Malicious Compliments

I promised a commenter I would reveal the solution to end humanity’s suffering, but I am neither willing nor prepared to disclose that yet. This is partially because my last couple of posts have been pretty hard on the viewer; though for good reason. Just before Christmas I highlighted some of my personal problems. Clarification did not include background information that I share a house with a rabble of Iranian terrorists. They must be terrorists because they are from Iran. Australia classifies them as refugees, but look at the Martin Place incident. We all know.


The Iranians have a word that is similar in character to the Thai “tolle”. Sincere affectionate usage amongst friends and family is perfectly reasonable and common. To confront strangers with “Koskesh!” has been known to prompt clashes to the death; the insult is considered that pungent. They told me, “Sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will never hurt me.” How insincere. How untrue. How unreflective of the nature of man.

Continuing on from the human condition…

I had intended to title this post, “Sincere Hypocrisy” but at the eleventh hour I made the title change. Shakespeare (nee Dee or Bacon, depending how you argue it) regularly used the oxymoron to great effect which gives his writings a bitter sweetness. Malicious compliments not only turned out as the best paired contradiction for the message I intend to convey but also summarises it.

Regular readers now know I confront, but confrontation had been mostly limited to other people until recently, you know, “them”. For the last few posts the finger has been very much turned back on the reader – “you”. It is no longer enough to glide by as a delicate butterfly between pollinating flowers. The finger is not just asking for effervescent appreciation – like minds, twin souls and all that jibber jabber. It is asking for capitulation. Butterflies don’t capitulate; they glide.

Humans are not lapidoptera. Some, however, may know of an anecdotal use of the word for butterfly in Thailand. This is generally given to habitual adulterers. A character trait of the debaucher is the posturing of malicious compliments. So adept are the experts, their craft is almost an art form. Because I have high expectations of my audience and I would like to believe some of you are thinking people, being a hard task master is but the singular preoccupation. Other blogs will attract and court feeble minded vanity. Feeble minded ones go and look churlishly at bunnies or puppies. Cease clogging my energy field.

Doing over saying

The most confronting aspect of my last few posts has been my request for action. Broadly speaking, the call has found idle spirits and wanton souls, but this has helped to highlight the real problem – we are not getting real. When I was three I learned the numbers and could count to one hundred. For at least a year I incessantly repeated my newly acquired knowledge, often at the top of my voice. The reason I did this was because it was easy and I sought compliments.

“How old are you?”

“I am three”

“You can count to ten. What a good boy”

There is another layer which does not become obvious until maturity kicks in. Reach a certain age and the value of fame and fortune becomes all too clear. The best way to permeate fame and fortune is not by being it, but, rather, by attaching to a successful energy field. How many friends of Obama are there that have ridden his energy flow only to turn coat as soon as the tide turned? Others chose denial and vigorously defend his treacherous arrogance against the American people regardless of sane objections. They, both types, consolidate the parasitic nature of man.

“Oh yes, I am a personal friend of Jon Rappoport. I visit his blog and regularly contribute to his cause”

If Jon was a “nobody” like me we wouldn’t see you for dust. It would be fair to say that Jon has an international reputation. This comes at a price. The vast majority of his “friends” feed off his energy field. I would be the first to admit Jon’s blog has been a useful vehicle for me, but I commented long before I made an overt web presence introduction and the reason I subscribed to his blog is I thought and think he has an outstanding mind – a mind of transcendental qualities.

It was largely thanks to Jon that I decided my own original message was merit worthy. His celebration of individual imagination has inspired mine. I am not the only one. There are others that have made the sacrifice, put integrity and belief on the line, made spare (sic) time and created independent, refreshing views.

Why should they do that for you to do nothing?

Remember the unspeakable Iranian word, Koskesh, I mentioned earlier? A couple of posts back I explained I was about to become homeless and appealed to a dignified readership to do something. The appeal was met with abject silence, inaction, muted fecklessness. Two tireless bloggers that work round the clock, sorry, in their “spare time”, made small but Godly donations. To the rest of you I say Koskesh. You are all lower than the dirt under my boot. A call for action, a real crisis (which I might add is far from over) was met with void – a festering blank where something should have been.

What about Ebola?

Void, inaction, nothing, conjecture

What about GMO?

Oh that’s okay, they might label everything. We’ll have a protest? Somebody will protest. It will all work itself out.

Lessons for kindergarteners

Remember how I repeatedly counted up to ten to court compliments? Well, those compliments turned malicious after the ninetieth set. Look at what you are doing. Ebola, GMO, politics, doesn’t matter. You repeat the same incessant messages over and over. Either the compliments turn malicious or arguments die. Are there any solutions? Is there any actual action? Does anyone do anything?


No, no, NO

No, no, NO

Oh yes, I read all those spineless comments about how “you” are “Ok Jack”. I read the boasts from those that have perfectly positioned land holdings. I hear those that brag about their drug free constitutions. I feel the suffering of those that have been marginalised, left behind because of your arrogant refusal to share. Sharing isn’t parroting incessant affirming chimes – old lame, dead words. Sharing is giving stuff. Sharing is doing stuff. Sharing is making a personal sacrifice for strangers.

Malicious compliments belie pathological arrogance

I wrote a book recently. It is the first in a series of ten books. Very short, being only forty nine pages and under twenty thousand words, it is a monstrous read. Transposing cyclic inherent knowledge (truth) into a linear format is a nigh on impossible task. Decoding the holistic mechanical purpose of existence should have assured universal interest. It affects everyone.

The initial target of one thousand book sales was reduced to one hundred after the underwhelming climax. Now sales reaching double figures would be deemed miraculous. In some ways it is no surprise, for the best part of my readership is pathologically arrogant. If someone produces something new, it is beyond criticism but places a big challenge to the reality bubble. Arrogance is merely a poor cousin of scepticism. Therefore arrogant people are sceptics. As the sceptic refuses to “un-know” anything, he or she seeks information that exclusively either affirms or conforms to existing belief systems. Sacrilege is their way of progress.

As I may become famous, occasional readers have hedged their bets offering malicious compliments to keep their position as “friend of Ozzie Thinker” hot – just in case I, too, become as successful as Jon Rappoport, for instance. My book series is not some dead horse, some glue worthy nag. It punctures the heart of the human condition and diligent readers will see why governments manipulate parasitic people that elevate the “successful” energy fields. In the spirit of cooperation with the idiom, I give vain would be donators the opportunity to create an heirloom. If the donation’s big enough, I can cast it in stone; or gold, if necessary.

A number’s game is base 60

I occasionally present analogic reasoning using cam girls and their followers. Readers must not take writings literally as there is invariably a thematic vignette exposing an inset moral piquancy. The camouflaged message of the last one disguises roughly one in sixty would be committed advocates act, which, in the case of cam girls, equates to approximately the same ratio of cashed up followers that actually tip. The hordes eagerly wait in anticipation of free titillation.

I don’t know whether there is some sort of hereditary karmic rebirth syndrome perspiring medieval self-flagellation, but the more directly my posts attempt to unmask my readership’s gaping faults, the greater the interest in them. Visitation figures are going up; steadily. That means there must be some hope for my book. Statistically (and factoring in all those malicious compliment givers) one in sixty (of those that buy books) means a book sale.

Oh just one brave purchaser will see a turnaround in my attitude. Even if you don’t like books, I don’t have spare time, so you may wish to contribute to say thank you for the time and effort I put in. “Thank you for flagellating me because I haven’t the way with all to do it to myself”.

Once again I will give my readership the opportunity to be nice

The first of my book series is available for a donation of not less than $10US (Australian readers can visit and donate A$12 or more). For clarity, this is not a “fixed price” and there is no ceiling to donation amounts, which should be $10 or greater. Contributions keep the writing project afloat. [Important: I do not believe you need a Paypal account these days as major credit/bedit cards are accepted]

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Information is not the result of replication and possibly unique. The package small (below 20,000 words), but is not a diamond? Is a diamond merely “quartz” or something intrinsically perfect? Donators should e-mail with the simple instruction “Donated for DDD Intro” after payment has been made. An individually inscribed and numbered copy is available for more generous donators determined to ensure my work succeeds (amounts not less than $800). Orders will be despatched in PDF form as expediently as humanly possible.