Celebrations Far Away

happybirthdaymomtopWe all have mothers, whether remotely adrift from the physical and beyond the reach of mere mortals or here in the flesh. At least, I hope we all do. Mothers, it must be said, have an enormous amount to juggle and do wonderful jobs at balancing “the fray” even if those around them, on occasions, are unfairly critical. I have noticed increasingly, over the years, that it is women that tend to care enough to run with the issues even though, invariably, they delegate the actual doing stuff about them to sturdy oaks like me. like-so-many-women-my-age-i-am-29-again-811ccIn more recent times those ever more rambunctious politicians seem to have messed with the societal roles identity clock. Women still do what they do best but the men have turned into SNAG’s; that’s sensitive new age guys for non-Australians. And those are the tough guys. The rest are all gay in every way but preference.

Given my gruff exterior, regular readers might be surprised to learn I have a mother that brings out the fuzzy tender side too. My love is a whole lot softer for her even though she has somehow managed to become younger than me over the years (including being stuck at age 21 for a least a decade). That means as far away as she may be, I’ll be thinking of her when she celebrates her around 40th very soon, so please all wish her heaps too. Birthday compliments are always nice as expressions from nice people. There’s also plenty of reason to celebrate because she’s achieved an enormous amount over and above her wildest dreams; ice-skating-cartoon-6828744including and beyond all the goals she has set for herself to date. Mums need to do that, you know, set goals, even if they have no kids. In fact, the dads may as well join the fashion, given their SNAG status.

There’s plenty to do in London town for any my fair lady. See a movie, take in a show. How about ballet? Yes, to all three, but make sure you check the car park isn’t too icy before trying a quick pas de deux or for goodness sake, take some skates! Ah, fond memories. Where was I?

ukegirlInternet inspired, I reviewed an apt thousand things to do in London at night, but after wading through hundreds of write-ups on ritzy bars, clubs and pubs I came across the Hoxton Ukulele Hootenanny which sounded pretty neat, except it meant your birthday has to be on Monday. Mind you, Monday’s a great day for a birthday. You start the week on a high note that will hopefully carry through to the weekend. Indoor rock climbing sounds fun too, but I think that’s strictly for the 21’s and under. The Ginger pig, Oxygen Freejumping and the Kings Cross Pond Club all have limited appeal, although, the former apparently does serve delicious meat pies of world renown, reputably. If so, any serious person would need to round that off with an all weathers tub of Haagen Dazs, right?

hagen-dazs-treatI don’t know what mum has planned for her birthday, but I know one thing in particular that separates mothers from everyone else is their ability to throw good parties. It’s instinctive, in the blood. Therefore, I can safely assure celebrations far away will be fun filled, imagination inspired, joyous ones even if some impromptu ice-skating briefly interrupts the ebb and flow. From one down under and from the bottom of my heart, I wish all mums happy birthdays when they come round and this one, my mum, an extra-special time.

Happy birthday to be and my very best wishes for the occasion, mother.

Violence Always Leads to Attrition


Regular readers will note I have refrained from addressing the subject of violence, in isolation, until now. Other posts regularly expose brutal control methods; particularly those that review the objectives of Zionism and its paramilitary units, such as ISIS (See http://www.mintpressnews.com/zionism-and-isis-opposing-forces-or-two-sides-of-the-same-coin/199482/), but this one seeks to address the root of the problem. Violence is never fair. Gullible people have been conned into believing that ISIS is the disorganised product of one of the military arms of the Islamic brotherhood. Though now formalised in its own right as a political organ, Islamic Brotherhood has evolved out of a US marketing concept labelled Al-Qaeda (or “database”. See http://www.globalresearch.ca/al-qaeda-the-database-2/24738). It amazes me but there are still some that do not know the purpose and origins of this fantasy; which has ultimately been used to tag and smear any organisation (or, for that matter, individuals) that stand in the way of US agency domination.

For extra clarity, Al Qaeda was not a bunch of Islamic extremists that inexplicably consolidated, but that is what it has become; thanks to your friendly CIA. The next steps were simple. We know the CIA run bogus enterprises (See http://www.katherinealbrecht.com/blog/cia-set-up-bogus-companies-after-911/) to “fight crime” (and if you believe that, you believe anything!). It doesn’t take a big stretch [of the imagination] to work in joint venture control operations with those with the biggest interest in the affairs of the Middle East. Yes, Israel has its own narcissistic agencies, notably Shin Beth (See http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Shin+Beth) and Mossad (See http://www.thetruthunites.com/united-states/911-job-mossad-job/). ISIS is one of those bogus joint venture enterprises.

Let’s face it, just as the ancient Zen masters used to use force against itself (See this entry from the Islamic journal: https://books.google.com.au/books?id=h15DCgAAQBAJ&pg=PA45&lpg=PA45&dq=zen+using+force+against+itself&source=bl&ots=4bZ-gv3KT8&sig=vyheWj98Gagr4RbJP8boPb9iiUQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CCcQ6AEwAmoVChMI1YLvv5iMxwIVxKWUCh2X_Ai2#v=onepage&q=zen%20using%20force%20against%20itself&f=false), Zionist masterminds planned and created the festering bowls of hatred that inspire acts of deceit in the name of the divine in the name of Islam aided and abetted by US agents of evil. Even so, I have been led to understand [and, as with American troops] ensuring their filthy business is conducted with zeal requires a great deal of psychological programming of recruits (See http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/01/19/cia-admits-behavioral-engineering-on-humans-mk-ultra/). I can only presume that psychiatrists are unwillingly, or unknowingly, complicit. Either way, the impartial observer cannot help to concede that we are witnessing exalted quackery dressed as a profession (See http://www.wayneramsay.com/drugs.htm). What has this union achieved? Has it achieved anything more than perpetual, never ending attrition?

o-VIOLENCE-AGAINST-WOMEN-facebookTalk as I may about roguish politics, my post was actually inspired (if that is the right word) by an unresolved Facebook debate over “violence against women”. Whereas no one is more staunchly opposed to oppressive, aggressive tactics that lead to bodily harm than I, it became clear that the objectives of the Facebook exchange had nothing to do with violence against women (See https://unwomen.org.au/focus-areas/ending-violence-against-women). That was the excuse; the pretext. The real motive of intent of the lady that laid down the gauntlet was to promote her version of the current state of apathy celebrating pathetic peoples unable to defend themselves under the spell of myopic, dishonest laws. Occasionally, even I succumb to their (those dreadful, deceitful propagandists) illusion. Take the word debate. I look up its meaning in various lexicons and find only variations of “argument” (See http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/debate). The emphasis and point of engagements is missed. Where “debate” separates from vulgar “argument” is commonality and compromise are sought as consequence of sincere, considered discussions.

My Facebook “debates” were nothing more than semantics trades; political points scoring. Ironically, or perhaps not so, foul, dishonest Laws are sold and validated by semantics too (See http://jewsdownunder.com/2014/02/22/on-law-lies-and-propaganda/). Adding insult to injury, these vile excuses for reason are enforced by another brand of robotic human. Constabulary adepts are usually more dangerous than drug addled “soldiers” as they have delusions of [individual] grandeur. I once wrote, “Of these born killers, the cowards join the “forces”” to summarise the fundamental difference between criminals and crusaders. It is a form of greed that consumes the ego, when unchecked, developing into megalomania. These visible rabid wolves (drunk with power) are the “officials” in uniform that pave the way for “kangaroo courts” (See http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Kangaroo+Court) made up of jurors selected for their subservience and presiding judges of the right mindset. Tunnel vision determines the narrow bandwidth of permissible debate, error and interpretation. Our licensed to commit slander mainstream Medias’ gross tyranny is regularly pulled up for its sins, but never enough to effect change. Rather, law suits and attrition appear to be the sole objective of those pusillanimous “masters” (sic) behind the illusion.


Harken everyone; don’t fret. Without the people, the system would be nothing. Here’s an example of true grit. Just after I was born, my mother took the long walk between our village and the local town in order to procure much needed supplies. Upon returning, at about the half way stage, arms laden with shopping, a taxi sped past her through a large puddled area of road. Its driver, oblivious to all with cab occupied, had taken no care or attention of passers-by. The predictable outcome saw my mother drenched from head to toe. She made a mental note of the insignia and number plate and, as young as she was, informed the police with view to pressing charges. In those days, the courts at least attempted to arbitrate, so after several months our uncharitable Indian chauffeur was called to the dock. My mother, being honest, gave her testimony from the heart, unabated. The Indian fellow produced twenty witnesses, each, and without exception, offering versions of perjure. They had to be lying as none of them had actually witnessed the event. Though the court, in this instance, found in favour of my mother, it shows how “the system” could be manipulated, particularly, let us say, if there was an ethnic flavour to the judiciary.

It is only fair to consider the police in an arbitrary light. Let’s be honest, they have been presented in a pretty dim light thus far, but not all come with deactivated conscience. Funeral+Murdered+Police+Officer+Fiona+Bone+C5yjIc6YE6plIndeed, there are, even today, a few brave, sincere policemen that try, against all odds, to do the right thing. But, how many times has a policeman fingered a potential criminal without the required evidence to back accusations? The Department of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is just another corporate power with strict targets desirous that quotas are met with persistent regularity. Those numerous grey area “maybes” are easily upgraded in lean times. Thus, even the good, sincere, honourable police rely on perjury exemplified by their individual characters/judgements. Similar to jurors and judges, tunnel vision is an essential attribute for any would be law enforcement recruit. If a suspicious looking male passer-by is black, over six feet tall and carrying a pool cue; super-strung hysteria may well concoct a violent crime in the making. “On duty” imaginations can run wild given the wrong or right character type, depending on the overall objective (always under pressure from those “quotas” I mentioned before). With added complicity from a disassociated, eager for scalps, leadership, our poor “mark” on his aimless walk to the club for a fun, recreational game of Snooker might end up jailed for five years after a plea bargained conviction for attempted murder.

Returning to my mother’s altercation, this is not to say all Indians are socially irresponsible, but as time winds on with creative journalists more and more detached from the truth, people have been told any fantasy will do over and over. Standards are set by the monstrous Medias and courts, whether people like it or not, dance to that tune. Sixty Minutes, Four Corners, Frontline offer nothing short of propaganda in documentary format (infomercials). Of course, if they champion your views, why should truth matter? I will tell you why it matters. It matters because violence always leads to attrition. If individuals launch warring campaigns that are baseless and, other than from the shallowest perspective, are truth free, crusaders can expect violent reactions from their foe.

29n21wayne-395598Currently, according to the hallowed union (judiciary and Medias), the world’s worst evil is paedophilia (See http://www.danielpipes.org/comments/195861). However, I question, once we have agreed what a “child” is (See http://philosophytalk.org/shows/what-child and I split my sides laughing), whether children are being protected or persecuted by the lack of wisdom from the ever-widening witch hunts driven by lynch mob duplicity. Children, in my opinion, are being conditioned to become adults that appeal to the notion “sex is sin” (See http://biblehub.com/1_corinthians/6-18.htm). This is very bad indeed. In addition, isolating these so-called paedophiles, I wonder whether attraction to that which is forbidden motivates those that seek greater power than self. A superiority complex (See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superiority_complex) could easily develop as paedophilia. Equally those that detest laws and the system in general might use it as a form of revenge. If basket weaving was outlawed, there would be basket weaving bandits. I personally do not see paedophilia warranting serious consideration though. As we are all aware, physical adults are given the label “children” because it is the whim of the skulking, timorous masters – “population control”, “religious”, “hormones” or whatever other gobbledegook they want to present as “science”. Control of humanity is the singular real reason (See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_and_the_law).

It is impossible to do justice to “Violence Always Leads to Attrition” without analysing each word. “Violence” is not necessarily aggressive. There is also passive violence. In the case of women versus men, passive strategies are doomed to meet aggressive reactions. Passive violence might be classed as behaving unreasonably. “Always” never varies. We can say, whether it’s passive or active, violence will engage a chain of events. There is no maybe. It is certain. Of course, my use of “Leads to” denotes those “chain of events” which may be “the end” or, alternatively extended, prolonged, convoluted processes that simmer indefinitely. “Attrition” is generally regarded as weakening, but it can also mean sorrow or loss. There is no doubt violence will result in weakening, but counter measures might lead to greater strength of resolve. Tables turned, the victim may tower tall over a quivering attacker.

But what of arbitrary third party observers? Excluding lust for sport, a good fight, only degradation and sorrow remains. Was not, from the arbitrary perspective, violence wholly unnecessary given a reasoned, civil approach to negotiated communications?

I began discussions with ISIS. In light of our new vision; why have the Zionists created this vile, mercenary army named after the Babylonian Goddess of darkness? Firstly, they are determined to control for control’s safe and hang the consequences – Oedipus complex (See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oedipus_complex). b0473d621268ae5204d0e0db7413bd30Nevertheless, the main reason ISIS exists is to manufacture perpetual global sorrow and degradation. It’s good for trade (See http://www.vho.org/aaargh/fran/livres9/BUTLERWaracket.pdf). Relatively few (thank goodness) have experienced the violence first hand, but the relentless Macbeth mainstream Medias have whisked a typhoon of hatred that covers the globe. By their account, everyone’s affected as it’s just round the corner, but everyone is also protected by the spineless, sorry “valiant” and “patriotic”, masters so pay your dues quietly and don’t fuss. But, you see, as with all other varieties of violence, there is raging attrition. The war doesn’t stop with the return of the vindicated aggressors – that’s when and where it begins. All those broken soldiers won’t put your countries back together again.

This will hopefully act as the precursor to my, long-awaited, “Israel, Zionist Ambition, ISIS and US Connections” which exposes intrigue, if that’s the right word, in plain sight. The United States of America’s government has finally come clean in its dereliction of duty “to the people” as highlighted by the “Deny Americans the Right to Know” (DARK) Act (See http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2015/07/no-one-is-denying-a-right-to-know-whats-in-my-food/399536/). That revolving dictatorship declared war on the people it was bound to protect (though with occasional leaders of dissent) from inauguration. First the 1776 Constitution protected the Lords and masters from Royal ambition only to succeed to 1868 corporatisation of governance (See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourteenth_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution). That began a number of steps to the ultimate sell-off of all assets – establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913-14 (See https://www.federalreserveeducation.org/about-the-fed/history). The American peoples [theoretically] no longer “own” nor have [fundamental] right to their land. Fortunately, for them, the fainthearted masters know that violence always leads to attrition. But the fiendish planners are not stupid.

Has anyone considered that perhaps those phoney wars in the Middle East are partially designed to kill of any plausibly dedicated front against utopian tyranny at home? They certainly would not want any feasible force to counter the fulfilment of the degradation of your unconditional enslavement.