Strange Encounters of the Autistic Kind

Though I have not read it, this post is partially motivated by Neil Gould’s book “Close Encounters of the ADHD Kind”. Over the last couple of week’s diligent readers would have been following Jon Rappoport’s reports about the recent mainstream news item; fraud at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). Though the mainstream has not gone so far as to acknowledge the fraud; that is what it is. MMR vaccines cause the disability labelled autism and that was known by authorities that validated the toxic medication as safe. Readers should also be aware that the American Government Organisation, CDC, is substantively funded by the private sector; significantly by a notable ancient family. Though they shall remain nameless here, those that like to dig deep will discover their public support of the eugenics movement; a principle that believes in the purification of humanity either by restricting or purifying the gene pool or both. Under the guidance of Adolph Hitler, eugenics was one of the tenets of his NAZI regime. Jon Rappoport picked this up days before anything “broke” in the mainstream. Indeed, the first break saw the report pulled for a number of hours. The implications of what has happened are massive as this is the biggest government attack on its own people since the introduction of fluoride in the water systems. Fluoride, by the way, has the effect of calcifying the brain which restricts the mobility of the pituitary gland (sometimes called the third eye). This is important and will become clear as information is revealed.

Recently I lost my job which is perhaps no bad thing as I was being paid roughly 50% of what they call “minimum hourly wage” here. Though the supporting contract assures I will receive up to forty times minimum wage for the hours tendered (in the fullness of time), I really needed something to subsidise my writings and not investments. That fork in the road has delivered me to a Management Consultants group. My new employer does not accrue a war chest of value added products and services, manipulating the pain of their clients which is so often the case with Management Consultancies. So, I have been very optimistic in my attempts to raise awareness of their methods to other businesses. Speaking with hundreds of no particular type of size, I have some very interesting feedback to report. Without exception, there was a singular myopic response to my surveys. That response took two parts. “Are you are a buyer or are you a seller?” “There is nothing we fear that we don’t know about.” The first part is a version of the good versus evil binary. Buyers are good and sellers are evil. That is the cornerstone of imperialism. There must be no competition. In order to ensure there is no visceral competition, my army will always be bigger and more powerful than yours. In order to ward off attack, in recent post royal times cosmetic competition has been allowed to stop the serfs rebelling; to give the sense of hope that commerce is fair and just when it is not.

The other part of that feedback, “ignorance is bliss” summarises the sorry state of humanity. At our most fundamental, we, human beings, have two choices. We can listen and process information or we can close our ears and deflect any message that steps outside known parameters. Companies are powered by us. Regardless of dead speaking, without human beings there would be no companies. From the psychological perspective we go through four quadrants of development. These have been described differently by others, but here is my terminology. The first quadrant of a human being’s development is recognition of self. A side effect of the recognition process is the denial of anything that contradicts the profile of self. Some individuals never accelerate beyond quadrant one. Others will be travelling through their individual lives in blissful ignorance, deflecting hostile good advice all the while, when at some moment of truth they will forced to deal with shortfalls in their profile of self. Reasons for moments of truth vary, but they are usually very painful. Ignorance is exposed and for a brief moment the enlightened recruit becomes aware. Ignorance is now up for review. Self-analysis can fester for years. In some cases ignorance is never resolved and individuals bump through circular cycles of pain awareness and denial.

Those ready to move to the third quadrant will have had a catalytic epiphany. They will say, “We accept we are ignorant and wrong in our views and we are determined to do something to remedy the shortfall”. Without recognition and acceptance of failing there cannot possibly be a solution, unless we fix that which is not broken. Quadrant three is the realisation we cannot achieve this on our own. We need help or guidance to find the straight path. As Albert Einstein so eloquently summarised, “To expect improvement without change is the definition of insanity”. Thus quadrant three of our psychological development is a battle ground. The battle is between what we believe we know and what we should know. Naturally some are never able to resign their beliefs, but not everyone. There are no quick fixes and the resolution process may take a lifetime, but some reach quadrant four. The final stage of our psychological development is to understand. Its absolute is the state we call enlightenment.

Of the hundreds of people I have spoken to over the last couple of weeks, just about all have been firmly lodged into quadrant one. Only five indicated they might be quadrant two or three material. Therefore, the majority assert they know it all and are unruffled by any suggestions to the contrary. Be it the majority were afraid I might sin and sell them something; this vaccine scandal will be reacted to in exactly the same way. It is something that needs to be dealt with, if accepted, and that means quadrant three change. Therefore, the majority will either ignore it or debunk it. Radiation can be good for you if you are successful in convincing yourself you believe that. All problems and incidents will be blamed on something else to cherish internal myths until that dreaded “moment of truth”.

Good and evil does not stop at buyers and sellers. Imperialists have created a complex network of rules which are delivered as “morals” via religions. Not one of these rules was written by God, besides the modern imperialists assert God does not exist anyway. The reason the complex network of rules are in place is actually to enable the control of human beings via the formation of group identities (controlled by hidden singular powers). These “holy” group identities deliver various brands of order. This is not to say that religious ideology is all bad. Far from it as obtuse statements like, “thou shalt not kill” will resonate with every human being; great or small. Ironically that dual edge is the problem for the imperialists. Reasoned philosophy based on religious ideals has been the hope given to the serfs to inspire entire countries to compete against “corporate federalised” resource management and control. Under instruction, religious orders have labelled some powers “upright defenders” and others “terrorists”. Yet all powers have the same ultimate goal – universal control. Some are more and others are less ambitious. That’s all! On one hand, therefore, “thou shalt not kill” is very useful to rail campaigns against brand terrorism. On the other hand, voluminous and arbitrary deaths and injuries as a consequence of “upright defence” surely will go to defy the underlying original doctrinal message however it is used as “reasoning”. Dual protocols have emerged. ‘Those that can’ are above the “law” and ‘those that cannot’ will be prosecuted with full vigour and force when necessary.

Unless humanity can rise up to quadrants three or four universally, nothing will change. That is why the imperialists have produced toxic MMR vaccines and that is also why fluoride was added to water systems. The consequence of people waking up is, generally, humanity will refuse to cooperate with the tyrants. Indeed, when push comes to shove the edict “slavery or death”, will eventually apply. In order to ascend, humanity must hit quadrant four and go beyond to relative enlightenment. If the schooling system failed to make an impression how is university going to be any more constructive? Indeed moving souls up before they are ready is destructive because it pollutes the constructive environment. They do not pull you up. You drag them down! Under the terms of imperialism, to blow up a building, killing thousands of innocents in the process is fine when expanding the objectives of mythical Zionism. Israel’s zany plan struggles to offset logic or sanity. Why poison most of the land in the creation of Greater Israel? Even the mainstream is now producing sarcastic articles for those that assert America created the Islamic State. It, according to Iran, is a concept of US [foreign policy] imagination. The “brains” behind American foreign policy are all Israelite, frankly as with most other policies. This is how they deal with journalists that access real information (now the beheading metaphor exposed last post is clear). ISIS has expanded to America now? The war of Syria is as much an American war on its own people, but the plebeians remain listless and entrenched in quadrants one and two.

I had bookmarked a blog, followed it and commented against one of its articles. Now no bookmark, evidence of following or comment correspondence in my “in box” remains. Indeed it is as though there was no blog and I imagined I read its articles, commenting on one and following it. Having no imagination, this cannot be so and, thus, can mean one thing. Sorry, feeble American and Israelite hacks, you do not have the ability to select pinpoint thoughts and act on them. Only those behind the false matrix have sensational “higher powers”. Fortunately my mind is a steel trap; therefore I will recount my memory of the information. In 1988, I cannot say precisely when or where, but somewhere is the US in a prominent hotel there was a relatively open Council of Rome meeting supporting a glittering panel of speakers. The central theme was on how to deal with the reduction of global mindless populations down to a “manageable level” (presumably 500 million expressed in the 1979 Georgia Guidstones). It was generally agreed, against a litany of alternative methods, that the simplest way of reducing populations en-masse was via tainted medications (the ancient Israelite Therapeutae were also renowned poisoners). One suggestion was to deliver heavy metals through vaccination programs. We know “Mr & Mrs Vaccines”, Bill and Melinda Gates, are passionate supporters of eugenics, so why not taint vaccines? Certain alternative media sources have created cartoon like scenarios for Bill’s suggestion of mini lasers to combat the greatest killer of humans – the mosquito, as his sincerity is hard to be believed. Unsubstantiated discussions at secret society meeting have inclined to suggest the “means to an end” route is Gate’s preferred option. No wonder he gave away $ billions worth of polio vaccines to India, the world’s greatest population accelerator. What a nice guy?

My mysteriously disappeared blog reference also provided details as to some of the names of prominent individuals that attended that fateful 1988 Council of Rome meeting. Included was that ancient family, I mentioned earlier, that bankroll the CDC. So, just to be clear, the family or agents of the family that fund the CDC were also prominent in the 1988 Council of Rome meeting that decided it was okay to kill off the majority with tainted vaccines because they, the power brokers, did not like a lot of people around. Of course, none of their kindred group would be affected other than, perhaps, rogue journalists. Recently, in the blink of an eye, we learned that the findings of a 2004 CDC report on the safety of MMR vaccines were deliberately fabricated. This was, partially, because autism is a disorder and requires a behavioural diagnosis. The problem with behavioural diagnoses is behaviour itself is not an illness. Therefore, categorisations of recurring traits over, in some cases, extensive periods determine whether an individual is mentally ill or healthy. For the 2004 suppressed findings, a staggering 30% of Negro babies showed preliminary signs of autism.

There was a very good reason for this. MMR vaccines contain a toxic range of heavy metals, including mercury. Mercury, in big enough doses, rots the brain. I do not wish to dwell on politics surrounding the fall-guy and whistle blower, other than he was a cold blooded weasel to release the report in the first place and now he is demonstrating he is a whimpering coward hiding behind his lawyers and perceived “immunity”. If only his victims were immune. Let us imagine Iran was the conspirator behind MMR and they used Russia to deliver the deadly stock. Would that justify World War Three? The mainstream would jump on that in a heartbeat. America has attacked its own people to satisfy the insane and ungodly wishes of the select few because of their detestation of serfs. Are you all going to slumber in quadrants one and two? Why not send the vaccination survivors over to the radium stained Middle East to fight fake toxic wars against other beguiled and unknown overseas mercenaries in the name of “who really cares”? Could the troops actually defend their OWN people? Isn’t that something WORTH defending?

Jon Rappoport is not only a man of great intelligence; he is also a great journalist. This post, possibly penned by Theodore Wesson, outlines precisely what has happened in relation to the MMR vaccine fraud. Julie Gerberding was the head of the CDC at the time the MMR vaccine report was issued in 2004. She, ultimately, chose to ignore the wealth of unverified data that suggested the vaccine was unsafe. Julie Gerberding now heads up Merck Vaccines. Merck Vaccines produce and sell the toxic MMR vaccine stock. Julie Gerberding has attacked the American people. What are you going to do about it?

It is important look at the history of the word autism before I conclude with the “other worlder” angle on this. Words are constantly being changed. Nikolai Levashov noted much of the ancient Russian language had been changed to give word meanings the opposite values. Yesterday homosexuality was bad and today it is good. In that case they did not change the word, but we can see a word associated with homosexuality has been given an almost reverse meaning. Gay used to be the word that conveyed ideal circumstances relating to happiness. It became the depths of sordidness and depravity via its connection to homosexuality. Did the tyrants want to stain happiness? Of course, now gay-dom it is a form of political expression/oppression. The homosexuals that say, “I am gay and proud of it” really expect their audience to be proud of them. I am not proud of someone that is homosexual but I do accept that is what they are. My “branding” will not alter the fact. My prejudice will not “heal” them. My ideals will only create a war, to which I am the prevaricator. Therefore, I accept.

Autism used to be called Kanner Syndrome after Leo Kanner who identified behavioural traits in children between 1938 and 1943. Hans Asperger was an independent researcher that drew similar conclusions to Kanner. Eugen Bleuler, “inventor” of schizophrenia, termed autism an “escape from reality” in 1912. In a sense the collapse of the pinnacle of Victorian idealism had already started. This coincided with the giant 1914—18 war. Kanner identified individuals that showed no obvious signs of mental deficiency. All his subjects were clearly not retarded, but rebelled against authority or withdrew from society in individual ways. Statistically this reduced to 1:10,000. Aspergers Syndrome had a wider diagnostic interpretation calculated at 15:10,000. Ironically, Asperger’s work is more interesting and has been misdiagnosed. He identified the closed mind syndrome resulting, in some cases, poor (thinking) motor skills. In reality (if that is the right word), the minds of his subjects were still partially “connected” to the astral plane. What we call “imagination” is the astral plane. Because there is every combination of everything that either exists or might exist there, much looks like random ‘junk’. Those that attempt to interpret that which they don’t understand produce jargon. Savants and oracles are forms of Aspergers. In the latter case channels of anthropomorphic information are impeccably presented. Savants either have a blockage or simply cannot process the overwhelming data effectively and that is why they sound impaired. Histories are reliant on source information. I have not, for instance, reviewed individual cases of Kanner, Asperger et al.

I began by saying that this post has been partially motivation by Neil Gould’s book, “Close Encounters of the ADHD Kind”. Though I have not read the book, I have been led to believe it concerns his son’s out of body experiences as a sufferer of ADHD. A version of autism, I had believed ADHD was a relatively recent clinical discovery. However, it in fact is one of the earliest observational notations of autism. In 1902 George Still (a British doctor) named the disorder a “Defect of Moral Control”. Case notes concerned “impulsive behaviour” which had previously been deemed a spiritual and not a medical problem. Bleuler’s diagnosis of schizophrenia followed in 1910, but it was not until 1922 that a broader range of ADHD symptoms (character/behavioural traits) were described and classified as “Post-Encephalitic Behavioural Disorder”. The name was re-invented in 1980 by the American Psychiatric Association and changed to “Attention Deficit Disorder” (ADD). A final revision was made in 1987 to “Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder” (ADHD).

According to Gould, while out of his body his son lived with a second family of Mantis types. These are well known to those that study exo-politics and look like bipedal grass hoppers, some towering over ten foot. The modern name is the Mantid-type, but I think the old name was Thuban. I have experience of these and have visited both the master soul energy field and the solid (rock) version. Energetically they are very odd. Whereas all human beings have convex ectoplasms, the Thubans are concave. Early myths paraded by the mainstream media persuaded that those with ADHD were addicted to sugary drinks. Though there may be no truth to this, it is interesting to note that the Thubans drink sugary nectar for sustenance. Indeed, Thubans are not designed (able) to eat. There are numerous cases of hypnotic regressions revealing human/Thuban relationships. After being regressed, a number have claimed they are “hybrid” with either a Thuban mother or father. Most notably, the London Town Councillor, Simon Parkes claims to have a “Mantid mum”. Nevertheless, he is a reptilian. His energy field is very clear. Some reptilians also have concave ectoplasms, but I have never witnessed a human/reptilian field of this character. Via the joint-venture activities with the ancient god known as Thoth, various insect-reptile combinations have been created. Thoth is miscategorised as an Ibis. Though he looks like an Ibis, he in fact is a mosquito and reigns over that specialist DNA block. Isn’t it interesting the most lethal creature on this planet is a mosquito? For clarity, as this blog makes no attempt to mislead, the use of the words reptile and reptilian are contextual. Many, if not all, of the creatures described as reptilian have systems completely alien to our biology. There are bipedal “reptiles” with “dual” cold and warm blooded pulmonary systems, for instance.

Those who have studied extra-terrestrial abductions will know of a vast human-hybridisation program or, perhaps more correctly, programs. One of the problems with hybridisation is instability. Indeed, depending which source you refer to, just about all hybrids are impaired in some way and all would become dysfunctional given significant periods on this planet. Therefore I wonder whether Monsanto’s tampering with our foods is really preparation for a new hybrid. I hear HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is now “out in the open” as of 2013, but I cannot find any mainstream links. Two faced NASA have decoded or attempted to decode all ancient texts (known and unknown), funds were earmarked to uncover time portals located in the Earth’s electromagnetic field in 2012 and just about every esoteric art is taken seriously by them, “unofficially” of course. Therefore, I ask the question and in light of the invention of ADHD in 1987, the Club of Rome Strategy 1988 and the star child syndrome (particularly relevant post 2000); are those that try and control humanity attempting to create an inter-dimensional bridge using toxic vaccines?

Mary Rodwell is a well-known regressive hypnotist supporting hundreds of star seeds. Though subject ages range from young to elderly, I have posed the question to her. “The ADHD Syndrome seems to be linked to the Mantis soul network. However, have you ever surveyed your subjects to ascertain who has been vaccinated?” She has kindly replied, “Re Vaccination aspect, I haven’t got any stats I’m afraid. But I will keep it in mind”. I have asked Mary to present any constructive feedback if and when she is in a position to do so. In the meantime, encounters of the autistic kind will remain strange indeed. Will America’s psychotic and devious attack on its own people end up blessing them with the unimagined desires they strive?


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