The System is Guilty

System-is-guilty-e1428169582149Schapelle Corby is not a global household name, but she should be. For those who have not heard of her, she is currently languishing in an Indonesian jail for drug smuggling. I don’t like Schapelle Corby. She is not my “type”. She is not a great thinker. Product of the system, she had a common rural Queensland Australian upbringing which makes her proto-Catholic by default. Maybe she did a little speed or took an “e” at a party, who knows, but generally speaking she is a bulk standard common beautician. She has not behaved noticeably badly or broken the social mould. So what went wrong?

On 8th October 2004 Corby was arrested for the possession and transit of 4.2kg of cannabis. About this time, a package of cocaine was found on a QANTAS jet heading out of Australia, although the circumstances were very different. Those who remember Ross Perot’s presidency contests against Bill Clinton may not have heard of his off the record allegations as to how the presidency works by the Bush dynasty. His candid allegations included federalised drug trafficking managed by Halliburton. After Schapelle Corby’s conviction the so-called Bali nine were captured trying to export 8.3kg of heroin from Indonesia. The Illuminati mainstream media failed to mention they were supplied by Interpol via a phantom Thai woman affectionately given the Cherry Likit Bannakorn pseudonym for her part in the sting. Van Trong Nguyen was arrested for the possession of 0.4kg heroin 11th December 2002 on transit in Singapore. The tiny export quantity suggested he was something the industry labels a wood duck. His backers remain unknown to this day and were likely connected to Interpol’s drug trafficking network. A “wood duck” is a decoy used to keep tipped off customs officials busy while large quantities of contraband are being exported.

Let us not lose focus of Schappelle Corby’s innocent plight. Those who have read the ramblings of prime Illuminati propaganda sources, such as A Current Affair or Sixty Minutes may rest assured the slanderous and incorrect false association character assassination of Corby is drivel. It is drivel primarily as it has no bearing on the case. Fortunately, I did review the United Nations 2001 recreational drug industry statistics. It makes interesting reading. The wholesale value, for instance, of cannabis in Indonesia was appraised at 20 cents per gram. According to my calculations that means 4.2kg cannabis could be purchased for $840 wholesale price. At the time US$840 was the equivalent of no more than $1,100 Australian. According to the Australian mainstream media valuations of the haul ranged from A$80-100,000. However, ironically and due to a flaw in the system, mainstream television issued the Indonesian version account via the SBS international stream. Bali Gold, as the cannabis haul had been lovingly described, was worth A$10,000. Interviewing 100’s of potential Bali holiday makers, I uncovered a common street price of about $7 a gram for marijuana compared to $20 in Australia. It also became clear the reason every Australian holiday maker went Bali was for cheaper prices. Given the extraordinary risk and potentially high price for exporting cannabis to Bali, should the premium be $50 or $100 per gram. Who would pay for it?

For the official version and official opinions, it gets worse. The consignment had neither been shrink-wrapped nor obscured in any way. Euphemistic accounts suggest the cannabis plant lay as it were harvested in plain sight on the top of all other suitcase contents. Once the suitcase was opened it was the first thing customs would see. Did I mention Schapelle Corby was a qualified beautician? She has shown no inclination to behave like an insane swash buckling air pirate determined to give cheap dope to the impoverished Australian masses in Bali in her many interviews. What a girl; a cultural hero exporting $100,000 of dope, to sell it for $29,400? Sell it for $10,000? Sell it for $1000? You pick!

The sorry affair of corrupt customs officials who have blamed their operative screening procedures has gained little media attention. It does not take a great imagination to construct the potential for a carrier service between the cannabis producing heartland, Queensland and the other states, but mostly Sydney. If, for instance, customs was completely corrupt it would be easy to use unwitting passengers baggage’s as mules. By default, entirely innocent passengers would entirely liable for these proceedings and would become proxy drug smugglers. Imagine, while you are in the mode, that a mistake was made and a baggage via Gold Coast, Queensland failed to be intercepted at Sydney and 4.2kg of corrupt customs cannabis zoomed off to Bali. What a hoot! Red faces all-round? I’d say! Would corrupt customs fess up and do the right thing? Give us our dope back you lying, cheating Indonesians. Of course not; they would do what was done to Schapelle Corby.

Feel safe travelling? If yes, then I pray to God this happens to YOU.