God Is Corrupt and Knows It

The deepest eternal question is; if God is corrupt can “He” selfheal?

Let us not drag this down into the puerile debate as to if there is or isn’t a God or which religious dogma is better. This discussion is about what is and possibly what was but certainly is not to do with what might be.  The problems now were the problems then and they occurred for the simplest of reasons which, innocently, was an engineering problem. However, that innocent problem precipitated into a conflict between humbleness and arrogance. When arrogance “won”, the Satan Star collapsed. The same arrogant forces’ ruinous nuclear objectives are today ever deaf to the desires of the peace accord. It is “you do as we say” versus “you do as you desire”.

For those who don’t recall my other writings, bliss is the kernel of a giant black hole which NASA compares to the mass of a million stars (even though stars are actually zero point access ‘vents’), if they have the right one, of course. The torque of the opposing forces is so great it has become the spigot of a giant invisible wheel, by which universes are perpetually dragged in rotation. Astrophysicists will be able to complicate that model but, in a sense, the Satan Star collapse began motion and linear time in the physical sense.  As bad as some make out the event to be, it wasn’t that bad. In fact there were some positives – US. Without the electrically charged sub-particle dark matter, there was nothing to build with.

I am going to keep the paragraphs small for clarity. We know, from my previous writings, that a consequence of Satan was to pump dark matter into space and that is the building blocks for our reality. Though individual sub-particles are individually charged, the energy is independent of the network. Therefore dark matter is can be unruly when it is free from the influence of visible or invisible light (Spiritualists might rationalise this as blessed or unblessed). As soon as there is a connection to this light (as it is everything that exists) the conflict between will and unruliness is exposed. Utopia suggests “I do as I desire but also do as He (God) says”. Instead there is desire versus order. In an attempt resolve this conflict, the spiritual body will find a compromise which aims to balance the absolutes; desire and will [of God] for the many carnations required. Will conquering desire is the why the medieval discipline of self-flagellation occurred. It was determined that desire was Satanic and therefore the opposite must be anything undesirable. Thus, by this reasoning, the undesirable is the will of God.

It was a nice try, but it did not capture the heart of the problem. Besides, there are many desirable things that are clearly good if goodness is measured as the best compromise for satisfaction or contentment of all. Morality, by medieval times, had become a bureaucracy and nothing sacred. Followed numerous inquisitions and, though for the most part these were politically motivated, a re-evaluation of faith happened in the 1840’s. This culminated in the forming of aggressive and vocal peace movements in the 1880’s. Much of the basis for modern morality stems from exhaustive late Victorian debates as to what constitutes human rights. The emancipation of women evolved into the suffragette movement (an idea that began in the 1860’s) which became a noticeable force prior to the First World War. This is in line with the logical discovery, that will must be the contented order of everything; the desirous individual being one part.

Unsurprisingly, new freedoms evoked an elite sexual revolution in the 1920’s. Egged on by the great depression, this was followed by a workers attack on labour laws in 1930’s which, partially, led to Butler’s reforms after the Second World War. Due to austere post war measures to proliferate old order (synthetic will) in the 1950’s, the great peoples sexual revolution of the 1960’s once and for all broke the back of religious idealism. Indeed the 1960’s were so catastrophic for the imposers of synthetic will (Globalists who forge a racist paradise with unlimited slaves), they were forced to reengineer their twenty five year plans between 1971-75. For clarity, twenty five year plans might predict scenario outcomes stretching millennia ahead.

My original summary of God’s corruption could be redefined. Whereas the analogy of humbleness and arrogance at the polls illustrates the spirit of the problem, there is a better description for the mechanics. One view was it must be perfect because it is because there is “no need to reinvent the wheel”. The other, opposite view, was experience could only discovered [through trial and error] and for that reason alone there was a “need for change”. As a side note, the spore activated network of zero point vents which acted as release points for invisible energy, was a trial. This resulted in the collapse of the Satan Star, which was an error, but that error was the building blocks of our universe. Without it we would not exist. The poet Walt Whitman expressed well the difference between idealism and realism. It has always been a conflict between conservatism and progressivism. That conflict continues today and it stretches way beyond this planet. We are a tiny part of the problem. However, the problem is acutely noticeable here. It is contained with the two fundamental religious designs.

The conservatives appreciate Zoroastrianism. This is now Judaism, Islam, Christianity and others. The progressives love Buddhism. This is now Hinduism, Taoism, Christianity and others. As neither is pure or absolute, there are many crossovers. So much so in the case of Christianity, its followers are split between the two ideas. That is why Jesus has become a Paper Mache Messiah. Ancient texts are records so, for instance, the Old Testament Bible hides ancient Babylonian “secret” technologies and the I Ching is a “Genome manual” amongst other things. Incidentally scholars struggle with Fu Xi’s ancient discovery and it is categorised as a historic and not a religious document. No wonder! In fact there are only three constants which determine expressive reality (of which ours is a small part). There are pulses, force fields and frequencies. DNA determines how they will be experienced. Changes to DNA are controlled by [God’s] will.

Though there are many dualities, there is one other worthy of highlight in the context of this article. After Hegel, this is called the power dialectic. There are those who control through assertion versus those with belief through knowledge. As true knowledge is both hard to come by and often a lifelong quest, assertion is the quick and easy route. That is why value can be what anyone with authority asserts. That is why a conviction is more important than culpability. That is why, ultimately, if God existed He would be corrupt and those in authority would be exposed as scandalous liars. The liars for the greater good have now chosen atheism as the new safe way.


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