The Beauty of Existence Decoded


I do not know why I did not think of this before.

Avid followers of this blog will have noticed the rapid deterioration of my circumstance. So desperate was the situation, I became homeless a few weeks ago. This did not mean I had nowhere to live, but I had no home and live at the convenience of those that house me. Still there is no point harping on about a dead past. Two solitary bloggers cared enough to do something about it then and no one cares about it now. This is what happens to homeless people, if anyone did not know.

Aided by a new made friend in America, I took a different path. Americans think differently to Australians and I am glad I am as open to taking advice as giving it. “Put it on Amazon or some other book seller,” was the catch cry. I thought about it, hummed and hawed, looked at the fine print and, then, in that moment of truth, I realised, what have I to lose?

So, kindly supported by new American friend, I put the book up with an online merchandiser. Miraculously, it has also expanded in size to approximately 100 pages of content.

A really weird thing happened. In two days of uptime, I have sold more copies of the book than the “all time” sales figures prior to the launch. My American friend did not only recommend an online bookseller. He also thought the title was negative and not reflective of the content. Indeed, he went so far to say that the title was more likely to detract than attract a readership.

Not sure whether that was true, book sales had been a shadow of expectations, considering the volumes of individuals that had claimed they were eagerly awaiting the book. Therefore, once again, what was there to lose from heading this advice? Book sales could only improve. So, after much soul searching, I changed the title to “The Beauty of Existence Decoded” and removed the original header. It is still part of the “Dimensions, Deceptions & Demons” series, but readers should be clear the book focuses on the light. As everything is light or nothing, that is not hard to do!

I may be releasing another post that gives an excerpt from the book. Though the Preface has illustrated my writing style well, it has done more to confuse the book’s potential readership, according to my American friend.

“[The Preface is] just too anti-materialism, only harping on the negative. Your book is mostly positive and undeniably uplifting – an immensely deep, profound read”

So, enough said, here is the Book Tango store link. It can be found on other major e-retailer in due course. The PayPal option supports me better (readers will experience slightly improved graphics), but I understand, now, not everybody likes that.


Wisdom versus Mysticism

Lumerian harmony enacted by ancient Indian lore

Lumerian harmony enacted by ancient Indian lore

I recently read an article explaining that the ancient Atlanteans had punched hole (or tore a rip) in the time/existence continuum (space), allowing negative (under developed or ‘damaged’) entities to flood into third and fourth (Tara) dimension realities. For anyone aware of philosophy built around the Sphere of Amenti chronologies, will have their belief systems instantly affirmed.

However, assessing truth from fantasy is not so easy; nay hazardous, considering mainstream history has more or less reduced the notion of Atlantis as a myth of Plato. This is scornfully resolved as a possible real, distant point of existence [probably] somewhere beneath the Atlantic Ocean, but certainly nothing that would frustrate the hunter-gatherer model for the development of man. Indeed less feckless considerations, observing rafts of ancient texts and strange “other worldly” maps imply Atlantis stretched from the Arctic Circle down to Northern Africa, taking up land areas we now call the “Northern Hemisphere”. Oddly they also appeared to have owned the ancient Rainbow City located at Antarctica. Central lands, shall we say located in today’s tropical regions, were evidence of older civilisations cultivating Mu. That technological heart is deep beneath the Pacific Ocean. Atlantean genetic and weaponry research centres were smashed by Falla around 15,800 years ago. What might be salvaged is encased in the ice and rock that constitutes our Artic Circle.

To be honest, I have yet to formally decipher whether the alleged rip in the space time continuum is evidence of truth or wilful fantasy. Inherent, cyclic knowledge gives no clear indicators other than, considering their reputation as “keepers of wisdom”, the Atlanteans did some pretty stupid things. Sure, the redskins may well say that risk is a rite of passage, but there is risk and RISK. Acts of gross stupidity were not just limited to the Ants (a pet name of the peoples of Atlantis). Lemurian regal agents of the Lumerians were determined to negotiate feats of impossibility either as cloaked hostile attack initiatives or predictive defences. Is this any different to our Military Industrial Complex?

Cracks in Atlantean wisdom are no better demonstrated through consequence of them “losing” the atmosphere on Mars sometime in the 35th millennium BC. Quick thinking and action saved 10%, but the enormous loss of life and tragic consequences could have been avoided. Reading inherence, I observe the sense “how the high and mighty have fallen”. In essence, the Ants appear to have been over confident of their abilities. Poor decisions, arrogance and fundamental ignorance, as great as they were, were the strict causes of their downfall. Dare I say, their idle of boasts of absolutism could not be balanced by humble due diligence.

After the disaster of 10,581BC which may have ended humanity (if so we were restocked from exo-planetary genetic resource holdings), the Draco very much took ownership of the human project and they, in turn, were the ones that designed Judaism as the fundamental, authoritarian “best of breed” philosophy to govern harmonised society. Original rhetoric included acts of cruelty that might only be judged as inhumane. At the start of this new regime for man, some rather nasty looking reptilian priests and their guards would have administered order. That overt presence was abruptly hidden after, presumed, en-masse rebellion. In order to rule by proxy, the Draco genetically manufactured grey-blue vaguely human-looking dwarfs, we call Futczhi (or Zeta-Draco) today. Zetas strictly observe order, but have angelic qualities that, perhaps, surpass all other types. The Futczhi were supreme intellectuals having brains capacities more than double the size of an average human.

I would imagine that the Futczhi would have been highly regarded, being both angelic and wise, though ultimately they did not retain the administration as, but for a few spurious and enigmatic mummified bodies, they neither exist nor does any [tangible] evidence supporting it today. I should add that a number of films do imply the existence of the Futczhi. Charles Hall’s description of the “greys” also seems to fit their profile and he has assured audiences of their location on (or in) our moon with occasional visitation via light portal (backed up by an unintentional Brazilian film). Apparently their evolution is no longer supported by our atmosphere (i.e., some reptilians are hydrogen breathers)

In order to impose credibility for Judaism, mainstream history appraises this as the first civilised religion. Of course, followers of esoteric texts know Judaism cannot possibly be the first organised system of monotheism. Indeed Biblical texts are contradictory and offer numerous “versions” of God. These can be principally divided into version of the (plural) Elohim “light being” Gods, Yahweh (or Jehovah) and Ba’al (Adonis or Lord). We learn from Sumerian tablets that Ba’al(s) are significant manifestations of (water based) Anunaki overlords. Enki and Enlil are two famous names. Interestingly, Ba’al generally (but not exclusively) receives a bad press in the Bible. In my opinion this is because the work represents much “inherited wisdom” of the Draco, who had successfully fended off a number of direct attacks from the Anunaki overlords over the eons. Myth of Inanna and other ancient tales give some insight as to the hierarchical struggle to control the “underworld” (which was partly an Anunaki domain via matrimonial alliances anyway).

Judaism assimilated the doctrine of prior philosophic orders. These, today, are known as Zoroastrianism and Buddhism. The existential difference between the two camps can be simply expressed. Zoroastrianism took the position that external forces influenced the body as opposed to Buddhism’s “body is the temple” (managing all external forces). The former focused on the without and the latter projected the within. Hybrid Judaism elevated the inner by terms of the outer and that produced a dichotomy of values which ultimately led to the doctrines, Pharisaic and Gnostic order. The Pharisees were the precursor to science-atheism, material accountability. Gnostics were deeply spiritual, artistic mystics. The terms of engagement have not changed as today reductionist (atheist) wisdom competes with “new age” hybrid catholic-Buddhist “cosmic consciousness” (or Christ’s Consciousness).

We must turn the clocks back over 100,000 years to understand how this started. This time long preceded the disaster which sucked the atmosphere off Mars. Planetary re-colonisation can only be speculated, but it was likely after a war which ran for 18,000 years ending with the destruction of the largest Earth moon 104,000 years ago. All these figures are rounded to nearest 100 or 1000 years as it is very hard to be any more precise. The Atlanteans had been stationed on Earth through the war period, though I sense they joined the fray in the late stages of the altercations. It is also likely (as is more and more the case today) wars were fought covertly for the large part. I am sure the safety aspect of the shattered Earth moon made relocation to Mars an obvious choice and this places the move at 102,000BC. Thus, the Atlanteans were on Mars between 102,000-33,000BC (as a rough date range). Incidentally, one of their first early noteworthy acts of magnificence after returning to Earth was the construction of the Sphinx in the 32nd millennium BC. This was followed by the Great Pyramid of Giza in the 29th millennium BC.

Lemurian dream of fused Atlantean, Lumerian symbolism

Lemurian dream of fused Atlantean, Lumerian symbolism

In the meantime, back on Mars, the Lumerians joined and complimented Atlantean society prior to 73,000BC because that is when their exodus to Earth established the great Mu civilisations which ended after the mismanaged cosmic event in the 24th millennium BC. St Germaine mistakenly identified the event as the “end of Atlantis”. It was the end of Mu which is now submerged by the Pacific Ocean. The error is all the more excusable as the Lumerians could be regarded as a “branch” of Atlantis civilisation. On Mars they joined existing Atlantean culture. This was reversed with the Ants return to Earth in 33,000BC. I am reliably informed that ancient Martians (being a combination of Lumerians, Atlanteans, Neanderthal or Homo erectus “slave” classes and Lemurian military networks) lived in open, communal dwellings (houses had no doors or windows).

For their part, guided by deep hierarchical protocols, the Ants presided over an ancient library of knowledge that stretched back to the dawn of time (by all accounts). Similar to our society very few were given the keys to all the knowledge, but unlike our nepotistic orders, the keys had to be earned. Let us think of their holders of wisdom as politician with real credibility. Decisions then were free of bluff and bluster, but this did not limit risks or inconceivable arrogance. In a sense, though philosophies/knowledge was markedly different to our modern science subset, their wisdom was a version of Zoroastrian Pharisaic order. Lumerians complimented this approach as they were the mystics, enterprising sorcerers, expressive artists and managers of spiritual energy domains (including masters of sexual energy). It could be said that the Ants were everything physical and the Lumerians determined with metaphysically, but this would only act as a rough guide as there were many cross overs. Wisdom, then, understood the power of the mind and manipulated it to great cosmic effect. I talk about a layer that separates matter and “God” (Prime Source) in my book (recently renamed and expanded in size) “The Beauty of Decoded Existence”. The Ants could manipulate that layer (using their minds) to transmute matter – turn wood into gold, for instance.

Somehow the intrinsic, seamless flow of cooperation led to a competition between wisdom and mysticism. Zoroaster is much older than academics postulate. He was around prior to the lead up to the tragically violent 6-7th millennium BC. Rumours of his Vimana found lodged in an Afghan “time well” should be taken seriously (though “dates” not). He had some strange powers that transcend logic and what we judge to be “natural order”. Gautama Buddha merely redefined a much more ancient doctrine managed by the Lumerians. Included was sexual reasoning that might be determined perverse by modern Pharisaic law makers. Lust was regarded as an adjunct to and not “part of” procreation. That is the great battle of modern times and why, by Pharisaic doctrinal definition of procreation, lust should be immoral and illegal (according to their reduced logic). “Children” are the currency and casualty of that war. The deeper question worthy of wider consideration is, after the war is over and wisdom trumps mysticism, will humanity inevitably learn the two are inseparable and without balance social function will collapse?

Introduction to Dimensions, Deceptions & Demons

It has been long awaited, but after considerable effort, I have suitably tuned materials devoted to the first part of Dimensions, Deceptions & Demons. The perfectionist in me wanted a poetic flow that would harmonise lowly and great as one common mind. Occasional jarring expressive form rudely discords. Outbursts have been minimised to such a degree, I view the finished article as a work of art. Hopefully, it will have the same effect on conscientious readers. This all comes at a price. To me – the best part of a year of my life; to you, a donation of not less than $10US (Australian readers can visit and donate A$12 or more). For clarity, this is not a “fixed price” and there is no ceiling to donation amounts, which should be $10 or greater. Contributions keep the writing project afloat.

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Information is not the result of replication and possibly unique. The package small (below 20,000 words), but is not a diamond? Is a diamond merely “quartz” or something intrinsically perfect? Donators should e-mail with the simple instruction “Donated for DDD Intro” after payment has been made. An individually inscribed and numbered copy is available for more generous donators determined to ensure my work succeeds (amounts not less than $800). Orders will be despatched in PDF form as expediently as humanly possible.

In case some are still not clear on my style, here is the Preface (included with book) to whet the appetite:


My journey through turbulent seas to reach the point I call now has afforded ample opportunity for witness. The significant culmination marked by the point I call now has unveiled the result of a project being the work of several months backed by decades, if not a lifetime of experience. Other writers do exist. I have witnessed them, studied their results, and revelled in their creativity. They too, often have made extraordinary sacrifices in the belief they have something to say important enough to encourage mass readership. The significant difference between them and me is substance. They choose, invariably, to strictly align to past traditions as a way of justifying sentiment. I do not. Mine is a celebration of originality so any reference to past thinking is surely superfluous. How can originality have references? Thus, though this is a literary work, some readers may be confused into the assumption that much of the rhetoric ‘must be” symbolic or, perhaps, “metaphoric”. I assure those misguided voices that science illusion has such a firm hold on the etiquette of creativity any “contradictions to the fact” are deemed fantastic.

These volumes are not fantasies but will surely confuse avid politically correct philologists. In light of this, some of the subject matter may be reasoned as forms of science fiction, such as “Harry Potter” or, even, one of those strategy game quests. God help me if this is so. I make no attempt, nor will, at trying to appease time honoured traditions that have strangled all hope of true learning at colleges and universities. This is something new, fresh and different. Under these conditions, I make no apology for my findings, present no bibliography and acknowledge only what I believe. The ones that say their beliefs are knowledge deceive. My objective, as a living and breathing entity, is to turn un-knowledge into knowledge. Belief is but the first step towards conversion. Conscientious readers will notice occasional information sources. These are not to prove I am credible but, rather, to allow furtherance of the discovery tour. No attempt has been made to cover my path and I avidly try to pass on the keys for this job is too much for one humble spirit. Every single inference has been double and treble checked. I am my biggest task master, not taking the truth lightly. Lack of vision, misinterpretation and shallow evidence are the great adversaries of truth. My absolute dedication has been to assure senses are fully alert to limit and hopefully avoid anomalies. Reason connotes some critics; ultimately, will find gold for their causes. If that is so, my future mission will surely demonstrate theirs is fool’s gold.

There is certainly a message that begs transmission, but where do I start? You see opinions are so entrenched that the truth has been theorised out of existence. Even intelligent, vibrant human entities have become corrupt beyond redemption, because to champion the truth is to detach from the hive. The message is very straightforward but it will contradict any semblance of conscious reasoning. This is not a knee jerk apologist reaction. It is a frank appraisal of the apathetic tyranny of applied insanity which is given as reality by forces that hallow dulled senses and mindless obedience. The enslavement of humanity began with the commitment to normalcy. What they, the deceivers, categorise as normal changes over the ages, but all support mundane agendas destined to control and the truth be damned.

Beginning at the beginning is always difficult as everything did not appear to start. Instead it has always been in motion. Time, for instance, will be revealed as constantly in the present. For those that subscribe to the intent of the falsehood Big Bang, there was still something prior and the truth is now exposed. The void of nothing is populated by the notion of ignorance, for nothing is everything as what we call something only ever exists in the moment. Once the moment passes it is gone, vapour. Transmuting into something the same or different, so continues the grand illusion until nothing is revealed. We, the subscribers to illusory, programed and normalised by our realities, are ignorant of what went on before Big Bang because if we considered it our sanity (as regimented by science) would be checked. Those that do not buy normal must, surely, be insane? Therefore, by magic, Big Bang just happened. How do the reductionist/materialists express it? Ah yes, “it just popped into existence”.

My writings attempt to decipher lost truths and I explain both what the Big Bang phenomenon was and what preceded the event. Revelations will be as logical as startling. However, I warn reductionist/materialist surveyors, nothing will conform to the Newtonian version of science as much of the evidence for reasoning is non-physical. On the rare occasions Newton and his empirical cultists are consulted, I invariably conclude and recommend their summary calculations are riddled with errors or, more often, flawed from conception. This is not from a lack of respect for Newton, indeed a great man, but from conclusive understand he too succumbed to normalcy of his time. With flawed basis his guide, output was always going to be clandestine. How can measurement of an illusion define reality?

Diligent readers should covet faith and let intellect breathe as the staple for comprehension. For the most part, I shall avoid building colourful stories around props, mimicking current science-exploitation. However, “role play” analogic situations do try and convey my truth for some of my conclusions would be hard to present in any other way. These findings are never fixed and diligent readers may experience mysterious contradictions. My writings are the symptom of a great journey and it would be unfair of me to censor messages I do not fully understand. Thus, everything is included and I make the best of explaining all the difficult bits. As new ideas and information materialise, so conclusions change. In-the-moment readers are only given a snapshot of now; however long now takes. Future writings, new releases and other projects will provide ample opportunity for greater clarity. Do not be surprised if the subtlety of the message changes over time.

My many criticisms of science are not directed at the potential of the medium, but rather at the mechanics as evidenced by the numerous abuses of those that attempt to ensnare ignorance in their vain cause to be right. Modern scientists have become something like junkies prepared to addle their fine minds for money and fame. The four points of influence are commerce, state, religion and pride. Diabolical illusions in the name of science conjure pointless “controls”, predetermined conclusions and fantasy analysis. This is, sadly and for the most part, the joint reign of modern science culture and science practice. Even without those diabolical influences, particularly in light of that empirics’ dead weight, conclusions would always be limited, at best, or flawed, at worst. If we consider space which is traditionally described as “mostly nothing” as, according to empirical science, everything is over 99% nothing, to transmute space general nothingness into a state of everything requires a paradigm shift of thinking. Along those lines, if I was to say that the nothingness of space was an illusion that exposes our ideological slavery and, if we were fully aware, everything-ness could and would become reality; no one even remotely attached to current science and its hive could or would be able to accept it. All attempts at transcendence would meet the same old dead ends and pit falls.

Reductionist materialism relies on nothingness as the core principle for its “everything”. It is time to present my first real challenge to conscientious readers. Can I say that reality, free from perception, is far stranger than everything-ness? Taking reality as illusory, I can confirm that this is clever thinking. However, if I said there was and is only a single point that has been duplicated near infinite times to create everything we know and don’t know; only the supremely courageous could willingly process that concept. Yet that is so and to make matters worse, the original and subsequent overlayed points are vents from nothing – “zero points” is the closest analogy. In other words everything emanates from and is a single [zero] point which, theoretically according to empirical science, doesn’t exist. In addition, in truth, the past, present and future are haphazardly fused together as random snippets and can only be constructively unravelled via the perception of linearity. There have been writings about a so-called “dimension ten” within which the materials of existence are jumbled up and in no particular order. Some emphasis is devoted to this phenomenon in the Introduction and First Part. Our reliance on the frequency we call dimension three (D3) assures we fail to notice its mechanics, which include the numerous scales that define our reality. We have not yet been able to scientifically separate lower dimensional frequencies. Properties of dimensions are explained in the Introduction and First Part. One of the scales specifically related to D3 is chronology. By way of a preview I can say that faced with innumerable preformed scenarios, individuals are bound to choose which “moves” are made. Thus, time and motion appear to go forward in the sense our chronometers indicate.

It is perceived spaces that allow objects to be; even though form only relates to rudimentary perception which is the result of activated cosmic code we call DNA defining/creating all the scales that enforce our reality. Chemical markers that guide researchers and guilds such as the Genome Project might be compared with ice crystals, for instance. In recent times study has been devoted to visual patterns created by sound vibrations. The patterns will never be sound. So it is with cosmic code and “DNA”. However, what isn’t there is as important as what is. In music professional performers learn without rests/spaces there would be no music. The spaces are more important than the notes, because they create form. That rule can be applied to cosmic creation. Our awareness is not just limited to, but is perception. This makes determining what is really real that much harder, for we need to break our cosmic code and step outside the programing to do so. Perception is not reality, but without it there is no reality and certainly no awareness of it. For the large part, and perhaps absolutely, expressive reality through perception universally conforms to the cosmic code and its chemical markers (measured by the Genome Project guild). However, our, human, bandwidth is extremely limited. Full understanding why is unfolded throughout Dimensions, Deceptions & Demons.

I can say, as a preliminary, this is not because “we” are limited, as we are complete, but cosmic code and its chemical markers determine what we are given access to; what it will reveal through our being. Our resonance is limited for some reason which I will try and decipher as one of the essential missions of this work. I will also attempt to expose what perpetuates the normalcy that embellishes the theories and supporting evidence shaping perception under the pretext of validation. My writings, through fault of expressive limits, on occasion will propose closed loops that paradoxically validate and dispute same findings. At times I will appear to support normalcy and others I branch from accepted science diktat. In doing so, conscientious readers would be well advised not to expect partisan control models of the type used by science to court ignorance.

Once again, many of the discussion points raised are nothing remotely “empirically” confirmable and logically perhaps fall into the category “theoretical physics/philosophy” and beyond. This is not to say revelations do not draw on inherence, are not rational as explanations or are beyond confirmation. Reality is explained by such different methods, that to build in science would be the same as trying to weigh happiness. Let us be frank, even popular science relies on hearsay when cataloguing definitions of singular emotion such as happiness or sadness. The scientist cannot avoid known emotions beyond typical craft rationale. He or she relies on empathy as much as predetermination (maybe they are the same?). Diligent readers would do best to approach this work as a big “who-done-it?” with the lead characters not only beyond or of this Earth but also, in part, defy proscribed logic. If nothing else is achieved, it will go some way towards breaking your programming. Get over that hurdle and you are ready to read Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons!

Why the “Jews” Love Hitler

Adolf-Hitler-jewish-agentMy most recent posts have been focusing on viruses and vaccines. I do have a bombshell to reveal on that subject. Indeed I think I have decoded “illness” in general. That sore runs deep, so some readers may feel it necessary to reread my assessments more than once. Something the average Jew is not is stupid. The average Jew is well aware of raging pollution engulfing the Holy Land, courtesy of Zion of course, so it is only the zealous nutters, the poor, unusually ignorant or afflicted people that root there. Oh Israel, beloved Israel, if only you were safe, then I might visit. Peter Schreiner did raise a pertinent question about Bubonic Plague, the Black Death in a comment. I quickly responded that this was the result of pollution; radiation being a form of toxicity. All viruses, as per the Wikipedia definition, are incapable of autonomous reproduction, growth or metabolism. Though the same source describes them as non-organic life forms (possibly man-made), I do not. I do concur that viruses consist of non-organic materials. Where there is a breakdown of infrastructure and pollution (rotting garbage heaps, seeping sewerage included), humans pick up (breath in) viruses. Maybe they can be passed blood to blood by mosquitos and so on or infected in other ways. Pollutant viruses manifest in different ways in animal’s bodies depending how they deal with them. So, when HIV virus is passed from the Green Monkey to humans or Ebola “occurs naturally” in humans or animals, body systems are merely dealing with the same pollution in different ways. Bubonic Plague was not transmitted by black rats. They merely show their own version of pollution symptoms. Human immune defences are remarkably strong, but some chemical compounds are impossible to defeat.

Take the failed chemo drug and reinvented HIV vaccine, AZT, one of a long list of destroyers; the perfect eugenics aid?

It is time, I think, to bring on Hitler. Conscientious blog visitors will rightly question why I have used quotes around “Jews” in the title of this controversial post. It is not controversial because it is particularly critical of Jews or breaks any of the numerous protocols outlined by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Controversy comes from gestation. Embers of conclusive observations were transmitted by Jews; one a Rabbi. None will be named, of course – ever. You see part of the problem is the ISIS style lynch mobs. Yes, they say they are this or that, but we all know they are the other. The name of the country state, Israel, was formed from three deities. It is interesting to note that the claimant worshipers named their host state after multiple God entities. Is that not idolising Pagan Gods? Does not the state of Israel propose idolatry by its name? Two Gods are certainly Babylonian and the other is a version of Akhenaten’s Egyptian supreme being, Amon (pronounced “soft” a mon). Amon is usually translated as Amen in English and this closes Christian prayers. Akhenaten’s universal God is entrenched in proto Judaic culture. His new God was invisible as “of the air”. Critical scholars (even some of the mainstream variety) assert Amon began monotheism and not the fictitious Israelite sub-plot. One mystery of the Biblical Old Testament is the express prohibition of the worship of Ba’al (an incarnation Anunaki Enki). In the English version, Ba’al is sometimes called the Lord of the Flies (a mistranslation of Lord of “that which is aerial” – meteorological). Lord of the Flies can also be shortened to “Lord”. Ocassionally Ba’al (Lord) is clearly an asset of God to be worshiped (or revered). Taking Babylonian tradition, Ba’al can also be Set, Beelzebub and Satan.

Thus, might this infer that the Mosaic religions contain elements of Satanism?

Oh hell’s bells! There is no argument that Israel’s two undisputedly foreign, pagan Gods are Isis and Ra. The “Is” of Israel is a shortened version. In a sense they encompass everything as Isis is the Goddess of Darkness (the female soul resides in the void) and Ra is the Sun God (the male spirit is made of light). An invisible combination of the two is called El, completing Israel. In effect, the total overall omnipresent God is the embodiment of light and dark combined. Because a soul is fixed, it fears change. Nevertheless the only way to grow is by stimulating change. That is why living bodies are combinations of spirit and soul. Invisible DNA (quite different to science chemical “symptoms”) is managed by El superseding light and dark. So-called evolution is actually relative DNA management (which can be executed at group, subgroup or individual level). That management assumes marked steps which might be calculated as roughly evolutionary.

I read about mysterious Islamic forces called ISIS that behave very much like the uncompromising Zionist terrorists that were around up to and beyond the formation of Israel. These scum, as measured by their remorseless, inhuman, and often “symbolic” behaviour (Satanic), are the same group no matter what they are called. In fact few realise that Islam is a version of radical Zionism in all but name. Zion, of course, is a relatively recent invention, which comes from the Hebrew word Sion, meaning fortress.

There was a group that sprung to international popularity in the 1980’s. Formed in 1974 by a French motor star and writer, Claude Vorilhon, they were soon branded a “cult” by the mainstream. Nevertheless, a noticeable period of global (First World) promotion showed regular announcements of what appeared to be fanciful, exaggerated claims (judged by those caught in the illusory mainstream bubble). Indeed, the mainstream’s staging of proscribed “reality” is so powerful, they do not need to “say it” for people to “know it”. Vorilhon’s Raelians dropped Isis entirely. Some have erroneously ascribed them as a Zionist sub-group. More appropriately, they are an approximate version of Eduard “Billy” Meier’s Swiss cult as each personifies white light Lemurian power. Lemurians are the very tall white humanoids that have been photographed by Sixto Paz Wells and others. According to Sixto, they live on a large Earth-like Jupiter moon called Ganymede. However, I do not believe they are in our dimensional frequency band and can only be fully accessed via the subconscious.

To explain “white light”, prior to the seeds of time, identities (being parts of the Prime Source) chose to group together and become energy. This manifest as invisible light bursting free from nothing by creating a fabric rip our modern scientists would class as a zero point vent. The Raelians are attempting to be the personification of the very same [white] light that broke free to begin what preceded “creation” of the material universes. As such they espouse a God on Earth tradition similar to the Mosaic Elohim (God [plural] that are beings). Notably, in 2002, the group made the spurious claim they had cloned a human foetus called Eve, which, they assured reviewers, had the capability of accelerated growth. Further discussion and analysis will need a future post. At that point they were abruptly dropped by the mainstream fading almost into oblivion. It is worth mentioning, again, that 1979 saw the anonymous erection of the mysterious Georgia guide stones. One of the pledges in stone is the reduction of Earth’s population to 500 million (doubtlessly assisted by manmade viruses and toxic vaccines). Billy Meier’s Raelian-like cult (formed in 1976 just two years after the Raelians) channelled the figure 480 million as the Earth’s “optimum” population (allegedly through off world Pajareans).

1979 also saw Reza Shah Pahvali’s despotism replaced by an Islamic Republic version scripted by the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. I, for one, do not believe in coincidences. Those that remember defunct terrorist orders such as the Red Brigade will know there has always been an intrinsic link between radical Islam and the objectives of Zionism. Did Carter’s rushed attack on Iran deliberately fail in order to draw out the mitigated destabilisation of the Middle East by the hand of Zionist affiliates? Ancient legends deeply buried in the Vedas describe the emergence of man from the high up in the Caucuses of old Persia. The new name Iran is another version of Aryan; the name shared by pure bred Caucasians. Arian (another spelling) Cathars were the enemy of the Catholics, but that will be discussed in my next post on this subject. Work for the Genome Project has embarrassingly revealed that “Jews” are predominantly Caucasians. Most of the ancient Jewish international traders (Big Banking) were in fact Celts (colloquially known as Culdees). My soon to be published book, “Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons” will make the startling claim that there were at least two Gardens of Eden (Edin was the Lumerian star word for designated recreation point). One was located in Southern Africa and became home to newly created Olmec Man (Adam). The other was made home by the Draco (under instruction of the Drakkon) high up in the Caucuses of Iran where they created new man.

That man is known as Eve (from Biblical Genesis) and that is Caucasian man.

Caucasian man has hereditary genetic lineage from the Atlanteans and other important human DNA categories. There are a few more pieces to the Jewish puzzle. Recently, I completed Maree Moore’s book “Merlin & the Shepherds of Arcadia”. She was clearly single minded in her campaign for white light and this tainted conclusions, I’m afraid. Overall the work did not impress me. However, it did touch on some startlingly original points which I wholeheartedly agree on. These included the revelation Britain means (from Hebrew) “Covenant People” and therefore it is the “Land of the Covenant”. The harder question is; is (Emerald Isle) Ireland the Promised Land and not the “western” United States of America? Because Zionist manipulators have betrayed their cause virtually from the onset of Judaism (aided by pharisaic elements), Britain has never come together. Saxon is made from “Sac’s son” or “Isaac’s son”. These peoples include the Celtic Jews or Culdees. Anglo Saxons (originally Teutonic tribes) settled together on the Land of the Covenant to form the Union of Jacob (Isaac’s son) which is represented by the Union Jack (flag). I need to inform conscientious readers that this is my puzzle restoration and not Maree Moore’s. She only permitted fragments to occasionally bob up from a frothing sea of an “unconnected” mission. Her book also discusses Tea Tephi, (Tamar Tephi) an Israelite Princess (arguably Ezekiel’s “tender twig”) who married the noteworthy Irish King Heremon (Eochaiddh). Tea was the great granddaughter of Israelite prophet, Jeremiah, who visited Ireland in 580’s BC. It is estimated that 40% of the native Irish language stems from Hebrew and there is much cross cultural evidence, such as the harp (of David). There are many other, perhaps “spurious”, ancient Israelite links to European Royal blood lines. Thus, I am compelled to believe that Judaism is a front for something Satanic (clandestine deception), though I am not critical of sincere believers that use religious philosophy laterally to attain an understanding of higher universal purpose.

So why do the Jews love Hitler?

I call the majority of Jews “Poster Jews”. These pay lip service to culture in order to improve material, mostly individual but occasionally group, chances in life. The Jewish club is a great place to be for those that pay homage to the “poster”. Jews are asked to validate overt Universalism by their covertly nationalistic manifesto. Remain hidden in plain sight (or, eyes wide shut) is their motto. Those that react, rebel would be branded Diaspora…..or worse. Therefore, overtly, Poster Jews wail and gnash their teeth darkly at anything remotely Hitleresque. So committed is their public vim, they refuse to even research the icon and his terrible NAZI machine. Naturally, there are exceptions. Carefully selected and monitored publicists or “historians” (sic) are allowed to wilfully review past atrocities. As a summary, they present anything that suits the overall overt cause. Indeed so wilful is their scrutiny, that evidence is neither deemed necessary nor supplied (particularly considering the colourful arguments determining the so-called Holocaust). Did not Hitler say not to avoid the truth, but pervert it? How many Jewish historians live up to his lofty standard? It is interesting that things become particularly hazy when looking back at our deep past; when tracing the origins of those wandering Teutonic tribes. Where did they come from? Russia? Iran? Or, are they Israel? Given that Hitler was German and in light of the revelations last paragraph, conscientious readers surely must start questioning this coincidence.

Germany is a First World country. Peasants do not become Chancellor.

Another mystery, considering coincidences, is why both Hitler and Napoleon made feeble attempts at conquests on Britain. Both were finished by separate perilous and pointless attempts at securing Russia. Let us not forget that Napoleon was the Hitler of the 1800’s and marred by “like” propaganda. Focusing on Hitler’s strategy with Britain, bearing in mind that Britain declared war on his Reich, his ambition was limited to feeble aerial attacks mostly by “doodle-bug” rockets (V1). I personally theorise that the few planes that broke though Britain’s defences were “off course”. Even more mysteriously, the very successful V2 rocket attacks ended abruptly without reasonable explanation other than the war was fixed from the outset. Indeed, there was minor damage to St Paul’s Cathedral, but the German attack was most successful at clearing out London’s “slum dwellings”. Remarkably (another coincidence), the Allied campaign on major German cities (causing simultaneous holocausts) also targeted “slum dwellings”. These were not the Jewish ghettos that have been monotonously chimed out by Zionist propaganda merchants, but, rather, the homes of Teutonic working class stock.

It is very strange that Hitler’s Mein Kampf reveres the “Aryan race” (Culdees) but also pledges to wipe out 50% of the Caucasian base stock using euphemisms like Slavs or Romany people. Indeed, looking at the detail, Hitler’s supposed hatred of the Jews has been balanced by considerable acts of generosity projecting the concept of Israel. Without dispute, Hitler was not a friend of Jewish traitors, which included all the Diaspora. In other words all Jews that had been integrating with wider society were enemies of his state. In Hitler’s time Poster Jews were not Universalists and that is the error the modern generations make when appraising cause for complicity. So what has Hitler done for the Jews to make them love him?

First and foremost, the 1919 Washington Post propaganda piece claiming six million Jews (they called them Juden then) were mercilessly killed in the 1914-18 Great War (WWI) must have been prophesy. Either that or the article writer was the ambitious owner of a time machine. We know from the ADL that six million Jews perished as the result of the NAZI onslaught. This has been validated by an animated propaganda film starring former American general and President Ike Eisenhower (a Jew). In more recent times the ADL has disassociated itself with Ike’s message as it has been exposed as a staged fake that, in part, worryingly, attributed to the basis for the destructive and unwarranted attacked on Arab civilisations to plunder land in the vile creation of Israel. Isis would have been proud. Most importantly, without Hitler the ADL would have no basis for the assiduous rhetoric (often underpinning legislation) defining something they call anti-Semitism. This has nothing to do with Semites, as the Arabs are targeted by their dogma. It in fact is covert government staining all political forums and discussions. There is enough material for a book here, so I shall continue this thread in another post. Do come back 🙂

The Forces Behind Judaism – (final) Part Three

This is the final part of my essay. A recent follower has a very informative website which covers changes to the American Constitution and the unconstitutional, illegal Federal Reserve Bank. You can find details here. Part of the discipline of due diligence is continually reviewing past writings and I am invariably displeased with the consistent “typo’s” and clunky writing style of recent posts. Unfortunately, posts are becoming so large, projects so numerous, adequate proof reading time is unlikely to materialise. However, I am working on it! Finally, I often edit online, so if a part of a post does not make sense, I will have likely improved it by your next visit to this site. Do check back because some changes are significant. Pipeline up-and-coming posts to look out for will be Support and Charity, Planets, Society Must Never be “Cashless” and For the Empowerment of You.

By the early 1800’s the time was right for the invention of a new version of Judaism for the pioneers of the new Promised Land. This needed to be a fusion of mystic Judaism, gnostic Christianity and militant Islam – a sort of “one stop shop” for every religious fanatic. The man who stepped up to the plate was none other than Joseph Smith (Junior). In 1829, reading seer stones as his “divining tool”, he was presented a new version of Judaism which he argued was a direct message from Jesus Christ represented by the “angel” Nephilim, Moroni. The basis of the Latter Day Saints, root of the Mormon sect, was laid out in a series of gold plates which only Smith had access to. It did not just include a spiritual message but gave the historic development of America long prior to the Pilgrim settlers. The obvious flaws of messages reported on the phantom gold plates were so out of step with the popular mainstream the religion was a non-starter. Nevertheless, ironically, the Joseph Smith experience has all the hallmarks of a Pleiadian or Lemurian “abduction”. The gold plates were maybe somewhere in the 4th dimension where logic is turned upside down. It would not surprise me at all, for instance, if the plates themselves induced a download into Smith’s mind. That would explain his extraordinary, infectious charisma and determined confidence.

In a sense Joseph Smith had invented multiculturalism with his sympathies toward the Redskin natives. Mormonism signified a new age development of Judaism, which made the old order very uncomfortable. At that time the power of the proverb was everything. On one hand its sympathy towards some of the tried and tested bastions of order dissuaded enlightened would be recruits. On the other, its latitude towards branded perversions, such as polygamy, alienated would be dissatisfied Puritans. The focus on the importance of family and family values did persuade a large number to see the Mormon light. Indeed, in recent times, it should not surprise readers that Jewish-American Christians swing towards Mormonism. Prominent politicians, such a Michelle Bachmann, pledge their allegiance to Zion, naturally. One of the features of Mormonism is its veiled racism, which is not quite as overt as the Amish. Indeed, it is a policy of the Latter Day Saints to send “Pilgrims” out to the four corners of the Earth. Affable young men and women with American English accents with black name tags can be met in all the “civilised” parts of the globe. However, to ever be part of the “family” you must sell your soul to the devil. It will hardly surprise that Mormons are not really tolerant of other’s views. They are not multi-cultural at all but have made their version of “being nice” an art form. Those with the ability to remove the veil will find a seething cesspool of hatred beneath that facile smiling veneer.

There is some confusion amongst mainstream historians as to whether the Latter Day Saints partnered with or exploited the native Indians. Conflicts between the ever increasing numbers of gold rush fortune hunters and the fragile establishment led to America being called the Wild West by civilised people. The great Czech composer, Anton Vorsak, was not impressed with the “noisy rabbles” of 1896 as expressed in a couple of his compositions. The Indian Removal Act was first drafted by Andrew Jackson in 1830 and by the 1900’s; populations had been ravaged out of existence. Save for infectious mythical leaders, such as Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, genocide or complete abject slavery (as fourth class peoples) would have been instigated by 1900. As it is by 1930’s populations were a shadow of their former greatness. The Dawes Severalty Act of 1887 attempted to remedy the Redskin problem civilly by providing large land tracts for “settlement”; known as Indian Reservations. The real problem was, after the cull of the wild buffalo, which coincided with the creation of the Dawes legislation, the Redskins (who were hunters) had been starved out. It was deeper than that as the culture relied on the spirit of connectivity with nature; something city dwelling “Westerners” could not comprehend. With that very important aspect of their lives removed, part of every living Redskin died. The relentless waves of pioneers conquering America also needed somewhere to root. This led to conflicts with the natives proceeding [sometimes successful] attempts at annexing reservation land. The situation was not dissimilar to modern day Palestine and Israel, with key Palestinian land tracts occupied by Jewish “settlers”. The wheels of commerce were in place and all had been exploited by Zionism in its ambition to build up America for the prosperity of the Order of Zion. When sufficient immigrants had settled, an immigration bureaucracy was established with some expediency and operated with impunity.

It is no accident that after the building of the new Promised Land was complete, Zionism attempted to end disputes once and for all. This began with the simultaneous wars in Latin America, Africa and China. The United States challenged the old guard of the Latin south to a dual which resulted in American colonisation of Cuba. Philippines and other places were also scooped up as part of an initiative by the Roosevelt’s. Spain had shown its true metal – which was yellow. Understandably, the gold standard could not withstand universal, simultaneous wars but, inexplicably, the standard was “saved” by the so-called First World War. Afterwards and heralding the roaring twenties, the introduction of hire purchase finance in the US stoked faux optimism, for while cash circulates there will be no recession. In Europe to counter, untenable reparation demands and legislation imposed on German after their WWI defeat satisfied a number of purposes. Primarily, however, it was to build up Zionist British gold coffers . The banking system launched its coup d’état by stealing the US Treasury in the otherwise pointless creation of the  Federal Reserve in 1914. The same bankers funneled German reparation payments (resulting from another, different, Dawes Act) via Britain into American vaults only to redirect them back to Germany again to advance Hitler’s ambitions. Incidentally, under its ludicrous legislation, US Treasury borrows funds from the Federal Reserve for all cash produced in perpetuity. Did the elite know of electronic systems back then and was this with view to bring on the cashless society to a welcoming general public?

Woodrow Wilson was responsible for the draconian and unrealistic legislation imposed on Germany after WWI. Included was his demand that the League of Nations represented the common interests of the global power centres. The League of Nations was the dry run for the United Nations. Alice Bailey had established her Lucifer Trust in 1922 (The date of the formation of the Irish Republican Army and the final affront on the Celts). She is a lesser known associate of Helena Blavatsky (Ukrainian “Jewish” Khazar decent). The Lucifer Trust was used as a publishing house for materials produced by the Theosophical Society. Short lived in transparent form, Lucifer Trust was renamed Lucis Trust collecting surprisingly high profile sponsors including United Nations, Greenpeace International, Greenpeace USA, Amnesty International, UNICEF. Undisputably evil Robert McNamara (former US Defence Minister) was a patron. Though not official recognised, for my research, Alice Bailey was allegedly the brainchild behind United Nation’s philosophy, which was a globally federalised New World Order underpinning draconian legislation defining humans as slaves in every facet of the life stage cycle. Hints can be found in Bailey’s published works, such as Disciples in the New Age (1955). She is is a forerunner of the New Age movement which is a new order of Catholicism. Blavatsky was one of Hitler’s favourites and her philosophy influenced NAZI ideals. Woodrow Wilson also ensured the Zionist coup of Russia, euphemistically known as the Worker’s Revolution, in 1917. Communist-atheism is the preferred governing system of the Zionists. Russia became “communist” just after the First World War and is regarded as one of the only super powers that might veto the US militarily. China is the other super power. It became “communist” after the Second World War. Historians try to argue the Chinese version was a “social movement” but it was a military one. That is why Feng Shui is threatening to undermine the “spirit” of the people’s ignorance. 2017 appears to be the date “planned” for the US super power to succeed its governing control over to the United Nations. This may spark the creation of a new global only-electronic currency which is being tested with the bit-coin concept.

The most recent destabilising event, simply known as the “Financial Crisis”, had a number of objectives. Though Greece/Cyprus were the “fall guys”, it was an attempt to bring down Europe. Falling short of Germany, it seriously targeted Spain, Ireland and Italy. The Zionists are determined to unseat the Republic of Ireland and make it part of the Union of Jacob one way or the other. The attack on Italy and Spain was an attack on the old order. Nevertheless the black aristocracy now uses the Mafia to front their assets so, just as with China/Japan’s green dragon dynasty, investments are a covert operation. North Korea is a beacon for multi-lateral relations and the Zionists are not easy with that, as signified by American nuclear warheads stored under Fukushima for safety (sic). The Military Industrial Complex should think twice before dabbling in [HAARP] technologies they do not understand. Obama’s government took the unprecedented step of injecting cash into the populace in order to test the effect of cash flow. The reason reports were mixed is the so-called bailout had almost no direct effect on the progress of commerce because pessimism alone underscores a recession. Thus, the negativity of the Financial Crisis did not change the spending mindset to permit a recession. With the added obstacle of much less cash “in motion” the gloom was always going to set in sooner rather than later. Years ago I had a conversation with a senior banker friend (yes, some of them are ok). Though his programming refused to accept the fact, I argued that if a word of mouth campaign encouraged everyone to spend what they had twice as fast as they would have done, the economic velocity would result in boom time even if there was a theoretical “recession”. The Zionists have recognised financial health is as much a state of mind, so some carefully placed, well publicised investments can change an economy overnight. The key is not having the gold. It is how the gold is used that counts.

Modern day Zionists do not seem particularly concerned with the potential for a plebeian revolution, although I sincerely believe they have miscalculated the potential for spontaneous collapse. The greater concern is with the wrong elements gaining control of the power centres. Wrong elements are prime Aryan stock leaderships, such as in various Balkan nations (hence the war on Serbia under the pretext of Yugoslavia). The most feared “rogue nations” will always be Russia, Germany, Ireland and Iran. There is a common misconception that the elite [and Zionism] want to keep the people a notch above abject poverty. This is not true. In fact in some ways the reverse is true as money is a fantasy that requires social belief in its credibility. The Romans could not give money away to the Celts. A popular pastime of young modern Britons is to go metal detecting for ancient buried treasure troves. If the slaves would do what they are told when they are told if they were rich, the Zionists would make everyone millionaires. The problem is once people are rich; they become fat, lazy or when the hunger for success still rages they are more likely to compete with their masters than capitulate. That is why all the great technologies and secrets are locked away. Free energy is the tip of the iceberg.

Certainly since 1900 and probably prior, all US presidents have been affiliates of the Order of Zion. Eisenhower produced bogus Holocaust “evidence” for the creation of Israel. This is the global administration centre for Pharisaic policy. Any country that steps out of line risks war. The current president Obama has been groomed for the role of Messiah (though, some argue, of Satan’s church – or a “reverse Messiah”) to enable the global succession of the first world [initially] to United Nations oversight and control. It is likely America will be plunged into civil war before 2018 threatening the prospect of indefinite martial law. The United Nations will be offered as the logical solution. Die hard critics may as well talk to the hand. This will also permit the springboard to a one world single electronic currency because the old “economic wedge” method is hindering “free world trade” (Zionist tariff free rigged commerce). Those with the keys to the controls can still allocate black money and there may be a Mafia currency outlawed but permitted to simulate order and control. Such was tested in the old USSR. Stalin’s outlawing of foreign currencies did not stop US greenback of varying quantities flowing into the Mafia supported black market. The Zionist Corporation will likely control all small businesses via “official franchises”.

In the not-so-distant future there are other hidden forces linked to the Zionist takeover that will become apparent. These are the phantom extra-terrestrial entities Rockefeller Inc. has made every effort to censor. Though the Sephardic Jews are closer aligned to Zeta genetics, referenced via the Futczhi, Zionist Aryan supremacists are very Draco in character. Their cloak and dagger politics, which relies on overt censorship and covert misinformation, is right out of the Reptilian handbook. Listening to one of Netanyahu’s pointless and nonsensical speeches that has his cronies in raptures reminds me of some of the Chameleon (cloaked Draco) channellings. At least the Draco have a bit of style about them. A false flag ET invasion has been prepared for when the greater percentage of humanity wake up (a euphemism for the scheduled DNA shift Draco and Zeta filters have not been able to halt). Ironically, this will be conducted by extra-terrestrials – some of which look human and others are off world humans. Previously invisible, non-existent entities will materialise. There will also be invasions, perhaps infestation, of unappealing, likely dangerous, creatures “from nowhere” that are unknown. The increased incidence of the so-called chupacabra, which are actually Draco engineered Phalzants, are the tip of a very big iceberg.

Evidence can be found in Israel-ET relations by investigations into the Raeleon cult (or Is-raeleons) who make the correct claims there are numerous global underground bases either controlled by or occupied by (in joint-venture operations) ET’s. Zionism’s modern covert/overt military propaganda force is, of course, the United States Pentagon, which “owns” the NSA. The Pentagon is embroiled in Satanism and the mystic arts which it uses to summon Draco and higher entities associated with dark light spheres. Jewish/Zionist Billy Meier is the proprietor of a Swiss cult that channels Lemurian (?) dogma from Jupiter’s moon Ganymede. Their “laws” are listed on the mysterious (sic) Georgia Guidestones. The expression “cast in stone” should bring a chill down every human’s spine. These are not “demands”. It is diktat – to death, if necessary. Bio-war, insane “Gates-ian” initiatives (such as killer mosquito robots, turning everyone “gay” as evidenced by child sex change assistance), forced sterilisation via “inoculations” and other rogue “medications” or military/civil conflict will be stepped up to reduce the population sufficiently. It is likely the Jewish Diaspora will suffer for the anti-Semitism cause – again.

The Mosaic preoccupation that all Jewish tribes serve the Levites and wild animals were created to assist the obedient Jewish slaves of God is not worthy of sincere discussion. The same, too, can be said of the racist “belief” (sic) that Jew is man and human Goyim are lower in status than the wild animals as they are “devil’s spawn”. There is certainly a lot more I could have mentioned, but that is enough…..for now!

The Forces Behind Judaism – Part Two

This is a continuation of part one. I touched on Roman Catholic control of Europe and failed to mention that the Zionist merchant bankers loved to fund wars. Nevertheless, to be fair, at this point there were considerable wealth reserves tied up in the Roman States (eventually to become the Vatican) which could be traced back to the black nobility. Therefore the black nobility had much to gain from disrupting the equilibrium managed by the European monarchs as many were, at least partly, supported by or sponsors of black nobility funds. Zionism’s major draw on power coincided with the medieval royal houses which continued right up to the twentieth century (as referenced by Benjamin Disraeli’s poignant comments about [Jewish] orthodoxy marrying into the aristocracy via maternal lineages). Once the royals were broken, no doubt Zion could then target and fell the papacy. That seems to be happening today with mainstream paedophilia hysteria.

The hybrid Zionists, most notably via William the Conqueror, tried to seize Europe. However, in those days, the people roamed free and common law reigned. This meant non-Jewish and, invariably, non-Zionist mini-chieftains reigned precincts. Land had no value and, providing it was not occupied, it was available for the taking. The tales of Robin Hood scope the, then, sense of the right to life. They also carefully omit the history of money. Indeed the Romans failed to convince the British commoners and their rural chieftains of the value of money as, often, they could not give it away. The reason the Robin Hood tales omit the role of money is not just because the concern was the, then, present but they were written as propaganda to underscore the Zionist plebian coup d’état. Under Anglo Saxon Law the Jews (Zionists) became local bankers under a treatise known as the Starra in order to honour Jesus’ perceived distaste for money changers. It began with unsecured transactions that effectively amounted to hire purchase arrangements for social up and comers. Middle classes were encouraged to invest in luxuries beyond their means. Unexpectedly that was followed with massive land grabs on behalf of the state by temporary King John. Of course, this is emphasised in the Robin Hood tales with triumphant King Richard returning from the Zionist “crusades” in revenge for the Moors advances centuries earlier. Historical plausibility behind the peasant rebellion that resulted in Magna Carta charter is woefully lacking. The real amibitions of King Richard became clear after the crusades when he bequeathed great tracts of land to his inner circle. Peasants on these land gifts were stripped of rights and under the royal stamped terms of that thievery, the rightful owners (per common law) now had to pay rent in perpetuity to their new thief landlords. In order to pay rent, they had to work the land and sell produce back to the landlord (that had stolen the land). In effect one tenth of the yield was given to landlord by this arrangement and money was instilled as the denominator at all levels of society. Robin Hood be damned.

Gnostic “King” Jesus’ trusted friend was Joseph of Arimathea. He had a booming tin mining business in Britain. Tin was the new super commodity and the local druid chieftains made excellent business associates. What happened before is a great mystery and one I have not yet deciphered. It is too great a coincidence that Britain was selected and became the new Promised Land. Nevertheless, the Anglo Saxons were of the same stock as their masters – Aryans through and through. They made reluctant slaves and were, overall, poor workers (often due to poor health, rather than rebellion). Moreover, they expected rights. Serfdom backfired and after a few hundred years of little or no progress, the Zionist establishment effectively gave up without ever letting go. They therefore needed to find a new Promised Land. The land they selected was Amerika. It was more than some urban myth. The elite had esoteric documentation which confirmed its existence, land maps included. They merely had to go there. That’s why the freemason, Christopher Columbus, was sent. Some dispute whether he actually found mainland. It is unimportant as he was a puppet for America was known presumably prior to the most ancient records. The reason the Portuguese Columbus in particular was dispatched is Catholicism was intent on conquering the unknown world by discovering it. He also had Jewish “handlers”. The world was governed by two Aryan poles. To the north was Catholicism and Zionism held the south, east and west. For those that are confused by this; Zionism’s unofficial religion is atheism. That means its members can position themselves under any so-called faith they chose; Catholicism included. America’s so-called discovery date 1492 is a significant one. Not only does it mark this official discovery, but it also represents a significant attempt at cooperation between the forces of Zion and the old Babylonia cult.

Some Zionists, surprisingly, were and are also very religious. There were sporadic bouts of plague in Europe from the 1200’s and perhaps prior. These often produced a xenophobic reaction from deeply superstitious peoples wishing to ward off evil. As the Jews have always created insular microcosms parasitically drawing off wider society, they have generally been viewed with suspicion by the majority. 1349 saw 2000 Jews burned by an angry mob in Strausborg after an outbreak of bubonic plague or “black death”. Basel (Switzerland) rounded up and burned 4,500 of theirs. The Mainz communities tried to defend themselves killing 200 of an angry mob. This saw 6,000 of their own incinerated as a result. Members of the orthodoxy also found the Catholic interpretation of the Torah so appealing they were tempted to convert. Popes had even started to issue promissory notes which allowed advance sinning. Due to conflicts in business life, merchants had no option but to sin if they wished to be become successful. When another very bad outbreak of plague and syphilis hit Europe in 1490 an amnesty between the Jews and Catholics in 1492 seemed the only way to avoid eternal damnation on Earth.

The agreement was short lived because it obviously offended Pharisaic order. Indeed it made a mockery of old order. Therefore, Zion’s man, Martin Luther, infamously pinned his list of demands to the Catholic Church door. We know Luther was definitely Zion’s man because his new interpretation of Christianity was so Pharisaic in flavour it would have made St Paul blush. The fresh new name for Pharisaic order is Puritanism and now, by the backdoor out of Europe, a new land called America had been “discovered”. It was not too long before a boat load of pilgrims set off from the old Promised Land, Britain, to establish a new puritan haven. The fusion of Catholicism and Zionism coincided with the creation of a new masonic Christian sect called Calvinism. It is interesting to note that some claim that Barak Obama is Calvinist and not a Muslim (even though he swore into office on the Qur’an) as popularised, at one time, by the mainstream press. Good old Queen Elizabeth I of England (known as the iron queen) was a Zionist through and through, as was her father, Henry VIII. Henry’s claim to fame was to sack the Catholic Church of Rome, plunder its premises replacing them with his own church of atheism (colloquially known as the Church of England). Spiritually did make a comeback under Elizabeth. She imposed hefty punishments for non-attendance of church services in true Pharisaic fashion. The pews were always full in her reign. From about this point on the Churches became the local gazette. Towards the end of her life she blessed the foundation of the Virginia Company, which was a cooperation of merchants. James I, who was James IV of Scotland, heralded a symbolic coming together of a “broken” Britain after being selected as Elizabeth’s successor. James also heralded the introduction of Calvinism. The band of merchants behind the Virginia Company eventually plucked up courage to sail to America. When there, they grabbed the first piece of land they could easily secure and named it Jamestown.

The foul and deceitful pilgrims finally had their puritan haven, but who would do all the menial jobs unfit for a God-like community? Even back in the day of Christopher Columbus, Negro slaves were being introduced to the grand houses of the day. African social structures were such that if a chieftain could be influenced in the right way bond labour would have the blessing of all parties, including the slave. Over time, the African chieftains and local peoples realised they were being exploited and attitudes changed. However, Negro slaves were renowned for making the best workers. Texts that allege Columbus did reach the American mainland also say he captured five hundred native Indians to sell as slaves. Reputedly he was double crossed by his Jewish stakeholders, never receiving a penny and was falsely imprisoned for a while. For anyone feeling the remotest sympathy for Columbus need to be aware of his character as, once again, reputedly he used to play a game with captives. This game involved trussing them up securely with rope so movement was impossible. Feet up they would be dangled from a fall overhead branch. Then his men would take turns to see how fast they could chop through these human “logs” with their axes. Whereas the coming together of Wales and Scotland had been a bloodless affair with the royal engagement of James, Ireland was far from conquered. English colonisation of Ireland had begun in the 1500’s was met with violent resistance from the Earl of Desmond (aided by Rome after the fallout with Henry VIII). Things reached a head in 1640’s when 1000’s of displaced peoples needed to be processed. James II came up with ideal solution. He decreed the declassification of Irish as Aryan slaves and bundled them off to the colonies (America and the West Indies) for sale. While a Negro was regarded as prime stock and would sell for fifty pounds sterling (the price of a mansion house) an Irish would struggle to fetch five pounds. Indeed for some Irish no price tag was attractive. To make the exploitation palatable the term slave has been upgraded to servants now when discussing the plight of the Irish.

The Pilgrim Fathers needed slaves and plenty of them. One of the great ironies is that the Irish slaves originated from precisely the same genetic stock that is the Zionist elite – Khazars, Huns and Mongols. Perhaps it is not so ironic. What better way to protect the true origins of Zionism than fabricating myths of Jewish separatism, when all along the same Atlantis rejects; the derelicts have been driving politics on both sides. Religion is merely a front. However let me press on with this historic saga. History has told us that the Redskins also did not make willing slaves, although many ended up supporting white man’s households. Historically, like the Australian aborigine peoples (who may be the closest to Olmec man); the Redskins welcomed visitors to lands that yielded. It became clear very early on that white man was not there to share. He was proposing a takeover. The advent of a stampede of greedy “pioneers” was designed to engage a clash of cultures. However, the Redskins ultimately lacked the ability to fend off white man, as recklessly brave as individuals may have been. Back in Europe, notably Britain, the old guard kept a beady eye on the America situation, with a muted opinion it would fail. They presumably had privy information as to the reputation of the Redskins as fearsome warriors. However the seventeenth had smoothly flowed into the eighteenth century, on schedule, and there American puritans had settled relatively incident free. Indeed the relationship with the natives was more positive than negative as great tracts of unused land were available. Thus, in light of the early success and potential for fortunes to be made, the British Crown (accompanied by a gaggle of Zionist bankers) decided it needed to stamp its authority on the rogue colonies. In the centre of these politics was an unknown (if you believe that you’ll believe anything), relatively impoverished son of a Jewish German grocer and money changer. “Chance” (sic) placed Mayer Amschel Bauer (Bayer) under the tutelage of Jacob Oppenheimer. Through Royal connections, the fantasy goes on to say he became a dealer of rare coins, but things become foggy in trying to justify the rise to enormous wealth as a financial middle man for the nobility. Bayer changed his name to Rothschild supposedly out of respect of family, which could be traced back to 1577 and, then, a roth (red) schild (shield) represented the family business. This red shield, others have pointed out, was the old Yiddish Zionist solidarity emblem based on a Babylonian lucky charm.

I am not sure if I discussed the Zeta Seal in my last post. If not everything has been covered in my edging-ever-towards-completion book Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons. The Zeta Seal dates back to 1748 when they attempted to halt the genetic ascension of man, or, rather, human. In essence it was very important to them that we were stuck at three strand DNA with broken chromosomes. Amazingly 1748 was a very important year. Firstly (on January 26) Britain, Netherlands, Australia and Sardinia (!) sign the anti-French treaty. Sardinia, by the way, became the ruler of all states and principalities under the formation of Italy in 1863. Germany reverted to joint control from Bavaria and Prussia in 1870. Anyway, more on 1748; March 19 heralded the Naturalization Act granting Jews the right to colonise North American colonies. [Pachter] Riots saw the death of over 200 after Netherlander Marretje Arents was executed for leading a contingent of protesters at the government peat tax. On August 15 1748 a United Lutheran (Zionist) Church of the US was conceived and followed by denomination in Pennsylvania August 26. December 26 France and Austria signed a treaty over southern Netherlands after the French defeat of Maastricht May 7. In 1749 Britain’s George II (a puppet king for Zion) gives the Ohio Company [the trading rights to, which amounted to land ownership of] Ohio. The stakeholders in the Ohio Company were none other than the dear Washington’s, George not, officially, included. Jefferson and a few other noteworthy names were involved with that investment. Not on theme, but relevant, in 1750 September 5 a decree was issued in Prussia allowing the annual search of Jewish homes for stolen or “doubtful” goods. Oh dear, they were the “fences” that far back? I very much doubt many Sephardim were embroiled.

The whole concept of Capitalism has been driven and exploited by the Zionists. However, with the emergence of the “unknown” Rothschild dynasty a special order for centralised control was created. Many talk about the powers behind the power, surreptitiously known as the “powers that be”. However, the identity of the prime peer group was brazenly labelled for all to see. The name has not changed today and, officially, on 1 May 1776 Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit and university professor, founded the Illuminati. The name actually means “enlightened ones” and was likely the reinvention of the, prior protectors of Zion, Knights Templar. They, as touched on in part one, had largely brought about their own demise by alienating a number of monarchs, Charles IV of France and Henry V of Britain included, in 1300’s. Today’s Illuminati is a “now you see it, now you don’t” affair with the main visible drive illuminating (brainwashing) the general (ignorant) public with propaganda. Your mainstream news is an example of that propaganda, so if you rely on that fantasy as “basis”, you are an ignorant peasant. This is not to say “events” advertised by news streams do not occur. Propaganda is usual found in voiceovers giving Zionist favoured outcomes to each plot or critical omissions. The landscape had changed and the world had become too big for things to return to middle ages standards, so the Knights Templar casualty would never re-emerge intact.

1776 was another big year and the formation of the Illuminati was as much symbolic as practical. It heralded declaration of Independence of a free America. Free referred to “tax free” so Zionist merchant bankers could operate unshackled from the British Crown. This is important and more on this later. It also marked the end of torture as a means of interrogation in Austria, although this was the fashion in Europe and by the end of the nineteen century it was a common law. 1776 was also a hinge date in Russian affairs, although topically 1772 was a more significant one. Part of Poland was annexed for Jewish peoples by Catherine “the Great” (another Zionist) and she also broke the Khazar/Cossack (perhaps not with Zionist affiliations) republics on the Russian mainland, possibly completely by 1776 or shortly after. That was a turbulent period of Russian history. France had been plunged into revolution after deliberately squandering its assets in the American Revolution. Some argue that the Statue of Liberty is [masonic gesture] evidence the French foreign minister at the time, Pierre Beaumarchais, was a conspirator who set up King Louis XVI, both toppling the monarchy and funding Zion’s new haven, America. Let us never forget the British/Italian Sponsored “anti-French” treaty of 1748. An “unknown” Italian banker’s son eventually progressed to lead the new Republic, only to declare himself Emperor. That betrayer of “new order” was Napoleon, of course. The French “model” was a precurser to Russian “Communism”.

Jim Kirwan is an aggressive writer whose style I do not favour. However, I do confirm he seems to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Unites States of America’s legal historic development. Frequently he references controversial laws created to empower the bankers to the disadvantage of the people. However, the rules of the game were about to abruptly change. One can loosely argue the change in standards began with the abolishment of torture for war purposes. However, this is hard to validate. The British Abolishment of Slavery Act 1833 was a certainty. On face value it was a positive step towards great civilised society. In reality it was a Zionist driven commerce ploy. The problem with slavery was not only the slave was bound to an owner, but there was no real incentive for an impressive work rate. Therefore, a bad slave was a huge problem. Punishment demotivated the good workers so much it served a negative purpose. Most slave owners were not inhumane and, in some ways, felt they had a duty of care. Besides, to free slaves due to poor work efficiency might encourage a trend. Good slaves were often very well treated and often incentivised. I say that not to vilify their lack of liberty, but merely to put things in perspective.

A low paid underclass with no social security was deemed a positive step. The new crop of third class citizens with no voting rights would have to work well or perish. They were no longer an owner’s problem. The predictable consequences exploded in the numerous newspaper reports of the 1850’s and 1860’s. It took no time for this displaced underclass to come into conflict with the landowners and present a new problem. Initially it was dealt with using the gallows and the prison system, but delicate members of civilized society became more and more scathing in their published writings and this led to a galvanisation of human rights movements between 1860 and the turn of the century that threatened to topple world order. I will come back to that. The United States of America’s reason for joining the trend and abolishing slavery ultimately had nothing to do with the civil war, other than the winning side held the cards. Both sides were strategic friends of Zion [and some enemies], so the war was a safe bet. In 1863 Lincoln abolished slavery in the Confederate States by emancipation. However, this was a feeble gesture to weaken the Southern forces in the civil war. Nevertheless, his stakeholders cornered him into the full abolishment of slavery. Because he tried to reverse the direction of cabinet, his assassination was commissioned. In April 1865 John Wilkes Booth was hired by a masonic group [some argue was connected to or a splinter of Rothschild’s Illuminati] called (something like) The Order of the Golden Hand. Behind the scenes this event was significantly complex and a number of parties are implicated, including politicians and the Catholic Church. Just as in Britain, an impoverished underclass was created, but these were mainly black and not Irish. The significance of the abolishment of slavery was the cotton price in England was sent up fivefold and created a mini boom time.

The new rules of commerce favoured import/export. It was called the economic wedge. With a low paid labour force, cotton stock now had value prior to retail or wholesale. Stock now needed to be insured and required money changers’ services at every port of call. The money changers, unsurprisingly, were all Jews of the old order. Thus a relatively low cost product became quite a costly one when rinsed through the economic funnel. I have heard there is a statue or plaque donated by the Rothschild’s to the city of Manchester celebrating the abolishment of US slavery. Manchester was the prominent British resource point for skilled seamstresses at the time. Rigged commerce is not all that developed from the independence of the United States of America. On a side note it is worth mentioning that Englishman, Captain James Cook, was sponsored to circumnavigate the Pacific region for his third voyage in 1776, after “discovering” Australia in 1770. It is likely Zion was seeking the next United States of America in case of its collapse as a union. The late eighteen century was a turbulent period for the freemen of the United States. The so-called Boston tea party 1773-1776 saw a dispute between the British Crown and the East India Company impose a levy on tea, due to piracy and smuggling operations. The standard retail price per pound was about three shillings or more but smugglers could sell the same stock for two shillings and a penny. Though the levy actually reduced the price of tea sufficiently to undercut the smugglers by one penny, it enflamed British US relations to such an extent a band Mohawk imposers dumped 342 chests of tea into the bay of Boston. This directly impacted the Deep Sea Bubble stock market crash of 1790’s and the United States experienced a number of painful recessions throughout the early 1800’s. It is interesting that the gold standard was “invented” in 1696, collapsed in 1797, and reformed the British banking system in 1821. The party was over by 1890’s with simultaneous wars; Colombia, China (Boxer Rebellion) and South Africa (Boer War) and the gold standard was only saved by bonds, which first began in 1901 (I think), or “stock options”. That concept was refined with invention of the “premium bond” in 1950’s which was capitalised on by Britain’s Harold Macmillan with the consumerism boom of 1960’s. Unlike the prior bonds which acted like “shares”, premium bonds were indexed and better than currency. In effect the concept allowed the explosion of asset values, whilst being indexed to a superficial standard (such as gold) – a very clever idea. The next step had to be the derivatives market bolstering fraudulent trades aimed at compensating the bankruptcy of all Western nations after the Vietnam War. Currently, I am led to believe, the United States has $180 trillion of futures debt.

To be continued….

The Forces behind Judaism – Part One

For regular readers, I first need to open with an apology. My channels have requested I make this post before “Planets” is published. Interesting recent personal experiences might progress unwritten “Society Must Never Be Cashless” up the queue. This was meant to be a complete post, but when I had reached 5,000 words I knew it was too much for a single presentation. Indeed, it looks as if it will be broken into three or four instalments. The motivation came in a quiet moment which was a mini eureka. Indeed, as indicated last post, my current focus is the completion of my latest book, “Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons”. The recent preview of that book (which I did edit online, in case anyone missed that) made the startling revelation that Adam (man) of Genesis was not a Jew. He was a non-Jew but not a gentile, as Judaism had not been invented at the time. The Ketzer may disagree and so they should, because they are responsible for the modern Jewish identity, which is nothing more than tyrannous nationalism. According to the Ketzer, Judaism happened as the result of the creation of Jewish man a few thousand years ago. Jewish man was Adam and he was created in the image of God and all other men are imposters. According to this logic, these imposters look like Jewish men, but they do not look like God because only Jewish men were created in the image of God.

The problem is, as my latest post (The Birth of Humanity) disclosed, Adam was neither Jewish nor genetically anything like any modern human. We can postulate about his genetics indefinitely, but ultimately the test would come from correct understanding of the Genome (something our science does not) and a sample of his genetics. From Genesis it is clear Adam was Olmec and that is why the Annunaki Viracocha did everything in their power to preserve his living genetic identity. This world is a big place, so I cannot say for sure, but I very much doubt any unaltered Olmec DNA exists on this planet now, as I write. This is a shame, because if the Genome went non-commercial and tidied up its act, I believe true science (the virtuous resource) would, ultimately, be able to decode Olmec man. Mind you the Genome has already caused big problems for the Zionists. Is the “royal” Kagan family even slightly Jewish? The German word ketzer exposes the limitations of English. Our word “heretic” obscures the true meaning, which is fraudulent Jew – Jewish claimants that are not even slightly Jewish. English heretics are effectively pagans (those beyond the reach of God – and, at one time, gentiles). Christian heretics, according to this interpretation, obstruct the true message of Christianity and reduce it to a form of paganism.

To add to this con, we have the Semitism scam. The reason the Zionists imposed anti-Semitism on humanity is to thoroughly confuse ketzer adversaries. By attaching Judaism to Semitic genetics, they fend off any bloodline arguments. The core value of anti-Semitism is “to be Jewish must be to be Semitic” and none dare say otherwise, lest they be anti-Semitic. The fact that the “Jewish” Kagans have no Jewish blood, in my opinion, making them absolutely not Jewish, is irrelevant. They are protected by anti-Semitism. This is the tip of the iceberg, because according to the Genome project there are many, many fine, upstanding, tyrannous, intolerant Jews that are not actually Jews at all. Questions need to be asked of Binyamin Netanyahu and Shimon Peres, for instance. How Jewish are you? We know anti-Semitism is a scam because it stops well short of the Arab races. Now, and once again terrible news for the Zionists, it turns out the Genome project has identified that the Arab peoples are Semites and they are not included in the anti-Semitism doctrine. Some readers are now beginning to fidget, and for good reason. You say, “Are you telling us that some Jews ‘covered’ by the anti-Semitism doctrine are neither Jewish nor Semites?” You bet! And, I’m afraid this is “with knobs on”, because not only are non-Semite, non-Jews protected by anti-Semitism, but there are Semites that are targeted by the very same doctrine that supposedly protects Semites. The reason is anti-Semitism is BULLSHIT. Sorry that is not strong enough. It is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT.

I apologise to readers for my generalisations, but the problem is we have become too bogged down with detail. We need a clean sweep overview and then, from a position of higher understanding, we can drill down and look at parts of the detail. That’s why my historic appraisal is condensed. I deliberately avoid detail and those silly arguments that have propelled something that is not. My history is not going to be a detailed history and I am going to generalise on dates. I also assure the Zionist affiliates that might have visited this blog, you will find this uncomfortable reading (if you are still here).

My decoding of the Genesis ‘Adam and Eve” & ‘fall from Grace’ texts touched on last post revealed that, Biblically celebrated, Adam was not Jewish. In fact he was not technically not man, by our definition. He was neither Homo erectus nor human, so perhaps Olmec man would satisfy anthropology’s “Holy Grail” the ‘missing link’. There is a good chance that all the prophet-king dynasties up to and including Noah were also not human and almost certainly were not Jewish by modern genetic definition. The great mystery which, thus far, remains unanswered for my Biblical research, is when did the Sephardim bloodlines start? When were the Semites created? I have discovered the common element that separates the Semitic peoples from the rest. It is a common bond of Zeta Draco genetics. Sadly, there is no example of Zeta or Draco genetics known, so the debunkers are vilified on face value. Nevertheless the same debunkers are silent when faced with the proposal, for instance, that the so-called one dimensional (presumed to be the “first dimension”) straight line cannot exist in a three dimensional world that conforms to the rules of natural law (something empirics claims it enhances) as any side (of three dimensions) of zero value does not exist. I say to the debunkers that if Zeta Draco genetics were isolated they could be proven to be the unique quality of the Sephardic Jew and other Semites. As Sanni Ceto, an autistic woman, claims to be the reincarnation of EBE823 (not sure if I have the number right); the Futczhi (Zeta-Draco) pilot that made the error resulting in the crash infamously known as Roswell, it is likely “we” (or rather “black op’s”) do have a genetic stock. Considering Sanni Ceto claims she saw her old body (via astral projection) and it is stored in a vault somewhere in the US, maybe this is not “big news” for connected Zionists.

We know why the Futczhi were created. For readers that missed that insight. The Zeta (who were the ‘builders’ of this planet and are prominent on the guardian council) made a pact with the Draco (original indigenous “man” created by the Drakkon from Tyrannosaur and Pleiadian DNA) to enable the joint management of the development of humanity (which some might, equally, argue is the exploitation of humanity). Genetically the Futczhi are an oddity. I call them little blue diddy men. They have no heart (is that where the term heartless came from?) and a very odd gastric system which processes plant foods. Reports from those who claim they have met with the diddy men at best describe them as not on the same wave length as humans. They are considered psychotically arrogant, but that is also a Draco quality. Blue diddy men are often confused with Zeta worker clones, which are grown like flowers to produce adult foetuses. The insensitivities and robot-like behaviours of the “greys” is no reflection of the Futczhi. At some point in the history of man the Futczhi were a joint venture creation of the Zeta and the Draco. Their genetic bond was used to glue a new man of thirteen distinct bands, which are today’s Semites. The “some point” was certainly after the 10,400BC disaster which possibly ended humanity.

There is an interesting writer called Nokolai Levashov who penned Russian History Viewed through Parallel Mirrors. The work concentrates on three themes: the real history of humanity, referencing Vedic texts; the destruction of the Russian language; Zionist takeover of Russia beginning with the Workers (sic) Revolution. The corporate brotherhood behind Wikipedia is not impressed with what they call Levashov’s anti-Semitism. But we are now fully coherent in our conviction that anti-Semitism is a SCAM. Rumours have been circulated, unsurprisingly, that Levashov was murdered by Zionist sympathisers. Details are lacking and, whereas that may have been the case, it is unlikely as politically it is embarrassing. In addition Levashov is often incorrect in his reasoning, which is, at times, desperately unfair. Nevertheless, for his brilliant mind, he was an asset to humanity. For this post, Levashov’s contribution is his description of what he calls derelicts. In the old days (and by old days I am looking back 100,000’s years potentially) white light social order simply expelled their social bad eggs. Criminals were merely banished from the citadel and had to fend for themselves in the wacky, wild Bad Lands. Eventually some grouped together to form marauding bandit tribes. These tribes later infiltrated honest society via masonic orders and that was the start of the mafia powerhouses. Does anyone remember reading in their Bible about the origins of Judaism coming out of the Bad Lands and the harsh wilderness before finding the Promised Land?

Already, thanks to Mr Levashov, things have become more complicated. Is that why he was murdered? We learn that his derelicts (note how that word meaning has been deliberately deviated) were not broken alcoholics or drug addicts, but sometimes well connected and very influential fraudsters (you know, your standard banking type). After the fall of Atlantis (circa 13,800BC) he postulates there was a massive exodus out of Russia and, in the confusion, many derelicts found their way back into honest society. More so, as they were used to life on the road, they became the new leaders. Were they the infamous Israelite Hyksos? If this is so, they were of Aryan Slavic decent, Caucasian in appearance, and not even slightly Jewish. The Zionist intellectual core insists that the Hyksos were Greek and a relatively recent phenomenon. Jewish, historical chronicler, Flavius Josephus does not as he describes them as Israelite (referencing Plato, perhaps a hangover of the old Atlantis regime ten thousand years ago). It is unclear whether Plato was actually talking about the Hyksos, but I am sure he was. Were these the ancestors of the modern influential Zionists? If so, they would have been violently ambitious Russian Aryan Chieftains that formed mercenary armies, such as the Varangian Guard (arguably the pioneers of the Roman Empire).

The plot is beginning to thicken. But, the intellectual Jews will chirp, “Yes, but the Romans conquered the Israelites, so your reasoning has failed”. Not so as the Romans did not conquer the Israelites. Indeed the Israelites had been conquered by the Palestinians long before Rome became involved. Actually Roman intervention advanced the powers of the Sanhedrin and the ever more vocal dreadful Pharisees, so Rome saved the day. The Jewish exodus was a rebellion against Christianity, a cult that evened things up for the gentiles and reduced the Jews to slavery (by their definition). That is why so-called crusaders of valour (and cloaked Zionists) such as David Icke insist Jesus was a fraud and Christianity is a big “con”. In fairness to Icke, “Jesus” was a fraud in the way he (or, rather, they) has been deliberately misrepresented by various insular agenda driven Christian and non-Christian cults. Jesus, whether fantasy or reality, had destroyed the Pharisees despotic claims. The same claims are the backbone of Zionist order and control.

The Romans, we know, had adapted their version of the old Babylonian religion which is pagan sun worship. Once Constantine signed up for Christianity, his machine shaped Christian doctrine to conform to the spirit of Sol Invictus (sun worship). Thus, modern day Catholics are [presumably] ignorant pagans. The Babylonian religion appears to have been established by the Draco and this was adapted into Judaism by the Futczhi. It is possible that a percentage of the Mediterranean peoples had different origins and the clash of civilisations came with the exodus of derelicts from Russia thousands of years ago. These became the Huns of the Teutonic Tribes and the mysterious Celts. The historical development of Britain is even more mysterious. So much so, I believe real history has been altered to confuse those searching the truth. Few realise the Huns, Khazars and Mongols are the same basic stock.

After the Christianisation of Rome the violent and separatist tribes, such as the Huns and the Franks, were the same Zionist, Caucasian, non-Jewish elements that were behind the Pharisaic presence in the Sanhedrin of Jerusalem. Just as had been done in Jericho, the foul bands of derelicts either found strongholds in unoccupied lands or violently attacked peaceful settlers. Vikings of Scandinavia were of identical Aryan stock that did not pretend to be Jewish. Recent events in Ukraine have prompted the Zionist controlled mainstream Media to compliment Hitler for “attempting to wipe out 50% of German Slavs”. The intifada against the ruling party was the result of a Zionist “Jewish” leader favouring a pro-NAZI leadership style. No wonder the mainstream Media were guardedly worshiping Hitler. Anyway back to deep history, this Zionist-Aryan takeover of Europe after Rome converted to Christianity was only matched by an equally virulent conquest by the Roman Catholic Church into every corner of the known globe. Kings would pay homage to Rome and convert to Catholicism or face the wrath of the merchant banker financed mercenary freedom fighters, such as the Knights Templar. So powerful were the Knights Templar and other Christian armies, the Roman Catholic Church sponsored an inquisition backed by jealous Kings, such as Charles IV (from memory) of France, to break their hold. This also doubled as a front to rid the Merovingian curse (arguably the royal bloodline of Jesus) represented by Arianism. One of the core principles of Arianism is Jesus is not supernatural and not the Son of God. It is ironic that Marcus, a Roman aristocrat and Apostle, built a Gospel around the concept that Jesus was the Son of God. His Jesus was an incognito political Messiah and a figurehead in a war raging between Pharisaic doctrinal order and Gnosticism. That war is current though the parameters have shifted to a modern day canopy where freedom of speech (art) is pitched against order (dictatorial censorship). The thick end of that wedge is if freedom of speech is allowed, unabated, peaceful protests morph into violent and anarchistic movements given enough dissenters.

After the Promised Land of Israel was well and truly abandoned, it left a void for a new order to fill. This was the start of the takeover, when a new type of Jew was invented. These are historically remembered as a small band of Turkish peoples converted to Judaism sometime in the seventh century. That was the start of overt Pharisaic Zionism. With the dissolving of the Sanhedrin and consequent removal of the Council of Sadducees (Jesus wasn’t too fond of them either) Judaic principal was reduced to no balance whatsoever. Judaism was and is undiluted Pharisaic dogma or, rather, mainstream Judaism is a corrupt nest of vipers. No wonder the Orthodoxy has splintered into numerous political sects. The takeover, “officially” in seventh century Turkey, saw the invention of the Ashkenazy ketzer (heretic). These were the descendants of the Russian derelict mafia unshackled after the collapse of Atlantis. The ink was barely dry in the new Jewish encyclopaedia, when up sprang another interesting religion led by an “unknown” peasant simply called Mohamed. Though the Jewish establishment are unable to shake off their denial, he produced a new revamped Torah which comprised of proverbs called Hadith. Islam was a fusion of the worst of all the Christian “Pauline” sentiment and the most draconian aspects of Judaism. Of course, everything is tied up in a neat little bow and when Mohamed appears to have had weak literary moments, subsequent Islamic clerical administrators have purged texts by demoting spurious entries as probably unauthentic. The establishment of Islam led to fatal clash between the protectors of old order and the new infidels. At this time, prior to the Zionist engineered crusades, Muslims and Christians were in amicable non-conflicting relationships complimenting local common law. This is probably because both were old order outcasts fighting a common cause in many ways. They each bonded in their hatred of the Pharisaic persecutors which, invariably, masqueraded as non-Jews. An uneasy truce between old Jewish order and Islam began in Spain after the Moors conquered the whole of North Africa. Their reputation for relentless pursuit threated to overtake Europe, so the Zionists decided honey was the best solution to quell the flow of turmoil.

To be continued….

The Birth of Hu-man-ity and its Practical Implications

Over the last few weeks my focus has been devoted to making headway with my new writing project I have titled “Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons”. This may not be the title when the book is completed but, a third of the way into it; I see no reason to change. I do not wish to be like other writers, producing enormous bibliographies with a nugget reference every paragraph. To me that is plagiarism on steroids. Surely I can find enough that is fresh and new to fill a book that no one can say, “Well I like his ideas, but I prefer Philpot’s account”. However, producing something completely new also risks ridicule from professional debunkers who imagine fantasy at a hundred paces. Therefore, I have engineered a compromise. Whereas, I do not intend to provide a list of bibliographic references as the work is not a continuation of past wisdom, I have included a form criticism and textual analysis of the Genesis ‘Adam & Eve’ and ‘fall from Grace’ [so-called] parables. The analysis shows they are neither parables nor anecdotal, and will cause rumblings in theological circles.

To show I have been busy, I would like to present the end of the conclusions of this Chapter, “The Birth of Hu-man-ity and its Practical Implications”. It is unedited and long so hopefully it will read o.k.

Though readers must understand that Khazars, Mongols and Huns which made the original broad based populations of the Ashkenazy are not bloodline Jews, there is a genetic Jew. Khazar is related to the German word ketzer and means heretic or Jew. The German word musselmann is used as a descriptive noun for those who suffered the muscle wasting condition of walking death in WWII concentration camps. It is also German for Muslim. Modern Khazar royalty is linked to the Jewish Kagan family, prominently located in and occupying various positions of political power in the USA. We now know the Adam and Eve story was not concerning the creation of Hebrew, but Olmec man. The fall from Grace testifies the Reptilian Draco creation of a new impotent Aryan. No doubt coded information can be found somewhere in the Biblical Old testament, but I have not located it, so I must rely on intuition for my explanation. Simon Parkes has laid claim he is the reincarnation of Biblical Adam, who led a band of about two hundred men. Parkes claims he has met the current Draco king and a holograph of the Mantis premier. Yet, Adam was not a Hebrew and also was not one of the thirteen tribes (races). If my calculations are correct he preceded the creation of the Hebrews by around two hundred and thirty five thousand years. Though the Draco engineered a failed attempt at [their own version of] Olmec man twenty thousand years ago in southern Africa, this is not so important. Although it does explain why some Negro persons see Reptilian energy bodies so clearly they confuse the energy with flesh. It is likely the originals were more “Draco” than any other man on our planet surface.

Contrary to popular myths spun by the New World Order via alternative Medias and charismatic spokesmen like David Icke, the Draco are committed to resolving planetary turmoil and [counter] the compulsion of human leaders to abuse their governance. As, by Draco standards, human genetics are greatly inferior, commitment, at best, is lacking. They have been reluctant to use their own genetics as a replacement template, perhaps through fear of competition. Nevertheless the missing link in the Semitic Hebrew equation appears to be the [Zeta-Draco] Futczhi. In their way of harmonising disorder into order, the Draco created a new Hebrew man from thirteen races. Each tribe was a separate race related through shared Zeta and Draco genetics. That is why Zeta and Draco are joint guardians of the true Chosen people, which are not the Kagan Khazar Zionist imposters and others the Germans call heretics. I am not entirely convinced by the numerous flood stories indicating miraculous human survival after the 10,400BC disaster when the Earth’s crust briefly detached from its core and slipped. So, either stock was collected from the fleeting remnants on Earth and processed off world or everything post 10,400BC is “alien”. Do some of the Genome findings give credance to the consideration that ancient genetics can be switched on even after being laid dormant for several thousand years? Plausibly this would mean there might be an ancient store of preserved human and other genetics which could be used for regeneration of any archived restore point.

Incidentally, gauging a number of ancient myths, including the Adam and Eve and the fall from Grace stories, all plants and animals were created from the same sources of DNA used for humans. Thus far, this has been born true by the Genome Project. Bizarrely, bananas are fifty per cent human (or rather share fifty per cent of human genetic structures). This proposes the least plausible possibility; a fundamentalist interpretation of ancient Scripture. According to hard line creationists the world was formed somewhere between 6984BC (Alphonse X of Castile’s opinion) and 3616BC (Rabbi Yom-Tov Lipmann Heller’s view). Others more sympathetic to interpreting Genesis laterally have calculated the start before 10,000BC and perhaps as far back to 20,000BC. If this notion is to be taken seriously, then the 10,400BC disaster, which saw the Earth’s crust detach from its core, led to the collapse and disintegration of the globe. Only then might a new holographic timeline have been super-imposed and, thus, the creation of an entirely new origin. This would explain why real history has been so subverted. However, as the Genesis and other ancient texts are contextually current, theologians and historians might expect to find some clue [in them], but none is prevalentn other than the original [Genesis] genealogy (up to Noah) arguably might consist of pre-disaster genetics. It is also ironic that Noah is the one that survived the flood. Could this actually be an analogy of an off world repository of DNA/RNA (including all animals) which included the provision of three [genetic variant] “sons” used to rebuild surface life after the cataclysmic disaster? Did the violent outcomes of the disaster for a long period obstruct or seal all reasonable access points from inner Earth removing that decolonisation option? The creationists are certainly wrong as there is no indication that the Earth was destroyed in any ancient textual account (Sumerian and Mayan included), but several suggest it miraculously survived a severe battering (which included a planetary collision – Moon Falla?).

Enlightened writers have observed the scientifically unverifiable Turaneusian Pattern. This is the name given to a step process or evolution working towards ‘twelve strand’ DNA. In association with the Turaneusian Pattern alternative historic sources present a variety of Elohim light energy, which is called (by its group name) Zionites. These Zionites, sources day, travelled back in time to engineer a shift from Harmonic Universe One to Two (likely almost immediately after the destruction of Tiamat). It is unlikely this does not describe the creation of a second real time standard to create Earth in place of Tiamat one and a half billion years ago, but it may be refering to something else. According to the Genome and science we have always had ‘three strand’ DNA whereas our broken chromosomes are ambiguouslyunexplained (or, rather, mainstream science explanations mostly remain unsatisfactory). Nevertheless, according to Lloyd Pye and others, it would be reasonable to conclude that our higher being (Pleiadian) DNA had been nobbled in the hybridisation process. I have yet to scrutinise the detail but Alex Collier hypothesises at least twenty two alien races can be found in the human Genome pool. Given the method of the sun’s electromagnetic field, human ascension is booked in and will arrive on schedule providing genetic markers are activated. A relatively early attempt at stemming the progression was made by the Zetas in 1748. This is known as the “Zeta seal” and is a frequency fence attached to the harmonic energy fields of the Earth and the Sun which filters in a similar way to the “false matrix”. Arguably it was an attempt to restrict DNA progression to three strands. It is unclear whether it was activated by the Zetas or Zeta-Draco. Either way it would have needed to have been permitted by the guardians, so it must have had Zeta “sign off”. Gauging the enormous political changes globally either side of 1750 and knowing the Zeta’s time awareness, I suspect that date was not an accident. Zeta-Draco Futczhi were certainly the Eisenhower (?) partnered overseers of the catastrophic Philadelphia experiment of 1943. Though most are ignorant of the fact the ramifications are being felt today. Essentially, the Futczhi, in their unfathomable stupidity, decided they would bend time and light to permanently fix the human problem. They were lucky the Earth did not implode. Fortunately they only managed to hack the time network and the rest is history to come. Is 2084 going to be the feature date as I predict?

The diligent researcher must consider all evidence, no matter how bizarre or contradictory (when compared to popular calculated scenarios or outcomes). Turning back to deep history, fossils have posed more problems than answers. Much collected and archived has been ignored, forgotten or censored. Skeletal evidence of million years old human remains rather quashes the creationist’s ideals. Officially there is a great mystery as to why the dinosaurs systematically died out. Popular science theories propose the cataclysmic event that was an all-consuming meteor shower which stuck all parts of the globe more-or-less simultaneously. However, the same scientists that came up with that theory don’t question where the meteors came from and prattle on about natural cycles of things they neither have evidence for of nor have any understand of. Via channelled streams of inherent information, I have understood that science, ironically, was quite correct. There were extraordinary meteor showers, but that is not all. There were also enormous interposing forces which catapulted the Earth out of its position in relation to the sun. Indeed it may have only been the collision with Mars that fixed Earth in its current position which was Mars’ old location. Mars was then shunted out too far away from the sun and this would have made surface occupation intolerable. The event concured with a giant war between the Aryan Martians and the Drakkon Earthlings. At this stage the Draco had not been created as the event took place seventy eight million years ago. The meteor shower was the residue of the splintered planet Maldek. A deep problem with rationalising this information [as correct] is it took twelve to thirteen million years for the large dinosaurs to die out, so the meteors and Earth’s changed position and climate was not the exclusive reason for their demise, although may have precipitated a long chain of events to end the magnificent dinosaurs.

Rosine Lallement’s cosmic pulse theory does merit consideration. However, if there was a giant electromagnetic pulse generated by the centre of the universe that globally altered all DNA it does not explain why a number of smaller dinosaurs, such as crocodiles, remained unchanged after the event. Another theory claims the dinosaurs, in general, evolved into birds. The problem is identical and with a twist. For the large dinosaurs it would have been a mindboggling, and therefore implausible, downsize. The small dinosaurs group did not change into birds. Some stayed the same. Others may be contenders. In fact, as I have already explained, evolution does not work in the way mainstream science proposes. DNA is processed in the belt made from Earth’s electro-magnetic field co-joined with the Sun’s. DNA is processed at individual and group (family) level, so changes could see one or the entire group elevated. The group is broken into hierarchies which, equally, can see individual changes. There was an experiment a few years back which presented startling new insights. I forget the details; names, places and so on, so I can only offer a rough scenario. Verified distilled water free of life was placed in a sterile container and left for one month. When checked for life signs unusual single celled entities were observed. Over a control period the progress of the organisms was monitored and adaptive variety was observed. Though there is some ambiguity as to whether the container and/or the distilled water were truly sterile, or, indeed, something was not airborne (if the solution had not been compressed in a vacuum), the findings propose spontaneous existence is a reality.

There is another enigma which affects the analysis of the Biblical stories Adam and Eve and fall from Grace. At the precise point when the Earth suffered from the destruction of Maldek, it would have been a pretty hostile place to make genetic peace. If, as could be reasonably concluded from the massive change of climate, the large sized fauna and animals died out over an extended period evolution does not explain the change of life systems. Nevertheless, if there are bustling life systems in the temperate zones of inner Earth that might be suited to the old Mars surface conditions and not the sweltering super climate of the dinosaur age, then the change of hierarchy is likely to have come from a transfer of inner Earth resources to the surface. According to science, most mammals and so on were evolved by millions of years by the time they miraculously appeared after the demise of the dinosaurs. However, the real problem with determining that man was one of a worldwide array of animals and plants instantly created by the God’s, is man was at least part Earth indigenous stock, whether you select clay or dust as the code word for genetic culture. Homo erectus certainly preceded modern man, only contradicted by odd and unexplained geological finds dating hundreds of thousands or millions of years prior to rational datelines.

By way of conclusion, we have more questions than answers, but I shall attempt to summarise my findings and draw lateral recommendations. Firstly, at some time after the demise of the dinosaurs a new human was created by the Drakkon, as agents of Ba’al (manifestation of Lucifer). As the hybridisation process was manufactured by genetic steps, duration assessment ranges from at least a million and maybe millions of years. Built from (certainly) Tyrannosaur and Pleiadian and perhaps other DNA source material, they were the walking version of Tyrannosaurus Rex. At some point in Earth’s surface development they were forced below ground. This was perhaps 2,300,000 years ago, but the date is not particularly important. It appears the regulated inner Earth climate with the potential for hot and cool zones suited the Draco so well, they made it their permanent home. The legendary city of eternal life, Shambhala, may be the Draco inner world epicentre. If so, it is located relatively close to the region we call Antarctica and maybe only a few hundred miles inside Earth. By the time the part Pleiadian Annunaki arrived to create Olmec man about 250,000 years ago, the Draco had such a well-protected inner Earth stronghold they could not be defeated. Considering the mind blowing technologies the Annunaki had possessed, it is reasonable to assume that the Aryans of Atlantis were inferior and also were also no match for the Draco. I am of the opinion the reason their key technology centre was built around the opening of the corridor to the inner Earth (under the Arctic Circle of modern times) is they tried to encourage joint venture relationships with the Draco and not the other way round. Once again, it is likely the Aryans at Atlantis were insubordinate to the Annunaki technologically and intellectually. Decoding the ancient texts suggests our technologies (even allowing for “secret” undisclosed weaponary and so on of so-called super powers) are primitive in comparison and in a contest against the Draco we would be annihilated if that was their determination. This is consistent with rumours that the Military Industrial Complex’s “secret” TR3B “UFO” was a gift originating from the Draco. The Draco would not share anything dangerous enough to be used against them.

We have learned from the analysis of the Genesis texts Adam and Eve and the fall from Grace that man’s original version was conscience and Pleiadian DNA free. Original man was also all weathers black and did not need cloths, which suggests he may have had the ability to grow or shed a coat of hair like primates of today. The Adam and Eve “no suitable helper was found” line (Genesis 2:20) perhaps hints that Olmec man was neither domesticated nor wild and therefore could find no partner of equal temperament. It also hints at intellectual inferiority lacking the cunning management skills of modern man. Though no indication was given as to the work was required, “it winds through the entire land of Havilah, where there is gold (The gold of that land is good; aromatic resin and onyx are also there.)” (Genesis 2:11-12) is too much information for the context and this suggests that Olmec man was mining labour with the Garden of Eden provided as a convenient home. Something in the genetic mix of new man, created by the Draco, inhibited the production of a natural coat. We know that this mix did contain Pleiadian DNA, but the other ingredients are unknown (or no indication is given in the texts). Nevertheless, we have identified the Yahweh God as Beruzdia which is of the Mantis lineage. The Mantis are part of the group under Zeta guardianship and the Zeta (termite) energies were used in the production of planet Earth. At the highest material level Ba’al has a contract with Thoth, which is not the Sacred Ibis depicted by the ancient Egyptians but, rather, the mosquito energy body in manifest form. The orange browns to blackish purple Saurians are the creation of shared Ba’al/Thoth genetics which might mimic the native wasp energy field. They were created as an elite attack force and are of similar status to the Tall Whites.

After the disaster of 10,400BC the Draco created a newer man, which is sometimes called the Hebrew. The Hebrew was a genetic collaboration of thirteen different human races, each kept genetically correct, and the Futczhi (Zeta Draco). Zeta Tyrannosaur DNA (in minute quantity) is what separates the newer man from new man. However, there were also several attempts to upgrade original man (Olmec) with Draco DNA from about 20,000 years ago. Therefore parts of the Negro population contain Tyrannosaur DNA (but no Zeta). There may have been an attempt to create a Zeta Pleiadian and these would be the mythical mermen and mermaids which have probably been filmed and are occasional beached (evidence is always whisked way; never to be seen again). These beings (genetically advanced of us) have a special relationship with dolphins (created from Zeta and perhaps Pleiadian genetic stock). It is unclear when the so-called establishment had connected with the Futczhi but, certainly, the Philadelphia Experiment was a failed US-Futczhi joint venture operation. Discovery of Futczhi monitoring of Earth with incidents such as Roswell led to the establishment of Israel. Shortly afterwards and over roughly two decades purer extra-terrestrial Aryans and Lemurians made contact with various human circles, not necessarily political. These included representatives of inner Venus (Annunaki stock) negotiating with the American government of the 1950’s under Eisenhower. Venus society at the time was successfully controlled by a form of totalitarianism, although that has changed in recent times. Human societies, such as Germany’s Thule Society indicate that global political elements already have long standing relationships with Draco, including joint venture operations in/on the Moon, in Mars and at several Earth underground bases. The nature of these relationships is unclear as the Draco have evolved out of the third dimension. It appears they have manufactured go between bodies. I will discuss this next chapter.

Though very far apart and dimensionally disconnected, we are very much connected to Draco culture even if some [of them] regard us as savages or genetic sputum. Nevertheless they know of hereditary energies. To which end, they view the body as a husk (something I will discuss at length next chapter). Every new birth is a new window created from the old – a combination of the genetic identity of both parents. This genetic identity has an energetic history that travels back to the dawn of time. It is the management of these energies, via exotic external technologies, that the Draco, and their hierarchal peers, do so well.

The Mystery of Planet Earth

I had drafted notes for future blog posts back in February but, once again, my channels have diverted my attention. Keep an eye out for Credentials and Support and Charity sometime in the future. In addition, I promised one follower a post on a new model [world] order, but that is a long way from completion. As other truths are revealed, the onerous nature of this task will become clear as I am not about validating selfish human beings. Part of being who I am attracts would be philosophers for group debates in the flesh. Over the last couple of months I have been invited for coffee and discussion with a committed but ill-informed gathering of would be students. Largely thanks to empirical science the majority, and I mean just about everyone, has no idea what the cosmos is and, more importantly, what it represents. With no comprehension of how things started and were constructed, would be students may as well give up any hope of comprehending existence or any serious studious engagement. There are educational echoes throughout my writings that regularly contradict or defy science for good reason. That is not to say science is always in error, but the interpretations and actions based on data or evidence is. Science has a happy knack of writing the script prior to finding any reason. This is what I call fantasy manipulation. Nevertheless, I am also aware critics of my writings can apply the same slur as, and though truth will always be truth, belief is not necessarily truth. The difference between my revelations and popular science is mine are plausible but quintessentially unprovable. Science conjures implausible truths in its attempt to imagine the macro from micro perspectives. I reveal the macro in terms of the macro perspective and leave micro validations to science.

At the latest coffee discussion, I touched on how planets were formed. Information presented was important enough to create this web post. Just as with what we call “stars”, real planets are fusions of light and dark matter. It would be better to call planets encased stars. Or rather, that would grant a better understanding of the cosmos. If the Earth’s core is molten it is because there is an intense build-up of static matter – white and dark matter fused plasma. Given the extreme forces in the centre zero point, where visual and invisible energies burst into nothing from nowhere, I do not believe a molten core would be possible. That also defeats the purpose of a planet. The “atheist” assumption of randomly produced intelligence is profoundly absurd. Firstly, I must say that I believe planets are designed for internal occupation, but I will explain that later. Light does not have too much to do with this essay, but I think it is important to note that science almost completely does not understand light. Invisible light is beyond dimension so it does not need to travel. When we look at the sun, its light does not take four minutes to reach us. The light is seen instantly. Imagine an earthquake. At the epicentre there is an acute force which is distributed outwards in ripples. However the ripples are only an illusion because the event took place at the epicentre. In other frequencies, dimensions the illusory effect might be quite different, but the event would be the same. The light we see works that way because we work that way. Sight is an illusion determined by the way we rationalise our programming. This means that travel at one trillion to the power trillion of what we call the speed of light would be possible, although that would be completely unnecessary. An entity with that ability would merely bypass dimensions and visit nowhere. As explained in past articles, there is no space and single zero point has been replicated almost infinitely to create everything. The followers of super string theory are much closer to the truth than they might imagine.

Time for a recap before I return to the creation of planets, as some readers will struggle with this. What we call infinity is somewhere. Somewhere is nothing. That which is not somewhere can only be nowhere. Nowhere is something. How can a scientist deal with that? In order to comprehend truth, the student must first understand science validates the illusory nature of perception. It brazenly states our frequency band and perception is the correct one. Everything else either does not exist, matter or must conform to our rules (which are fantasies based on opinions backed by perception – assuming error or manipulation has not featured). Fortunately, I can explain how planets are formed in relatively scientific terms, but processes are far stranger than anyone would wish to acknowledge. It appears, for instance, that planets are not the freak of nature favoured by modern atheist cosmologists. They are designed and built. I will attempt to explain how they are built, but the explanation will be too much for some readers. It will seem like a fairy tale or, maybe, an ancient fable. In earlier posts, I covered how stars are formed. I explained about the infinite network of zero point vents, which are eerily mapped to all the atomic nuclei points in our bodies, but that is a separate discussion. From these billions of zero point vents bursts forth light (invisible and visible) which eventually becomes corrupted by darkness (matter). In its normal course a star will eventually become completely clogged manufacturing the phenomenon we call a black hole. Planets appear to be the solution. Dark forces or evil are the very same building blocks used for carbon based life forms and the components that make up their reality. Anything that contradicted old white light order is also branded evil. The Elohim are the simple manifestation of white light, but by modern standards would be far from good as we are a fusion of white and dark light energy.

It is unclear whether planets were initially a solution or a happy accident. They were a product of cooperation. Another way of looking at the process we call stars is a contest between white and dark light. I may have taken a big jump in explanations by glibly issuing the new term dark light. Our subconscious is powered by dark light and the prospective DNA shift will probably move us to the dark light realm. To those in the realm, dark light looks like light (white) light and is the energy that charges sub particle dark matter. In our density, this light looks something like a throbbing blackness. That is the way we perceive it, but it is just as light as white light given the right perception. So, the first great surprise is our planet surface existence is unnatural. Even though there is evidence of surface occupation of Mars and the surface activity on our moon (Mesiats is the old Aryan name) is censored by NASA, the surface of a planet is naturally hostile. Nevertheless, our planet is one of about fifty (in this holographic universe) that have surface atmosphere conditions formed over considerable extended periods (perhaps the billions of years science attests) to propel diverse life systems. All planets support internal life. However, forms and systems will regularly defy or confuse science which bases its assessment on the short sighted analysis of its own perception of Earth systems that self-satisfy. It is likely that most, in not all, planets were built and not arbitrarily formed in the way science might argue (even if it could present the truth). My analogy is the termite mounds in Africa which are giant air conditioning units. Giant Zeta (of the ant genus) energy fields have been filmed, and it is likely these influenced the physical production of this planet. They ensured the raw mix constructed in the way African termites ensure they have air conditioned dwellings. It is an unpleasant notion that “God” in pure visual form might be a creepy crawly. Hold that thought as proper evaluation of DNA might equally define humans as giant cockroaches. If the Earth was repopulated (at stepped intervals) with YHWH’s (Beruzdia) genetic stock, cockroaches undoubtedly are relatives (energetically).

Those in the power generation business know power can go two ways temperature wise. At one extreme is heat and the other is cold. That is why internally air conditioned planets have poles plasma (molten) and ice. The deeper question as to whether our planet did too prior to the disaster 13,800BC (I have changed the earlier published figure 17,800BC as this was the century the Draco reaked havoc in Africa, although much was under water at this time. With many dates in my head and no reference points I will occasionally make errors) when the Aryans of Atlantis smashed the ice moon of Falla and its residue created our Arctic Circle remains a mystery. The Iceland geysers are a glimmer of an ancient volcanic past. The event put great turmoil on life systems (perhaps wiping out humanity with a total planet tidal wave in 10,400BC when the Earth’s crust detached from the core briefly but disastrously) and the southern hemisphere geysers (New Zealand) are an anomaly perhaps manufactured by the Drakkon or Ba’al in an attempt to balance the planet. Or is Earth something unique? To add to the anomaly ancient maps suggest there was no ice in Antarctica prior to 8,000BC which fits in with the 10,400BC disaster and its catastrophic effect on the Earth’s geo-magnetic fields. Soothsayers have revealed (or, rather, laid claim) the Draco twisted the new human’s top vertebrae 23.4 degrees in revenge for the 13,800BC (changed date from original published figure) event which tilted the Earth’s axis [although the vengence appeared to be directed due to the 10,400BC catastrophy. The new human was not engineered until after this event possibly prior to the last exodus to repopulate Earth circa 8,000BC. The modern Semites may be direct relatives of the new Human]. However it is unclear whether there was an ice pole prior to this event. We know that half a moon of ice rock was dumped on the volcanic North Pole and this flattened the cultural & technological heartland of the infamous Atlantis continent. Although it is odd the sixty kilometres wide circular entrance to the inner Earth is evident in NASA photos that have not been doctored was not blocked. To me this suggests that Falla fractured into billions of fragments and that is why mammoths and other prehistoric creatures were snap frozen. If it had come down in a block, everything would have been pulverised and I do not think the Earth would have survived. Nevertheless, the sheer weight of the deluge at the epicentre was enough to end the great Atlantis civilisation. With technologies and culture removed, man reverted to savagery.

With the demise of the dinosaurs, the reason the Earth so quickly repopulated was not a credit to Darwin’s evolution. It was, in fact, due to fully formed life systems in this planet. When the dust settled, investigative inner mammals simply found sanctity in the remnants of lush vegetation on the surface. Apache Indian myths talk of inner Earth man conquering the Draco (or dinosaurs?) to occupy the planet surface forcing the reptiles to the inner realms. Dinosaurs only existed because the Earth had a super climate in its position to and relationship with the sun prior to planet Maldek’s destruction seventy eight million years ago. Did the Earth have ice and volcanic Polar Regions then? Science is unlikely to provide the answers. Maybe our planet has been too battered over the ages for enough credible evidence to remain intact, deflect pillage and to be so undeniably obvious that science cannot concoct its ubiquitous fantasies. Short of our other world visitors who can travel through volcanic plasma, create holographic force fields that look and feel like rock, materialise and dematerialise at will; short of accessing their magic orbs, we will never know. Readers can rest assured, either way, our little planet is a mystery; a mystery that will likely persist.

Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons

I had originally planned to simply copy paste the introduction to Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons for a humble yet shameless plug. However, as it begins with an exhaustive background to existence; the elements which make up what is, our reality being a very tiny part, it is not that much different to anything in the science of existence or deep, hidden and real history sections of this website. I decided I needed something to knock the socks off. Therefore, more appropriate, I felt, would be something that is completely different, unique in its way and representative of the core identity of the book. Therefore I have decided to write something about the Drakkon, which some call the Draco. As such I believe this brief but weighty piece is unique insomuch as, of its type, this is the only source of literature available publicly or privately. Whether it knocks the socks off or not, it certainly defies the well intentioned though partisan ramblings of David Icke (“Hidden Hand” plant) and others of his ilk. The Drakkon are very clearly linked to the corruption of good and evil, but not in the way esoteric writings indicate or David Icke [for the large part] and the next post will explain why and how. Seventy per cent drafted, it will be titled “God Is Corrupt and [He] Knows It”.

I have a favour to ask of you four or five regulars and anyone else who wants to contribute. Would you wish to buy my book and how much would you pay for it? Take into account this is not going to be yet another re-examination of ancient texts or opinion on visible or hidden artefacts. It will not be scientific because it is beyond science. Most importantly, it will be one of a kind and the only reference point of its type. What is that worth? If there are any would be investors, with very deep pockets, any offer of support would be gratefully received. Unlike David Rockefeller Investments Incorporated, you would need to be a true philanthropist as I guarantee only money will be lost. Decent feedback is appreciated.

The whole notion of good and bad is entirely wrong and, in fact, good was bad and bad was good, but now badness is corrupt so both good and bad are bad. The good, bad paradigm is actually, “We are right and you are wrong”. Virtue does not come into the equation, other than the bad are the most virtuous, most courageous and most truthful. Or rather they used to be. Now there is only room for deception. The movers and the shakers are the best deceivers. The whole idea behind [animal or human] sacrifice sums up our universal culture of slavery where we are right and you are wrong. This may have been obscured in modern times, but the sacrificial beast had never had a say on any great provenance. That is some joyous party when you are served up for supper or, perhaps, are only given a torturous death in praise of God. What sort of God would accept this “praise”? Only an aberration! It is praise which shows utter contempt of life.

In addition, this excerpt is specifically written for my blog and may not find its way into Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons. The information contained certainly will.

According to esoteric history, the Drakkon created the Draco, which, in turn, were also geneticists who manufactured their own creatures. This, as with most alternative histories, is partially correct, though misleading. There aew much higher forces governing these bloodlines. Everything goes right to the top. But I will start  the beings which may be able to manifest in D5 (fifth dimension). These are all-powerful thought beings which occupy dimensions eight through ten (depending how you define dimension). Lucifer is the stylised name given to one. Entrenched in this vibrational field we call reality, we have no powers and are contained by the rules our sciences partially observe. Just to put things in perspective. There is another physical being (possibly not able to manifest in D3) which has a name which cannot be reproduced by the human pallet and which is more senior than the Drakkon which, in turn, remain phantom. The Drakkon is the most senior so-called reptilian the “conspiracy theorists” focus on. In fact Drakkon is a more precise pronunciation of dragon. Therefore, dragons are (and yes they still very much exist) mystical sages. They look rather odd, but even that is misleading as their physiology works very differently to anything in D3. How do I fit this enormous subject into a tiny excerpt? Well, I shall try.

The first myth I wish to dispel is the reptilian one.  Though there are a large number of reptile-like creatures involved in complex beyond terrestrial influences on this planet and humanity, none [I believe] are actually reptiles. There are cold blooded mammals and a range of warm blooded creatures with pulmonary and gastric systems nothing like anything scientifically assessed on Earth or, at least, publically available. There are creatures without blood, hearts, lungs, brains. In fact any design that scientifically cannot live can! There is one planet with living water. Another has walking vegetation. Forget horses, how about plants that can fly? Beyond the reality science defines in D3 on this planet, there are systems that would shock Peter Pan. Dragons, it will surprise all to learn, are closer related to cats, bats and birds than lizards. The infamous Draco were cut down versions of the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex which, few realise could talk, and now have elegant, well-proportioned human-like frames. These used to be called the Alterians and are colloquially known as Chameleons due to their shape shifting abilities, which will be discussed later. Today under two hundred thousand live in caverns below ground here and are occasionally seen in caves. Their greater population (which may be genetic cousins) are the Imu people which live on a planet supported by the Tau Ceti sun.

Yes the dinosaurs were engineered by the dragons over a significant period, but this was when the Earth was much closer to the sun and it was a greenhouse planet. I am led to believe successful communities took hold, as per the drakkon vision about two hundred and eighty million years ago. The research and development phase spanned over a hundred million years. That changed after the Marduk (pronounced Mal-dek) implosion seventy eight million years ago. However, even in a twenty two degree temperate climate, it took twelve million long years for the dinosaurs to evoke a spectacular DNA shift. Marduk was a dragon planet, so the implications of the attack leading to its implosion are as important as the downsizing of Tiamat and creation of Earth 1.5 billion years ago. The conflict between the same forces continues today hidden in plain sight. Because dragons are relatively ugly in appearance, although I do not see them that way, they personify evil and are branded “bad”. They also oppose the ultimate Annunaki agenda. Agreed, they do support conquest to the death and insist that the defeated should exist in slavish subservience as their lives are “owned” by the conqueror. However, dragon’s slaves are not abused and mostly treated as loved pets. That is because dragons know right from wrong. All lateral threats are exterminated and a careful eye is kept on recalcitrant souls, which are developed in isolation in future bodies to avoid reoccurrence. Dragons know that killing off the threat solves nothing as the same bad souls power each new crop of flesh bodies.

There are three important characteristics which separate the dragons from other social orders. We, humans, like to feel safe. They are incapable of this emotion. Dragons assume everything is threat, but not to a point of paranoia. The Imu peoples, for instance, are renowned for their fearsome defences. Unlike humans, they do not make pre-emptive assaults as a pretext for conquest. They simply ensure any would be attacker is faced with impregnable fortifications protected by unimaginable weaponry, including extra-dimensional illusions. Dragon bodies are confusing as they have the technologies and ability to upload any electromagnetic body (soul) into a new physical body. In fact, in reference to Simon Parkes felines, the queen could either chose to occupy her granddaughter’s physical body or die at the end of her physical life. Therefore the body is viewed as something of a “husk”. Finally, dragons enjoy technology and illusion, so the experiencer is never quite sure as to what is real and what isn’t. They feel they have fun and believe they are fun to be with although they can look quite ferocious and behave energetically. It is their spontaneous and explosive energy that can put the fear of God into any [human] onlooker, but please always remeber this is the way they are. It is not done to harm or even to be provocative or, at least, most of the time! For their pets they do real, extravagant magic (or perhaps “magick”) shows. A favourite is where they lunge with extraordinary power and grace into spontaneous flight only deflate as balloons gently rocking to ground, finally disintegrating as cinders on a fire.

I see a light or white coloured pot-bellied beast sitting on a giant, marble throne (?). It must be at least fifteen feet from head to toe seated. Its arms are bigger than would be expected, but smaller than its kangaroo-like legs. It is enormously flexible, beyond the capability of any human. The face is quite distinctive; grotesque yes, but not unattractive with marked high arched brows. There are certainly human features present or, rather, some features that seem to mimic human characteristics. However, the face is unmistakable and certainly not human by any stretch of the imagination. The one I use as a reference point, sitting on its marble throne, has a small, relatively “human” nose, but I believe others may have long, gnarled snouts. Even in flight, no wings or tail was seen, but that is not to say they were not there, as others have recorded them. Some describe them as deep green with fiery red bellies. Another variant is the brontosaurus type with two fearsome heads on extended necks. That one is so animated it reminds me of the symptoms of those suffering Parkinson’s disease.

I have seen a number of body types. Specifically used by dragons is a creature not dissimilar to Star Trek’s Ferengi. Ferengi-like is an observation as to the shape and character of the visage and not the components; eyes, nose and so on. For instance, the eyes are not even remotely human, being two piercing, twinkling black buttons. These creatures range in size, from mouse or vole right up to gargantuan guards towering a less than elegant eight or nine feet. The so-called large grey (or mother race) which reputed attacked the US engineer Phil Schneider, in fact must be be a hybrid. Its cyber-technology is something one would expect of rebrids. In addition, “large greys” are occasionally seen above ground raiding graves as they ingest putrefied animal/human flesh through their skin. Their “noses” pick up scent for a radius of fifty miles, or so they say. Ironically most are an olive-brown shade, so I don’t know why they are called “grey”. Nevertheless, the Drakkon “ferengi types” are not likely to attack as they are scouts. In order to appear non-threatening to those they visit, I know of none witnessed taller than four foot and many would be a few inches in stature. Second grade dragon souls seem to find their way into bat bodies which range in design enormously. Most famous are the feared Mothmen (possibly responsible for the Count Dracula myths found in Bram Stoker’s writings). However, continuing with examples, there is another type which would be best described as an imp, less than five foot in stature, all black, red eyes, small horns, pointed tail and, of course, stylised bat wings [permanently on view]. Is this the proverbial “devil”? It is indeed quite dangerous; shy but very vindictive.  Another type is very bat like. About human height, its extended wings have fingers on every articulation with maybe up to fifteen each side. This is the one with bright red crystals (rubies?) sewn into each inner to aid inter-dimensional travel or camouflage. Though I cannot see a face, it may have an extended snout. I sense it has a square head which might be described as the human type sometimes called blockhead.  I also sense it is very untrustworthy, though eloquent. It reminds me of one of our mafia stock brokers.

Perhaps I was not specific enough in my description of a dragon’s eyes. The shape of the eyebrow reminds me of the shape of the top of a common chicken’s egg – a pinched, acute circle. It does not seem to be fine hair, as we have, rather, a ridge of hard skin. However, in general, the skin of the dragon is of the texture and touch of the softest, plush leather. It is quite unthreatening and luxurious. There is another possibly related creature that I will describe now, as it does fit in context and will act as a nice bridge to the explanation of the harvesting of souls.  I saw it, not physically but I knew it was there. Taking no steps, it somehow had managed to contort its body from three meters in front of me to a vantage point behind me so I could clearly see its features out of the corner of my left eye. The best way to describe its body’s behaviour was snake-like but it was perhaps closer to one of those strange Marvel Comics’ creations. It was almost human in proportion but so bendy it became supernatural. Just as with the dragons, its arms seemed rather longer that one would expect and, of course, much more flexible than ours. Its visage also had an extremely high brow and, once again, the eye brows were not of fine hair but more like ridge impressions. Those who might occasionally fondly remember the old black & white films of Laurel & Hardy and who recall Stan’s hair scratching blank looks after being sprung for stupidity he could not fathom will surely resonate. You would understand the essence of “snake-man’s” hairless features reminiscent of Stan Laurel’s facial expression. However, its eyes were not blank. They were raging coals, far brighter than any dragons and with such intensity they instilled an awe only capable of the Annunaki.

Unlike the dragon, whose reputation stems more from propaganda and poor judgement than wisdom, these snake-men are vile. Or, at least, the one I witness was. It was scorn, resentment and mistrust in one neat package. I have written that our women use our men as emotional overcoats. This creature does the reverse. It is a parasite wishing to impose an emotional skin on its victim. Talking of skin, I did not describe its physical nature and shall do so now to complete the profile. Though I did not have the inclination to touch and feel, I can describe the skin type, which is most strange. It looks just like our skin but is a light deep olive (yes that is the best way to describe it; a light, deep olive). Perhaps it is anaemic as it seems ghostly pale and dark at the time. Anyway, the skin texture gives the sense it may be made up of microscopically fine scales and not a composition like ours after all.  I did mention the Annunaki earlier, which may leave some readers intrigued. I will describe them in detail in another chapter.

The snake-man is a design that could have been something produced by geneticists as a blank unit for a wanting soul. They certainly do produce these blanks and I recommend readers research Joanna Iatridou’s video testimony. She may come across as unbalanced; nevertheless her testimony is truthful and correct. Indeed, of all the Ammach contributors, her videos have been wiped from youtube because they are the only ones containing deeply guarded secrets directly relevant to all humans and which counter the Annunaki agenda. [They were back up, last time I checked]. Anyway, I have been shown a number of body types but shall conclude this section with one more description. As a side note, some may be natural and others appear to be geneticists’ creations and there is no easy way of distiguishing which is which. The most bizarre vision I have experienced is of a creature that does not seem to fit any category as it is best described as a bloated frog-like being. The use of the word bloated is not descriptive of an over-sized belly. It overall proportions would be of an extremely tall ordinary human. Nevertheless, the arms and legs are fifty per cent to twice as fat as they should be and remind me of giant frogs limbs. I need to advise I can only see this creature in mono-chrome yet it gives the sense of deep green and a sort of amphibious skin. The head is most unusual as it is almost square and oversized by fifty per cent of what one would expect. In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen anything quite like it. It almost defies description. All the features appear mingled together. There may be eyes, but this is by no means clear. Certainly no nose in conventional sense. I think it is dead, so it may have started decomposing. Perhaps it was burnt as a result of a [space?] vehicle collision. As with many of the other types, it is unclothed. That is all.

They have been mentioned before, so I will now try describing a version of the Alterian Draco type which may be constant with the Imu peoples of a planet of the Tau Ceti solar system.  It is important to also be aware that Australian aboriginal legends describe two types of reptilian biped. One is virtuous and a bringer of wisdom for man. The other is intent on conquest with the objective of vanquishing man. Both look similar. This is confirmed by legends of the Native American tribes, such as the Apaches. In some cases, an Alterian head represents the top spot on the totem; such is the honour and respect of their wisdom. Ignorant modern mainstream historians call these “alligators” or “crocodiles”. Clearly they do not regularly wander the Earth today, although a few have been photographed or filmed (never with unmistakable clarity or, if so, never offered publically). The one I saw was clear and unmistakable. It was wearing a single piece flying suit of a brown similar to the colour of a British officer’s uniform in the First World War. Though I could not see below the ankles, it might have been wearing tight leather boots of the military type (even though this is out of character for webbed, clawed feet). If it had a tail, I cannot fathom how it was able to wear the jump suit. Other than two similarly brown “epaulettes” neatly attached to the centre of each shoulder, there were no adornments. Its body was exactly as one would expect of a trim human military type of five foot seven to eight inches. Nevertheless its oversized head pulled it up to maybe five foot ten. That head was a perfect miniature replica of something Tyrannosaurus Rex might have sported. Its extraordinary grin with all those fine teeth was surreal.

The surreal nature of this experience did not end there. It stood square in front of me, grounded, arms to the side and open, its head scanning from side to side. Did it see me? It gave no indication but I felt an intense fear on the verge of paranoia. Then I realised I did not fear this creature; this being. I was apprehensive of its giant grin and, what appeared to be, razor sharp teeth. The paranoid fear wasn’t mine. Maybe this is a special ability, but I was able to put the dread in a bubble, contained and adrift from my real emotions. Thus I could rationalise. Where had that fear come from; so mysteriously? The only rational answer was the Alterian had the ability of projecting the fear emotion. It is consistent with numerous abductee accounts who, inexplicably, feel at peace with their abductors, which are usually the grey Zeta or Nordic so-called Pleaidian type, but also for “reptilians” (which we now know may not be reptiles) and even the repulsive Phalzants. This is not a version of the Stockholm syndrome where the fear is so acute it turns to love as part of the body’s defence mechanism (i.e. it is hard to attack someone who truly loves you). It is, rather, evidence of the general ability to project emotions with or without technological aids, as the case may be. Concerning higher technologies, other than the holographic projector and one possible space ship, thus far I have seen nothing I recall. Tomorrow might reveal anything…..