Leeching off the System

I have been a member of the David Icke forum. Occasionally I contribute a post. Today I was informed that Icke is both a Zionist and Imperialist. His forum exists to court morons; some mindless, some ill-directed for the exclusive purpose of financial gain. Inadvertently he has been doing a very good job and has my upmost respect at that level. I issued a statement as my closing comment. It was messaged to the moderator (an alleged incompetent that supports plausible unidentified objects) and read (words to the effect): “May God f*ck you and Icke”. Being polite, I refrain from using the F-word here, but in this case it was necessary there. However, the statement offered a message which may not have been clearly understood, so now I will unveil. “May God, the Prime source and combination of everything, restrict you and your disciples’ selfish malice and turn it into everything advantageous to goodness and that which is proprietary under will, David Icke”. (Oh great one please forgive this curse, but it is necessary for humanity). In the unlikely event Icke and his associates issue a formal apology here, I will resume attendance of that forum. This post is particularly devoted to David Icke’s forum goers who, through their visceral ignorance, have mostly demonstrated they fit this “bill”.

Whether planned or evolved, governments have become vortices of deceit at all of their “levels”. There is a legal system that legislates for coded misinformation aided by corrupt or naïve politicians. A court prosecutes mindless laws which are “defined” by corporate thugs and their incompetent, vain media hacks. Psychotically ignorant law enforcement cartels impose justice brands which are rogue trading ventures in everything but name. The mistake the general populace make is three fold:

a)      Voting

b)      Paying taxes

c)       Affirming the system in various ways

Governments were created by merchants and their bankers to organise commerce. In the very old days each planet had a federal system of governance under a God. Common laws assured the idiosyncrasies of individual communities were observed. Any estranged member moved to new communities or created their own societies in the Bad Lands. Planet is Earth is a little bit different, I think, in a special way. Because groups of humans have very different origins, even though the Genome Project tries to say otherwise, one God and a federalised system of governance would never work. It will never succeed as well so God help the New World Order. On a side note, I am not critical of the Genome Project. They do the best they can (given the political climate), but they need to look at inter-dimensional energies and the relationship of the light source with the Earth and its inhabitants before they will make any real progress. Where was I?

Ah yes, a federalised system will never work here and that is why a hierarchy went up to kings, which were, in effect, local Gods. Of course, and with the possible exception of a few prominent magicians, there is no one “known” made of special DNA, so there could be no Gods today. The God bloodlines had abilities that clearly separated them from the rest (hence unauthorised procreation was a big issue and not the anti-lust tripe spouted by religious fundamentalists of the modern age and prior), but that is a story for another day. Kings were ultimately responsible for communities who, for the large part, were allowed to roam free guided only by local common laws. A couple of thousand years ago the Romans, unsuccessfully for the most part, tried to give money away to the Britons. The reason the Britons needed money is Roman governance was supported by a complex taxation system. Indeed, as I have mentioned in other posts, it was only the introduction of the feudal system to Middle Ages Britons that saw money foisted on the serfs; “land owners” of old. The nouveau aristocracy pinched the land to create an underclass of peasants that later would fund wars for kings. Indeed it is said that all modern day income tax collections are exclusively used to fund wars. This is not true, but a higher than would be comfortable percentage is earmarked for the war machine. Though, in fairness to the war machine, it manages a gamut of projects which would qualify as humanitarian and employs considerable numbers in worthwhile, meaningful and productive jobs. For the negative, imperialist, destructive side, Iraq and Afghanistan are the tip of the iceberg. Make no mistake; the war machine does some very bad, nay unconscionable things.

Let’s not beat around the bush. The title of this post is “leeching off the system”. The case has been made. There is no dispute that the lion’s share of your tax dollars end up in military coffers. Case closed. Post over? No we have hardly begun. You see people have not clicked as to what happened when the kings were conquered and their aristocracies mortgaged by the banks. The removal of kings saw the removal of freedoms. Though, as we are aware, the feudal system of Britain preceded the infamous beheading of Charles I, there was a transition period of a few hundred years. Why were the so-called “Dark Ages”, dark? It was not because there was less written but, rather, tighter controls were placed on access to and dissemination of writings – censorship. Thus, as the modern machine is a mirage of the old Roman system (no matter what the fools say) methinks plans were constructed well in advance; millennia in advance. It is almost as though “humanity” (in the broad imperialist sense) has been guided by a completely unknown (hidden) third party.

The transition was not over with the beheading of Charles I. Indeed the imperialists were that unsure of themselves the “plan” almost derailed. It took the settlement and settling down of the new Promised Land, America for humanitarianism to be encouraged. This happened with an explosion of exaggerated “causes” from 1860’s stoked all the way by an aggressive, fickle and untruthful media machine (yes, and contrary to popular opinion, they were “corporate” then, too). Our humanitarian environmentalists are a product of imperialism. Not many realise that. A considerable number of causes materialised. Not all were embraced. Those that attacked imperialism were slandered, ridiculed and censored. That is why fake Communism was introduced by Zionists in Russia. In fact the Russian tyranny was to test a complete system that forfeited King and Church which could be guided by hidden powers (who really ran/runs Russia?). It was state managed imperialism and nothing more. Yes, I know some slice it and dice it in different ways but the peoples were treated as fodder, with scant exception. Is modern day China, still communist in case anyone forgot, earmarked as the next Promised Land? They are remorselessly interpreting Zionist edict in line with New World Order. Chinese money is an interesting subject, but that will have to make another post.

I am sorry announce to those that like a light read as this one looks as though it is going to be another big post. I will try and keep things as contrite as possible. So, carrying on, those humanitarian environmentalist causes that fit the New World Order strategy were adopted as legal precedents. Defined by numerous laws, underwritten by Zionist lawyers, common law was more or less scrapped (even though several have been “incorporated”). Monarchy was now corporate (which means “dead speaking”). Western constitutions were imposed on the ‘lesser peoples’ of the third world and beyond in order to ratchet universal federalism at the right time. Does Thailand, Paraguay or even Chad, for that matter, “run” in a way that remotely resembles the first world? No is your answer. The plot and policy combined is a pointless act of narcissism by the powers that be. Nevertheless the plan rolls on relentlessly and ever exploiting suckers.

Debating the legislation, defining the laws was the point at which our new fused system separated with monarch endorsed common law. Instead of letting the people roam free guided by laws supporting conscience, common sense or [in some cases] religious dogma, a visceral justice (sic) system presides over an aggressively and unfairly biased police force. Indeed if that was not bad enough, common law has become ensconced in the commerce system which is in place to trade and make profits. So, unsurprisingly, our masonic and resourceful law enforcement agencies have found more can be gained by being criminals than catching them. Egged on all the way by scripted mainstream media preachers, fanfare is attributed to sensationalist busts by superstar police units acting for the good of the New World Order. That which is distasteful and generally disliked by society is twisted and turned into something that makes a successful enterprise. I have studied the child sex syndrome for several years and this offers an excellent example of how the system works.

The narcissism of imperialist elements is no more apparent than the attack on popular stars. In the past popular “busts” have been over drug use, homosexuality and occasionally the non-payment of taxes. In more recent times child sex has been the popular frame. Maybe Jimmy Savile did have sex will children. Possibly Michael Jackson liked and paid for young boys. Robert Hughes of the cheesy TV sitcom “Hey Dad” and, another Australian, Rolf Harris, have been jailed for showing they like women. That is because the New World Order, for business purposes, categorises them as children. Here we see one of those little shimmies that left the public behind. They twisted and turned the definition of “children” to ensure that lots of fodder would present opportunities to law enforcement. Let me be blunt. In order justify their existence, under the current systems of government, law enforcers need to be prosecuting an endless stream of offenders. That is why the FBI and other law enforcement agencies distribute just about all the child pawn (another “naughty word” I do not regularly use) in circulation (mostly accidentally seized – i.e. wife discovers “something” on husbands hard drive and turns him in to the authorities). Second hand materials are traded by non-paedophile third parties through LEA/FBI run community groups. Some individuals are groomed over years to be elevated to de facto “feeders” of LEA/FBI supplied materials. A new star of a special operation bust is born. Convict casualties are mostly nothing more than inquisitive individuals that now have shattered lives courtesy of this dreadful enterprise.

Though there are some differences between mainstream media portrayal of sentiment and reality, the way the people have generally championed this assiduous legislation demonstrates how ignorance leeches off the system. In this case champions are all of voting age. Dissent is removed. In a different world Rolf Harris might persuade the enlightened he is nothing more than a follower of virtue, but not in this one. A long time ago the age of childhood ceased for males with the ability to ejaculate and menstruating females. The Romans, being Romans, tried to standardise and declared that at age twelve, adulthood blossomed. Even today the colloquial age of consent in Thailand is thirteen. In the first world there was a drive against child labour in late nineteen century. Taking the United Kingdom as the benchmark for the first world, and using age of consent as the definition of adulthood, Edward I began by banning “ravaging” maidens under age twelve in 1275. Concerns over prostitution led to the Offenses against the Person Act of 1875 which increased the age of consent to thirteen. Amply aided by the corporate media, the Criminal Law Amendment Act 1885 saw another rise to sixteen. A Sexual Offenses Act of 2000 raised the bar to the current eighteen years threshold. Rumours are ever present promoting the prospect yet more rises to twenty one (in line with American system), twenty five (accommodating “scientific” changes in the brain) and thirty (the Jewish traditional age of adulthood). Naturally any initiative will see a corresponding increase in voting age.

I would really love to discuss this subject in much more detail, but I am moving away from the topic. The topic, of course, is “leeching off the system”. The gauntlet was laid down last post when I stated, “Thus, if charities were outlawed, government would be forced into meeting its responsibility”. Anything that might be remotely confused into being social responsibility is dumped on private, more or less unregulated third parties. They, in turn, present a whole new leeching standard involving categorisation of “victims” and a “gravy train” pipeline support industry. As I pointed out, charity is big business. Many have tried to convince me of the merits of government supplied infrastructure and services. What would “we” do without the health industry? Reading numerous accounts of toxic medications; probably a whole lot better off. This is not entirely fair as the working parts of the health system are a power to humanity. They have postponed death, generally speaking. They have improved the quality of some individual’s lives, immeasurably. It is not the health system per se that is at fault but, rather, those that leech off it. There are billion dollar pharmaceutical companies that need to push drugs for profit. There are operating rooms and wards that need to be bursting for eternal revenue collection. The leeches turned a health system into a health enterprise. That is the problem. If the Cancer Council cured all cancers it would trade itself out of existence. The Cancer Council wants cancer increases and new types, the more exotic the better. There is stable circumstantial evidence that governments have been trying to manufacture “controlled” pandemics aligned to specific and, for the most part, untested pharmaceutical solutions.

Leeching off the system goes both ways. I mentioned karmic points last post. Some may have been confused by the analogy. A karmic industrialist is surely an oxymoron, you quip. I was not referring to the spirit of karma. An industrialist will use karma as a device to engage human behaviour in their favour. They know all about state of mind and that is why science does not recognise the mind. For instance governments have progressively improved transport systems and infrastructures supporting them. There is a perennial slush fund constantly devoted to further improvement. Those that have become disenfranchised from the system for one reason or another might, in a pang of remorse, feel that they should dutifully plug into it again to provide lifelong tax dollar donations. Yet, the infrastructure and transport system was built for industry. Paid slave transit routes needed to be enabled. Only mismanagement of “public transport” systems forbids profit with scant exception. The real reason public industry is kept lean is to make its sale an automatic bargain for privateers. The sale of British Rail demonstrated precisely how the “system” works. Australian Telecom or “Telstra” did not move quick enough to cash in, but who knows what dastardly plans “they” have in store [for us] in the future? Government has played the suckers well. Karma ensures endless justification for income taxes. If they could ban the homeless and unemployed from the roads and public transport systems they would. But that would be karma negative. Beside most of “them” are technically “unemployed”.

How has government dealt with marriage? Marriages are simply the administration of financial ownership. Children are currency. In a utopian world, from government perspective, all marriages would be arranged giving the seniors control of bloodline management. Gay is ok because the bloodlines cease. Genetic modification might herald improvement! Incest will never be permitted as that damages bloodline genetics. “Children” are defined to give the system enough time to break them – to twist and turn them into the right state of mind. Also, burgeoning love tends to manifest in the early teens. Therefore seniors can purge “unsuitable” relationships. The stakes are high these days – with lengthy jail terms possible for offenders. God help any teacher with a pure spirit.

In the opening lines this essay I stated that the general populace make three fundamental mistakes: voting; paying taxes; and affirming the system in various ways. Leeching begins and ends with affirmation of the system. We affirm the police make us safe and do not create their own criminal networks. We affirm the health system is not there as a poisonous enterprise for commerce as we would be dead without it. We affirm the schooling system is not a social conditioning and brainwashing tool. It is beautiful and honest education. We affirm that scientists are not psychopathic liars and corporate sponsored crooks. We affirm marriage is for love even though most are ruined by divorce. Most of all we affirm that everything wonderful in the world was and is provided by government. In doing that we have been blessed as the slaves we are. Unrepentant government grooms its own special slaves to manage their inherited asset which belongs to the corporation. The same corporation funds its wars by collecting taxes from one group of slaves in order to attack another group. Those, their targets, will be raped, pillaged and murdered in the best possible taste all because we enabled corporate government with our votes. The votes of leeches have ensured the spoils of war belong to controlling leeches and the system remains – immortal. Corpses orate to drunken, selfish, belligerent slaves that fail to comprehend that social decay begins with their endorsement of inheritance. It is their affirmation of the system that has made social decay possible. It is they, the leeches that are the tyranny – leaders and slaves share one foul pot. Poor, stupid wretches!


3 thoughts on “Leeching off the System

  1. I don’t know much of Icke, and that’s probably just as well. But as I’ve mentioned before, I’m reading Tellinger’s Slave Species of the Gods. It is a fascinating read and seems—for the most part—well supported by the archeological evidence deciphered by Zecharia Sitchin.

    As I make my way through its pages, I must entertain the possibility of the “third party” you mention as being the Anunnaki.

    I don’t mean to verse you in this—you appear leagues ahead of me in this regard: The Anunnaki are the space travelers from Nibiru, I believe now referred to as Planet X, who cloned—created us in their image for the purposes of slavery. However, they severely limited our DNA. They are not necessarily a superior species in regards to morality and justice. Quite the opposite, but are superior in genetics, astronomy, technology, and control and manipulation. My supposition is they are the Force and intelligence behind governments, corporations, what have you.

    Your last paragraph of the three fundamental mistakes are ineffable, so precise and true they are. Except I might add that, “We affirm that everything wonderful in the world was and is provided by gods and government.”

    By the way, how progresses your book?

  2. Icke is a charismatic speaker that doesn’t “shut up” and he has made this his trademark. He courts an ill-informed, wayward audience and, just as with the mainstream, he presents the issues “on a slant”.

    Tellinger appears to be another Hancock, Farrell clone and closely refers to the Sitchin bible as his intellect struggles with matters of depth. Sitchin was a connected Israelite, by the way, so that should be ample for those that “question”. Nevertheless it is all good stuff.

    The REAL Annunaki are differen to the Anunnaki (or Anunaki). They are the highest version of the Dragon line. “Lucifer” was Annunaki. The imposters Sitchin records was a waring “man” that theoretically has a base on a theoretiocal planet called Nibiru. The supreme God (equivilent of our emperor) is Anu. They are not of the Dragon line and were linked to the supreme Atlantis hierarcy on Earth. Indeed the Draco are a JV creation.

    The is another Annunaki. I know; it’s compicated. The breakdown reads Ahn = invincible and all powerful invisible force; Nun = the fertile primordial waters from whence came all the seeds of life; Aki = All consuming love of the father and mother combined represented by light.

    My book is up to 53,000 words and looks if it is going to be a big one! No surprise there, I’m sure 😉

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