The Human Condition


The finger is pointing at YOU!

The finger is pointing at YOU!

Today should be a very special day for me but instead it is a day of realisation. Sure I have had lots of affirmations of goodwill, “Have a happy day, mate”, but no support. Therefore the reality is my special day has been a miserable one. The only saving grace is it will eventually end and I can move on to a normal day; the same as any other with its diminished expectations. People like to blame but do not like the finger pointed back on them and I feel sure that prior posts have exposed the human condition so effectively, will you all boycott this blog? I compare humans to cockroaches in my notes for “A Brief History of Human Conscience” because at the slightest sign of real hardship, you all run for cover. That is the human condition.

There is an extra-terrestrial connection to this website. Observant readers will be aware of the link above. Exopolitician has been conceived as an alternative source to the so-called Disclosure Movement. Whereas there are many paragons I respect associated with this cause, information is clearly being sanitised to fit into a workable variation of erstwhile propaganda. Back in the ages gone by, there was opportunity abound for those with money, or charisma. Pioneering intellectual curiosity invariably joined waves of explorers in search of new lands and new hope. Charles Darwin’s father was a 33rd degree freemason who funded the Beagle. Arguably the greater contributor to the infamous Origins of Species was Alfred Russel Wallace. Because he could not be persuaded that the Illuminati reptilian “survival of the fittest” had been conclusively “proved”, he has been surreptitiously ignored by popular publicists. That is the human condition.

Recently I released my own short but revolutionary volume as the introduction to my tome, “Dimensions, Deceptions & Demons”. It is a unique and inspired creation that breaks the mould and gives an alternative to the established view. By re-encoding existence, the truth becomes clear at all levels. As a prequel, I tested the inclination of my readership to act in prior posts and was rewarded with idleness. Charity is the great test for humanity, so that was my vehicle. My stance was simple – give because you can give. This was a grand test to demonstrate either action was obsolete or humanity could adapt. Logically, the next phase of the test was to place deed into a commercial setting. I tried to convert all those past phantom offers of support and found, but for two solitary fellow bloggers (and a few Australian fans that have seen me speak publically), words did not commute to deed. There was only inaction. That is the human condition.

I regularly visit, sometimes contributing comments to, fellow bloggers and writers. Much rational sentiment and judicious thinking personifies aggressive campaigns against the status quo: Ebola, toxic vaccines, GMO’s, wilful destruction of the environment, satanic government, genocide against wild horses. All of it is hot air because it is greeted with inaction. Positive affirmations versus the tendency to blame make up the human condition. Bloggers talk and talk and talk. Commenters respond by talking more. A vacuum of inaction is shrouded by likeminded attestations. Affirmations must point in the right direction – If its north, woe to those that defy the madding rabble by heading west. But it is so for this is the human condition.

Government and "the people"

Government and “the people”

The reality is much starker. Diligent readers would do wise to understand home truths. Anyone that votes is a slave or a slave master. Slaves are the property of the government. Slave masters control government. If you are not a slave master, why do you vote? Those that don’t vote are not free. These are displaced peoples that belong nowhere, for all land was conquered by government years ago. That is the human condition. You talk and talk and talk and when that doesn’t work, you protest. What do you protest? How do you protest? You try and give visibility to your qualms but only kindly inform fellow slaves of their duty whilst empowering the slave masters. The only way to affect (not effect) change is by acting. That most certainly is not the human condition.

Action does not need to be militant, but it must be disruptive. The reason all slaves work is the slave masters desire it. When slaves, en-masse, cease to work, slave masters have a big problem. Their house of cards collapses in a heap. Italy has shown the power of not working. General strikes are most effective tools against corporate criminality. Governments are super-corporations that divide the pie. Don’t lay down your lives on the battle field. Do it on the picket line. Results will be far quicker and lasting. But this requires pain, suffering and perhaps even death. That most certainly is not the human condition.

My book has some new and unknown information for everyone. Everyone could learn something. It is not reprocessed information; yet another rehashed “view”. It is a unique perspective taken from inherence (unfettered “cyclic” truth). Though cyclic information is hard to convert into linear systems, I did find a compromise which took almost one year to define. What has been my reward? With two exceptions, I have had zero support from a readership that spurns truth, is committed to ignorance and arrogantly affirms the madding rabble – wherever they direct. Most importantly action has been reduced to wilful fantasy for you talk and talk and talk, as is the human condition.

No more offers of support, please! Details on book purchase can be found here.


Infinity defined

infinity_symbolThis is the next instalment of “how real history connects with purpose”. Infinity is a theoretical permanent time space relationship. If there was no space, theoretically, there would be no time. Conversely, if there is space (which must be infinite, as it cannot be contained), time must theoretically exist. Nevertheless all these inferences are couched in terms that affirm existence introspective, as defined by human beings. In fact space may be limited if that introspective was illusory and time does not have to satisfy rules determining introspective perception. If space was not natural, other than by the token we occupy it, then confinement might not only be possible but logical. For instance, if the difference between existence and non-existence was uniform, then anything could be created out of nothing. In fact, nothing would be a poor classification as there would be a constant state of everything. Everything is contained in a spectrum of frequency bands which define existence from the introspective. In our frequency band, the vast majority is nothing by our classification. This is not to say that our perception of nothing is nothing, but that is how we classify it.

Cynicism in the introspective has drawn irrelevant conclusions that time just happens and there is no order, even though there is absolute order defined by very clear rules. Natural law cannot be broken for what is possible is natural law. The impossible is not possible and can never be possible because it is impossible. Because human morality is adrift from and bears little relation to natural law, there has always been confusion over what is possible and what is not possible. What is impossible in the introspective may well be possible in the retrospective. As frequency changes, introspective will eventually become the retrospective. Evolution is merely a symptom of progress. Frequency changes are different. They limit or extend reality. Our sensory perception is feeble considering the full spectrum. There are many senses we simply do not access because we have no capability. However, as frequencies change, new senses will morph as if by magic. Some will be an occurrence of generation changes. Others will be the accrued effect of real time DNA upgrades. The mysterious, paranormal, magical can always be explained in the retrospective.

There is order and time not only does not just happen, but is much more complex than the self-serving introspective definition of a simple unerring, forward line that neatly ties in with perception. Without an architect designed blueprint, would it be possible to build a house? Maybe a simple design, yes. But a complex multi-level encased city? Absolutely not! How could something as seamless, but as extraordinarily complex as our universe been built with no blueprint. That is impossible. Therefore, it is not that there might have been a blueprint for time. There must have been one. The only way for the blueprint to be effective, to be ‘structured’, would be to start at the end and work back, otherwise there would be no perspective. Therefore, “blueprint time” unravels. Just as with a builder’s architect’s plans the design rarely perfectly matches the blueprint, but it is always a good guide. So it is the same with time. Forwards time is drawn to backwards time as metals are drawn to magnets. There is not a single modern architect that has designed an encased city, though several have designed large multi-faceted purpose built properties which include over-sized shopping centres. Eventually, confidence will lead to the design of encased cities, maybe spanning hundreds of miles squared. They started with a simple room. Might it have been the same for time? Could have each new cycle become more and more complex as trial and error determined the direction of outcomes?

The Vedas mention the extent of time runs for three hundred and eleven trillion years. Is that blueprint time or time manifest? Was that the original (or test) run or is that this cycle? As the core resonance that defines definition is cyclic, can a cycle be linear? There are a number of problems with this consideration – finite time working to a three hundred and eleven trillion years cycle. Firstly, as already postulated, the very nature of a cycle is contained by its own momentum. Control mechanisms can limit and halt the momentum, but that would reduce time to absolute pre-destination and free thought would be impossible. A blueprint would be pointless, as that would be the end product – a constructed illusion. The next problem is what science classifies as “big bang”. This is, in fact, creative order’s kill switch. When outcomes move too far away from the design to resolve, order can kill the physical elements. “Physical elements” are all the structural elements which amplify resonance. Resonance simply starts over after being “killed”.  The modern duality between proscribed good and evil symptomatically blamed on God and Satan is merely a simple state of absolute tension at the root of existence. Therefore nature is the embrace of the balance of opposing forces.  However the most pertinent reason why there is no fixed duration or cycle length is there are a potentially infinite number of time lines, for every diversion from the plan results in a brand new independent continuum each guided by blueprint time. We now know, of course, infinite is limited to outcomes or what is, was or will be. Outcomes for each of these timelines might be almost identical or entirely different to the other.

The materialisation of time has a number of facets which conclude the part is as important as the whole. If the present is perceived as a bridge or the juxtaposition between the past and the future, time takes on a whole new function. As the physical body is an amplification of an electro-magnetic body which, in turn, is the amplification of an “invisible” light which amplified the impetus which is behind everything and was the result of the realisation of everything, time intrinsically connects everything via a complete string of rational parts from past to future and from start to finish. Therefore sections of time can be broken up into small exercises or points to the path of progress. As elements across all frequencies are connected via this path of points, not necessarily in any particular order, a patchwork quilt is the best simple analogy explaining the definition of time. As with the patchwork quilt, the parts are sewn together and belong because they are sewn together and not because they are the best design. The designed can be rationalised because it is. So it is with time and those who can decipher the intrinsic joins between each of the connecting parts have accessed the fabric of what is, because it is what is. This is not to say that manipulation would not result in tragedy; the greatest of which would be the evocation of the kill switch. Of course, as it is the only design, time must be the best design as well until and if it is redesigned. Though, as time is complete, technically a redesign would be the [extended] old design.

Confused? So am I! I have stretched my own mind with this one, but that is infinity defined.