The Truth about Jesus

I have been devoting as much time as possible to my unfinished book, “Dimension, Deception and Demons” which discusses the history, politics and infrastructure of the Earthlings. These are euphemistically called Draco as they were presumed to have prehistoric origins from Alpha Draconis. Zetas and Thubans also originate from Alpha Draconis; a star system literally teaming with intelligent life forms (including around thirty different types of “Grey” being). However, the Draco view themselves as middle Earth’s indigenous man and the true native. My book attempts to unravel the complex relationship with and origins of what we call man – hu-man. As with the truth about Jesus; nothing is out in the open. As the string pullers are beyond or outside our reality, deciphering truth is all the more fraught with obstacles (notwithstanding ignorant “debunkers”). Indeed, the only way to deal with reality has been to demystify it, de-science it and de-humanise it. Patient analysis has encouraged progress and I have more or less concluded chapter two, “The Birth of Hu-man-ity” with some very big surprises. Evaluation of the Atlanteans and their journey from Mars, revelations on the destructive practices of the Lemurians and their “universal” role, the enigmatic “grey skinned” dark forces of the Vedas and, of course, the varied Draconian networks of influence produced more questions than answers, initially. Now I believe I have coordinated relative clarity and the conclusions will shock humanity.

One of my research points has been Maree Moore’s “Merlin & the Shepherds of Arcadia”. The book itself is so determined to impose a contextual White Brotherhood regime, truth has been reduced to zealous fantasy. Though findings are not completely without merit, a few of the numerous references have become more appealing as a strategy quest for truth, particularly in determining the meaning of Rosicrucian order. My planned future blog post, “The Rose Cross” will have to wait. Moore’s book also discusses a karmic relationship between Francis Bacon, St Germain, Taliesin, Moses, Tutmoses and a number of other noteworthy historic figures. Thematic material revolves around gnostic culture, mystery schools and the Essenes. She also presents her “truth about Jesus”. However, she could not be more wrong about this and that is the reason I have presented my latest writings.

Readers must understand that those who have gone to university and studied something known as the synoptic problem have been badly misled. Great scholars are so far adrift from the truth at the start of their quest; it would take an Einstein with resolve to vanquish superstition. Indeed, Einstein’s wobbly theories of relativity and error riddled analysis of the photon hardly encourages thoughts of valour. Modern traditional scholars might view Gnosticism as a cult that emerged a few decades prior to the supposed birth of Jesus. Moses a gnostic? Nay! Maree Moore’s opinion that King David was none other than the Hyksos (Kassite) Pharaoh Tutmoses, I agree with as is her conclusion that a number of the shepherd (priest) kings were also rulers of Egypt. I do not agree that Moses or David were Gnostics. In fact, quite the reverse would be so. They were tyrannous and despotic Pharisees. Moses smashed the sarcophagus casing of the arc of the covenant (sic) [proposing an arc and an Ark] and removed the source of power (switch) from the great pyramid of Giza. That’s why the armies gave chase. What did it achieve? We had to wait for Edison to reinvent a square wheel because Tesla offended the pharisaic tyrants. Another hint at the joint Jewish Egyptian heritage can be discovered in the very creation of Is-ra-el. Is represents darkness and the Goddess Isis. Ra is light and the enigmatic Sun God. El is their version of Akhenaten’s Amen (Which should be written A-mon) – gone but not forgotten. The Elohim (God beings) instructed Jews they were the Chosen People. That is why they mercilessly distribute their vile dark forces under the guise of ISIS or ISIL in the “name of God”. Incidentally, the Islamic State is merely a précis to Pharisaic reductionism.

So what is the truth about Jesus?

Before I answer that, we will need to do some detective work. This time we should apply logic in place of zealous hysteria. Those that have studied the synoptic problem will agree that one of the great mysteries about Jesus is why nothing was written about him until, perhaps (depending on which dateline theory you subscribe to), 65-70AD. In other words, according to the fundamentalists, Jesus died on the cross on or around 32AD and there was an “oral period” for more than thirty years. Reasoning ranges from big memories, cultural practices, and scarce writing materials to belief in something called the parousia or second coming. However, the Christian classification of Messiah is radically different to the Jewish authentic meaning. Therefore, the notion that predominantly Jewish (converted, but still “Jewish” at this stage) congregations waited decades in sincere expectation of a Messianic rebirth is sheer nonsense. The other problem is writing materials were not scarce. Therefore, I conclude, there was no oral period.

Continuing as a detective, I first must establish whether Jesus was a “plausible” real entity as there was no oral period. Other than some bizarre accounts in apocryphal texts, Jesus is reduced to an estimated two year ministry as determined by “reasonable” datelines (such as travel schedules) estimated from evidence presented in the four gospels. There is not one mention of Jesus in the weight of Roman records compiled 0-40AD. Jesus’ birth stories do not belong to the original gospel texts and were “presumed added” to Matthew and Luke’s gospels. Reputed scholars place Mark as the first gospel (though I will contradict that view) and he fails to mention the birth of Jesus. The stories themselves try to parallel superstitions over Moses’ birth and the way John the Baptist’s anointing of Jesus symbolises David/Tutmoses’ accession to the throne. Orthodox Christians now celebrate the birth of Jesus on or around 7th January. Roman Catholic tradition holds it was the eve of 24th December. Adonis (perfect love) was born at midnight on 24th December. Adonai is the Hebrew word for “Lord”; a common name for Jesus. At the other end of the popular account of the scale of Jesus’ life is the crucifixion and resurrection. Mark, once again, fails to mention the resurrection and logic dictates that, at best, accounts were “metaphoric”. Though all gospels agree Jesus was affixed to a wooden cross until he relinquished his life, there are problems when cross referencing attributing data and Roman custom/traditional punishments for crimes. Therefore, I argue that the crucifixion and resurrection were both metaphors of different meaning depending on the individual ambitions/purposes of the gospel writers.

It is generally assumed and reasonable to conclude that Jesus was neither a child nor an old man when he conducted his ministry. The Jewish age of manhood, thirty years, might be a good guide, but could never be assumed as an absolute. Therefore, we need to understand key historic events before drawing conclusions. We know that with the death of Herod the Great in 4BC there was considerable upheaval in Judea and jostling for power in the Sanhedrin. Roman influence became more oppressive (from the orthodox Jewish standpoint) and there was an attempt to beef up the Sanhedrin with hard line Pharisees (admirably countered by an influx of radical “left wing” Essenes). Indeed, Jesus “from Nazareth” is a mistranslation as he was a Nazarene (an Essene). Herod Antipas (ruler of Galilee) tried to court Rome and was a cordial ally of Pontius Pilate. A particularly turbulent period saw Caligula advanced to emperor of Rome and Antipas banished to Gaul in 37AD. This happens to be the birthyear of Titus Flavius Josephus in Jerusalem. As Antipas succeeded Herod the Great in 4BC, the crucifixion (of Jesus) theoretically could have taken place any time between that date and 37AD. Our next key event was the siege of Jerusalem and alleged (but not confirmed) destruction of the temple. Emperor Nero had placed some austere measures to crack down on Pharisaic disorder in Judah. This led to a Jewish rebellion for the Passover of 66AD. The situation quickly escalated into a siege of Jerusalem, culminating in the razing of the city in 70AD. However, arguably, most of the “key players” of Jewish order were not there.

If there was going to be a metaphoric crucifixion and resurrection of a Jewish shepherd king, then sometime directly after the siege of Jerusalem seems the best historic place. We are led to believe Jesus was a Zealot and they were the significant force behind the Jewish side of the Jerusalem rebellion. However, for this history to be complete, we need to consider some other key characters. Let us start with Josephus, the Jewish Roman historian. Corporate history (no doubt sponsored by Israel) tells us that Josephus’ father was a Jewish priest called Matthias, or rather, according to Josephus; he descended from the priestly order of Jehoiarib (one of twenty four priestly orders formed by King David). There is some ambiguity as to their status by Josephus (to cover up his connection to Jesus?) and they were aligned to the Sadducees (political left wing of the Sanhedrin). As a High Priest of the secret order of the Nazarenes, could have Matthias also been known as Joseph, naming his son Josephus? Could that High Priest been called a carpenter (craftsman), a euphemism for builders of structures with professional status, at the time?

Now we need to deal with the female line leading to Josephus. Scholars argue his mother was an “unknown” Jewish woman and he collected regal names Titus and Flavius to court favour with Rome “for some reason”.  I say that Josephus’ mother was a Roman aristocrat of great importance and his birth marked a fusion of the Roman and Essenes elite. Josephus’ mother was a Piso. Let’s call her “Mary” for fun. This family produced the Emperor Vespasian. Let us now consider that Jesus was not born in 0-4AD as postulated by mainstream scholars. Instead he was born in 37AD. If we add thirty years for the customary Jewish age of manhood, Josephus/Jesus ministry would have begun 67AD. Could it have begun with trouble with Nero and concluded with the razing of Jerusalem in 70AD? That is 2-3 years accounted for in the four main gospels. There is more. Was the fact he “wasn’t recognised” by some of his apostles after the crucifixion an indication he travelled incognito. Those throngs of sick followers were “not allowed to touch him” and, as a precaution, he was surrounded by body guards (the twelve disciples). We know they were body guards from analysis of their violent behaviour in the lead up to the crucifixion. Jesus is also noted for wearing “long flowing robes” which encourages the logic that he may have been “covered from head to toe” to avoid recognition/discovery. Finally, throughout the writings of the four main gospels, he never seemed to settle anywhere. This is the behaviour of a man “on the run”.

What is the case for Josephus’ mother being Mary?

Once again added to the original texts, Mary, mother of Jesus, is described as a virgin. This does not mean she was chaste. In fact it is a reference to her “void” spirituality. The Essenes were regarded as the purest of pure and their society suffered the curse of nepotism, so she would have remained a spiritual virgin for life. As a Roman aristocrat of the highest importance, she trumped the irrelevant Joseph/Matthias into oblivion. Indeed, of the three characters (Matthias, Josephus, Mary), from the Roman perspective, it is she that would have been the most spiritually pure. That is why, in the Catholic Church, the effigies of Virgin Mary are more potent than the Christ Saviour. Mary has become a renowned miracle maker, whereas Jesus has not. When Mary was canonised she occupied a higher place in the church than Jesus. [Added 5/10/2014 for additional clarity. Though some argue the “Virgin Mary” concept is merely evidence of the Adonis/Isis/Osiris father/son rebirth counterplay; it was not just this. We know from the Solomon Wives parable that the virgin “represents nature’s purity”. Moses’ anger at the worshipers of the Golden Calf was really an attack on Pantheism (Celtic Wicca) or, in accordance with the Roman/Babylonian religion; the worship of the “fruits of nature” and fertility rights as sybolised by the calf. Under this jurisdiction, a Roman Queen would have  been the celestial representative of nature. Another metaphor played on by the concept designers was the relationship between Jesus and John. The last recorded prophet was Zechariah (?) (although some purists argue that true prophecy ended centuries before). He and his wife, the “barren” Elizabeth, produced a miracle son – John the Baptist (Ebionite “king of the Jews”). This parallels with King of the Jews Jesus’ miraculous “virgin” birth.]

Though Josephus was a Roman aristocrat via his mother’s heritage, he seemed to align more to his father. The emphasis of his family history revolves around his relationship to Matthias. From the orthodox Jewish perspective, by ignoring his mother’s heritage, he also affirmed he was not a dreaded Diaspora. As a proclaimed Zealot, and political agitator of his time, this should be no surprise. Romans, incidentally, were particularly adept at inventing personas. The same individual might use numerous names for his different “characters”. Was Josephus’ cover blown sometime in 70AD and he needed to reinvent himself in Antioch? It is likely John wrote the first gospel and there is good reason for this (discussed later). However, the first “published” (if that is the right word) gospel was Mark’s (or Marcus’); who was a Roman aristocratic follower/friend of Josephus. Of course according to the symbolism, Jesus returned to Jerusalem only to be captured by the Romans and put to death. A “loved spy”, Marcus calls Judas was the traitor. Was Judas a codename of Marcus who was also the “young man that lost his loin cloth” at the arrest of Jesus? If we think about the symbolism of the crucifixion and resurrection, was that not a comment on the Jew’s losing/reclaiming Jerusalem (70/1948)? Marcus, a Roman aristocrat, would hardly endorse that in his gospel. And, sure enough, Mark fails to mention the resurrection. I guess it simply wasn’t important enough (sic). [For clarity, the arrest of Jesus and the crucifixion are separate events decades appart invloving different character sets].

We now can also see why there was no oral period and what was really meant by the “second coming”

The reason the “people of Nazareth” rejected Jesus’ teachings is code to say the Nazarenes knew who Jesus was. The fusion of a High Priest and Roman Queen did not make a Priest King – Messiah. The true Priest King, certainly according to biblical lineages, was John the Baptist. That is why Mark made sure Jesus/Josephus was anointed by John. The hereditary right had been transferred, but Nazarene insiders did not buy it. Thus the modern Jews assert Jesus was a great priest, but not the Messiah. Christian focus on philosophy and the philology of Messianic tradition merely beclouds clarity. That is not to say that the gospels simply act as testament to a rogue Jewish Messiah but, on balance, considering that question; the Jewish position is correct. In my unpublished encyclopaedia, “A Brief History of Human Conscience”, a chapter/book is devoted to the philosophy and history of Jesus; I recommend at least three different individuals are presented as “Jesus” in the four gospels. One dates back to 196BC and was an urban legend when the gospels were written. This blog post is very much an oversimplification due to time restraints.

Joseph of Arimathea features strongly in Merlin & the Shepherd of Arcadia. None dare give him a chronology as his persona is steeped in legend. Early British tales posit him as a trader; a merchant banker that negotiated a relationship with the druids who oversaw Cornwall’s tin mining facilities. Tin was needed for the production of bronze and was a valuable commodity at the time. Maree Moore calls Joseph of Arimathea a “Culdee”. These were, for lack of a better explanation, Arian Jews or Celts. Moore draws the correct conclusion that Joseph was both a Jew and a Celt as there was nothing to separate them other than a name. Interestingly, as a reader of energy fields, I have a very orthodox Jewish colleague. He is an unmistakable Celt. Allegedly his [Jewish] family history can be traced back to the sixteenth century. There are two possibilities for Joseph of Arimathea, but I recount only one (as this is a blog post and not a book). I postulate and speculate that he was an ally of Matthias, Jesus’ father. In this capacity, he would have been well into middle age (late 30’s/early 40’s) at the time of Jesus’/Josephus’ birth. Could Matthias been the minor agitator, Barabbas, in the reign of Herod Antipas. Did he, indeed, come to blows with Pharisaic order (for my American readers this is a version of Puritanism) only to be saved by Rome (Pontius Pilate) who happened to be less of a friend of Herod Antipas (supporting Pharisaic order in the Sanhedrin) than Joseph. Was Pilate paid twenty pieces of silver to allow Matthias to be [mock] “crucified” on Joseph’s land? No one has been able to locate Golgotha. Is this erstwhile fiction or the Arimathea homestead? I suggest Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln’s “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” is worth a glance.

Continuing this line of speculation could Joseph’s [of Arimathea] son have been Lazarus? The Holy Blood, Holy Grail borrows the view that Lazarus was the enigmatic Beloved Disciple, John. I believe it is more than compelling so must be correct. Lazarus is arguably the writer of the fourth gospel, John, but I also happen to believe he was the son of Joseph [of Arimathea]. His sister, Mary Magdalene, was married to Jesus/Josephus and predictably described as a “whore” by Mark/Marcus because she was not Roman. To Mark, Josephus was royal Roman blood. To his followers, he was the King of the Jews. The reason Jesus, according to the apocryphal texts, “a debater with priests” at age twelve, did not write a word was he was the greatest writer of his age – Josephus. However, the powers behind him had infiltrated the Pharisaic Sanhedrin. His father had almost been killed by Herod Antipas, except Rome intervened. Was the condemned man destined to meet Virgin Mary and change Judaism forever? Though Jesus/Josephus may have lost his chronicler (and first gospel writer), John, in the commotion leading to his exodus to Antioch, I believe the Rylands Library Papyrus P52 is possibly all that remains of Jesus’ personal copy of John’s Gospel.

When Rome razed Jerusalem, the crown of Judea, a new battle had been conceived. That is the fight of the orthodoxy, now split into the Hasidic right and the “non-orthodox” left. Their political army is the Knesset of Israel which only serves the pharisaic black heart that rapes Isis at the expense of Ra to preserve the vanity of their false prophets. Their foul cauldron of discontent conjures hell from the abyss of malevolence. Yet still, the brightest light, in His many guises, will forever rise and reign immortal.

That is the truth about Jesus.


Strange Encounters of the Autistic Kind

Though I have not read it, this post is partially motivated by Neil Gould’s book “Close Encounters of the ADHD Kind”. Over the last couple of week’s diligent readers would have been following Jon Rappoport’s reports about the recent mainstream news item; fraud at the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). Though the mainstream has not gone so far as to acknowledge the fraud; that is what it is. MMR vaccines cause the disability labelled autism and that was known by authorities that validated the toxic medication as safe. Readers should also be aware that the American Government Organisation, CDC, is substantively funded by the private sector; significantly by a notable ancient family. Though they shall remain nameless here, those that like to dig deep will discover their public support of the eugenics movement; a principle that believes in the purification of humanity either by restricting or purifying the gene pool or both. Under the guidance of Adolph Hitler, eugenics was one of the tenets of his NAZI regime. Jon Rappoport picked this up days before anything “broke” in the mainstream. Indeed, the first break saw the report pulled for a number of hours. The implications of what has happened are massive as this is the biggest government attack on its own people since the introduction of fluoride in the water systems. Fluoride, by the way, has the effect of calcifying the brain which restricts the mobility of the pituitary gland (sometimes called the third eye). This is important and will become clear as information is revealed.

Recently I lost my job which is perhaps no bad thing as I was being paid roughly 50% of what they call “minimum hourly wage” here. Though the supporting contract assures I will receive up to forty times minimum wage for the hours tendered (in the fullness of time), I really needed something to subsidise my writings and not investments. That fork in the road has delivered me to a Management Consultants group. My new employer does not accrue a war chest of value added products and services, manipulating the pain of their clients which is so often the case with Management Consultancies. So, I have been very optimistic in my attempts to raise awareness of their methods to other businesses. Speaking with hundreds of no particular type of size, I have some very interesting feedback to report. Without exception, there was a singular myopic response to my surveys. That response took two parts. “Are you are a buyer or are you a seller?” “There is nothing we fear that we don’t know about.” The first part is a version of the good versus evil binary. Buyers are good and sellers are evil. That is the cornerstone of imperialism. There must be no competition. In order to ensure there is no visceral competition, my army will always be bigger and more powerful than yours. In order to ward off attack, in recent post royal times cosmetic competition has been allowed to stop the serfs rebelling; to give the sense of hope that commerce is fair and just when it is not.

The other part of that feedback, “ignorance is bliss” summarises the sorry state of humanity. At our most fundamental, we, human beings, have two choices. We can listen and process information or we can close our ears and deflect any message that steps outside known parameters. Companies are powered by us. Regardless of dead speaking, without human beings there would be no companies. From the psychological perspective we go through four quadrants of development. These have been described differently by others, but here is my terminology. The first quadrant of a human being’s development is recognition of self. A side effect of the recognition process is the denial of anything that contradicts the profile of self. Some individuals never accelerate beyond quadrant one. Others will be travelling through their individual lives in blissful ignorance, deflecting hostile good advice all the while, when at some moment of truth they will forced to deal with shortfalls in their profile of self. Reasons for moments of truth vary, but they are usually very painful. Ignorance is exposed and for a brief moment the enlightened recruit becomes aware. Ignorance is now up for review. Self-analysis can fester for years. In some cases ignorance is never resolved and individuals bump through circular cycles of pain awareness and denial.

Those ready to move to the third quadrant will have had a catalytic epiphany. They will say, “We accept we are ignorant and wrong in our views and we are determined to do something to remedy the shortfall”. Without recognition and acceptance of failing there cannot possibly be a solution, unless we fix that which is not broken. Quadrant three is the realisation we cannot achieve this on our own. We need help or guidance to find the straight path. As Albert Einstein so eloquently summarised, “To expect improvement without change is the definition of insanity”. Thus quadrant three of our psychological development is a battle ground. The battle is between what we believe we know and what we should know. Naturally some are never able to resign their beliefs, but not everyone. There are no quick fixes and the resolution process may take a lifetime, but some reach quadrant four. The final stage of our psychological development is to understand. Its absolute is the state we call enlightenment.

Of the hundreds of people I have spoken to over the last couple of weeks, just about all have been firmly lodged into quadrant one. Only five indicated they might be quadrant two or three material. Therefore, the majority assert they know it all and are unruffled by any suggestions to the contrary. Be it the majority were afraid I might sin and sell them something; this vaccine scandal will be reacted to in exactly the same way. It is something that needs to be dealt with, if accepted, and that means quadrant three change. Therefore, the majority will either ignore it or debunk it. Radiation can be good for you if you are successful in convincing yourself you believe that. All problems and incidents will be blamed on something else to cherish internal myths until that dreaded “moment of truth”.

Good and evil does not stop at buyers and sellers. Imperialists have created a complex network of rules which are delivered as “morals” via religions. Not one of these rules was written by God, besides the modern imperialists assert God does not exist anyway. The reason the complex network of rules are in place is actually to enable the control of human beings via the formation of group identities (controlled by hidden singular powers). These “holy” group identities deliver various brands of order. This is not to say that religious ideology is all bad. Far from it as obtuse statements like, “thou shalt not kill” will resonate with every human being; great or small. Ironically that dual edge is the problem for the imperialists. Reasoned philosophy based on religious ideals has been the hope given to the serfs to inspire entire countries to compete against “corporate federalised” resource management and control. Under instruction, religious orders have labelled some powers “upright defenders” and others “terrorists”. Yet all powers have the same ultimate goal – universal control. Some are more and others are less ambitious. That’s all! On one hand, therefore, “thou shalt not kill” is very useful to rail campaigns against brand terrorism. On the other hand, voluminous and arbitrary deaths and injuries as a consequence of “upright defence” surely will go to defy the underlying original doctrinal message however it is used as “reasoning”. Dual protocols have emerged. ‘Those that can’ are above the “law” and ‘those that cannot’ will be prosecuted with full vigour and force when necessary.

Unless humanity can rise up to quadrants three or four universally, nothing will change. That is why the imperialists have produced toxic MMR vaccines and that is also why fluoride was added to water systems. The consequence of people waking up is, generally, humanity will refuse to cooperate with the tyrants. Indeed, when push comes to shove the edict “slavery or death”, will eventually apply. In order to ascend, humanity must hit quadrant four and go beyond to relative enlightenment. If the schooling system failed to make an impression how is university going to be any more constructive? Indeed moving souls up before they are ready is destructive because it pollutes the constructive environment. They do not pull you up. You drag them down! Under the terms of imperialism, to blow up a building, killing thousands of innocents in the process is fine when expanding the objectives of mythical Zionism. Israel’s zany plan struggles to offset logic or sanity. Why poison most of the land in the creation of Greater Israel? Even the mainstream is now producing sarcastic articles for those that assert America created the Islamic State. It, according to Iran, is a concept of US [foreign policy] imagination. The “brains” behind American foreign policy are all Israelite, frankly as with most other policies. This is how they deal with journalists that access real information (now the beheading metaphor exposed last post is clear). ISIS has expanded to America now? The war of Syria is as much an American war on its own people, but the plebeians remain listless and entrenched in quadrants one and two.

I had bookmarked a blog, followed it and commented against one of its articles. Now no bookmark, evidence of following or comment correspondence in my “in box” remains. Indeed it is as though there was no blog and I imagined I read its articles, commenting on one and following it. Having no imagination, this cannot be so and, thus, can mean one thing. Sorry, feeble American and Israelite hacks, you do not have the ability to select pinpoint thoughts and act on them. Only those behind the false matrix have sensational “higher powers”. Fortunately my mind is a steel trap; therefore I will recount my memory of the information. In 1988, I cannot say precisely when or where, but somewhere is the US in a prominent hotel there was a relatively open Council of Rome meeting supporting a glittering panel of speakers. The central theme was on how to deal with the reduction of global mindless populations down to a “manageable level” (presumably 500 million expressed in the 1979 Georgia Guidstones). It was generally agreed, against a litany of alternative methods, that the simplest way of reducing populations en-masse was via tainted medications (the ancient Israelite Therapeutae were also renowned poisoners). One suggestion was to deliver heavy metals through vaccination programs. We know “Mr & Mrs Vaccines”, Bill and Melinda Gates, are passionate supporters of eugenics, so why not taint vaccines? Certain alternative media sources have created cartoon like scenarios for Bill’s suggestion of mini lasers to combat the greatest killer of humans – the mosquito, as his sincerity is hard to be believed. Unsubstantiated discussions at secret society meeting have inclined to suggest the “means to an end” route is Gate’s preferred option. No wonder he gave away $ billions worth of polio vaccines to India, the world’s greatest population accelerator. What a nice guy?

My mysteriously disappeared blog reference also provided details as to some of the names of prominent individuals that attended that fateful 1988 Council of Rome meeting. Included was that ancient family, I mentioned earlier, that bankroll the CDC. So, just to be clear, the family or agents of the family that fund the CDC were also prominent in the 1988 Council of Rome meeting that decided it was okay to kill off the majority with tainted vaccines because they, the power brokers, did not like a lot of people around. Of course, none of their kindred group would be affected other than, perhaps, rogue journalists. Recently, in the blink of an eye, we learned that the findings of a 2004 CDC report on the safety of MMR vaccines were deliberately fabricated. This was, partially, because autism is a disorder and requires a behavioural diagnosis. The problem with behavioural diagnoses is behaviour itself is not an illness. Therefore, categorisations of recurring traits over, in some cases, extensive periods determine whether an individual is mentally ill or healthy. For the 2004 suppressed findings, a staggering 30% of Negro babies showed preliminary signs of autism.

There was a very good reason for this. MMR vaccines contain a toxic range of heavy metals, including mercury. Mercury, in big enough doses, rots the brain. I do not wish to dwell on politics surrounding the fall-guy and whistle blower, other than he was a cold blooded weasel to release the report in the first place and now he is demonstrating he is a whimpering coward hiding behind his lawyers and perceived “immunity”. If only his victims were immune. Let us imagine Iran was the conspirator behind MMR and they used Russia to deliver the deadly stock. Would that justify World War Three? The mainstream would jump on that in a heartbeat. America has attacked its own people to satisfy the insane and ungodly wishes of the select few because of their detestation of serfs. Are you all going to slumber in quadrants one and two? Why not send the vaccination survivors over to the radium stained Middle East to fight fake toxic wars against other beguiled and unknown overseas mercenaries in the name of “who really cares”? Could the troops actually defend their OWN people? Isn’t that something WORTH defending?

Jon Rappoport is not only a man of great intelligence; he is also a great journalist. This post, possibly penned by Theodore Wesson, outlines precisely what has happened in relation to the MMR vaccine fraud. Julie Gerberding was the head of the CDC at the time the MMR vaccine report was issued in 2004. She, ultimately, chose to ignore the wealth of unverified data that suggested the vaccine was unsafe. Julie Gerberding now heads up Merck Vaccines. Merck Vaccines produce and sell the toxic MMR vaccine stock. Julie Gerberding has attacked the American people. What are you going to do about it?

It is important look at the history of the word autism before I conclude with the “other worlder” angle on this. Words are constantly being changed. Nikolai Levashov noted much of the ancient Russian language had been changed to give word meanings the opposite values. Yesterday homosexuality was bad and today it is good. In that case they did not change the word, but we can see a word associated with homosexuality has been given an almost reverse meaning. Gay used to be the word that conveyed ideal circumstances relating to happiness. It became the depths of sordidness and depravity via its connection to homosexuality. Did the tyrants want to stain happiness? Of course, now gay-dom it is a form of political expression/oppression. The homosexuals that say, “I am gay and proud of it” really expect their audience to be proud of them. I am not proud of someone that is homosexual but I do accept that is what they are. My “branding” will not alter the fact. My prejudice will not “heal” them. My ideals will only create a war, to which I am the prevaricator. Therefore, I accept.

Autism used to be called Kanner Syndrome after Leo Kanner who identified behavioural traits in children between 1938 and 1943. Hans Asperger was an independent researcher that drew similar conclusions to Kanner. Eugen Bleuler, “inventor” of schizophrenia, termed autism an “escape from reality” in 1912. In a sense the collapse of the pinnacle of Victorian idealism had already started. This coincided with the giant 1914—18 war. Kanner identified individuals that showed no obvious signs of mental deficiency. All his subjects were clearly not retarded, but rebelled against authority or withdrew from society in individual ways. Statistically this reduced to 1:10,000. Aspergers Syndrome had a wider diagnostic interpretation calculated at 15:10,000. Ironically, Asperger’s work is more interesting and has been misdiagnosed. He identified the closed mind syndrome resulting, in some cases, poor (thinking) motor skills. In reality (if that is the right word), the minds of his subjects were still partially “connected” to the astral plane. What we call “imagination” is the astral plane. Because there is every combination of everything that either exists or might exist there, much looks like random ‘junk’. Those that attempt to interpret that which they don’t understand produce jargon. Savants and oracles are forms of Aspergers. In the latter case channels of anthropomorphic information are impeccably presented. Savants either have a blockage or simply cannot process the overwhelming data effectively and that is why they sound impaired. Histories are reliant on source information. I have not, for instance, reviewed individual cases of Kanner, Asperger et al.

I began by saying that this post has been partially motivation by Neil Gould’s book, “Close Encounters of the ADHD Kind”. Though I have not read the book, I have been led to believe it concerns his son’s out of body experiences as a sufferer of ADHD. A version of autism, I had believed ADHD was a relatively recent clinical discovery. However, it in fact is one of the earliest observational notations of autism. In 1902 George Still (a British doctor) named the disorder a “Defect of Moral Control”. Case notes concerned “impulsive behaviour” which had previously been deemed a spiritual and not a medical problem. Bleuler’s diagnosis of schizophrenia followed in 1910, but it was not until 1922 that a broader range of ADHD symptoms (character/behavioural traits) were described and classified as “Post-Encephalitic Behavioural Disorder”. The name was re-invented in 1980 by the American Psychiatric Association and changed to “Attention Deficit Disorder” (ADD). A final revision was made in 1987 to “Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder” (ADHD).

According to Gould, while out of his body his son lived with a second family of Mantis types. These are well known to those that study exo-politics and look like bipedal grass hoppers, some towering over ten foot. The modern name is the Mantid-type, but I think the old name was Thuban. I have experience of these and have visited both the master soul energy field and the solid (rock) version. Energetically they are very odd. Whereas all human beings have convex ectoplasms, the Thubans are concave. Early myths paraded by the mainstream media persuaded that those with ADHD were addicted to sugary drinks. Though there may be no truth to this, it is interesting to note that the Thubans drink sugary nectar for sustenance. Indeed, Thubans are not designed (able) to eat. There are numerous cases of hypnotic regressions revealing human/Thuban relationships. After being regressed, a number have claimed they are “hybrid” with either a Thuban mother or father. Most notably, the London Town Councillor, Simon Parkes claims to have a “Mantid mum”. Nevertheless, he is a reptilian. His energy field is very clear. Some reptilians also have concave ectoplasms, but I have never witnessed a human/reptilian field of this character. Via the joint-venture activities with the ancient god known as Thoth, various insect-reptile combinations have been created. Thoth is miscategorised as an Ibis. Though he looks like an Ibis, he in fact is a mosquito and reigns over that specialist DNA block. Isn’t it interesting the most lethal creature on this planet is a mosquito? For clarity, as this blog makes no attempt to mislead, the use of the words reptile and reptilian are contextual. Many, if not all, of the creatures described as reptilian have systems completely alien to our biology. There are bipedal “reptiles” with “dual” cold and warm blooded pulmonary systems, for instance.

Those who have studied extra-terrestrial abductions will know of a vast human-hybridisation program or, perhaps more correctly, programs. One of the problems with hybridisation is instability. Indeed, depending which source you refer to, just about all hybrids are impaired in some way and all would become dysfunctional given significant periods on this planet. Therefore I wonder whether Monsanto’s tampering with our foods is really preparation for a new hybrid. I hear HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is now “out in the open” as of 2013, but I cannot find any mainstream links. Two faced NASA have decoded or attempted to decode all ancient texts (known and unknown), funds were earmarked to uncover time portals located in the Earth’s electromagnetic field in 2012 and just about every esoteric art is taken seriously by them, “unofficially” of course. Therefore, I ask the question and in light of the invention of ADHD in 1987, the Club of Rome Strategy 1988 and the star child syndrome (particularly relevant post 2000); are those that try and control humanity attempting to create an inter-dimensional bridge using toxic vaccines?

Mary Rodwell is a well-known regressive hypnotist supporting hundreds of star seeds. Though subject ages range from young to elderly, I have posed the question to her. “The ADHD Syndrome seems to be linked to the Mantis soul network. However, have you ever surveyed your subjects to ascertain who has been vaccinated?” She has kindly replied, “Re Vaccination aspect, I haven’t got any stats I’m afraid. But I will keep it in mind”. I have asked Mary to present any constructive feedback if and when she is in a position to do so. In the meantime, encounters of the autistic kind will remain strange indeed. Will America’s psychotic and devious attack on its own people end up blessing them with the unimagined desires they strive?

Beliefs and UFO’s

ufo-nightAs UFO’s are intrinsically and unbreakably “justified” by beliefs, the first half of this post has been devoted to discussing belief systems. Indeed, unusually, many ideas that formulated the basis of this forum were not mine. They were collected from a single unknown source that will remain unnamed. I take confidentiality very seriously, even though, in exceptional circumstances, a break is permissible. Regular readers will note scheduled posts For the Empowerment of You (See and Society must never be Cashless (See ewh9cWj9SX20kl_kShhR-SH6PAAwere put on hold and published later. The day before releasing this entry, I attended an event hosted by Michael Tellinger. He discussed the objectives of his Ubuntu governance system which strives for a cashless society. My sentiment concurs but with a focus on honest electronic money as I am all for the removal of cash within limits and correct controls.

My thanks go out to the UFO Research NSW (See for negotiating a discount for me. Tellinger, as charming as he was, did not entirely resonate with me. sunI question the objectives of someone squarely in it for the money after David Icke’s recent disgrace (See Is this not similar to the various crusading followers ultimately “conned” by Ron Paul? (See His son, Rand, has amply converted to the other side and even Ron, himself, appears to have finally sold out or why did Mitt Romney bother to “endorse” him? Ron Paul Fraud(2)(See Is this the blueprint for so-called New World Order? The agenda seems to be to send charismatic, well-meaning spruikers out into the wider community only to demonstrate all are hollow pied pipers?

They did that to Communism (Read up on the real, virtuous late Victorian Communist Movement which has nothing to do with the state run commerce systems [Capitalism] of USSR and red China. libertySee, so why not reduce any popular Messiah to the same fate? I do not wish to confuse intelligent readers that are aware of the Sumerian and Israelite Priest Kings. My use of the word Messiah is the virtuous Christian definition. harpawebsite_1350x550px_1To his credit, Tellinger put forward a strong case to suggest that the Priest Kings (See ultimately are responsible for the bad attitudes supporting today’s foul belief systems This is backed up by Joseph P. Farrell’s research of the ancient banking systems and real reasons behind their creation (See

maxresdefault Moving along to those discussions I promised about belief systems. I am not good with diagrams (even though I undertook a Bachelor’s Degree in Art) so readers will need to fire up the imagination to summon a fitting pictorial model. In the centre of your fantasy vignette you should see seesaw scales with one end firmly planted on the ground (like ones you might find in a child’s recreation park). Upon the lowered end of the teeter rests various views and superstitions dressed as beliefs. In considerable lesser number are dispersed truths, many placed ridiculously out of context, perhaps when out-of-position they appear to validate superstitions. The other end, pointing up at a significant angle, can only be described as a sorry affair. There are a few withered question marks, so frail the Messiah himself would not be able to resurrect them. One or two may have been old discredited beliefs, but others are rejected views, disproven superstitions along with the very occasional truth that is ridiculed wildly out of context.

Protecting these belief systems are armour plated attitudes. Thus, above the raised end of the waver there is a solid titanium shield with a central lipped gutter. It is tilted in such a way that any “threats” to existing beliefs are easily expelled. Above this pictorial scene is a giant funnel with two compartments. BadEggThe good “eggs” that reinforce the existing belief system go in one slot and the bad eggs are ejected via the titanium shield. Rejects end up in a recycling plant. Those that can be rationalised into the current belief system are gently upgraded. Any and all disprovable information sources are forgotten, but a few anomalies will undoubtedly fester as tormented unwanted pets. If this aptly summarises human belief systems, it is no wonder redneck Republicans rarely evolve. It should be no surprise vegans almost never become meat eaters. It is logical to assume that every cause has its own propaganda tool chest.

There are always ways of circumventing belief systems, of course. MKUltra has highlighted neurological deprogramming using strong mild-altering drugs is not illusory (See Truth seekers will find a power of good in the writings of Jon Rapopport (See duck4Jon has written an enormous amount of the failings and “quack” nature of psychiatry (amongst other things). He also exposes Mkultra-style techniques rather closer to home. The alarming increase in accidental deaths (See or suicides of armed forces’ personnel (aided by psychiatry in many cases) gave me one of those “magic light bulb” moments.

Imagine the alternative Media’s had made a sufficient dent in the group consciousness to dissuade all but cold blooded psychopaths from attempting to join the armed forces. Yet, a few emotional, sugar coated adverts focusing on the nice side of the business conned a few intelligent, sensitive suckers into seriously considering signing up. Let us say the recruiter said to his computer geek recruit that it would be almost inconceivable for “him” to be called to the front line. Of course, keeping in line with the need for a “legal” disclaimer (See, the recruiter might insincerely low-light the “but I need to inform you” [of what could happen] drone. 2015-07-31-niles-iIf they, the virtuous armed forces, needed a publicity stunt (or false flag in the venacular) to demonstrate there are “enclaves of terrorists” in Afghanistan (See, for ideas,, might they not select a large, but unknown city as the potential breeding ground? Any family will do. Give the computer geek an automatic weapon, those special night vision goggles (courtesy of the Draco – low ranked ones associated with the NAZI’s; Altarians? See and and tell him to go at them might encourage a mutiny.

tMedications-pills3 Give the same soldier psychedelic drugs; he will not only go after them but approach the task of murdering an innocent Afghan family for the greater good with zealous relish. When the mind-bending drugs wear off, it is no wonder the conscience is so often overcome with remorse; as attested by the numerous suicide statistics. To be brutally frank, suicides are welcome by the military junta because they clear up all those “loose ends”. I think it is important to reinforce the message that the reason suicides are increasing in the armed forces is pretty much squarely due to the medications issued by psychiatrist quacks (See Do not think for one minute it’s just the military affected by this curse.

Let us pause for a second to remember the poor victims of the MH-17 attack (See Even someone as open minded as me struggles to fathom how “the West” could kill its own to put spin on propaganda directed at a war with Russia or, formal, World War Three (See Ok, perhaps that jumping the gun and maybe they’re not that brave (See Even so, let us never forget that more than three thousand innocent Westerners died simply to jumpstart a disastrous war over control of the Middle East. Mickey-Mouse-Wallpaper-11Whether Israel, “Zionism”, the USA or Mickey Mouse was behind it makes it no less of a tragedy (See The tragedy is the mainstream Media have shown themselves to be nothing less than viperous liars (See A sinister crime of the most diabolical nature was committed and to promulgate their never ending cycle of insincerity, they duplicitously court and excessively support false belief systems. screen+Shot+2012-01-22+at+10.41.59+AM

Living at the other end of the world has its advantages. Of the brainwashed slaves, some of the most open minds reside here. As a consequence we have numerous thriving UFO Societies. There is the UFO Research (NSW) Inc. (See, Campbelltown UFOPRSA (See, Tuggerah Lakes UFO Club in Sydney and several others. I am aware too of the Chatterbox Group, the Blue Mountains UFO Research Club NSW based communities. We also have some luminaries of international pedigree, such as Mary Rodwell (See and, though I rarely share his opinions, James Bartley (See Given the aggressive slander (in the mainstream Media) against credible UFO’s, aided by lone “debunkers”, a buoyant community interest in the subject here suggests there is some freedom from the narcissistic influences of the mainstream.

Nevertheless, even in domains that encourage self-expression, a magnetic manifesto mimicking mainstream superstitions/cultural programming seems to, without unanimously enforcing, guide popular opinion. Indeed the whole exo-politics (See industry teeters on undying subservience to renegade announcements from eminently respected scientists regardless of how the mainstream reacts (i.e. whether tabloids back or bag the information). Indeed, in light of the general mistrust in the mainstream, some prefer rejected announcements whereas others really only want to be validated by the organs of power. That is how the fearless Australian minds are divided, sad to say. 0Nevertheless, UFO’s have now become an acceptable part of folklore never really seeking formal validation, other than perhaps verifying authenticity of photography and determining the nature what is being filmed from a simple catalogue of obvious alternatives. Fringe partisan groups, such as the various so-called Disclosure Movements (See are revered to the point of worship, largely, regardless of sentiment or evidence backed announcements. As the ideal would be acceptance by “the mainstream”, the alternative has become “pseudo-mainstream” and, in that capability, gaping biases (some as deceptive as the mainstream trickery) have emerged over time. It might be said that to be an outlaw is not to lack dignity. Thus, let us call our Australian rebels refined renegades.

A tiny snippet from my unpublished fifth book, “Strange Times and Out-of-this-world Technologies” (of the Dimension, Deceptions & Demons series) more than aptly expresses my sentiment:

“It is important, at this juncture, to add that I refuse to acknowledge the mindless oxymoron “Unidentified Flying Object” or its partner acronym UFO. An object is either identified or not discussed. On the rare occasions I refer to them, I will term [presumed] alien spacecraft or other flying machines AAT’s or Advanced Alien Technologies.”

The volume is going to be an eye-opener and I recommend avid researchers keep a keen eye on development and promos as I may well reveal the “unrevealable”. In the interest of fairness (for this post) I am prepared to concede the acronym UFO under strict terms. Let me finish with a proposal as to how UFO communities can retain the title also keeping their intellectual dignity.

When I was a kid in England, my dad encouraged me to go bird watching. At the ripe young age of five, I took up the challenge with zest and called myself an ornithologist. That was my new word, then, though I do not think I have ever been a true ornithologist. Armed with a “concise guide to the identification of the birds of the United Kingdom”, binoculars in hand, I paraded the streets as though I was a professional. There were no “predators” then.

epyr-day-13-snow-finch-1It took me some years to hone the skills, similar to Australia’s UFO magnet phenomenon; Damien Nott (See Eventually a sixth sense told me where a bird was and in an instant it was in my binocular’s sights. Pow! When I was very young I spotted such rarities as the Aquatic Warbler (See Well, dad, of course, put that down as a Sedge Warbler (See I saw a Richard’s Pipit (See which turned into a common Meadow Pipit (See with parental oversight, but the Snow Finch (See was an interesting one. It is hard to misidentify as its colours make it almost unmistakable. Dad put that down to an escaped cage bird, but as the finch only liked altitude it did not make a viable cage pet. Weird! Possibly a case of young, underdeveloped eyes (See Little Owl

Later, in my early teens, I flushed a game bird out of some bushes.

“What was that?” Dad shrieked.

“A partridge?” I exclaimed, flustered.

“No, that doesn’t count.”

Mum was there, too. She saw the Little Owl. I just couldn’t identify it.

The beauty of the bird watching hobby is, wherever I go, there is a field guide. SlaterWith me all the time in Australia, I have the guide to Australian birds so now I am an “expert on a tour” when armed with binoculars, notebook and pen. All I need to do is process critical identification criteria in a flash. Size? Type? Gait? Distinguishing marks? What colour was the rump? Were the wings barred? Did it have a crest? And so on. Wham bam….Ultimately I can build a “profile” of a sighting.

One time, again in my late teens, we, the family, went to one of the Welsh remote islands – Skoma, from memory. There, my father, mother and I identified an unclassified bird. We took detailed notes, included were drawings from different angles. This was recorded from “tip to toe”; a great sighting, but it could not be found in the guide. Possibly an American vagrant? Maybe. Birds are “flying objects” too! classified

Why oh why do we call IDENTIFIED unclassified flying objects, “unidentified“? Isn’t that just plain dumb? Why not start a trend and rename UFO; UNCLASSIFIED Flying Object?

Next steps would need to see the compilation a field guide. That said, without “evidence” the mainstream is between a rock and a hard place over “classifications” as they have no guide either. So, perhaps, an “authority” perpetually “commissioned” but never released will silence the prowling wolves.

The Forces Behind Judaism – (final) Part Three

This is the final part of my essay. A recent follower has a very informative website which covers changes to the American Constitution and the unconstitutional, illegal Federal Reserve Bank. You can find details here. Part of the discipline of due diligence is continually reviewing past writings and I am invariably displeased with the consistent “typo’s” and clunky writing style of recent posts. Unfortunately, posts are becoming so large, projects so numerous, adequate proof reading time is unlikely to materialise. However, I am working on it! Finally, I often edit online, so if a part of a post does not make sense, I will have likely improved it by your next visit to this site. Do check back because some changes are significant. Pipeline up-and-coming posts to look out for will be Support and Charity, Planets, Society Must Never be “Cashless” and For the Empowerment of You.

By the early 1800’s the time was right for the invention of a new version of Judaism for the pioneers of the new Promised Land. This needed to be a fusion of mystic Judaism, gnostic Christianity and militant Islam – a sort of “one stop shop” for every religious fanatic. The man who stepped up to the plate was none other than Joseph Smith (Junior). In 1829, reading seer stones as his “divining tool”, he was presented a new version of Judaism which he argued was a direct message from Jesus Christ represented by the “angel” Nephilim, Moroni. The basis of the Latter Day Saints, root of the Mormon sect, was laid out in a series of gold plates which only Smith had access to. It did not just include a spiritual message but gave the historic development of America long prior to the Pilgrim settlers. The obvious flaws of messages reported on the phantom gold plates were so out of step with the popular mainstream the religion was a non-starter. Nevertheless, ironically, the Joseph Smith experience has all the hallmarks of a Pleiadian or Lemurian “abduction”. The gold plates were maybe somewhere in the 4th dimension where logic is turned upside down. It would not surprise me at all, for instance, if the plates themselves induced a download into Smith’s mind. That would explain his extraordinary, infectious charisma and determined confidence.

In a sense Joseph Smith had invented multiculturalism with his sympathies toward the Redskin natives. Mormonism signified a new age development of Judaism, which made the old order very uncomfortable. At that time the power of the proverb was everything. On one hand its sympathy towards some of the tried and tested bastions of order dissuaded enlightened would be recruits. On the other, its latitude towards branded perversions, such as polygamy, alienated would be dissatisfied Puritans. The focus on the importance of family and family values did persuade a large number to see the Mormon light. Indeed, in recent times, it should not surprise readers that Jewish-American Christians swing towards Mormonism. Prominent politicians, such a Michelle Bachmann, pledge their allegiance to Zion, naturally. One of the features of Mormonism is its veiled racism, which is not quite as overt as the Amish. Indeed, it is a policy of the Latter Day Saints to send “Pilgrims” out to the four corners of the Earth. Affable young men and women with American English accents with black name tags can be met in all the “civilised” parts of the globe. However, to ever be part of the “family” you must sell your soul to the devil. It will hardly surprise that Mormons are not really tolerant of other’s views. They are not multi-cultural at all but have made their version of “being nice” an art form. Those with the ability to remove the veil will find a seething cesspool of hatred beneath that facile smiling veneer.

There is some confusion amongst mainstream historians as to whether the Latter Day Saints partnered with or exploited the native Indians. Conflicts between the ever increasing numbers of gold rush fortune hunters and the fragile establishment led to America being called the Wild West by civilised people. The great Czech composer, Anton Vorsak, was not impressed with the “noisy rabbles” of 1896 as expressed in a couple of his compositions. The Indian Removal Act was first drafted by Andrew Jackson in 1830 and by the 1900’s; populations had been ravaged out of existence. Save for infectious mythical leaders, such as Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, genocide or complete abject slavery (as fourth class peoples) would have been instigated by 1900. As it is by 1930’s populations were a shadow of their former greatness. The Dawes Severalty Act of 1887 attempted to remedy the Redskin problem civilly by providing large land tracts for “settlement”; known as Indian Reservations. The real problem was, after the cull of the wild buffalo, which coincided with the creation of the Dawes legislation, the Redskins (who were hunters) had been starved out. It was deeper than that as the culture relied on the spirit of connectivity with nature; something city dwelling “Westerners” could not comprehend. With that very important aspect of their lives removed, part of every living Redskin died. The relentless waves of pioneers conquering America also needed somewhere to root. This led to conflicts with the natives proceeding [sometimes successful] attempts at annexing reservation land. The situation was not dissimilar to modern day Palestine and Israel, with key Palestinian land tracts occupied by Jewish “settlers”. The wheels of commerce were in place and all had been exploited by Zionism in its ambition to build up America for the prosperity of the Order of Zion. When sufficient immigrants had settled, an immigration bureaucracy was established with some expediency and operated with impunity.

It is no accident that after the building of the new Promised Land was complete, Zionism attempted to end disputes once and for all. This began with the simultaneous wars in Latin America, Africa and China. The United States challenged the old guard of the Latin south to a dual which resulted in American colonisation of Cuba. Philippines and other places were also scooped up as part of an initiative by the Roosevelt’s. Spain had shown its true metal – which was yellow. Understandably, the gold standard could not withstand universal, simultaneous wars but, inexplicably, the standard was “saved” by the so-called First World War. Afterwards and heralding the roaring twenties, the introduction of hire purchase finance in the US stoked faux optimism, for while cash circulates there will be no recession. In Europe to counter, untenable reparation demands and legislation imposed on German after their WWI defeat satisfied a number of purposes. Primarily, however, it was to build up Zionist British gold coffers . The banking system launched its coup d’état by stealing the US Treasury in the otherwise pointless creation of the  Federal Reserve in 1914. The same bankers funneled German reparation payments (resulting from another, different, Dawes Act) via Britain into American vaults only to redirect them back to Germany again to advance Hitler’s ambitions. Incidentally, under its ludicrous legislation, US Treasury borrows funds from the Federal Reserve for all cash produced in perpetuity. Did the elite know of electronic systems back then and was this with view to bring on the cashless society to a welcoming general public?

Woodrow Wilson was responsible for the draconian and unrealistic legislation imposed on Germany after WWI. Included was his demand that the League of Nations represented the common interests of the global power centres. The League of Nations was the dry run for the United Nations. Alice Bailey had established her Lucifer Trust in 1922 (The date of the formation of the Irish Republican Army and the final affront on the Celts). She is a lesser known associate of Helena Blavatsky (Ukrainian “Jewish” Khazar decent). The Lucifer Trust was used as a publishing house for materials produced by the Theosophical Society. Short lived in transparent form, Lucifer Trust was renamed Lucis Trust collecting surprisingly high profile sponsors including United Nations, Greenpeace International, Greenpeace USA, Amnesty International, UNICEF. Undisputably evil Robert McNamara (former US Defence Minister) was a patron. Though not official recognised, for my research, Alice Bailey was allegedly the brainchild behind United Nation’s philosophy, which was a globally federalised New World Order underpinning draconian legislation defining humans as slaves in every facet of the life stage cycle. Hints can be found in Bailey’s published works, such as Disciples in the New Age (1955). She is is a forerunner of the New Age movement which is a new order of Catholicism. Blavatsky was one of Hitler’s favourites and her philosophy influenced NAZI ideals. Woodrow Wilson also ensured the Zionist coup of Russia, euphemistically known as the Worker’s Revolution, in 1917. Communist-atheism is the preferred governing system of the Zionists. Russia became “communist” just after the First World War and is regarded as one of the only super powers that might veto the US militarily. China is the other super power. It became “communist” after the Second World War. Historians try to argue the Chinese version was a “social movement” but it was a military one. That is why Feng Shui is threatening to undermine the “spirit” of the people’s ignorance. 2017 appears to be the date “planned” for the US super power to succeed its governing control over to the United Nations. This may spark the creation of a new global only-electronic currency which is being tested with the bit-coin concept.

The most recent destabilising event, simply known as the “Financial Crisis”, had a number of objectives. Though Greece/Cyprus were the “fall guys”, it was an attempt to bring down Europe. Falling short of Germany, it seriously targeted Spain, Ireland and Italy. The Zionists are determined to unseat the Republic of Ireland and make it part of the Union of Jacob one way or the other. The attack on Italy and Spain was an attack on the old order. Nevertheless the black aristocracy now uses the Mafia to front their assets so, just as with China/Japan’s green dragon dynasty, investments are a covert operation. North Korea is a beacon for multi-lateral relations and the Zionists are not easy with that, as signified by American nuclear warheads stored under Fukushima for safety (sic). The Military Industrial Complex should think twice before dabbling in [HAARP] technologies they do not understand. Obama’s government took the unprecedented step of injecting cash into the populace in order to test the effect of cash flow. The reason reports were mixed is the so-called bailout had almost no direct effect on the progress of commerce because pessimism alone underscores a recession. Thus, the negativity of the Financial Crisis did not change the spending mindset to permit a recession. With the added obstacle of much less cash “in motion” the gloom was always going to set in sooner rather than later. Years ago I had a conversation with a senior banker friend (yes, some of them are ok). Though his programming refused to accept the fact, I argued that if a word of mouth campaign encouraged everyone to spend what they had twice as fast as they would have done, the economic velocity would result in boom time even if there was a theoretical “recession”. The Zionists have recognised financial health is as much a state of mind, so some carefully placed, well publicised investments can change an economy overnight. The key is not having the gold. It is how the gold is used that counts.

Modern day Zionists do not seem particularly concerned with the potential for a plebeian revolution, although I sincerely believe they have miscalculated the potential for spontaneous collapse. The greater concern is with the wrong elements gaining control of the power centres. Wrong elements are prime Aryan stock leaderships, such as in various Balkan nations (hence the war on Serbia under the pretext of Yugoslavia). The most feared “rogue nations” will always be Russia, Germany, Ireland and Iran. There is a common misconception that the elite [and Zionism] want to keep the people a notch above abject poverty. This is not true. In fact in some ways the reverse is true as money is a fantasy that requires social belief in its credibility. The Romans could not give money away to the Celts. A popular pastime of young modern Britons is to go metal detecting for ancient buried treasure troves. If the slaves would do what they are told when they are told if they were rich, the Zionists would make everyone millionaires. The problem is once people are rich; they become fat, lazy or when the hunger for success still rages they are more likely to compete with their masters than capitulate. That is why all the great technologies and secrets are locked away. Free energy is the tip of the iceberg.

Certainly since 1900 and probably prior, all US presidents have been affiliates of the Order of Zion. Eisenhower produced bogus Holocaust “evidence” for the creation of Israel. This is the global administration centre for Pharisaic policy. Any country that steps out of line risks war. The current president Obama has been groomed for the role of Messiah (though, some argue, of Satan’s church – or a “reverse Messiah”) to enable the global succession of the first world [initially] to United Nations oversight and control. It is likely America will be plunged into civil war before 2018 threatening the prospect of indefinite martial law. The United Nations will be offered as the logical solution. Die hard critics may as well talk to the hand. This will also permit the springboard to a one world single electronic currency because the old “economic wedge” method is hindering “free world trade” (Zionist tariff free rigged commerce). Those with the keys to the controls can still allocate black money and there may be a Mafia currency outlawed but permitted to simulate order and control. Such was tested in the old USSR. Stalin’s outlawing of foreign currencies did not stop US greenback of varying quantities flowing into the Mafia supported black market. The Zionist Corporation will likely control all small businesses via “official franchises”.

In the not-so-distant future there are other hidden forces linked to the Zionist takeover that will become apparent. These are the phantom extra-terrestrial entities Rockefeller Inc. has made every effort to censor. Though the Sephardic Jews are closer aligned to Zeta genetics, referenced via the Futczhi, Zionist Aryan supremacists are very Draco in character. Their cloak and dagger politics, which relies on overt censorship and covert misinformation, is right out of the Reptilian handbook. Listening to one of Netanyahu’s pointless and nonsensical speeches that has his cronies in raptures reminds me of some of the Chameleon (cloaked Draco) channellings. At least the Draco have a bit of style about them. A false flag ET invasion has been prepared for when the greater percentage of humanity wake up (a euphemism for the scheduled DNA shift Draco and Zeta filters have not been able to halt). Ironically, this will be conducted by extra-terrestrials – some of which look human and others are off world humans. Previously invisible, non-existent entities will materialise. There will also be invasions, perhaps infestation, of unappealing, likely dangerous, creatures “from nowhere” that are unknown. The increased incidence of the so-called chupacabra, which are actually Draco engineered Phalzants, are the tip of a very big iceberg.

Evidence can be found in Israel-ET relations by investigations into the Raeleon cult (or Is-raeleons) who make the correct claims there are numerous global underground bases either controlled by or occupied by (in joint-venture operations) ET’s. Zionism’s modern covert/overt military propaganda force is, of course, the United States Pentagon, which “owns” the NSA. The Pentagon is embroiled in Satanism and the mystic arts which it uses to summon Draco and higher entities associated with dark light spheres. Jewish/Zionist Billy Meier is the proprietor of a Swiss cult that channels Lemurian (?) dogma from Jupiter’s moon Ganymede. Their “laws” are listed on the mysterious (sic) Georgia Guidestones. The expression “cast in stone” should bring a chill down every human’s spine. These are not “demands”. It is diktat – to death, if necessary. Bio-war, insane “Gates-ian” initiatives (such as killer mosquito robots, turning everyone “gay” as evidenced by child sex change assistance), forced sterilisation via “inoculations” and other rogue “medications” or military/civil conflict will be stepped up to reduce the population sufficiently. It is likely the Jewish Diaspora will suffer for the anti-Semitism cause – again.

The Mosaic preoccupation that all Jewish tribes serve the Levites and wild animals were created to assist the obedient Jewish slaves of God is not worthy of sincere discussion. The same, too, can be said of the racist “belief” (sic) that Jew is man and human Goyim are lower in status than the wild animals as they are “devil’s spawn”. There is certainly a lot more I could have mentioned, but that is enough…..for now!

The Forces Behind Judaism – Part Two

This is a continuation of part one. I touched on Roman Catholic control of Europe and failed to mention that the Zionist merchant bankers loved to fund wars. Nevertheless, to be fair, at this point there were considerable wealth reserves tied up in the Roman States (eventually to become the Vatican) which could be traced back to the black nobility. Therefore the black nobility had much to gain from disrupting the equilibrium managed by the European monarchs as many were, at least partly, supported by or sponsors of black nobility funds. Zionism’s major draw on power coincided with the medieval royal houses which continued right up to the twentieth century (as referenced by Benjamin Disraeli’s poignant comments about [Jewish] orthodoxy marrying into the aristocracy via maternal lineages). Once the royals were broken, no doubt Zion could then target and fell the papacy. That seems to be happening today with mainstream paedophilia hysteria.

The hybrid Zionists, most notably via William the Conqueror, tried to seize Europe. However, in those days, the people roamed free and common law reigned. This meant non-Jewish and, invariably, non-Zionist mini-chieftains reigned precincts. Land had no value and, providing it was not occupied, it was available for the taking. The tales of Robin Hood scope the, then, sense of the right to life. They also carefully omit the history of money. Indeed the Romans failed to convince the British commoners and their rural chieftains of the value of money as, often, they could not give it away. The reason the Robin Hood tales omit the role of money is not just because the concern was the, then, present but they were written as propaganda to underscore the Zionist plebian coup d’état. Under Anglo Saxon Law the Jews (Zionists) became local bankers under a treatise known as the Starra in order to honour Jesus’ perceived distaste for money changers. It began with unsecured transactions that effectively amounted to hire purchase arrangements for social up and comers. Middle classes were encouraged to invest in luxuries beyond their means. Unexpectedly that was followed with massive land grabs on behalf of the state by temporary King John. Of course, this is emphasised in the Robin Hood tales with triumphant King Richard returning from the Zionist “crusades” in revenge for the Moors advances centuries earlier. Historical plausibility behind the peasant rebellion that resulted in Magna Carta charter is woefully lacking. The real amibitions of King Richard became clear after the crusades when he bequeathed great tracts of land to his inner circle. Peasants on these land gifts were stripped of rights and under the royal stamped terms of that thievery, the rightful owners (per common law) now had to pay rent in perpetuity to their new thief landlords. In order to pay rent, they had to work the land and sell produce back to the landlord (that had stolen the land). In effect one tenth of the yield was given to landlord by this arrangement and money was instilled as the denominator at all levels of society. Robin Hood be damned.

Gnostic “King” Jesus’ trusted friend was Joseph of Arimathea. He had a booming tin mining business in Britain. Tin was the new super commodity and the local druid chieftains made excellent business associates. What happened before is a great mystery and one I have not yet deciphered. It is too great a coincidence that Britain was selected and became the new Promised Land. Nevertheless, the Anglo Saxons were of the same stock as their masters – Aryans through and through. They made reluctant slaves and were, overall, poor workers (often due to poor health, rather than rebellion). Moreover, they expected rights. Serfdom backfired and after a few hundred years of little or no progress, the Zionist establishment effectively gave up without ever letting go. They therefore needed to find a new Promised Land. The land they selected was Amerika. It was more than some urban myth. The elite had esoteric documentation which confirmed its existence, land maps included. They merely had to go there. That’s why the freemason, Christopher Columbus, was sent. Some dispute whether he actually found mainland. It is unimportant as he was a puppet for America was known presumably prior to the most ancient records. The reason the Portuguese Columbus in particular was dispatched is Catholicism was intent on conquering the unknown world by discovering it. He also had Jewish “handlers”. The world was governed by two Aryan poles. To the north was Catholicism and Zionism held the south, east and west. For those that are confused by this; Zionism’s unofficial religion is atheism. That means its members can position themselves under any so-called faith they chose; Catholicism included. America’s so-called discovery date 1492 is a significant one. Not only does it mark this official discovery, but it also represents a significant attempt at cooperation between the forces of Zion and the old Babylonia cult.

Some Zionists, surprisingly, were and are also very religious. There were sporadic bouts of plague in Europe from the 1200’s and perhaps prior. These often produced a xenophobic reaction from deeply superstitious peoples wishing to ward off evil. As the Jews have always created insular microcosms parasitically drawing off wider society, they have generally been viewed with suspicion by the majority. 1349 saw 2000 Jews burned by an angry mob in Strausborg after an outbreak of bubonic plague or “black death”. Basel (Switzerland) rounded up and burned 4,500 of theirs. The Mainz communities tried to defend themselves killing 200 of an angry mob. This saw 6,000 of their own incinerated as a result. Members of the orthodoxy also found the Catholic interpretation of the Torah so appealing they were tempted to convert. Popes had even started to issue promissory notes which allowed advance sinning. Due to conflicts in business life, merchants had no option but to sin if they wished to be become successful. When another very bad outbreak of plague and syphilis hit Europe in 1490 an amnesty between the Jews and Catholics in 1492 seemed the only way to avoid eternal damnation on Earth.

The agreement was short lived because it obviously offended Pharisaic order. Indeed it made a mockery of old order. Therefore, Zion’s man, Martin Luther, infamously pinned his list of demands to the Catholic Church door. We know Luther was definitely Zion’s man because his new interpretation of Christianity was so Pharisaic in flavour it would have made St Paul blush. The fresh new name for Pharisaic order is Puritanism and now, by the backdoor out of Europe, a new land called America had been “discovered”. It was not too long before a boat load of pilgrims set off from the old Promised Land, Britain, to establish a new puritan haven. The fusion of Catholicism and Zionism coincided with the creation of a new masonic Christian sect called Calvinism. It is interesting to note that some claim that Barak Obama is Calvinist and not a Muslim (even though he swore into office on the Qur’an) as popularised, at one time, by the mainstream press. Good old Queen Elizabeth I of England (known as the iron queen) was a Zionist through and through, as was her father, Henry VIII. Henry’s claim to fame was to sack the Catholic Church of Rome, plunder its premises replacing them with his own church of atheism (colloquially known as the Church of England). Spiritually did make a comeback under Elizabeth. She imposed hefty punishments for non-attendance of church services in true Pharisaic fashion. The pews were always full in her reign. From about this point on the Churches became the local gazette. Towards the end of her life she blessed the foundation of the Virginia Company, which was a cooperation of merchants. James I, who was James IV of Scotland, heralded a symbolic coming together of a “broken” Britain after being selected as Elizabeth’s successor. James also heralded the introduction of Calvinism. The band of merchants behind the Virginia Company eventually plucked up courage to sail to America. When there, they grabbed the first piece of land they could easily secure and named it Jamestown.

The foul and deceitful pilgrims finally had their puritan haven, but who would do all the menial jobs unfit for a God-like community? Even back in the day of Christopher Columbus, Negro slaves were being introduced to the grand houses of the day. African social structures were such that if a chieftain could be influenced in the right way bond labour would have the blessing of all parties, including the slave. Over time, the African chieftains and local peoples realised they were being exploited and attitudes changed. However, Negro slaves were renowned for making the best workers. Texts that allege Columbus did reach the American mainland also say he captured five hundred native Indians to sell as slaves. Reputedly he was double crossed by his Jewish stakeholders, never receiving a penny and was falsely imprisoned for a while. For anyone feeling the remotest sympathy for Columbus need to be aware of his character as, once again, reputedly he used to play a game with captives. This game involved trussing them up securely with rope so movement was impossible. Feet up they would be dangled from a fall overhead branch. Then his men would take turns to see how fast they could chop through these human “logs” with their axes. Whereas the coming together of Wales and Scotland had been a bloodless affair with the royal engagement of James, Ireland was far from conquered. English colonisation of Ireland had begun in the 1500’s was met with violent resistance from the Earl of Desmond (aided by Rome after the fallout with Henry VIII). Things reached a head in 1640’s when 1000’s of displaced peoples needed to be processed. James II came up with ideal solution. He decreed the declassification of Irish as Aryan slaves and bundled them off to the colonies (America and the West Indies) for sale. While a Negro was regarded as prime stock and would sell for fifty pounds sterling (the price of a mansion house) an Irish would struggle to fetch five pounds. Indeed for some Irish no price tag was attractive. To make the exploitation palatable the term slave has been upgraded to servants now when discussing the plight of the Irish.

The Pilgrim Fathers needed slaves and plenty of them. One of the great ironies is that the Irish slaves originated from precisely the same genetic stock that is the Zionist elite – Khazars, Huns and Mongols. Perhaps it is not so ironic. What better way to protect the true origins of Zionism than fabricating myths of Jewish separatism, when all along the same Atlantis rejects; the derelicts have been driving politics on both sides. Religion is merely a front. However let me press on with this historic saga. History has told us that the Redskins also did not make willing slaves, although many ended up supporting white man’s households. Historically, like the Australian aborigine peoples (who may be the closest to Olmec man); the Redskins welcomed visitors to lands that yielded. It became clear very early on that white man was not there to share. He was proposing a takeover. The advent of a stampede of greedy “pioneers” was designed to engage a clash of cultures. However, the Redskins ultimately lacked the ability to fend off white man, as recklessly brave as individuals may have been. Back in Europe, notably Britain, the old guard kept a beady eye on the America situation, with a muted opinion it would fail. They presumably had privy information as to the reputation of the Redskins as fearsome warriors. However the seventeenth had smoothly flowed into the eighteenth century, on schedule, and there American puritans had settled relatively incident free. Indeed the relationship with the natives was more positive than negative as great tracts of unused land were available. Thus, in light of the early success and potential for fortunes to be made, the British Crown (accompanied by a gaggle of Zionist bankers) decided it needed to stamp its authority on the rogue colonies. In the centre of these politics was an unknown (if you believe that you’ll believe anything), relatively impoverished son of a Jewish German grocer and money changer. “Chance” (sic) placed Mayer Amschel Bauer (Bayer) under the tutelage of Jacob Oppenheimer. Through Royal connections, the fantasy goes on to say he became a dealer of rare coins, but things become foggy in trying to justify the rise to enormous wealth as a financial middle man for the nobility. Bayer changed his name to Rothschild supposedly out of respect of family, which could be traced back to 1577 and, then, a roth (red) schild (shield) represented the family business. This red shield, others have pointed out, was the old Yiddish Zionist solidarity emblem based on a Babylonian lucky charm.

I am not sure if I discussed the Zeta Seal in my last post. If not everything has been covered in my edging-ever-towards-completion book Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons. The Zeta Seal dates back to 1748 when they attempted to halt the genetic ascension of man, or, rather, human. In essence it was very important to them that we were stuck at three strand DNA with broken chromosomes. Amazingly 1748 was a very important year. Firstly (on January 26) Britain, Netherlands, Australia and Sardinia (!) sign the anti-French treaty. Sardinia, by the way, became the ruler of all states and principalities under the formation of Italy in 1863. Germany reverted to joint control from Bavaria and Prussia in 1870. Anyway, more on 1748; March 19 heralded the Naturalization Act granting Jews the right to colonise North American colonies. [Pachter] Riots saw the death of over 200 after Netherlander Marretje Arents was executed for leading a contingent of protesters at the government peat tax. On August 15 1748 a United Lutheran (Zionist) Church of the US was conceived and followed by denomination in Pennsylvania August 26. December 26 France and Austria signed a treaty over southern Netherlands after the French defeat of Maastricht May 7. In 1749 Britain’s George II (a puppet king for Zion) gives the Ohio Company [the trading rights to, which amounted to land ownership of] Ohio. The stakeholders in the Ohio Company were none other than the dear Washington’s, George not, officially, included. Jefferson and a few other noteworthy names were involved with that investment. Not on theme, but relevant, in 1750 September 5 a decree was issued in Prussia allowing the annual search of Jewish homes for stolen or “doubtful” goods. Oh dear, they were the “fences” that far back? I very much doubt many Sephardim were embroiled.

The whole concept of Capitalism has been driven and exploited by the Zionists. However, with the emergence of the “unknown” Rothschild dynasty a special order for centralised control was created. Many talk about the powers behind the power, surreptitiously known as the “powers that be”. However, the identity of the prime peer group was brazenly labelled for all to see. The name has not changed today and, officially, on 1 May 1776 Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit and university professor, founded the Illuminati. The name actually means “enlightened ones” and was likely the reinvention of the, prior protectors of Zion, Knights Templar. They, as touched on in part one, had largely brought about their own demise by alienating a number of monarchs, Charles IV of France and Henry V of Britain included, in 1300’s. Today’s Illuminati is a “now you see it, now you don’t” affair with the main visible drive illuminating (brainwashing) the general (ignorant) public with propaganda. Your mainstream news is an example of that propaganda, so if you rely on that fantasy as “basis”, you are an ignorant peasant. This is not to say “events” advertised by news streams do not occur. Propaganda is usual found in voiceovers giving Zionist favoured outcomes to each plot or critical omissions. The landscape had changed and the world had become too big for things to return to middle ages standards, so the Knights Templar casualty would never re-emerge intact.

1776 was another big year and the formation of the Illuminati was as much symbolic as practical. It heralded declaration of Independence of a free America. Free referred to “tax free” so Zionist merchant bankers could operate unshackled from the British Crown. This is important and more on this later. It also marked the end of torture as a means of interrogation in Austria, although this was the fashion in Europe and by the end of the nineteen century it was a common law. 1776 was also a hinge date in Russian affairs, although topically 1772 was a more significant one. Part of Poland was annexed for Jewish peoples by Catherine “the Great” (another Zionist) and she also broke the Khazar/Cossack (perhaps not with Zionist affiliations) republics on the Russian mainland, possibly completely by 1776 or shortly after. That was a turbulent period of Russian history. France had been plunged into revolution after deliberately squandering its assets in the American Revolution. Some argue that the Statue of Liberty is [masonic gesture] evidence the French foreign minister at the time, Pierre Beaumarchais, was a conspirator who set up King Louis XVI, both toppling the monarchy and funding Zion’s new haven, America. Let us never forget the British/Italian Sponsored “anti-French” treaty of 1748. An “unknown” Italian banker’s son eventually progressed to lead the new Republic, only to declare himself Emperor. That betrayer of “new order” was Napoleon, of course. The French “model” was a precurser to Russian “Communism”.

Jim Kirwan is an aggressive writer whose style I do not favour. However, I do confirm he seems to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Unites States of America’s legal historic development. Frequently he references controversial laws created to empower the bankers to the disadvantage of the people. However, the rules of the game were about to abruptly change. One can loosely argue the change in standards began with the abolishment of torture for war purposes. However, this is hard to validate. The British Abolishment of Slavery Act 1833 was a certainty. On face value it was a positive step towards great civilised society. In reality it was a Zionist driven commerce ploy. The problem with slavery was not only the slave was bound to an owner, but there was no real incentive for an impressive work rate. Therefore, a bad slave was a huge problem. Punishment demotivated the good workers so much it served a negative purpose. Most slave owners were not inhumane and, in some ways, felt they had a duty of care. Besides, to free slaves due to poor work efficiency might encourage a trend. Good slaves were often very well treated and often incentivised. I say that not to vilify their lack of liberty, but merely to put things in perspective.

A low paid underclass with no social security was deemed a positive step. The new crop of third class citizens with no voting rights would have to work well or perish. They were no longer an owner’s problem. The predictable consequences exploded in the numerous newspaper reports of the 1850’s and 1860’s. It took no time for this displaced underclass to come into conflict with the landowners and present a new problem. Initially it was dealt with using the gallows and the prison system, but delicate members of civilized society became more and more scathing in their published writings and this led to a galvanisation of human rights movements between 1860 and the turn of the century that threatened to topple world order. I will come back to that. The United States of America’s reason for joining the trend and abolishing slavery ultimately had nothing to do with the civil war, other than the winning side held the cards. Both sides were strategic friends of Zion [and some enemies], so the war was a safe bet. In 1863 Lincoln abolished slavery in the Confederate States by emancipation. However, this was a feeble gesture to weaken the Southern forces in the civil war. Nevertheless, his stakeholders cornered him into the full abolishment of slavery. Because he tried to reverse the direction of cabinet, his assassination was commissioned. In April 1865 John Wilkes Booth was hired by a masonic group [some argue was connected to or a splinter of Rothschild’s Illuminati] called (something like) The Order of the Golden Hand. Behind the scenes this event was significantly complex and a number of parties are implicated, including politicians and the Catholic Church. Just as in Britain, an impoverished underclass was created, but these were mainly black and not Irish. The significance of the abolishment of slavery was the cotton price in England was sent up fivefold and created a mini boom time.

The new rules of commerce favoured import/export. It was called the economic wedge. With a low paid labour force, cotton stock now had value prior to retail or wholesale. Stock now needed to be insured and required money changers’ services at every port of call. The money changers, unsurprisingly, were all Jews of the old order. Thus a relatively low cost product became quite a costly one when rinsed through the economic funnel. I have heard there is a statue or plaque donated by the Rothschild’s to the city of Manchester celebrating the abolishment of US slavery. Manchester was the prominent British resource point for skilled seamstresses at the time. Rigged commerce is not all that developed from the independence of the United States of America. On a side note it is worth mentioning that Englishman, Captain James Cook, was sponsored to circumnavigate the Pacific region for his third voyage in 1776, after “discovering” Australia in 1770. It is likely Zion was seeking the next United States of America in case of its collapse as a union. The late eighteen century was a turbulent period for the freemen of the United States. The so-called Boston tea party 1773-1776 saw a dispute between the British Crown and the East India Company impose a levy on tea, due to piracy and smuggling operations. The standard retail price per pound was about three shillings or more but smugglers could sell the same stock for two shillings and a penny. Though the levy actually reduced the price of tea sufficiently to undercut the smugglers by one penny, it enflamed British US relations to such an extent a band Mohawk imposers dumped 342 chests of tea into the bay of Boston. This directly impacted the Deep Sea Bubble stock market crash of 1790’s and the United States experienced a number of painful recessions throughout the early 1800’s. It is interesting that the gold standard was “invented” in 1696, collapsed in 1797, and reformed the British banking system in 1821. The party was over by 1890’s with simultaneous wars; Colombia, China (Boxer Rebellion) and South Africa (Boer War) and the gold standard was only saved by bonds, which first began in 1901 (I think), or “stock options”. That concept was refined with invention of the “premium bond” in 1950’s which was capitalised on by Britain’s Harold Macmillan with the consumerism boom of 1960’s. Unlike the prior bonds which acted like “shares”, premium bonds were indexed and better than currency. In effect the concept allowed the explosion of asset values, whilst being indexed to a superficial standard (such as gold) – a very clever idea. The next step had to be the derivatives market bolstering fraudulent trades aimed at compensating the bankruptcy of all Western nations after the Vietnam War. Currently, I am led to believe, the United States has $180 trillion of futures debt.

To be continued….

The Birth of Hu-man-ity and its Practical Implications

Over the last few weeks my focus has been devoted to making headway with my new writing project I have titled “Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons”. This may not be the title when the book is completed but, a third of the way into it; I see no reason to change. I do not wish to be like other writers, producing enormous bibliographies with a nugget reference every paragraph. To me that is plagiarism on steroids. Surely I can find enough that is fresh and new to fill a book that no one can say, “Well I like his ideas, but I prefer Philpot’s account”. However, producing something completely new also risks ridicule from professional debunkers who imagine fantasy at a hundred paces. Therefore, I have engineered a compromise. Whereas, I do not intend to provide a list of bibliographic references as the work is not a continuation of past wisdom, I have included a form criticism and textual analysis of the Genesis ‘Adam & Eve’ and ‘fall from Grace’ [so-called] parables. The analysis shows they are neither parables nor anecdotal, and will cause rumblings in theological circles.

To show I have been busy, I would like to present the end of the conclusions of this Chapter, “The Birth of Hu-man-ity and its Practical Implications”. It is unedited and long so hopefully it will read o.k.

Though readers must understand that Khazars, Mongols and Huns which made the original broad based populations of the Ashkenazy are not bloodline Jews, there is a genetic Jew. Khazar is related to the German word ketzer and means heretic or Jew. The German word musselmann is used as a descriptive noun for those who suffered the muscle wasting condition of walking death in WWII concentration camps. It is also German for Muslim. Modern Khazar royalty is linked to the Jewish Kagan family, prominently located in and occupying various positions of political power in the USA. We now know the Adam and Eve story was not concerning the creation of Hebrew, but Olmec man. The fall from Grace testifies the Reptilian Draco creation of a new impotent Aryan. No doubt coded information can be found somewhere in the Biblical Old testament, but I have not located it, so I must rely on intuition for my explanation. Simon Parkes has laid claim he is the reincarnation of Biblical Adam, who led a band of about two hundred men. Parkes claims he has met the current Draco king and a holograph of the Mantis premier. Yet, Adam was not a Hebrew and also was not one of the thirteen tribes (races). If my calculations are correct he preceded the creation of the Hebrews by around two hundred and thirty five thousand years. Though the Draco engineered a failed attempt at [their own version of] Olmec man twenty thousand years ago in southern Africa, this is not so important. Although it does explain why some Negro persons see Reptilian energy bodies so clearly they confuse the energy with flesh. It is likely the originals were more “Draco” than any other man on our planet surface.

Contrary to popular myths spun by the New World Order via alternative Medias and charismatic spokesmen like David Icke, the Draco are committed to resolving planetary turmoil and [counter] the compulsion of human leaders to abuse their governance. As, by Draco standards, human genetics are greatly inferior, commitment, at best, is lacking. They have been reluctant to use their own genetics as a replacement template, perhaps through fear of competition. Nevertheless the missing link in the Semitic Hebrew equation appears to be the [Zeta-Draco] Futczhi. In their way of harmonising disorder into order, the Draco created a new Hebrew man from thirteen races. Each tribe was a separate race related through shared Zeta and Draco genetics. That is why Zeta and Draco are joint guardians of the true Chosen people, which are not the Kagan Khazar Zionist imposters and others the Germans call heretics. I am not entirely convinced by the numerous flood stories indicating miraculous human survival after the 10,400BC disaster when the Earth’s crust briefly detached from its core and slipped. So, either stock was collected from the fleeting remnants on Earth and processed off world or everything post 10,400BC is “alien”. Do some of the Genome findings give credance to the consideration that ancient genetics can be switched on even after being laid dormant for several thousand years? Plausibly this would mean there might be an ancient store of preserved human and other genetics which could be used for regeneration of any archived restore point.

Incidentally, gauging a number of ancient myths, including the Adam and Eve and the fall from Grace stories, all plants and animals were created from the same sources of DNA used for humans. Thus far, this has been born true by the Genome Project. Bizarrely, bananas are fifty per cent human (or rather share fifty per cent of human genetic structures). This proposes the least plausible possibility; a fundamentalist interpretation of ancient Scripture. According to hard line creationists the world was formed somewhere between 6984BC (Alphonse X of Castile’s opinion) and 3616BC (Rabbi Yom-Tov Lipmann Heller’s view). Others more sympathetic to interpreting Genesis laterally have calculated the start before 10,000BC and perhaps as far back to 20,000BC. If this notion is to be taken seriously, then the 10,400BC disaster, which saw the Earth’s crust detach from its core, led to the collapse and disintegration of the globe. Only then might a new holographic timeline have been super-imposed and, thus, the creation of an entirely new origin. This would explain why real history has been so subverted. However, as the Genesis and other ancient texts are contextually current, theologians and historians might expect to find some clue [in them], but none is prevalentn other than the original [Genesis] genealogy (up to Noah) arguably might consist of pre-disaster genetics. It is also ironic that Noah is the one that survived the flood. Could this actually be an analogy of an off world repository of DNA/RNA (including all animals) which included the provision of three [genetic variant] “sons” used to rebuild surface life after the cataclysmic disaster? Did the violent outcomes of the disaster for a long period obstruct or seal all reasonable access points from inner Earth removing that decolonisation option? The creationists are certainly wrong as there is no indication that the Earth was destroyed in any ancient textual account (Sumerian and Mayan included), but several suggest it miraculously survived a severe battering (which included a planetary collision – Moon Falla?).

Enlightened writers have observed the scientifically unverifiable Turaneusian Pattern. This is the name given to a step process or evolution working towards ‘twelve strand’ DNA. In association with the Turaneusian Pattern alternative historic sources present a variety of Elohim light energy, which is called (by its group name) Zionites. These Zionites, sources day, travelled back in time to engineer a shift from Harmonic Universe One to Two (likely almost immediately after the destruction of Tiamat). It is unlikely this does not describe the creation of a second real time standard to create Earth in place of Tiamat one and a half billion years ago, but it may be refering to something else. According to the Genome and science we have always had ‘three strand’ DNA whereas our broken chromosomes are ambiguouslyunexplained (or, rather, mainstream science explanations mostly remain unsatisfactory). Nevertheless, according to Lloyd Pye and others, it would be reasonable to conclude that our higher being (Pleiadian) DNA had been nobbled in the hybridisation process. I have yet to scrutinise the detail but Alex Collier hypothesises at least twenty two alien races can be found in the human Genome pool. Given the method of the sun’s electromagnetic field, human ascension is booked in and will arrive on schedule providing genetic markers are activated. A relatively early attempt at stemming the progression was made by the Zetas in 1748. This is known as the “Zeta seal” and is a frequency fence attached to the harmonic energy fields of the Earth and the Sun which filters in a similar way to the “false matrix”. Arguably it was an attempt to restrict DNA progression to three strands. It is unclear whether it was activated by the Zetas or Zeta-Draco. Either way it would have needed to have been permitted by the guardians, so it must have had Zeta “sign off”. Gauging the enormous political changes globally either side of 1750 and knowing the Zeta’s time awareness, I suspect that date was not an accident. Zeta-Draco Futczhi were certainly the Eisenhower (?) partnered overseers of the catastrophic Philadelphia experiment of 1943. Though most are ignorant of the fact the ramifications are being felt today. Essentially, the Futczhi, in their unfathomable stupidity, decided they would bend time and light to permanently fix the human problem. They were lucky the Earth did not implode. Fortunately they only managed to hack the time network and the rest is history to come. Is 2084 going to be the feature date as I predict?

The diligent researcher must consider all evidence, no matter how bizarre or contradictory (when compared to popular calculated scenarios or outcomes). Turning back to deep history, fossils have posed more problems than answers. Much collected and archived has been ignored, forgotten or censored. Skeletal evidence of million years old human remains rather quashes the creationist’s ideals. Officially there is a great mystery as to why the dinosaurs systematically died out. Popular science theories propose the cataclysmic event that was an all-consuming meteor shower which stuck all parts of the globe more-or-less simultaneously. However, the same scientists that came up with that theory don’t question where the meteors came from and prattle on about natural cycles of things they neither have evidence for of nor have any understand of. Via channelled streams of inherent information, I have understood that science, ironically, was quite correct. There were extraordinary meteor showers, but that is not all. There were also enormous interposing forces which catapulted the Earth out of its position in relation to the sun. Indeed it may have only been the collision with Mars that fixed Earth in its current position which was Mars’ old location. Mars was then shunted out too far away from the sun and this would have made surface occupation intolerable. The event concured with a giant war between the Aryan Martians and the Drakkon Earthlings. At this stage the Draco had not been created as the event took place seventy eight million years ago. The meteor shower was the residue of the splintered planet Maldek. A deep problem with rationalising this information [as correct] is it took twelve to thirteen million years for the large dinosaurs to die out, so the meteors and Earth’s changed position and climate was not the exclusive reason for their demise, although may have precipitated a long chain of events to end the magnificent dinosaurs.

Rosine Lallement’s cosmic pulse theory does merit consideration. However, if there was a giant electromagnetic pulse generated by the centre of the universe that globally altered all DNA it does not explain why a number of smaller dinosaurs, such as crocodiles, remained unchanged after the event. Another theory claims the dinosaurs, in general, evolved into birds. The problem is identical and with a twist. For the large dinosaurs it would have been a mindboggling, and therefore implausible, downsize. The small dinosaurs group did not change into birds. Some stayed the same. Others may be contenders. In fact, as I have already explained, evolution does not work in the way mainstream science proposes. DNA is processed in the belt made from Earth’s electro-magnetic field co-joined with the Sun’s. DNA is processed at individual and group (family) level, so changes could see one or the entire group elevated. The group is broken into hierarchies which, equally, can see individual changes. There was an experiment a few years back which presented startling new insights. I forget the details; names, places and so on, so I can only offer a rough scenario. Verified distilled water free of life was placed in a sterile container and left for one month. When checked for life signs unusual single celled entities were observed. Over a control period the progress of the organisms was monitored and adaptive variety was observed. Though there is some ambiguity as to whether the container and/or the distilled water were truly sterile, or, indeed, something was not airborne (if the solution had not been compressed in a vacuum), the findings propose spontaneous existence is a reality.

There is another enigma which affects the analysis of the Biblical stories Adam and Eve and fall from Grace. At the precise point when the Earth suffered from the destruction of Maldek, it would have been a pretty hostile place to make genetic peace. If, as could be reasonably concluded from the massive change of climate, the large sized fauna and animals died out over an extended period evolution does not explain the change of life systems. Nevertheless, if there are bustling life systems in the temperate zones of inner Earth that might be suited to the old Mars surface conditions and not the sweltering super climate of the dinosaur age, then the change of hierarchy is likely to have come from a transfer of inner Earth resources to the surface. According to science, most mammals and so on were evolved by millions of years by the time they miraculously appeared after the demise of the dinosaurs. However, the real problem with determining that man was one of a worldwide array of animals and plants instantly created by the God’s, is man was at least part Earth indigenous stock, whether you select clay or dust as the code word for genetic culture. Homo erectus certainly preceded modern man, only contradicted by odd and unexplained geological finds dating hundreds of thousands or millions of years prior to rational datelines.

By way of conclusion, we have more questions than answers, but I shall attempt to summarise my findings and draw lateral recommendations. Firstly, at some time after the demise of the dinosaurs a new human was created by the Drakkon, as agents of Ba’al (manifestation of Lucifer). As the hybridisation process was manufactured by genetic steps, duration assessment ranges from at least a million and maybe millions of years. Built from (certainly) Tyrannosaur and Pleiadian and perhaps other DNA source material, they were the walking version of Tyrannosaurus Rex. At some point in Earth’s surface development they were forced below ground. This was perhaps 2,300,000 years ago, but the date is not particularly important. It appears the regulated inner Earth climate with the potential for hot and cool zones suited the Draco so well, they made it their permanent home. The legendary city of eternal life, Shambhala, may be the Draco inner world epicentre. If so, it is located relatively close to the region we call Antarctica and maybe only a few hundred miles inside Earth. By the time the part Pleiadian Annunaki arrived to create Olmec man about 250,000 years ago, the Draco had such a well-protected inner Earth stronghold they could not be defeated. Considering the mind blowing technologies the Annunaki had possessed, it is reasonable to assume that the Aryans of Atlantis were inferior and also were also no match for the Draco. I am of the opinion the reason their key technology centre was built around the opening of the corridor to the inner Earth (under the Arctic Circle of modern times) is they tried to encourage joint venture relationships with the Draco and not the other way round. Once again, it is likely the Aryans at Atlantis were insubordinate to the Annunaki technologically and intellectually. Decoding the ancient texts suggests our technologies (even allowing for “secret” undisclosed weaponary and so on of so-called super powers) are primitive in comparison and in a contest against the Draco we would be annihilated if that was their determination. This is consistent with rumours that the Military Industrial Complex’s “secret” TR3B “UFO” was a gift originating from the Draco. The Draco would not share anything dangerous enough to be used against them.

We have learned from the analysis of the Genesis texts Adam and Eve and the fall from Grace that man’s original version was conscience and Pleiadian DNA free. Original man was also all weathers black and did not need cloths, which suggests he may have had the ability to grow or shed a coat of hair like primates of today. The Adam and Eve “no suitable helper was found” line (Genesis 2:20) perhaps hints that Olmec man was neither domesticated nor wild and therefore could find no partner of equal temperament. It also hints at intellectual inferiority lacking the cunning management skills of modern man. Though no indication was given as to the work was required, “it winds through the entire land of Havilah, where there is gold (The gold of that land is good; aromatic resin and onyx are also there.)” (Genesis 2:11-12) is too much information for the context and this suggests that Olmec man was mining labour with the Garden of Eden provided as a convenient home. Something in the genetic mix of new man, created by the Draco, inhibited the production of a natural coat. We know that this mix did contain Pleiadian DNA, but the other ingredients are unknown (or no indication is given in the texts). Nevertheless, we have identified the Yahweh God as Beruzdia which is of the Mantis lineage. The Mantis are part of the group under Zeta guardianship and the Zeta (termite) energies were used in the production of planet Earth. At the highest material level Ba’al has a contract with Thoth, which is not the Sacred Ibis depicted by the ancient Egyptians but, rather, the mosquito energy body in manifest form. The orange browns to blackish purple Saurians are the creation of shared Ba’al/Thoth genetics which might mimic the native wasp energy field. They were created as an elite attack force and are of similar status to the Tall Whites.

After the disaster of 10,400BC the Draco created a newer man, which is sometimes called the Hebrew. The Hebrew was a genetic collaboration of thirteen different human races, each kept genetically correct, and the Futczhi (Zeta Draco). Zeta Tyrannosaur DNA (in minute quantity) is what separates the newer man from new man. However, there were also several attempts to upgrade original man (Olmec) with Draco DNA from about 20,000 years ago. Therefore parts of the Negro population contain Tyrannosaur DNA (but no Zeta). There may have been an attempt to create a Zeta Pleiadian and these would be the mythical mermen and mermaids which have probably been filmed and are occasional beached (evidence is always whisked way; never to be seen again). These beings (genetically advanced of us) have a special relationship with dolphins (created from Zeta and perhaps Pleiadian genetic stock). It is unclear when the so-called establishment had connected with the Futczhi but, certainly, the Philadelphia Experiment was a failed US-Futczhi joint venture operation. Discovery of Futczhi monitoring of Earth with incidents such as Roswell led to the establishment of Israel. Shortly afterwards and over roughly two decades purer extra-terrestrial Aryans and Lemurians made contact with various human circles, not necessarily political. These included representatives of inner Venus (Annunaki stock) negotiating with the American government of the 1950’s under Eisenhower. Venus society at the time was successfully controlled by a form of totalitarianism, although that has changed in recent times. Human societies, such as Germany’s Thule Society indicate that global political elements already have long standing relationships with Draco, including joint venture operations in/on the Moon, in Mars and at several Earth underground bases. The nature of these relationships is unclear as the Draco have evolved out of the third dimension. It appears they have manufactured go between bodies. I will discuss this next chapter.

Though very far apart and dimensionally disconnected, we are very much connected to Draco culture even if some [of them] regard us as savages or genetic sputum. Nevertheless they know of hereditary energies. To which end, they view the body as a husk (something I will discuss at length next chapter). Every new birth is a new window created from the old – a combination of the genetic identity of both parents. This genetic identity has an energetic history that travels back to the dawn of time. It is the management of these energies, via exotic external technologies, that the Draco, and their hierarchal peers, do so well.

Positive slaughter

I must admit it has been a hellish two weeks. Circumstances forced an accommodation move which coincided with a sharp increase in work duties. The net result was, web-wise, little to nothing happened. This little site is an infant, so raising its profile should be a full time job. However, today I remembered I did promise a regular blog visitor a post on animal slaughter. Of course, my posts are never simple and this subject covers so many elements. Are not human wars exercises of positive slaughter? Our peers and their salesmen tell us that wars are conducted to preserve the virtues of humanity. Yet, why are those responsible for the instrumentation so lacking in virtue? We invariably learn, in round about ways, that wars are merely manipulation of fodder for the singular and selfish purposes of those that control.

For animals, the pity is sparse. Some do chose to pay extra for free range eggs as they prefer their chickens crammed in a field in place of cage prisons. But whether it is cages, barns or fields, the story is the same; yield is based on chickens per square inch – pack ‘em in and pump ‘em out. Information as to how veal is “produced” would turn many stomachs. I can go on. Nevertheless there are two simultaneous issues to explore here. The first is the [mass] production of meats and the other is the “murder” issue. Of course the Hebrews will say that their word for murder does not apply to slaughter. Their holy Torah presents a series of instructions as to what is right and what is wrong. It does legitimise a number of sacrificial kills, of which many are celebrated in the Old Testament books Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Yet, if the flesh of the beast was not to be consumed would that not defy its Creator as an act of purposeless destruction? If the life force was not meant to operate beyond a point, only an inept or flawed creator would require undefined assistance of man. Yes Hebrews, this is an arbitrary point, but you made it so. It is your big mouths that impose will on the Creator. He, the Great One, remains silent; deathly silent.

Taking the concept of sacrifice, it is a small step to validate routine slaughter of soldiers doing their duty and “accidental” civilian collateral damage. Ah yes, dutiful civilian slaughtered by those claiming they are preserving their homeland. For those that like the idea of Peter at the gates of heaven, “I was killed by my country for my country”. Moving away from war and considering the animal theme, so-called cattle abductions are not the work of humans. Proponents for war are welcome to say that at least we slaughter humanely. This is a moot point, but certainly the cattle (and occasional human) mutilations are quite bizarre (by human standards of normalcy). Few would know that over one hundred thousand mutilations have been recorded over a hundred years and individuals appear to have been selected for certain traits. Per American folk law, beings meeting the descriptive criteria of the “Saurians” were witnessed by two hundred unrelated individuals in Varginha, Brazil in 1996. The turmoil included mysterious “unknown causes” human and zoo animal deaths as well as twenty four stray cats and dogs found with eyes and genitalia “surgically” removed for unknown reasons. This corresponds with descriptions and photographs of some cattle mutilations, except at least two have been found alive in some kind of energy field.  My original theory was they (unknown or extra-terrestrials) were building new [living] robot-bodies. This explained the need for stasis. However, it is known that the Draco (reptilians) consume blood or blood gorged organs of live prey. It is claimed they have some way of devouring or assimilating the life force as well as the flesh. Ironically the modern Vietnamese practice of eating the still beating heart of snakes may be payback for atrocities against humans administered by Draco “priests” thousands of years ago.

Nevertheless this does not solve our riddle; can slaughter be positive or “Godly”? To truly understand the riddle we must first consider fauna. I devote an entire chapter of my unpublished tome, A Brief History of Human Conscience, to the bitter question; do plants want to die? As I explain, just because they do not howl, does not mean they are all for ending up in a hearty soup.  The vegans may sip their broth in confidence, but those that visit this page will question that unchallenged validation. There are some very old plants on this planet. One that springs to mind is the carnivorous Venus flytrap. Off world, there are accounts of walking trees and my channelled sources intimate flying fauna that behave like animals on one planet beyond our solar system. Scientific experiments have demonstrated that love can improve growth in plants. One found greenhouse tomatoes grow particularly well to classical music. Another allegedly saw fauna succumb to angry threats of bodily harm against them. This, unfortunately, is the most plausible direct evidence to supporting the notion that plants like to live (as opposed to harvest death). There is overwhelming provable evidence to support poorly treated (unloved) plants die for unexplained reasons. When compared to the exaggerated health of some carefully loved vegetables, it is only possible to conclude that fauna somehow tunes in to emotions.

How many failed scientists, floundering after explosive new evidence comes to light, claim inconvenient truths are easily explained? The Venus flytrap is a staple for the evolutionists. However it poses uncomfortable questions for the vegans. As a side note, evolution is one of the blinkered sciences. There is no formal reason why the strongest genes will improve the genetic line generation by generation without a guardian. According to probability, each generation would be a random product of the range from most to least able and back again. I have always maintained that genetic change is managed by the sun through its electromagnetic field and genes can click forward at the individual or group levels. That would explain why the fittest appear to progress, but I digress. Taking away Darwin’s big hitters, the vegan might argue that the Venus flytrap is, in fact, a freak of nature. Though this position is similar to the failed scientists’ easily explained; let’s run with it. The freak of nature theory proposes that either the object is unnatural because it inconveniently contradicts science opinion or, more often, in error. In the case of the Venus fly trap, the design – though stunning, “clearly was not intended to catch insects” because “plants don’t do that”. So there it is. Venus flytrap is a freak of nature. Next time God comes up with something like that he’d better jolly well consult His boss, man or there will be hell to pay.

Positive slaughter is only positive when everyone is in agreement. If there is one dissenting voice, just one, it is no longer positive. Then it is mostly positive. Other than, mostly, plants are no direct attack threat and are not carnivorous; the compelling argument for vegetarianism is plants do not scream so they must be okay with dying. An extension of this logic dictates plants are wilfully supportive of vegetable eaters. Agreed, this is partially validated by pollination and seed distribution systems – eat me and fertilise my new born. I have already touched on the truth in other posts. Though most sciences do not explore the fact, bodies are made up of multiple energy fields. Pane Andov proposes that [all] human beings have sixty four energy bodies operating simultaneously in each dimension. He asserts our physical existence is only when the relevant energy field is switched on. Due to limitations of DNA (3% efficiency), at this frequency we have no way of comprehending our extra body experiences. Though Pane is wrong, he is not entirely wrong. There are a limited number of dimensions; of which our third dimension may be a phase, rather than an actual dimension. At the highest identifiable level manifests something called “cubed light”. In essence this is an infusion of multiple light entities forming a common brain. However, our bodies are certainly three in one. We are physical, shadow and light. This shared governance poses some interesting scenarios. In my previous post I pointed out that a good percentage of human beings have [compatible] Draco [reptilian] energy bodies via the manipulation of the energy fields that identify DNA.

We now have to seriously consider something alien to science. In doing so, we must ignore our fraudulent account of history. Human development goes back to the dawn of time and in many ways we have depreciated. Compare us to other animals, with our 3% DNA switched on. Imagine what 100% DNA activation would produce. I am just putting things in perspective. Let us now consider an alternative historic development – the real one, where our DNA started at 100%, but was watered down deliberately for reasons known. Let us suppose the reason for the false matrix and manipulation of the electromagnetic field to inhibit DNA is also known. An explanation requires a separate post, but for explanation of positive slaughter, we merely need to consider Lucifer’s experiment. Lucifer’s real name is unpronounceable and we see only a trivial nickname in its place. As far as rumours branding him the root of all evil, well they solve a big piece of the puzzle. Let us call that exhibit A. Why is Lucifer branded the root of all evil? It is not the explanation those cheesy Hammer Horror movies present with little pointy horned imps causing mischief. Quite the reverse! Lucifer was simply responsible for the creation of the new order we glibly term the survival of the fittest. Prior to the creation of the new order it would have been unthinkable to eat the flesh or even use any animal product. However do you know how many humans have been killed by the hand of other humans prior to the creation of Luciferian order? There have been more than seven trillion murderous deaths by the hand of man. Should cockroaches be exterminated for daring to exist? Is man attacking the design or the designer?

In fact old order had no problem with positive slaughter or collateral damage. This is why Lucifer decided the best way forward for beings consumed with hatred was to legitimise murder by validating the consumption of animals to survive – pigs included; although channelled sources claim the pig is a human relative in some way – as hard as that sounds to believe. I still take everything with bacon! To simplify this conclusion, according to old order plants were consigned for consumption (by God). This is some way validated by the opening up of the senses and, in cases of spiritually advanced individuals, remote or astral travel. It is via the consumption of alkaloids that inter-dimensional travel is theoretically possible although it is debatable whether the carbon body could stand the journey. It is likely that the next dramatic and instantaneous shift for humanity will be to silica atoms. Nevertheless consideration of this must also allow for considerable lifespans and a catalytic change in how time is experience. The current 10-20% of lifespan devoted to eating might be reduced to less than 0.1%. What to do with all that extra time?

The Human Doppelganger

Has no one questioned why there was an explosion of technological development from 1870’s when, prior, there was next to none? Alright, some date the industrial revolution as having started at the tail end of the eighteenth century spurred on by the collapse of the gold standard and shenanigans in the New World (America). I am not going to split hairs.  There was the emergence of a free press at the time that allowed information, previously not usually available, for mass circulation. Certainly, the same mindless opinions based on hearsay promoted the, then, new world order. However controls were not in place that muzzle the free press of today so information was served in true Hebrew fashion. The serious chronicle provides healthy insight for the modern age and some, now discarded by time, lived beyond their chronology by simply saying what they saw.

Something else was happening. Shakespeare (nee Dee) framed Camelot as the last dignified human war. Nevertheless, life still had value right up until 1914 when a giant conflict resulted from the clash of classes as the final showdown of man against woman. The transition to modern matriarchal social order was not going to be a happy one. Up until the First World War individual lives had value and everyone knew their place. Prior Somaliland (Somalia) saw hundreds of thousands dead, but that also coincided with the First World War. Colombia, the Chinese Boxer Rebellion and the Boer War happened on similar time lines – 1899-1902. Isn’t that fascinating, war erupted on three separate continents at exactly the same time and that became the precursor to the giant European war – the mother of wars. However, prior to that tragic event, war dead were limited to tens of thousands. This was to lead to the battle of the Somme; a battle where the officers issued orders to their troops at gunpoint. 420,000 British, 200,000 French and 500,000 German casualties was the appalling result. Life no longer had meaning. All were statistics at a loss to reason.

There was a parallel to the death industry. Remember war ceased to be a conquest of valour after Camelot. Three hundred thousand slaves were generated from displaced family units of the seventeenth century Anglo-Irish wars. After Camelot, there was noticeable collateral damage; an expression Churchill used to label civilian war casualties. Collateral damage was first a function of and then became the point of war. The term was devised after the First World War and underscores a change in patriotic values. Intellectual protests of the late Victorian era saw parroted sentiment gradually filtering down into the lower classes. This is not to say that many were unpatriotic but war had become more than war and left social values behind. General Patton is attributed to have said, “War is a racket”. For instance, the American War for Independence (sic) is very closely related to the French Revolution (sic). Tea in the mid eighteenth century had become a symbol of elitism at sixty five gold guineas a pound (a labourer may have earned fifteen gold guineas a year). As a development of the 1711-1720’s South Sea Bubble fraud (involving a number of boom stock commodities, including tea and tulips, and saw unsustainable market shares reduced to zero value), the1773 Boston Tea Party attack on the commerce of elitism led to the collapse of sterling currency (gold standard) in 1797 with the issuance of royal stamped Spanish silver dollars. Circumstances allowed the elevation of Napoleon and the first attempt at global enslavement. Contrary to modern Israelite wisdom (sic), by 200BC traditional Judaism was dead and needed somewhere to go. In 196BC a very unusual individual came along and created the legacy that allowed for a mythical and an entirely new Judaism. The keepers of the old Babylonian guard, the Romans, could not allow progression of Gnostic Christianity, so they attempted to smash the new Judaism. This is historically recorded as an attack on the Jews and destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD. The following two hundred years allowed the Romans to undermine the intent of new Judaism and recreate their Sol Invictus cult in the rebadged form we now call Catholicism. Much of the wisdom of all religions is shared, unsurprisingly.

The Semites have always had long memories and would not be happy until a much better approximation of old order was created. So along came Mohamed’s Islam to fill the void with his own hybrid Judaism which is much closer to the orthodoxy. After the Roman attacks the Promised Land moved to the British Iles. The reasons are complex enough for a separate post, so I will leave it at that. However, the native Celt populous proved problematic Goyim. They did not make good bed fellows so slavery was a doomed notion. This predictably reached a crisis point in the Anglo-Irish war. That is why the establishment split with some for a new Puritan Promised Land and others who believed they could finally break the Celts in the homeland. Feudalism had gone a long way to conjure the mindset for rights free populations. Nevertheless we know that new Puritan Promised Land today as the world super power United States of America. It was to be the final failed step towards “paradise”, or a new world order. Joseph Smith created a new fusion of Gnosticism and the orthodoxy with his Latter Day Saints’ Mormonism in around 1830 which saw such a magnification of the clash between old and new orders; it created a schism which is still present today. In fact, now Mormonism is, for the most part, another lip service religion managed by atheist Zionism. The 1838 Mormon war is given little publicity as is their past manipulation of the native Red Indian slave classes.

Government, commerce, religion and wars are intrinsically linked. The ceaseless objective has been for the new Pleaidian ruling classes to seamlessly control the slave masses. The state of totalitarianism inside the planet Venus appears to have become undone recently for some reason – so there is maybe hope yet! If that reason is revealed to me, I will advise my readership. Back to our humble Earth, something happened that had not happened before with the onset of the so-called Industrial Revolution. For the first time, industrialists had the capability for mass production. People have always been as potentially lazy and unconscientious as they are today. Mass production was not possible prior to industrialisation and that is why poor people had sparse wares and not because it was the way they liked it. Consumerism did not start in the 1960’s. It started back in the 1880’s. The invention of durable plastics and a big technological leap forward saw the super productivity of the 1960’s. Less easy to spot, there was another reason for mass production and industrialisation. The reason the Industrial Revolution happened at the time it happened was as much about the will or mindset of the 1870’s as the emergence of new ideas. How many brilliant ideas have been buried today because the mindset is not ready? Nevertheless it is also important to note that reflective sentiment on social security and order from the 1870’s had paved the way for new values and an entirely different outlook on life’s purpose. This predictably broke tradition as has the progression of modern ideas in just about every artistic genre.

The reason I have titled this article “The Human Doppelganger” is because there was an acute change in the 1880’s in response to the Industrial Revolution. Something happened about this time which, once again, would be easy to miss. Since records began there have always been unexplained anomalies. Paintings dating back to the prehistoric appear to depict clearly non-terrestrial flying machines. The sane must deduce current historical appraisal is incorrect and either other or inner worldly beings have interacted with this planet for as long as records are kept. Are the Paracas skulls going to be the first official evidence of non-human humans? Whether they are or not is relatively unimportant, as the sheer weight of testimony undeniably validates extra-terrestrial interaction. Physical evidence remains in a state of non-validation or is lost. Trolls aside, occasionally evidence is fraudulently debunked by well-meaning but ill-informed individuals or simply explained away by familiar dead end arguments based on the prove the unprovable paradigm. Even if the Paracas skulls are proven, they will be proven unknown. That which is unknown is unproven because it is unknown.

I digress. The point I am trying to make is that the 1880’s saw a marked increase in records of unexplained events, particularly of an extra-terrestrial nature. The 1908 Tunguska catastrophe happened at time when there was a spike in reports of “aerial anomalies”, although reports were still quite rare. Pilot hallucinations were blamed for some of the very strange recorded claims of World War Two, which included “giant white ladies” (light beings?) floating in air just in front of aircraft or to the side. Flying saucer books started appearing just after the war. Bernard Newman published what is probably the first novel devoted to the phenomenon in 1948. Followed was a raft of publications, including Flying Saucers by Carl Jung (1950 something). After the debunked efforts of Erich Von Daniken and a few others in 1970’s there was a relative quiet. A renaissance which became the exo-politics movement began in 1980’s. However it was not until the 1990’s that the movement became a populist one and launched the careers of Steven Greer, Stanton Freidman and others. The interest shifted from UFO’s to land based extra-terrestrials and a fascination in accounts such as Phil Schneider’s Dolce base experiment. “Murdered by CIA” Karla Turner described a conspiracy where Reptilian paedophiles targeted human populations for sick gratification using spiteful mind-controlled living grey robots. Those that have connections with the CIA will notice Karla shows distinct military characteristics, though she claims she was a primary schoolteacher. She used a false name. Why, as this is hardly the behaviour of a genuine schoolteacher?  Phil was the son of a high profile German NAZI engineer, Oscar, exported to the US. Is this not more brotherhood pawns creating fake traditions that suit an elite agenda?

I digress again. If there is a human group consciousness, the 1990’s offered a significant watershed. Prior to 1990 very few accepted extra-terrestrial explanations for unexplained events. After year 2000 there would not be a single person who would be surprised if extra-terrestrials were accepted by the mainstream or even attempted to either integrate or war with humans. Though there are still many who feel safer parroting debunk sentiment as attestation to their hive patriotism. The 1990’s was not just a watershed for the change in focus from UFO’s to ET’s, but also saw complicated technical Zeta crop circles appearing. From 1999 there has been an extraordinary spike in UFO sightings; I estimate up to twenty times prior levels. Finally, the numbers of abductees has grown from a couple to possibly tens of thousands. Instead of the usual cardboard tributes to evil “chicken feet” reptilians (a late Victorian underworld concept) or sentient greys conducting painful or sexual violations of good, innocent humans, accounts now vary tremendously. We hear of those ordered to cease and desist from astral plane-ing activities. We learn of numerous entity types, some resident, some visitors and their complicated agendas in their relationship with humanity. We are told about deep politics stretching back for eternity mocking our mainstream history and proposing a number of factions (human and not) controlling humanity through their integrated networks. There is a distinct and uncomfortable connection between the paranormal and extra-terrestrial. Life and death are so intrinsically linked they are one.

Therefore, weighing up all the above, I have drawn the conclusion that the Industrial Revolution was not an accident and it could not have happened without the fundamental shift of attitude (consciousness) which is documented by the  outpouring of intellectual sentiment and the emergence of controversial art forms, such as expressionism and impressionism. The only possible way to engineer such a shift would be to create energy doppelgangers. Fortunately mainstream science has nothing to explain for, accordingly, souls and spirits do not exist. Nevertheless I am not held to ransom by this science and have gone to great lengths to practically demonstrate, as well reasoned as possible, feasible alternative explanations for existence (which often fits in the mainstream framework. I invariably do not question science data; only conclusions and reasoning based on data analysis). My explanations defy and, I believe, break convention. In line with this accrued reasoning (and I am sorry readers will need to research prior posts to gain an understanding of this), the Victorian shift in consciousness was actually a shift in soul or spirit type. It is likely our genetic cousins, the Reptilian Draco, are the culprits. This is partially evidenced in their insatiable appetite for technology. Therefore, at soul level, at least one third of all Aryan (white) humans have had reptilian magnetic souls for several generations. In some ways this has been good and seen the swell in populations, productive increase in technology and general prosperity of the masses. In other ways it has been disastrous engaging environmental, commercial and clashes of creed. Racism is a very reptilian quality [Xenophobic might be a better term and there is {sometimes} violent competition between families or houses. I believe Chivalry or inflexibly ordered society is a very reptilian concept. This sense of order is similar to the Pleaidian one, except their purest would not want to be disorderly]. Perhaps David Icke’s targeting should not be limited to politicians?

There is one final piece of the puzzle. Traditionally, the Zetas are revered as the most enlightened beings in the universe (I believe Star Wars Yoda was modelled on a Zeta) by those that understand cosmic dynamics. For instance, the Zetas are behind the body is your temple philosophy as opposed to good vanquishing evil, which is a decidedly Pleaidian-Reptilian notion. Aligned to the Zeta network is the Mantis type, which is energetically not-of-this-Earth.  Of all the insect forms (Earth traditional and alien), the Mantis type is regarded for its intellectual wisdom. It appears to have preceded the last Prime Source big bang universal purge. Zetas have been assisting the Draco in their mutual objective of rationalising the progress of the human. Though the Zeta does potentially support ascension, both ultimately share similar objectives – peace on Earth and beyond. Over the last few decades; maybe forty or fifty years, it has become apparent that the Draco and Mantis preside over complex and extensive shared technology networks with dual manned bases at a number of locations. Locations are not necessarily physical in the science-sense of that word. In order to put the brakes on the perceived state of chaos, I believe that a global transfer of Mantid souls is possibly being tested (with noticeable autistic results) for roll out after October 16th 2017. This is why the new world order is desperate to implement favourable standards before the cut off. There are also a number of networks comprising various Pleaidian types. In light of Simon Parkes unbelievable description of Draco character, it is possible the Aryan-Pleaidians with “Nephilim” genetics are creating a reptilian illusion for their naïve human partners. Perhaps it is not the reptilians that are “shape shifting” as much as super humans. Maybe this is an incorrect evaluation, but it is certainly plausible considering long past strategies of the so-called Annunaki, who will do just about anything to achieve their objectives. What is certain is the human doppelganger is about to dramatically change in character for a new age of light. However, ascension will see progression through the black light first. Ordered chaos precedes the white light state.

Beyond the Body

My last post barely covered why we are here. Indeed, in some ways, why we are here could be summarised in a short statement:

“The fusion of good and evil will cultivate eternal bliss”

That would cover divine purpose, but now we are in these fragile bodies, why we are here means a whole lot more. As outlined in other writings we will always be faced with the conflicting requirements of objective versus subjective reasoning. In order to pervert the truth, the mainstream has gradually positioned reasoning to align with looking after number one. An invisible caste system assures not all number ones are the same. We, in our bodily form, gravitate around self-interest, which mimics satisfaction. We are decidedly carnal creatures. Anyone who claims otherwise is a devout liar. Thus, far from failing to respect the oligarchs and their unelected world leaders, we worship them. Through inheritance or promotion, the closer one is to the source, the more overt the worship.  Of course, those that are so far removed from the tribe have become disenfranchised. Their worship manifests in the forms of jealousy, hatred and spite. Yet every single one of these disenfranchised individuals who then found new cause through a new order overtly rejoiced in their status and proceeded to worship that new tribe for its potency.

This is why the elite are unrepentant. By everyone’s standards, they are both Godly and worthy. In my writings about love, I have gone to great pains to stress that real love can only be offered to those that are detested by the giver. Giving love to those you are attracted to is merely a form of patronising infatuation, once again, validating commitment to self-interest. Writings concerning other worlds relating or connected to our own dear Earth have touched on a conspiracy involving hidden Draco overlords which keep humans spiritually confused with a false matrix. The Draco’s are a hybrid created from Tyrannosaurus Rex and (Human) Aryan (Pleaidian) DNA. The transition may have taken millions of years. Genetically superior, they are located closer to the fourth dimensional frequency bands and can hide in the sub-conscious.  The false matrix is a collaboration of entities which include Zetas, human types, reptilians and other lesser known body types. As DNA is progressive, they have tried to disconnect the Earth’s energy field from the sun to stunt progression. The 1943 Zeta Draco (Futczhi) Philadelphia Experiment was one of the most significant failed disconnection events. It created a rip in our present time fabric continuum which affects current scenario interplays. Historically humans have not behaved well, as evidenced by the current objectives of the Pleaidian Zionist new world order. Criticisms directed at the Draco’s have focused on parasitic opportunism. However, the same criticism must be directed at man. We are born parasites and cannot (at least initially) survive free of external relationships. If the behaviour of (carnivorous) known reptiles might be used as a character assessment, the ability to hide in plain sight, mesmerise and strike with speed and precision might be anticipated traits. As the Draco are issued role maximising bodies and have a range of attributes nothing “known” possesses, traits vary tremendously. In essence, they have the ability to attract confidence and betray “strangers” in the most treacherous manner. Thus, I find Simon Parke’s recent description of them honestly berating the smelly human form as hard to believe.

My other articles regularly appear to attack mainstream science. This is for good reason as science provides the evidence the elite use to sell their policies through puppet democracies. It is ironic that the only true governments are dictatorships and that is why they are so despised by the Illuminati mainstream news propaganda services. There was a period of renaissance science, but many errors were made and became easy prey for the new world order. The same tar and feather trick is used on modern alternative science. Genuine science is invariably underfunded and risks running out of steam or producing rushed conclusions. Mainstream science is sometimes thorough but invariably produces weighted results to endorse the political wind. Certain areas of mainstream science, such as medicine, are crooked and these are well publicised (even by the mainstream!). Unsurprisingly, if science is corruptible, so are peer groups. In the case of medicine, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a horrendous record. Very little is offered by way of evidence and most sciences heavily rely on theoretical interpretations of data and ignorant acceptance. The establishment gives its people credentials of the highest merit and the game is fixed. Movements on the fringe of the mainstream, such as exo-politic and alternative health, issue rumours of discordance in the wider science community usually blamed on the political wind.

At this stage readers are probably wondering what an earth all this has to do with beyond the body. The same rules apply. When considering beyond the body matters, the elite have weighed in and reduced any sensible talk to jargon. There was a religious arm, but these days it has pretty much lost its way. Very few ethically follow a religion and faith has been reduced to sound bites. The establishment and its united front of Zion have affirmed atheism. Mainstream science offers churlish giggles when faced with the sane question; how did everything come into being, progress into regulated order without a planner? The main reason the establishment has backed atheism is very much to do with that which is beyond the body and the ultimate purpose for physical existence. It is an easy sell, because everyone is selfish and faithless. God does not step up and present his, her or itself and, even if it did, how could it prove it was really God? The Draco can shape shift, levitate, walk through walls and do a number of other real magic feats. Actually, this is connected to that which is beyond the body and another reason selfish, faithless, ignorant people are programmed to suppose they believe nothing.

To explain beyond body requires the imagination of the reader. So let us imagine time was a giant, endless conveyor belt which enables a string of processes called events or scenarios. Everything; the conveyor, the processes, our bodies, everything is defined by a cosmic code which, in part, is DNA. With a number of checks and balances built into the conveyor’s schedule, DNA would be programmed to click forward once targets were met. These forward clicks would gradually push bodies through various frequencies, densities and dimensions. We are currently in a transition between carbon based “dimension two” and some other standard defining the “fourth dimension”. That will be a big jump. Along the invisible time conveyer we travel oblivious to the forward clicks. In this physical world we call the third dimension, which is actually the second dimension with add-ons; our elite program us with their supposed morality. However, in addition, we have our own individual consciences which often mimic the elite’s proscribed group morality. Nobody ever asks why. If anyone did pluck up the courage to ask the most important question of existence; why do we have an individual conscience? The answer is very simple. Our physical bodies convey a spirit and a soul, which may comprise numerous entities of passive and active identities. The spirit is a parcel of white light which was originally responsible for the suppression of the chaos of unwelcome identities. The soul is representative of so-called dark matter which is the manifestation of chaos of unwelcome identities. For clarity, in case any readers understand this, ordered white light is not necessarily good and chaotic dark matter is not necessarily evil. How to explain? Ah yes, one is positive and other is negative. Simple 😉

Now we are about to reach the interesting bit. You see, we have not been issued physical bodies to adore white light. Our quest is to welcome dark matter back to order. If that means order has to change so be it. Any attempt to purify the dark matter is to break of body contract with the Prime Source (God). However, if dark matter found white light attractive through self-determination, the quest would be complete. So, white light is welcome to illuminate the darkness. Thus, far from being repulsed by darkness our job is to attract it with our light. Therefore anyone who sides with Satan pushes a racist white light agenda enabling the permanent destruction of chaos. The bad news for the Satanists is dark matter is indestructible. This is perhaps an over simplification as some matter is too dark for salvation and some light is simply too white. The true Satanists represent the extremes. Extremism manifests as idealism. Credible influence can only be managed through realism.

My purpose is not to divine another brand of propaganda. Individuals label themselves Satanic for different reasons. If we agreed that purity was the ultimate objective of order, then the satanic reaction would be destructive chaos. Those closest to the centre are the purest as they will put up with more or less anything. Crusaders, whether for right or wrong, are destructive chaos as compliance cannot be forced. It would be wise for humanity to appreciate this. If the much publicised New Age ascendance is going to take place (and by the laws of DNA progression, it must do at some point), two uncomfortable scenarios will materialise. Firstly, we will become part of the realm of dark matter, powered by black light, which is called the fourth dimension. Secondly those branded satanic entities that have so admirably assisted new world order will have nowhere to hide. Because of our aggressive, imperialistic nature we will become a real existential threat. Therefore if we cannot adapt to their rules in double quick time we will beyond the mythical objective of white light state. Our carbon status is the shallow end. Jesus is attributed as saying, “the meek shall inherit the Earth”. Prepare yourselves for meekness in the deep end if you wish to continue.

Christmas in the Fourth Dimension

With two hundred and forty three hours in every day, Christmas in the fourth dimension is nothing short of value packed. You really feel like you are having a day to remember; although, then again, Christmas might be the short one. There is a day with only three hours. They can do that there; in the fourth dimension. Or, rather, we can!

Yes, they say, “Have a nice day” “Do come again” to those that visit. And those that don’t we must assume, by the same token, are most welcome; or, at least, that’s what they say. For those who haven’t been, it is a most topsy-turvy place. Up is down and down is up, or, is that the other way round; perhaps both? Strange creatures are to be found; some so strange they shouldn’t be there at all. What………unicorns!? Pah! They are commonplace here, well, there. A dime a dozen, oh but as majestic and graceful in flight as anything you will ever see. Yes, something to behold, but there is another thing. They are infectious. Aren’t they just? No need for cupid while the unicorns reign. As they are everywhere, please keep your voices down otherwise they’ll hear, the mayor wants them culled. Ahem, he’s a Globalist of course, no surprise.

The crotchety old dragon in the big east cave most assuredly does not breathe fire. Those shining plumes are only a fashion accessory. I must say they do make him look rather grand. Though, I confess, if there was a Scrooge of the fourth dimension, he would be it. You see, they fuss; the dragons that is. If they simply carried on regardless, well they would be heroes of old. But, no, they always have to stick their noses in. Some don’t have noses, as such, but they find something to stick in that’s just as bad. Look, I know they mean well, but it just isn’t Christmas.

If I were to be sorry for something, it would be for the apes, or that’s what we call them here. In fact, I don’t know if they have even been invited. But, I suppose, having no heads makes things difficult. Their periscope eyes don’t help. Let’s face it; all three seem to have minds of their own. There are strict privacy laws here and I assure you the stricter they are the more private they become. Of course, the apes like to clamber all over those old fashioned box skyscraper buildings, doing apish things. Harmless fun; I don’t think they are even used these days. As we all know, decent folks live in spheres. Given a big enough area, the floor will be as flat as any box. Although, I must admit, it is exhilarating to host a banquet on the ceiling of one of those Rococo grand mansions, chandeliers ‘n all.

And it would not be Christmas without a feast. This year the dragons are doing it. Now I know what you are all going to say, but, frankly I agree. However, we cannot sink to the racist depths of those who eternally yen to destroy the spirit of Christmas. The dragons believe they are fun and they do do good magic. Everyone can agree on that. So the dragons are hosting Christmas this year. It’ll be neat. Remember last year I wore that water suit and the Kryllians tried to drink it. They should have known better. Oh, but was it last year? These long days make everything seem like eternity.

I felt it was a bit lazy to let the manuscripts make the music; as beautiful as it was. But, nothing beats watching fine artisans being creative. Oh, that’s right, the dratted Globalists organised last Christmas; probably friends of the mayor. Presents were out as they conflicted with the quota system.  Half the guests never received invites as they were wanted. Nobody has told me what they were wanted for. At least the dragons will invite everybody. Everyone can be assured they have been given strict orders not to eat any of the guests. We have been explicit and have had to put our foot down after….well, let’s not dwell on that.

Nobody believes they were holographs. And as for the Ceremony of Lipithuliphet, well, I cannot find a single person who’s heard of it. Even the wise vines of Auglothigol say it is nonsense. Time patches may be possible, but guests do not like to be eaten. Period! That’s why we’ve put our foot down this time. Those bloody Globalists and their offer of prime propaganda. Well Globalists your propaganda wouldn’t convince a two year old….with knobs on. “Dragons are nasty”. So, tell us something we don’t already know? Besides, dragons aren’t all bad. In fact, some say they only look frightening.

Let’s face it; they can do a really good show. Dynamo move on. Mind you that fusion of gothic and technology seems to transport the viewer into some kind of futuristic horror movie. But it is surely worth it for the effects. Wow……..and some! They take horror to a new level, all in the spirit of fun, of course. Oh yes! No, seriously, you’ve gotta love them. You really do not want to criticise them. That’s the safe way. They might only look terrifying.

Dragons do have their cuddly side. They tell me once you become familiar with their routine, all is good. That’s providing you are not eaten, of course, but I wouldn’t have thought that would have happened much; although, bizarrely, I have not yet found anyone who is familiar with their routine. Just a coincidence, I’m sure. They’re a good bunch of guys, ahem, the dragons that is. It is lucky for the penguins.

Or, rather, I think that is what they are. Nothing is as it seems in the fourth dimension. Everything certainly is larger than life here and when it’s not larger, well, it’s smaller, of course. They are fluffy, chirpy and resilient just as you would expect penguins to be. So I am satisfied. They are penguins. They tell me the dragons aren’t all that bad. A lot of it’s for show, they say. Oh yes and those disappeared critics, well they’re on holiday on the moon; all expenses paid. We’re not sure which moon, but it’s alright for some. No doubt a view with two suns and a blue planet while we’re all stuck in the drudgery of the fourth dimension.

We are pretty lucky to have what we have. Christmas would not the same without the town crier. Of course, the rest of the year he’s a Danish prince peeing in a fountain. Out of the ashes, poof, there’s a metamorphosis. Adonis rises.  Doesn’t everyone one love the penguins dance. They certainly show the Christmas spirit. Even the dragons might have a cuddly side. They do love the penguins, but I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t been smitten at first sight.

The penguins knew something else about the dragons; why they are scary. It is this that might have been behind their reputation, for dragons are judges. Good judges strip their defendants bare and expose their true characters. As everyone is just a little bit naughty, no wonder we were all apprehensive at Christmases presided over by dragons. Everyone loves presents and presents make Christmas in the fourth dimension the same as every other. Of course, Christmas should also be about all those noble traits; honour, compassion, humility, fairness, faith and, most of all, the most avoided trait of all; truth. Blinkered truth in a rose tinted world is not truth and that is what the dragons expose and that is why they are so feared.

Now, without any further ado, the dragons cordially invite everyone to their season’s feast. Gifts are a prerequisite. Each attendee must present courage, kindness, gallantry, patience, charity, mercy, honesty, generosity, loyalty, courtesy, cheerfulness, love, curiosity, accountability, enthusiasm or commitment to an unknown stranger. It should be neatly wrapped and tied up in a pretty little bow.

This is the spirit of Christmas in the fourth dimension.