The Mystery of Homosexuality

If the fundamental reason for life is procreation and the wisdom for the creation of life is flawless, how can homosexuality exist? Either the fundamental reason for living existence is not procreation or the wisdom of creation is flawed. I am not going to dignify a response to the mindless, robotic atheist supposition that life is accidental.

To unravel this complex mystery I have interviewed, worked with and even lived with numerous affirmed homosexuals of both the male and female variety. Neither being homosexual nor pro, in any sense of the word, it has been an odious task. Nevertheless, some relationships have developed into long term friendships even though I am a homophobe. I never have approved of homosexuality, but I do accept people’s life choices. If they chose to be homosexual, I have no right to complain even if I disapprove.

There have been some startling observations which do not necessarily relate to genetics. There is something going on that is beyond genetics. In fact three common parameters define my experience of detailed and thorough understanding of affirmed homosexuals. They either come from a dysfunctional background or have physically or emotionally scarred fathers. As electro-magnetic bodies are neither male nor female, when a particular resonance identifies best with the female or male energy, the body reciprocates regardless of its type. Therefore, there are male energies in female bodies and female energies that appear as and function as males. As genetics, in part, are governed by the body in specific cases, genetics presents rudimentary evidence. However, as the homosexuality mystery is not linear, no clear cut evidence with materialise.

The natural homosexuals are well balanced but appear out of step with a society determined to elevate the fundamental misconception that natural procreation is the reason for living existence. The use of the word natural implies a state free of science, where humans would function as apes (even chimpanzees and other primates are noted for homosexual displays). Sentiment aside, homosexual couples I have met and seen interacting have behaved as any “natural” couple except they are mister and mister or misses and misses. More specifically, the significant difference with proscribed natural relationships is balance is lacking, when required, and resulting from male and female partnerships. Ironically, and rather magically, advanced homosexual couples actually outsource input from the opposite sex. In addition male females are attracted to female females and vice versa. Thus, homosexuals tend to be either very masculine or very feminine, whether they are male or female. Role plays are subtle devices used to attract partners, rather than any reliable measure of character. If a male needs to behave femininely to satisfy the criteria so it is. Some are better at this role platy than others.

Regular readers will know I have a cat. In fact I have had a number of cats over the years. Significantly, at a glance I find it impossible to tell the difference between male and female cats. They may as well be a-sexual, except over a monitored period difference between male and female energies become apparent. The sex of the animal is albeit irrelevant when I determine whether it is male or female. This is not the human inclination. Parents of hermaphrodite offspring invariably decide they want girls and need no persuasion to sign off cosmetic surgery. However some of these girls turn into boys. The very fact that parents were devoid of conscience to commit to a potentially destructive operation shows that humans are both tyrannous and do not understand that sexual identity goes way beyond the body. Therefore, how can humans judge homosexuals?


3 thoughts on “The Mystery of Homosexuality

  1. I can’t speak for all atheists, but I can say that the three lives I helped to created was an accident. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

    And speaking of atheists, wasn’t it Alan Watts that said no one believes in a God more than an atheist?

    Well, back to the subject. I would agree to your “out of step” statement. Perhaps extreme would be more fitting for my experience. The office where I work is directly across the alleyway to a gay bar. While most activities occur at night, occasionally some festivities happen during normal business hours, it’s a show. Foremost, they are all abnormally polite (I mean that in a good way), though far from behaving as a “natural” couple, and strangely attired with some rather elaborate hair styles–in fact some I find rather stirring, although I’m not gay, well at least I don’t think I am. And while I admire their stepping out of the norm there’s something else going on (good, bad, or indifferent) that eludes me, aside from their sexual preference for which I’ll not be the judge.

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