Thug Science

There is only inherence, reality and perception. Inherence is “what is”. Reality is the manifestation of what is and perceptions are the infinite spectral elements individual introspects of reality. These introspects are guided and defined by physical and metaphysical capability. Big Science is trying to standardise perception. Please visit Jon Rappoport as he has been doing a wonderful job educating truth seekers. That is why mind altering drugs must be forbidden for recreational use. Effects are always labelled hallucinations. Creating bridges to fourth density or higher dimensional frequencies defies perception and must be outlawed. Sick people who, by that token, must be mentally ill, tested and diagnosed or not, are required to mind alter to validate the scenario. There have been and are many great scientists, but all are held to ransom by Big Science. Big Science may as well be rebranded thug science as it ensures output mirrors or is limited to its vision. It insists on this to the pain of corruption; corruption that can promote poison as medicine, invalid hypotheses as valid and sanity as madness or vice versa. As perception is not reality, to standardise it is beyond menace and defies the purpose of existence. This is the most serious malevolence; far more serious than any devastating war.

In my earlier post, I have already explored flawed science. Though science has the potential of being something pure within limits, there are three predominant poles causing outcomes.  These are perception, data and theory. Perception is the ultimate limiter. Within perception’s spectrum, test measurements are made and processed to produce data reports. This data is analysed and theories are produced based on the findings. When more than one individual or committee has access to raw data, opinions and findings can differ to the extreme of theories drawing opposite conclusions. However, in most cases, conclusions are only partially inconclusive. This is assuming science is fair and if there is such oversight as Big Science, it would not interrupt the diligence of the skilled interpreters of data or rig the control environment to ensure conclusive outcome would be one brand or another.

Big Science is broken into different influencers. The political stakeholders were originally reasonably diligent as science was a renaissance of free thought in its attempt to break religious construct. Once the job was done, corruption eroded that goodwill. Corporate interests became the new front seeking limitation and are at the forefront of standardised perception. Religion factions have been forced to embrace science though various version of existentialism; by embracing an extra-physical plausible alternatives to the physical become valid. There is something else happening, though. It has correspondened with the emergence of overt Satanism. The majesty, magnificence and sheer immenseness of the God figure has been so long diminished, it appears lost to genetic memory. Therefore Big Science has tried to recreate God in its own design. Big science’s operational arm, Thug Science is attempting to ensure everyone complies. Eventually those who reject the terms of standardised perceptions will be stamped defective and terminated, whether they are one of the science-elite or “nobody’s”. By these circumstances science could be reduced to acts of vandalism or superficiality vainly attempting to defy nature. They will never break the will of truth so the Big Science strategy can only fail.

Partly because of perception limitation and partly through its own lack of inertia in light of its corrupting influences, science cannot do anything that grand. It cannot manipulate density or dimension though electro-magnetic frequencies. In fact it does not understand anything beyond D3. Equations are mostly based on home analysis, such as Newtonian physics, and cannot possibly factor the potential for anything beyond what can be experienced. Thus Higgs Bosom’s God particle was bound to turn up; as the theory was written before any data was compiled. Big Science has imposed the modern trend of searching for data to validate its fantasy.

This has also encouraged a lack of finesse and Thug Science is concerned administering destructive practices. Using satellite vibrations to induce weather, earthquakes and perhaps even future volcanos is the latest fad. Prior, science ruptured the D2 force field reducing various types of atoms to microscopic implosions (mini black holes which vent the outward manifestation as explosions). Illuminati media hype revelled in the evidence that holes could be punched out of moving comets as “evidence” of asteroid prevention even though no asteroids have been prevented thus far.

When real asteroids come close to the Earth and elevate to potential life threatening disasters, science merely ogles in suspense. Those in the zone quake with fear, just as prophets of old. Observant commentators, for the most part away from the mainstream Illuminati media sources, have identified devices or spacecraft which behave like nothing known to science, intervening in situations of peril. The same tubular objects, fluorescent discs and other bizarre machines which appear to be able to change shape at will, follow the deadly barium deposits in our skies. Big Science has yet to validate the existence of “chem trails” just as they refuse to validate beyond terrestrial intelligence.

Thug Science is both unclear if and why poisons are being deposited in our skies, so prefers to ignore or deny evidence. The messenger of Tall White fame, Charles Hall, theorises that it is because the Earth is about to become an intergalactic hub. His Charles Hall photon theory is worthily argued though is perhaps lacking galactic experience.

Those who sacrifice the large amount of time required to effectively understand influences cataloguing exo-politics, will draw conclusions that Big Science and its operational thuggery is heading for a conflict with destiny. There are considerable numbers of stakeholders vastly more advanced and developed with unimaginable technologies who have vested interests in the progress of humanity.


6 thoughts on “Thug Science

    • Agreed, but with a stipulation. Were it not for tradition, religions would be obsolete. Governments have federalised common law (in the “West”) and politicians are their lay preachers. The church, mosque and synagague have become “sideshows” of different measure.

    • To refute your note, the UN has concocted a definition attempting to distort “Chemtrails” in its use as the label. The UN has ADMITTED to nothing. Instead it has used the “kill twio birds with one stone” strategy. Bury intelligent conversation with gibberish reinforcing their asinine agenda.

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