belly. It overall proportions would be of an extremely tall ordinary human. Nevertheless, the arms and legs are fifty per cent to twice as fat as they should be and remind me of giant frogs limbs. I need to advise I can only see this creature in mono-chrome yet it gives the sense of deep green and a sort of amphibious skin. The head is most unusual as it is almost square and oversized by fifty per cent of what one would expect. In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen anything quite like it. It almost defies description. All the features appear mingled together. There may be eyes, but this is by no means clear. Certainly no nose in conventional sense. I think it is dead, so it may have started decomposing. Perhaps it was burnt as a result of a [space?] vehicle collision. As with many of the other types, it is unclothed. That is all.

They have been mentioned before, so I will now try describing a version of the Alterian Draco type which may be constant with the Imu peoples of a planet of the Tau Ceti solar system.  It is important to also be aware that Australian aboriginal legends describe two types of reptilian biped. One is virtuous and a bringer of wisdom for man. The other is intent on conquest with the objective of vanquishing man. Both look similar. This is confirmed by legends of the Native American tribes, such as the Apaches. In some cases, an Alterian head represents the top spot on the totem; such is the honour and respect of their wisdom. Ignorant modern mainstream historians call these “alligators” or “crocodiles”. Clearly they do not regularly wander the Earth today, although a few have been photographed or filmed (never with unmistakable clarity or, if so, never offered publically). The one I saw was clear and unmistakable. It was wearing a single piece flying suit of a brown similar to the colour of a British officer’s uniform in the First World War. Though I could not see below the ankles, it might have been wearing tight leather boots of the military type (even though this is out of character for webbed, clawed feet). If it had a tail, I cannot fathom how it was able to wear the jump suit. Other than two similarly brown “epaulettes” neatly attached to the centre of each shoulder, there were no adornments. Its body was exactly as one would expect of a trim human military type of five foot seven to eight inches. Nevertheless its oversized head pulled it up to maybe five foot ten. That head was a perfect miniature replica of something Tyrannosaurus Rex might have sported. Its extraordinary grin with all those fine teeth was surreal.

The surreal nature of this experience did not end there. It stood square in front of me, grounded, arms to the side and open, its head scanning from side to side. Did it see me? It gave no indication but I felt an intense fear on the verge of paranoia. Then I realised I did not fear this creature; this being. I was apprehensive of its giant grin and, what appeared to be, razor sharp teeth. The paranoid fear wasn’t mine. Maybe this is a special ability, but I was able to put the dread in a bubble, contained and adrift from my real emotions. Thus I could rationalise. Where had that fear come from; so mysteriously? The only rational answer was the Alterian had the ability of projecting the fear emotion. It is consistent with numerous abductee accounts who, inexplicably, feel at peace with their abductors, which are usually the grey Zeta or Nordic so-called Pleaidian type, but also for “reptilians” (which we now know may not be reptiles) and even the repulsive Phalzants. This is not a version of the Stockholm syndrome where the fear is so acute it turns to love as part of the body’s defence mechanism (i.e. it is hard to attack someone who truly loves you). It is, rather, evidence of the general ability to project emotions with or without technological aids, as the case may be. Concerning higher technologies, other than the holographic projector and one possible space ship, thus far I have seen nothing I recall. Tomorrow might reveal anything…..

7 thoughts on “Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons

  1. Although a recent reader of your blog I believe I qualify as a regular, so I’ll weigh in. What any book is worth to me is far more than what I willing pay for one. The entertainment value or knowledge derived from books far outweigh their price, or should. However, the plethora of available literature keeps their value relatively low. That and my limited income.

    Because I find your views extraordinary, unconventional, and curious your book holds a certain lure that wouldn’t present itself if I were simply browsing for a book to read, and thus increases its value to me. Typically $10 US is my high end for an eBook, unless I know something of the author, as is the case here, and $30 US for bounded, hard or soft cover, although I prefer an eBook.

    Although I haven’t read your book, I suspect, from reading your posts, I would find it interesting and far more valuable than the price I willing pay for it.

  2. I would pay $34.95 US dollars for a hard bound copy of your book, and $19.95 for an e-copy. My choice is the hard copy. I would also consider trading a painting or commissioned for a painting in exchange for a “copy” of your book.

    • That is a very good idea and thank you for your feedback, Rich. You are proposing an exchange of unique ascetic output – creativity for creativity. That has to be a positive thing, regardless of “merit”.

  3. I have to say I like these Drakkon/Draco/Dragons. How can I meet one and talk to one? How can I find out more. Where do I sign up? 😛 I would purchase the book. Not sure about pricing. For 200 pages, id say 12 to 17 bucks sounds fair. I am not a regular here. I just came to read this on Drakkons.

    • They will find you if you are required. This could be good or bad news, depending who you are. If you think of them, the chances are they know it. That might be a start point. As they are located, for the most part, outside our dimensional frequency, interactions will likely be via the subconscious.

      The first draft of the book has long passed 200 pages and will likely expand to 500 or more. As the greater percentage of information is either unique or unique by inference, the price will be much greater than $12-17. Given that it is not a story book and the market may be limited to 100’s or 1000’s, pricing would need to balance potential yield against effort.

      It is likely the book will be sold “chapter by chapter” to accomodate eager information seekers with lesser budgets, whilst offering the potential of a fair yield for effort from a limited market. Hopefully it will be ready for release next year!

  4. Book? Why book? I’d rather make it a collection of story boards and game it. Each chapter another theme. The concept has at least as much potential as HayDay specially if it is comic. Like telling the bad news in a fun way.
    Imagine…a game to find your dragon. BTW everyone has one…that has lots of fun by making your life a living hell. Well….depending on the dragon, and the level of ‘entertainment’ on can also get something similar to protection.

    Hi hi that might step onto a tail or two. 🙂

    so, going back to the game concept, you can make the game even free but with in game purchases, and have the earnings from the ISPs from usage. If packaged accordingly, it could even qualify for crow funding, that to get over the development hurdles.

    I don’t know where ‘the above’ came from. I think it’s from my dragon. I have been in a state of panic because of the lack of money recently.

    Apologies if I have offended anyone, I find your writings real, genuine and very easy (for me) to relate to.



    • I hear you, Ina

      Ironically, the Imu People recommended I write a sci-fi fantasy on the lines of “Harry Potter” as [at least] there is a conditioned vast market that awaits.

      However, I write not a fantasy but a serious analysis. Dragons are serious minded with a wicked sense of humour. The game idea might work, but I am not a game builder. It would, potentially, help to sell books that would not be read. Intuition pushes my feeling the other way. I should produce a limited edition of (up to) 300 numbered copies, leather bound embroided in gold leaf. Price $3,000 a copy – heirloom item. Meanwhile, the “cheap version” will consist of 10-15 electronic installments (small books) priced at a humble $10 a pop.

      All I need is a good grotesque artist/SEO to “hook in” would be Google enthusiasts.

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