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***UPDATE Christmas day. Two kind donators have saved goodwill. Donations were neither great, small, good nor bad. The actions counted more than a thousand words. Humanity HAS potential. MERRY CHRISTMAS***

Yes astute readers, this is my Christmas post. Conscientious followers will instinctively guess why Christmas was mercilessly struck from the title and replaced by “Goodwill”. I have not suggested any noticeable timetable and it is only via context of “the season” that Christmas would have featured at all. Goodwill should be considered “open ended” and not limited to a day or even a season. It is for all time. That is why the word was selected in place of, the more predictable, Christmas. Nevertheless if this post had been launched in, say, April or June, its potent meaning might have conjured quite different metaphoric imagery. I mean, why talk about Christmas and its festive season before November?

The real Jesus (for the purposes of Christian religious dogma) was born thirty seven years after the birth of Christ. He, presumably, would have celebrated Hanukah. Historically there is no suggestion of evidence of a birth date; not a glimmer. It is ironic that “Jesus born” (Josephus) was born thirty seven years after Jesus first manifest officially. Parts of our modern day Christian orthodoxy assert that the zero date was wrong and the birth took place sometime in anno domini six. This, coincidentally, happens to be the birth year of the father of Jesus (born), Joseph Ben Matthais. Another reason I removed Christmas from the title is I did not want to dwell on petty politics of Christianity, so let’s talk about Satan.

Avid blog followers will recall my previous posts; ‘Desire’ and ‘Who Sets Value and What is the Meaning of Love?’ These conclude the ones that most repulse are the most deserving of true love. Satan is reputedly the nemesis of love so, by definition, is the most worthy of love. There is a difference between true love and infatuation. Christians and others are infatuated with the Satanic alter ego; Santa. Dressed in a warm red cloak, he is the symbol of everything illicit and ruinous, but the intrigue is subtle. Satanists can never be accused of being ostentatious. As with Draco methods, the art of maintaining absolute control (power) is managed by remaining unknown (undiscovered). Thus Santa is the perfect front for false goodwill, dedication to infatuation and the destruction of true love. He is the radiant bauble to attract suckers; an exploit where everyone’s a winner, right?

Television advertising encourages grotesque Santa iconography from around October, I am led to believe. By late November adverts are up to full kilter. Too close to Christmas, the corporate jackals start spruiking for the next one. They sing like birds in a pie.

“Get in early. Save a bundle”

I have written a number of past posts addressing the many and varied problems of the world. All, without exception, are caused through fault of humanity – high and low are equally culpable. Being a sucker does not set you free. Sadly, at this would be precious time, inevitable conclusions draw me to assume goodwill is dead and there is only potential for the controlled enslavement of human cattle. Yes individuals will buck the system, but the pack will stick to the safety of the herd and do what cattle do – blend in. Even those “protest marches” are well manned supporting the fashion towards incognito cowardice. For the spirit of true love, I have decided to test goodwill; human potential. Though I always consider myself last, irreparable issues have arisen from my unplugging from the system. Writing also takes a toll on the ongoing requirement for survival. Bards are not renowned for fitness.

This is an exercise, in part, to project seasonal fun. Those that are not funny, do not see the humour, please quietly look the other way and move on to more fruitful pursuits. For the remainder, that comprehend English and are not imbeciles, there is a serious side.

If only I was born a robot

What with Billy-bob Gates’ commitment to eugenics, including investment in Ebola, I do not feel it is responsible to use Microsoft products anymore. Yes there are alternative operating systems, etc. but my rebellion is limited to the other web browser. My Firefox Mozilla start page defaults to a Google search engine. Currently every time I open a new window it asks me to pledge a donation starting at $3 (a similar amount is requested by Wikipedia on the rare occasion I visit them). So I have decided to ask for my own donation for true love. Be assured this is a serious test to assess the goodwill of humanity. For my audience, there is nothing to be personally gained from donating. I am not particularly known or liked. Infatuated could be fans will not be in a position to boast about what they have given.

“I gave to that….er….Ozziethinker”



It would be an act of true love only.

My enemies will have their day

It is inconceivable to imagine that I have not built up bulging ranks of wilful adversaries, given the nature of subject matter here. Views have been uncompromising and unyielding. Now is the opportunity for hatred to prevail. The keen eye will spot the new “tip jar” donation feature at the top of the page. As with Firefox I would like the minimum donation set at $3 (these are Australian dollars which equate to more or less nothing as we are almost a “third world” country), but frankly I would be insulted by a bare minimum donation. Unfortunately, my pre-set amount “drop down” plans have been foiled as wordpress does not support the feature. We shall march on unfettered…

Donators must use their imaginations and have a good enough command of maths to type in their own figures. I know this is a big responsibility, but you can do it. Imagine there is a drop down and the real minimum donation is $5; a sensible amount. However, enemies that want to give me a nasty message, you can donate $3 and it will be fully understood; loud and clear. Yes, give me the third degree; go on? Of course, one or two donations would have a pretty limp impact so if you really wanted to piss me off, broadcast this far and wide to ensure I am inundated with hateful, pathetic donations. Blow in’s with limited English or less intelligence, please do not donate as your donations will be considered rejects.

Let us be frank, Firefox Mozilla is attempting to attract poor people. They want those “salt of the earth” donators. I suspect I may have a few privileged class visitors. These fine, upstanding individuals would not stoop to pick up $3 discarded on the floor. Without a convenient slave to obey, money would lay unhindered, asleep. A well to do person certainly would not wish to associate with poor people, so I have created a special donation amount for you. $33 will set you apart from the rest and assure you are well fashioned. Of course, that will also tell me people with influence detest me, so it will be a worthwhile gesture.

In this day and age, wealth is not limited to the fashionable. We have billionaire elitists. These folks are beyond rich. They have teams of slaves needing bigger fish than mere $33 baubles. For the super-Richie rich-rich, I need an amount that is small enough not to notice, less than the price of a phone, say, but with immediate “power appeal”. Well, it is impossible to find a phone for less than $1000 today unless you buy one of those used by poor people. My visiting agents for the super-rich can make a statement in their hatred of me and everything I stand for with $616 or $666 tokens. Those in the know will know there is some ambiguity as which to mark is the symbol of absolute power, hence the choice of up-to-date Babylonian hidden knowledge versus age-old tradition. Oh hell, perhaps donate both “to be sure” or ask Santa?

A plea to angels

There is much wisdom to be found in ancient texts. Periodically the power of beautiful, sacred numbers changes, but all are captured by the annals of time. For angelic visitors wanting to counter this brooding threat, your choices and chances are greater. Light flows in abundance even though darkness reigns. True love would not restrict virtue, but money tends to attract dark forces. Your choices therefore are, in addition to the $5 minimum, $8, $13, $20, or $60. For the gracious Quakers, Buddhists and general purveyors of superb white light notoriety there are $101, $313, $377, $717, $2584, $10,946 and $28,657 selections for serious givers of love. For you thoroughbreds, donations must require sacrifice. If the gift is not a sacrifice, it is not enough and should not be given. Let your hearts guide you. If you wish to counter the onslaught from dark forces, then I would recommend this experiment for the proclamation of the goodwill of man is broadcast far and wide.

Thank you for cooperating with true love or real hatred; may the greater force prevail

The celebration of Christmas was borrowed from sun worshiping Pagans. 25th December is a key pantheist date marking the change of season via the Northern Hemisphere winter solstice. We know the whole festival has been hijacked by Satan’s bushy white bearded emissary. The power of giving has been reduced to importance and status, whether that is within family or other peer groups. Particularly for emerging personalities (children), so fragile they have limited legal status, goodwill is a conditioning and celebration of taking. In that way, what we receive (as children) becomes life currency. Moving forward it will set the precedent for unchallenged ownership. As children we receive Christmas presents which revert to our ownership, becoming our property not to be stolen or removed, even by our parents. That sets the standard for the horror we call social exchange today. By that tenet, homeless are welcome to remain wretched. Let us invest in tasers and other weapons to keep strangers (Goyim) off our hallowed lands (that we originally owned?). Our lucky hungry, with valid ID, will be looked after by the corporate charities and “processed”; all in the spirit of goodwill? We have lost all our freedoms but will certainly not grant others the privilege of gaining what we cannot receive. Let’s have another protest?

Extra police will be needed to manage the horrors of this season of goodwill. When the “zombies” are secure, we can pass the eggnog, fellow infatuates, sing carols and do all that other legal fun stuff around the camp fire. Merry Christmas everyone; but can you secure goodwill in the spirit of true love (hate notwithstanding)?

They say real humour transcends race, creed and culture. Here are two adult audio recordings (click here and there) that should appeal to Christian and Satanist alike. Peace before prosperity.


6 thoughts on “Merry Goodwill Everyone

  1. – I am going to go ahead and disagree on the Jesus name as i remember this differently, was Jesus not in actuality Cesarion the son of Ceasar and Cleopatra and the rightful heir of the two empires, unfortunately, his daddy was stabbed in the back and zie wars begun.

    great post though i love it. you know a lot.

    • Very well thought out, but not so. The key is in the gospel of Mark. Read some of the other posts to find the truth.

      That said, I have identified three Jesus’ of varying character, so there is no reason why Caesar’s son could not have been intertwined in some way.

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