The Significance of Easter


Well researched blog followers will already know that Easter is a Pagan concept in reverence of the moon-goddess Ishtar. The ceremony featured the resurrection of Tammuz (Tiamat?), son of Ra and Ishtar. That metaphor concerned eternal energy forces and the redistribution of matter (planetary) harbouring life systems. Yes, not in some ways, in every way planets are alive. If our sciences fail to recognise life forces, it is their ignorance, their incompetence, their error and not a fault of the universal creators. Planets are encased stars as I have mentioned in previous articles and, whilst I have found no direct references, I am led to believe ancient texts affirm this understanding.

Recently, on face book, I was critical of a peer’s fantasy determining the location of a non-existent alien base believed to be somewhere in the Australian wilderness. Whereas there are numbers of supposed extra-terrestrial joint venture (with man) bases tucked away in or under places on the Australian mainland, none are known to my fellow researcher. The thread owner rightly took umbrage at my disparaging comment and turned the “fantasy” word on me with rapier like wit. I responded with a suitably jocular response. My one true fault, I wept, was inability to hallucinate. Perhaps that is not the right word as hallucinations are generally brought onto the receiver, circumstances beyond the control of rational balances. The thread owner once more responded, now in a much lighter tone, with something like “Your imagination, silly?” Sadly, I had to inform her I had no imagination either and finally countered with, “What is that?”

Our term “imagination” is simply the effect of deliberately or inadvertently accessing the astral plane. Everything we understand and know is there alongside everything else we don’t. Of course, similar to truths found in the quantum layer, the astral plane is enough to destroy empirical sciences philology and, therefore, it must not be recognised at all cost. So, predictably, empirical science does not table it. In addition, unsurprisingly, the relationship between DNA and time is partially guided by the astral plane (as the facilitating connector). Before anyone comments, “What an earth has this got to do with the significance of Easter?” It has everything to do with the ploy being used to disguise the true basis of Easter. One such basis is the Babylonia-Pagan celebration of the transition of worlds. Metaphor is lost to modern humans as it has been grotesquely twisted to fit a giant untruth.

Josephus (born of Joseph) was Jesus. This means the dates of 0 or 4 or 6AD to at least 32AD are nothing to do with Jesus as we have to wait until 37AD for his birth. The wise men travelling continents to meet with stars in the sky are a dissociated event. There was someone born in the Judaic region with special genetics in 196BC. He was not called Jesus, though. The real Jesus (Josephus) conducted his ministry (always one jump ahead of the authorities) between 66-69AD. Interestingly that was the time of the Jewish revolt and subsequent siege of Jerusalem. I have explained before that Josephus was a gnostic priest-king or “Messiah” (according to Biblical New Testament symbolism) via the paternal line, but as far as the Romans would have been concerned, he was a royal. Through the maternal line he had the family name Piso. It is no coincidence that the Piso, Emperor Vespasian settled the Jerusalem’s problems in 69AD with little fuss. Unlike emperors Caligula and Nero, he had not been a stick in the mud.

This has direct relevance with our Easter celebration which, if the truth were known, had nothing to do with Jesus’ supposed death by crucifixion and subsequent miraculous resurrection. Josephus was a regular man; no different to you and I. The saga and intrigue goes right back to when the new Jews (who’d gradually overpowered the secular Semites; today’s Arabs. They had, of course, regained power somewhat aided by the Roman machine prior to the revolt of Jerusalem) split into Israelites and Philistines. Israelites became known as Celts or Culdees and the Philistines are Aryan-Slavic peoples. Bizarrely, Ashkenazy Jews are the genetic mix of Aryan-Celts, having Celtic and Slavic ancestry. Over the centuries, very few have kept a tight grip on genetic integrity as much as criticism of the Diaspora attitude was meant to dissuade pollution. Modern Jews are pretty much the same as any other cosmopolitan white populace group. Protest as they may, the Genome Project is their Achilles heel. Though that is false science, something akin to reading the tealeaves to determine genetic ancestry, their arguments are apt so I will use them.

By the time of Josephus, the Philistines had found their way back to power in the Israelite corridors of power. They also steered the Roman juggernaut. The Philistines had tried to impose a Pharisaic order of the most radical kind and this led to the original split of Judaic ranks. Our modern versions are Puritanism and Zionism. Christian slaves are called “Puritans” but our whip masters prefer the title “Zionists” (holders of the fortress). Naturally, the modern “Promised Land” is Puritan – a (and most definitely not “the”) World Power, governed and controlled by Israel. AIPAC is the rift of that relationship, but supreme arrogance of the elite is beyond caring and it could ultimately plunge the American peoples into a bitter civil war as ever growing movements of dissent have realised the term “Patriotism” has been hijacked and poisoned by vipers.

The reason the Sanhedrin was disbanded sometime after 66AD was the controllers believed they had conquered the known Earth. Super Power of the time, Rome, had been compromised and Josephus was the broker via the matrimonial alliance between his mother and father. Gospel writer Mark (Marcus) knew it too well. He was one of Jesus’ peers but a relatively junior aristocrat. That is why his gospel did not need a resurrection. The dreaded Gnostics has been killed off as the Zealots (an old name for Zionist) had won. There may be some confusion here, given that Vespasian was a blood relative of Josephus and the Gnostics had their own “Zealot” revolutionary arm as well. However, not all family members share political views (as is starkly illustrated by “brother against father leading to two out of every five family members dead” and other sayings attributed to Jesus compiled by the Gospel of Thomas – Nag Hammadi scrolls). Speculative sources suggest that after Jerusalem was “fixed”; exiled Josephus lived his remaining days in Alexandria or Antioch. It is no accident that the burgeoning Arianism movement, following principles of Gnosticism, came out of this region in the early 100’s AD. These became the target of the Rosicrucian (Zionist) Catholic Church. The Vatican and Israel are two philosophically independent branches of identical Reptilian order.

Lazarus has been correctly identified as the writer of St John’s gospel. Josephus’ wife was his sister and Joseph of Arimathea was his father and friend of Jesus’ father, Matthias ben Joseph. Jesus, according to the stories, was crucified on Josephus of Arimathea’s land (even though this broke Roman protocol). John’s gospel, therefore, does include detailed crucifixion and resurrection accounts which would have been written under guidance of (or perhaps by) Josephus. The metaphor was the Gnostic Celts would regain control of the world. It was mysticism versus science reductionism. There has been no outcome yet. Who will win ultimately?

The reason, of course, that Easter exists at all is it served two purposes. One was to rid the word of Pagan mysticism (the version that preceded Gnosticism) by rebranding the tradition. The deceivers knew that eventually people would forget the potency of their spiritual understanding of planetary relationships. I touch on this in my latest exopolitician post. Humans have been cut off from the Anunaki fathers by the false matrix. Universal mysticism is the only way to collapse the network and reengineer the group conscious (Christ’s Consciousness). This goes right up to the top. Use of telepathy and other communal devices should be encouraged. One mind is infinitely more powerful than aimless, broken voices obscured by the din of war.

Clearly it did not suit the agenda for historic knowledge about ancient politics to be out in the open either.il_fullxfull.315972092 Therefore the Easter nonsense is all about chocolate eggs, bunnies, tasty spiced fruit buns and other indulgences. Human communion is the lowest priority and lateral division is assured by the independence of various religious brands. A few non-Christians may adopt churlish ceremonies for the kids, in keeping with Western culture, but most ignore. No consideration is given to wider philosophy by Christians other than a generalised assumption that “we could behave better” but “this is a family time so strangers bugger off and don’t interrupt our fun”. If only everyone knew the sacrifices by strangers that have been made for humanity, Easter would be the time of great shame. 181fba5ae47dbd33e46f2a418a35f219The underlying deceit sees slavish materialism shaping willing adepts dutifully betraying spiritual conscience for sanctity. The spiteful satanic masters look on with sarcastic pride. Mysticism and mind have no place in their logical world of measured control.


For what it’s worth, Happy Easter!


5 thoughts on “The Significance of Easter

  1. Well, I don’t know what to make of this history, as it is not my kuleana, to use a good Hawaiian word. I think there is a great deal that is deliberately hidden from us, as revealed recently in ancient archeology and hints of prior civilizations on Mars. I like your satirical response to the correspondent! That I can relate to! I encouraging all in that regard: SATIRISTS OF THE WORLD UNITE! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT YOUR CHENEYS!

    • Those that understand the ancient texts, comprehend, whereas those that can’t are easily confused.

      The thinking world has been plunged into a state of confusion over successive ages. The synchronisity of the placement of objects to distort truth can only have been implanted by superior beings of an advanced nature that have been around and in proto-control for a very long period of time.

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