Beyond “Beyond the Love and Light”


I recently wrote an exclusive article for the Global Freedom Movement (see In my opinion Brendan D Murphy (see and Aimee Devlin (A lovely choc-ice recipe are doing a great job and deserve all promotion available. Here are my reflections on Saturday’s “Beyond the Love and Light” event. As an audience member, it puts me in an advantageous position to provide “no bones” feedback.


They say first impressions are everything. Though the Central Park building wasn’t numbered, its imposing status made it fairly obvious that this was the venue location, although routine passers-by would have had no idea an event was on let alone of the magnitude of ours at the aMBUSH gallery. When I arrived, two ravishing blond hostesses ushered me through a mesmerizingly ultra-bright yet, oddly, uplifting contemporary art gallery that focused on expressions of culture. What lay ahead shocked me. In front of me was a spacious converted storeroom. Walls various shades of black, it was cloaked in mystique but the ambience of this makeshift amphitheatre was so low key it shouted “dig me, baby”. Soft pastels irradiated the darkness, giving the room a hip, chill feel. Strangely homely too, it was just the place to sit, relax and take a load off. There was no “door NAZI” to terrorise would be intruders and this cool nest just seemed to beckon, “Come in, come in” sweetly.

shutterstock_138435938One minor downer was the seating was not really geared for long sitting bums and, though their designs added to the “ambience”, for such a cultural marathon we needed more practical support. Though, in fairness to the organisers, “bring a pillow” was suggested.

Proceedings began with the amazing, world class announcing voice of Aimee Devlin (Brendan I feel, though an excellent presenter in his own right, sounds comparatively like a drowning squirrel). We didn’t start on time, but were pretty close as some sound adjustments and manual lighting changes were needed before things could kick along. But that is to be expected as a mind feast was about to be unravelled before our very eyes.

A Critic Never Showed!

Brendan Murphy gave a brief introduction and made it clear from the onset that the revelations were not going to appeal to the “purple velvet and crystals brigade”. I did actually receive a text from a female friend after my soiree and I think her sentiment poignantly summarises the arrogant apathy of faceless masses in general.

“Maybe I read too much into it…though, what is ‘beyond’ light and love [?]…it’s not logical or scientific. To be honest, it doesn’t resonate with me.”

Of course you read too much into it, Julie. If you had bothered to attend, both Brendan and Aimee would have told you to leave your belief systems at the door and come in with an open mind. In fact “Love and light” was a euphemism addressing the fanfare of illustrious institutions such as the Hillsong Church. Indeed one of Hillsong’s celebrated performers described shenanigans there as “R & B” (or “rubbish and bullshit”, off the record).

Julie, in my opinion, was an ideal candidate for the first act which was majestically presented by the popular healer, Russell Byron (see Both he and Brendan Murphy shared the rare intuitive analysis that time is actually permanently in the present and only appears to unravel per linear perception. I was a bit disappointed that neither of them mentioned my book, “The Beauty of Existence Decoded” (you can check it out at, which gives dynamics and reasons for this. Well, Julie, I guess you just had to be there!

Crying False Praise

Please, I am not singling out the Hillsong Church, but it offers a very useful benchmark. Mainly this is because (shhhhh) I know people that go there on occasion; some regularly. There is noteworthy observable commonality. Every single one of these church going folks says exactly the same thing to me. It is always on the lines of, well, “Great show; amazing, uplifting services, but the people that go there are shallow.” You, you lot are telling me the people that go there are shallow?


Well the people that go there are you; that’s you that is. Gauging this universal lack of faith (belief systems without substance), society is, in general, shallow too. The intuitive mind is the exception and not the rule. That’s why so many occasionally or regularly visit the Hillsong Church. Ah ha…..

Russell Byron, Mystical Healer

russellbyronhighrescolheadshot-1On Sunday after the event, I performed Mozart’s Fantasie in C Minor and Liszt’s great Tarantella from his Annees de Pelerinage (pilgrimage years) on piano for an amateur performer’s society. Another player played a prelude and fugue from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier Book Two. The compare insightfully informed us this composer was a mathematical genius, of some renown, obsessed with the Fibonacci numbering system (sacred numbers for beginners – see He apparently had used the golden ratio (72/100) to mark the climax of the prelude.

Though Russell did not touch on the mathematical perfection of nature (our bodies are built on Fibonacci specifications which absolute affirms there must be a supreme architect), his presentation revealed a logical, structured integral harmonisation of the physical and meta-physical. It is only belief systems and associated ignorance that have created the imbalance of bodily harmony (to some degree aided by industrialisation) or so was the gist. In that vein, his gold ratio was

“Resistance to pain equals unhappiness”

We need to be careful here as, though he did not mention it, resistance to truth belies maligned belief systems. Do you see the pattern? The key seems to be resistance. Just about every person I meet believes they are pure deep down but a universal flawed-ness acts as communal shelter promulgating anthems justifying rites of life in favour of “survival” (toxic parasitic peer alignment best enabling self-gratification). Thus, I would really recommend you look up Russell Byron and take his journey.

Alistair Larmour

A strict ten minutes recess gave me just enough time to bolt out to the food court and grab, I must admit, a very tasty Asian section. Wolfing it down, indigestion invited my prompt return to our den with two minutes of mingling time spare. People that had taken their brains with them slowly savoured take out meals throughout the second half, but as I’m stupid, that never dawned on me.alistair lamour

Energy levels were still good as Russell had been informative but entertaining at the same time.

We were in for a real treat with Alistair Larmour (see Other that a tiny black, nay grey, mark at the end his presentation, it was just “wow”! Dancing around the stage with the energy of ten teens, his Apollo-like tones charmed a soon-to-be doting audience. He presented himself as a sort of reverse Messiah and this was someone who could be believed. I know that Brendan looks a little bit like Jesus, but meeting charisma in the flesh was a whole different kettle of fish.

Here was someone that didn’t preach to the homeless; he had been one of those sad, displaced people. He knew all the angles, had seen all the tricks but also understood the bottomless anguish and despair. He was someone on the inside in position to mount a fearsome crusade as he had found the poison root of society. Whereas not everyone is keyed to undertake the rigorous discipline of Alcoholics Anonymous Twelve Step Program, he has been able to adapt reasoning into a way of life that expands spirituality in a non-dogmatic way.

Homelessness is not nice

I very well know about homelessness. In my youth (I think Henry VIII was on the throne then; that’s how long ago) I ran into problems in jolly old England. Taking a troublesome trip north, I had been viciously dispatched by a travelling companion and remorselessly left nowhere, penniless. As fate would have it, an estranged uncle lived near my location, so I rushed to the nearest public phone box to call him, large suitcase in tow. After convincing the operator ten pence had “jammed in the coin slot”, I connected and my uncle offered to pick me up.

He owned a large detached house with five unused furnished double bedrooms. They were apparently all “needed”, so after a sharp counselling session with his new ‘career advisor’ wife, I was told there were “no jobs up here” and I wasn’t needed. Next day, with a fiver in my top pocket, they bundled on a bus back to Oxford down south.

To reduce the load, hundreds of pounds (sterling) worth of classical sheet music had to be discarded, but the suitcase still weighed a ton. So I lugged it round Oxford for a day, telephoning any room for let I saw advertised. Even back in the Dark Ages, rents were in excess of thirty pounds weekly, so there is no doubt I was up a certain creek. That evening the temperature plummeted to minus seven. You can see where this is going…


Anyway, I was forced to “sleep” in the reception area of a police station (about minus six!) as it was too late to access a youth housing charity. That was a separate story. I boasted to the other desperados that my prised possession was a fake gold Rolex watch. It, naturally, was swiped, but they left a Saville Row tailored jacket that had originally cost thousands pounds. Ignorance knows no boundaries. I had one day of homelessness and that was enough for me. Suffice to say, I have never visited or even spoken to my charitable uncle and his wife ever since.

Alistair’s lustrous presentation continues

We were pleasured with a fairly unique take on the meaning, value and roles of our chakras and meridians. Alistair event went so far as to say that our bodies are representative of interloping lives that manifest as chakra energy signatures. My clumsy over-expressiveness does not do justice to his perfectly balanced wisdom which was so intuitive; it was real.

By the end this segment, I was oblivious to the seating woes and lost all sense of time such was my energetic state. We had all been sitting there (except for late comers) for the best part of four hours and when break time came, well I, for one, wondered whether it was really necessary.

real-cover2smallLook perhaps it’s my old Anglophile heritage (I know; bloody POME moaner), but the final slide came as something of an eye-opener. “Six month courses at $250 a month” was one brazen header. It felt like a slight echo of a “Timeshare” presentation I had attended on the Portuguese Algarve back in the ‘90’s. No one left the room in a huff and the lady next to me (an Australian with foundation roots) was quietly contemplating signing up. I must say this was an offer that looked very, very tempting.

There is a superstition amongst common folks that the virtuous would never request money for survival. This is utterly ludicrous and must have been created by the “elites” will endless supplies of subsistence funds. I have yet to meet anyone, lowly or high, with unconditionally generosity devoid of reciprocal expectation. Besides, you can rest assured that a block on funding of the “alternatives” is precisely what the Illuminati Masters want. Welcome to abject slavery with only those on their payroll grotesquely elevated – all for the greater good! Authors, guides and healers are not in a position to play an indefinite cat and mouse waiting game for potential backers. We need support to survive now; I included.

Life on Mars Revision 5 with OT4I and the lady next to me, both, rushed to purchase Alistair’s wonderful book which offers a serious light hearted look at food. “Food Makes MoodWhat you eat creates who you are” is an essential shopping excursion companion. I recommend it. If his name was JK Rowling he’d have sold 400 million copies by now. Of course my own short story, Life on Mars (inspired by Harry Potter) is also available (see

Brendan D. Murphy

My favourite speaker of the evening, as always, was Brendan. Voice tone and delivery doesn’t count for anything when discussing truth and virtue. Here he is an encyclopaedic fountain; a giant turret of meaningful information. What makes things a little depressing for me is, he’s twenty years my junior (shhh, our little secret).

This time he was at his element, taking a lot of material from that outstanding tome, “The Grand Illusion” (I assume everyone has their copy?). Whereas I was raring to go, slowly the audience began to deplete. A few had resorted to standing only and I noticed one lady was feeling faint. We’d been going for five hours and those chairs, honestly, were starting to bite our bums by now. Nevertheless about 70% of the audience saw things through to the end, which overran by half an hour.


Brendan, with absolute integrity, began by paying tribute to the charismatic David Icke as, wholly, the inspiration for his change of life direction that produced his extraordinary book. As Icke has galvanised proto-thinkers in the creation of what is, and let’s be frank, stark populism, people generally either love him or hate him (not necessarily for common reasons). Metaphorically, I felt Brendan fell off the tightrope at that point.1375944_661985057153132_2046335044_n-282x300

The Way Forward

Whilst I admire the work David has done illuminating all too dark places, his agenda is unmistakably commercial. On the lines of Michael Tellinger’s “contributionist” version of South African Ubuntu, he proposes a less radical interpretation of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” as “the way forward”. Slanderous allegations of links to Satanism and his Rothschild-like facial structure I ignore. By the same token I am not impressed with Icke’s unverifiable hearsay that supposes a Reptilian super-hierarchy controlling humanity via mind controlled royals and other influential parties.

He clearly has not read my “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”. There I briefly discuss some negative traits of the so-called “Draco” (a mythical reptilian line heralding back to the star system Alpha Draconis over a billion years ago). My yet to be published “A New World Order” reveals a very deep past of hereditary links connected to planet Earth. Our ancestors [genetically speaking] will shock many of David’s supporters. By his definition, we are all “the enemy”. “Shadow possession” has much wider implications as do many things Icke discusses.

Brendan does not lack depth and this is the significant difference between him and his past mentor. Credit to him; he opened our minds to some really heavy, complex subjects and was able to simplify reasoning to induce layman clarity. We were not informed how the “space time” zero field actually “worked” (which is in The Beauty of Existence Decoded), but once on that treadmill a plethora of erstwhile “anomalies” are [relatively] easily explained.

Energetic DNA and etheric bodies

A big part of Brendan’s sentiment focused on the chakras and meridians following on from Russell and Alistair. Sol Luckman (see and Barbara Brennan (see were naturally mentioned as the focus was on the healing potential of etheric fields. Barbara is famous for observing our body’s energy vortices at each chakra and meridian point, notably when they become out of balance, causing ill health. Sol covers regenetics and energy parasites (along the lines of Islamic Djinn).with a focus on health improvement. Gariaev’s work with “junk DNA” (see and sacred numbers (particularly in relation to the “tuning” of frequencies, such as the mystical 528 hertz) also featured.

Suzy Hansen’s book, “The Dual Soul Connection” (see is also very relevant as she goes into spectral healing methods using mind aided by extra-terrestrial technologies of the [Zeta] Grey Beings. I would have liked to hear about how DNA proteins, dormant cells, miasmas correlate with diseases and the possible role of reactivated fungi as manifest cellular cancers but, perhaps, that’s in store next time. Brendan did, however, theorise there may be healing qualities associated with the frequency of the unspoken “Name of God” per the Hebrew tradition.

Hebrew and Hebrews Explained

His reasoning is very clear and precise and that alone makes his book an absolute gem. This guy thinks outside the box! However, the true background to the meanings behind the unspoken name of God is complex indeed. Let me try to simplify. Hebrew is a cut down star language (although this is not officially known) and was used by [extra-terrestrial] overlords as a chronicler’s script. Via the Hyksos kings, the Israelites took advantage of a Babylonian power vacuum and plundered much of the wisdom as a consequence. It is then, I believe, “Hebrew” became an “Israelite” script.

Bugger off Dawkins; you don't "believe" in God

Bugger off Dawkins; you don’t “believe” in God

In these times (over 4,000 years ago) strange entities roamed our planet surface in plain sight. Included were Babylonian reptilian (Ciakar) priestly ghouls (usually dressed in conspicuous dark hooded cloaks – presenting lithe humanoid physiques) with strange habits. It is they that used YHWH as code for the unspoken name of God though the real word is not pronounceable by us (being a combined bark, roar and dinosaur scream). First Jewish clerics and later theologians had a big problem in creating the correct sounds for the name of God.

MsXopPbgThis is because under vowel pointing rules (added in the 13th century after Hebrew had replaced Aramaic as a spoken Israelite solidarity language – similar to Yiddish today) changes in the pronunciation of Y as J or W as V can alter the structure of words. Due to prior secrecy, no one knew precisely what the original pronunciation sounded like. Original Greek scriptures deciphered correct sounding as something akin to “Yahweh”. However, in 1270, a Spanish Dominican monk, Raymundus Martini, penned “Jehovah” in Latin for the first time. That began a war between two traditions. Although, the irony is, of course, both are wrong! Even so, Brendan has conjured transcendental brilliance and, I believe, identified a unique interpretation of biblical code (texts are multi-layered/dimensional – one of the bizarre literary properties associated with Hebrew script).

For perfection, I would have liked comfier chairs, Aimee introducing Brendan, Alistair then Russell, but what we saw was a feast of creativity and, for that, no one can complain.


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