Israel, Zionist Ambition, ISIS and US Affiliated Connections – Part One



The embryo of this dissertation began as a humble response to a Conscious Life News editor friend, Robert O’Leary, whose painstaking research had uncovered connections between ISIS, criminal gangs and extra-government agencies right under the very noses of the American peoples. These unlawful enterprises seem to be the rule rather than the exception and I go some way to formulating an extended basis for consideration. The writing project began in April this year, but, as political realities emerged, information snowballed. Split into a number of installments for convenient viewing, the finished article is still very much a work in progress as its 10,000 words have only really on touched on the tip of the iceberg.

jfk-tippitI could, for instance, have given some time to the rather strange set of circumstances that led to the formation of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) in 1919 after the First World War. Links with US organized (government sponsored) crime were never far away as was revealed by the notorious 1929 St Valentine’s Day Massacre involving Bugs Moran’s North Side Irish Mob in an altercation over Detroit moonshine. Though I find no responsible sources suggesting the Irish Mob and the IRA were parts of the same network, to me, it is inconceivable that there were no puppet masters issuing or manipulating higher strategies, given the Kennedys’ [admittedly spurious] role as illegal liquor distributors. That mob connection blighted the family right up to JFK, of course.

There are all too familiar cross-overs with, then, booze and gangsters but, now, narcotics and the worst types of social elements. Drug addled (often child) mercenaries were regularly used for incursions in Sierra Leone and Somalia. Was this a co-incidence or evidence that universal techniques modeled to influence the control of mankind are administered arbitrarily by the same shadow body that manages crime and politics in general? It is an open secret that medications proscribed by psychiatry seem to be the cause of the majority of US social massacres which weren’t negotiated by professional hit men. There is also undeniable evidence that suggests master planners are behind all the global terrorist movements (Forgive the “suspect” source but information “checks”).

Fake terrorThe creation of ISIS and other, frankly, narcissistic, terrorist groups is mostly about leveraging successful psychologies to underscore the funneling of willing dupes. As a subscriber of the great John Rappoport’s blogs, I am forever intrigued in what he proposes is reality creating. Aided and abetted by institutions, the mainstream (and most of the alternative) Medias, freelance and paid experts, have constructed a false “reality” and the veil of deceit is now so thick, justifications for lies are scarcely offered. Our once beautifully reasoned intuition has been transformed into a bloated, bulging, synthetic monster, albeit devoid of logic. So much so, swelling groups of proud misinformation givers parading as news streams even pledge their allegiance to Zionist ambition in the open.

We know why they (the powers) are behind the fake alternative news. Ultimately, they intend to create standards, outlawing alternative information sources (backed by the lies they created), to impose universal censorship for the benefit (sic) of the people. Many of you “truthers” made this so, by refusing to read or check out your sources, but you mostly mindlessly soldier on championing every scat of ignorance. Of course the mischief makers are clever at mixing misinformation with pure, invariably tweaking contents to deny the truth. Zionist ambition-ists, in all but name, show their intent/status by screaming like banshees without apparent cause. Evidence free submissions regularly plague popular, otherwise useful, resource points such as “Before its News” (which some aptly parody “after news is done”). Naturally, I try and avoid those pot holes, steering the hazardous disinformation fields as best I can. Nevertheless, my comments section is there for readers to draw my attention to any bogies that have escaped these tired eyes. Comments are read and heeded and any validated criticisms will see appropriate amendments made to texts by way of restitution. You can make a difference on Ozzie Thinker.

Doubtlessly, considering the long time lag required for the development of this article, additional inserts may need to be added to earlier sections to ensure conclusive continuity. Rather than removing erstwhile defunct parts, I shall act as editor and add “notes” as and when any inclusion warrants it because some may see value in witnessing my journey. A diverse EarthAt this stage, it is unclear whether the post will appear (in part or fully) on Conscious Life News, but I thank them for offering me the opportunity to submit and herald them for being my inspiration and driving motive behind this extensive account. Whether it collects dust as yet more of the same old emotional balder dust disparaged by aspiring pharisaic atheists is up to fate. I can humbly say that, as a masterpiece for the renaissance of propriety truth, there are lesser monuments with far loftier reputations. If it has the effect of limiting the cycle of events and actions that contrive this, what should be, wonderful planet and celebration of diversity, then fate has blessed me more than any accolade dare suggest. If you feel this is representative of the truth, then do your duty and spread the word far and wide.


I was perusing the extensive and ever-revealing Conscious Life News archives, when I came across Robert O’Leary’s excellent article on ISIS. Tossing and turning overnight, in grim reflection, I woke up with a start. Jumping out of bed in a flurry, I immediately felt the need to put pen to paper. Battling weary eyes, sincere research notes flowed throughout the day. Suitably inspired, in my energised sombre state, finally I contacted Robert, first congratulating him on his fine work of real journalism (in an age where so much fraud is passed off as “news”) and then asked whether I could expand on his evaluation. “The more the people know about this,” he replied, “the better”.

unknown-rockstar-found-pianos-of-capitol-hill-cdfrontRobert’s article explores the detail of some of the symptoms, so a different approach might shed some new light on the murky contents by way of prognosis. I do have a few personal experiences I can reveal that might highlight how far-reaching the terrorism and racketeering agenda spreads. Back in 1997, I worked for a property development company in Sydney. One of my team members was a man in his mid-thirties who was noticeably vital and full of life. Inquiring as to where this energy came from, I was told that he had become a rock star, unknown to me, in the US in the mid 1980’s and “earned $10,000’s each week”. “Had drugs or some other high life excess ruined his chances?” I ruefully pondered. It turned out, though; a single event changed his life and ended his illustrious career. Queuing at a Los Angeles cinema complex with his beautiful betrothed (remember, he was a rock star), a drive by shooter pierced her heart with a single bullet. His was eternally broken.

Crime; organised by whom?

Of course, this version of “honour killing” (if that’s the right expression) came to light more recently with the shooting death of tennis stars Williams twins’ older sister, Yetunde Price. The registered nurse and beauty salon owner was gunned down by a gang member whose sole objective was to prove he had the guts to kill someone. Perhaps I’m “old school” but, to me, killing in this fashion doesn’t demonstrate guts. 94aac16d9845daeefdcaedcb5eeb289b.360x360x1It affirms psychopathic cowardice. Nevertheless, seeing beyond the sensation, the event highlighted age-old territorial marking by the notorious Crips and Bloods gangs. The legacy of these criminal organisations is so well-structured from a past harking back to days when the Mafia ran America, the inquisitive researcher is drawn to question whether “Higher Powers” are involved in some way. Foundations, researchers sometimes identify as far back as the 1920’s (prominently in Chicago), argue were actually nothing more than a consequence of land settlement, or that is the common opinion.

Whereas I say, indisputably, “Higher Powers” ensured indigenous Native American populations were eradicated like vermin by what in all but name were criminal elements. Yet the official notion of organised gangs began only in the late 19th century with the Irish mob “unionising” the immigrant Celts after the indigenous natives had been broken. A chunk of real crime history has been muted to the point of oblivion by the contrived Wild West. Law enforcement, on the other hand, is well recorded having seen metropolitan policing evolve from mercenary private security units established as far back as the 1800’s. By the 1890’s, in Australia, police were auspiciously viewed as traitors (perhaps best emphasised from the earlier Irish Ned Kelly mythology) by the working class marked by an extremely violent period through to the 1920’s. There was also a rapid expansion of police units in 1890 for many of the American key metropolitan areas.

Criminal US Governments


Gangs are the counterpoint to police “ever presence” and the script has been carefully tailored [via official sources] to ensure the elites’ perennial plan is neither succinctly revealed nor obstructed. Terrorist armies have been such a meaningful force against police units in America at least since the turn of last century; the “public shield” has steadily expanded (often to the detriment of the people, in general). It should be little wonder that just about all modern criminal enterprises, law enforcement agencies and judicial structures are controlled by the same, shadow, arbitrary bodies. Thus an evaluation of modern history is tantamount to uncloaking these foul stakeholders that capitalise on the demoralisation of social ethics and corruption of political organs.


A significant change in the make-up of American gangs, for my research, began in 1981, with an estimated 52,400 (mostly ethnic) young gang members (according to former Attorney George Deukmejian’s departmental statistics) at that time in one state alone; the State of California. Is it a coincidence that, ex-governor of California, Ronald Reagan took presidential office in the very same year? Though many sources argue that George H.W. Bush was “acting” President throughout most of Reagan’s terms, highlighted by very public knowledge of his early dementia signs, this appears to be more to shine focus on elite ambitions (cultivating the Bush Dynasty) than parrying with stock realities of the time.

Meetings of current, former and future presidents are uncommon, and this one, on Jan. 7, 2009, was a once-in-28-years affair. From left, George H.W. Bush joins then-President-elect Obama, then-President George W. Bush and fellow former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter for lunch. It was the first time since 1981 that all living presidents had been together at the White House.

Cathy O’Brien talks about some very nasty and rather unbelievable practices, including ritual murders, drug running, organised paedophilia connecting the Bush’s, Clinton’s and Reagan (check here or there), but, most importantly, orchestrating the Bush dynasty. Her nonsense smells of a set up skulking stagnant cyberspace. Show me conclusive evidence and I will change my view. Of course, the well-read should be aware of the real Bush/Clinton bloodline connection via the Pierce family name, but who knows about Obama’s relationship? Read that article carefully, because it turns out Dick Cheney is connected to nepotistic order as well. Pedestrians instinctively know the game now as we predictable have an unconvincing Jeb Bush pretending “for President” in the lead up to the 2017 changeover of administrative control.

Years ago I attended a lecture of the ex. military librarian, Douglas Dietrich. He informed his wide eyed audience that when his run against Bill Clinton was starting to look as though he was going to win the Presidential race, Ros Perot met with the Bush’s to understand the “intricacies of top level US affairs”. Perot was a hardnosed trading billionaire oil baron so (though reputedly God fearing) was not shy to the dark side. According to Dietrich, he left the meeting in pallor, such was the corruption. The Bushes had structured organised racketeering for every conceivable vice (including a few he never knew existed). d-25220Perot decided to get out while the going was good and that is why unknown Bill Clinton won the presidency [according to Dietrich]. Cathy O’Brien’s salacious gossip includes accusations of a giant cocaine ring emanating from Clinton’s Whitehouse so there might be a seam of truth in what she says. There are also ever circulating rumours that Cheney’s conglomerate Halliburton carried suitcase nuclear weapons (these were a “concept” that ex. President Clinton pushed for a while) and bags of heroin protected under his diplomatic cover.

Were some of these nuclear nasties destined for the sponsorship of pliable “trigger happy” rogue regimes (or Fukushima?) and some of the hard drugs designated for Somalia and other rebellious African nations? Control through war and narcotics can be evidenced in China’s two opium wars (1840’s, 1850’s) and America’s so-called Civil War (1860’s). Few are aware, in addition to the carnage, 400,000 drug addictions was the legacy for the US people (lest you forget). Opiate medication, Laudanum, conveniently was given restricted access in 1906 at the end of the Wild West. Drug-addled mercenaries used in Somalia and so on waxes familiar as a possible reinstated ancient Atlantean method of population control. Details of these tests and methods are best documented as part of the fallout from revelations on MKULTRA style enterprises. Watergate did nothing to prohibit these deranged NAZI style practices which, though no irrefutably demonstrative source can be found, are alive and well (according to the anthropomorphic field).

US Israel NetanyahuThere are many, many references espousing to a power behind the power, sometimes euphemistically referred to as the “corridors of power” or “the powers that be”. For my research, I have found where there is global intrigue (turmoil), Israel always seems to figure in the picture somewhere. This piece began by introducing Robert O’Leary’s article, so I would like to focus on ISIS and the Israel connection next installment. In the meantime if you have not read this carefully, please do me the courtesy of respect and reread. Reference links are added for a reason. Please review them thoroughly. Remember I do this extraordinary work as an unpaid volunteer for salvation. For any questions, compliments or criticisms worthy of highlight please tender them in the “comments” section. See you soon.


10 thoughts on “Israel, Zionist Ambition, ISIS and US Affiliated Connections – Part One

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  2. ” to impose universal censorship for the benefit of the people. Many of you “truthers” made this so, by refusing to read or check out your sources, but you mostly mindlessly soldier on championing every scat of ignorance.” – Please explain. I consider myself a “truther”, and don’t want to cause unwanted consequences, but your statement is too cryptic to act on.

    BTW, twice in your article, you admitted that you were making conjectures without source or proof. I am not saying that you are wrong, but I would expect more from a high-minded attitude.

    • Thank you for your intelligent comment, Sorgfelt.

      The trap many fall into, led by the “establishment”, is to presume semantics is evidence of truth. The stress of my message to truthers (notice the “quotes”. This is important) is ‘many of you’ and ‘championing’. There, in fact, is so such thing as a truther. It is a label people use to identify with a particular movement that, also, doesn’t exist but for the PRESUMED ethos. “Royal we” are all anti-pedo, anti-chemtrails, anti-vaccines and so on. We don’t need to actually research widely and consider ALL views, all information related to given topics. No, if the “message” is right for us, that transcends truth and due diligence. So, if you are one of those mindless truthers, then yes, we are at loggerheads.

      Proof is an interesting. What is that? You see everything relates to theories, in some cases backed by limited evidence. Was I there at Hitlers time? Did I meet the people that were supposedly “gassed” in the concentration camps? Could I be a fly on the wall witness? No, never or, rather, almost never. I have to rely on testimony (in the linear sense), clues in the form of remains but all detective work relates to sources. How these are judged is a juggle of wisdom and streetwiseness, if that makes sense. There is something else, though. There is the third eye, of course. Most, it seems, are blind in that one. The few that are activated can see things others cannot and information is so pure it transcends all other sources. However, there is a catch. The way it is served up is not in the linear fashion, so information is mixed in such a way that perhaps would make the quest for truth be like extracting a vien of gold from tons of useless rock.

      The rule is; use the eyes and mind first and apply riggorous, disciplined due diligence but, if that draws a blank, then, and only then, use your “nose”.

      • Thanks. You clarified the ” read or check out your sources” part (which I do, and combine with my degree in physics and psychic experiences), but not the ” to impose universal censorship” part. If anyone has imposed censorship, it was against me, not on my behalf. (I’ve been blocked from two popular forums due to daring to say that 9/11 was an inside job). I am against lies and hate, but also against censorship of those lies and hate. I just try to make sure that those who might be taken in by them also read a bit of truth to go with it. So, how do you mean that “truthers” impose censorship?

  3. Another very good comment, Sorgfeit.

    There is something inherent in all human beings which is part of our reptilian nature. We like, and in some cases are determined, to be right. Thus, arguments that favour the objective of “rightness” trump all others. In that regard, providing information satisfies the overall objective for “rightness”, then the credibity/validity of the source is viewed with additional favourability. ZON News is a good example of a place where “bogus” articles appear that are regularly used by “truthers” to stretch points. This is not to say “everything” on ZON News is bogus, but research must go much further than simply accepting something “on face value”. That’s why I try to source “cross-references”.

    Let’s not get on to the subject of all those paedophilia claims backed by nothing other than hearsay.

    Yes, I believe that 9/11 was actually more than an inside job. Indeed it will feature strongly in the latter parts of this dissertation. As sad as the subject matter is, I hope you enjoy it.

  4. I saw you mentioned Fukushima. Are you aware of the Jim Stone file? Well worth a bookmark.

    You may find this, most interesting: “The Chosen people” ‘eh?

    In my own analysis of Fukushima using all available evidence I could find, including sources Jim didn’t cover. Sure enough – same conclusion. Fukushima Daiichi was nuclear. It was an Israeli attack.. And a very intricate one to make it passable as a natural disaster.

  5. There is no doubt that Fukushima was an accident. However (ironically), the earthquake was caused by the HAARP Jan 12 2010 attack/test on Haiti. Don’t you just love “divine redemption”. As we learn from the scientists, the earthquake itself was not enough to cause the disaster, but the US nuke warheads hidden UNDER the plant were somehow triggered and went BOOM. That created the massive localised spike (identified by science).

    Sure, ever since they have been covering up the US involvement, Japanese complicity (remember thast legislation which was going to “allow” limited “defenses” again North Korea prior to Fukushima). Rumour has it that Cheney dumped ’em there is ’07. The bigger problem (which has effected ET/extra-dimensional realms) is the radiation. Some pretty serious shit is going to go down ‘coz the Draco aren’t happy and they insist on “payback” (it’s in their nature).

    As for Israel, the Christmas.Boxing Day 2004 Sumatran “earthquake” was an Israel engineered HAARP-style attack against moderate enthic Muslims, but it back fired as it killed all those “brothers” in those plush Thai hotels. Boo-hoo. They really need to think twice before they try and play “God”.

    Oh, by the way, my secret intelligence source tells me that the US nukes under Fukushima were in safe keeping for an on-transit attack on Iran. North Korea is a pile of bullshit to keep the morons happy.

  6. Great article….and please keep up the good work. We need people out there speaking the truth. This article was passed onto me by a friend – so the word is getting out – thank you

    • Thank you Lorraine,

      You will notice most of my articles offer the challenges:

      a) The elitists that created the mess we call society
      b) The apethetic followers that blindly go along with things
      c) The minds that drift through life taking “belief” for granted to the detriment of truth.

      Few visit here that are not PERSONALLY challenged in some way. I appreciate your support.

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