In my early years of networking and data collection I found that individuals or households were vortices of good. By that I mean, the individuals or households I networked with believed or, rather, asserted they were the essence of goodness. Other than the obvious conflict with everything they were directly associated with, it was generally assumed the farther out from the core the greater the malevolence. Of course there were beacons of virtue such as the Dalai Lama and the Pope and perhaps superficial physical influences including Jesus and the Buddha. But, generally speaking, everything revolved like clockwork around these individual swirls of intent.

Action rarely matched the intent. Good was always from the introspective; i.e. everything happens to me and I don’t happen to everything. Arguments were always loaded dice which absolutely favoured the desire of the lead. Disagreements were always the fault of the other. When laws suited they were used as evidence in favour.  When they did not favour, they were ignored or avoided. Science suffered a similar fate. Some statements, if one sided, were very compelling. Others were obtuse or unfair. When individually challenged not one person I interviewed could admit they were good; flawless. Perhaps this was a hangover from the old blasphemy con.

After careful analysis of the symptoms over a number of years, I drew the singular and simple conclusion. The problem was bullshit. Every single person I had networked with, interviewed and collected data on had relied on bullshit for plausible substance justifying their lives. Therefore, truth had virtually no meaning. This is not to say that truth was not there or they were not subliminally aware of it. Truth was the nasty little creature with snarling jaws, pointed razor teeth that hid in the closet, under the bed or anywhere out of view. Generally speaking the truth needed to be avoided all cost unless it could aid the cause in an attack on opponents. That is why the proscribed reality generated by the Illuminati mainstream media is so popular. Though its sentiment is wholly bullshit, with occasional incidental facts which act as props, it exonerates the deceit of the public at large. The dreadful standards set by media are representative of the equally dreadful standards of the individual and households that are being guided.

Some may determine that there is no problem. The world is just fine. People moan about how things could be better but, in fact, they want them just the way they are. They rely on proscribed fantasy and take the rough with the smooth. Though everyone knows the mainstream media offers undiluted bullshit, the individual and the household will lay claim, on oath, the truth component is around 80% because that keeps them sane. Change is a double edged sword. Immediately everyone “wakes up” and validates the untruth of mainstream media, they too will validate the untruth of their own vortices.

That is why bullshit will always outshine the truth.


13 thoughts on “Bullshit

  1. Well done. One of the questions I am at a constant in asking myself is “Are you bullshitting?” or “Are you believing your own bullshit?”.
    We are all capable bullshit, it has a purpose, its can be used metaphorically as a means to describe a complex truth. But as a truth in itself…no it bullshit.

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  3. Where/how do we begin to de program ourselves? I started by being aware of my thoughts/reactions.. I even began to see the synchronicity between my thoughts and events occurring right after or soon after the thought.. but even seeing a correlation between what you think and believe and what you experience, doesn’t make any of it true.
    even when we think we are clearing ourselves of programs, we may actually be moving into another level of programing.

    • What you experience and know is true. However, it could be a “construct”, illusion or fake. The error people make is assuming beliefs are truth. Beliefs often stem from opinions backed by little or no evidence. Indeed, in some cases, particularly determined individuals reject truths that condradict their fundamental principals. Logic and an open mind is enough to decypher the rationalised creation of reality. If an atomic shift happens in my lifetime and the change results in me being able to “walk through walls”, I will not marvel for I am prepared.

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