The Forces Behind Judaism – Part Two

This is a continuation of part one. I touched on Roman Catholic control of Europe and failed to mention that the Zionist merchant bankers loved to fund wars. Nevertheless, to be fair, at this point there were considerable wealth reserves tied up in the Roman States (eventually to become the Vatican) which could be traced back to the black nobility. Therefore the black nobility had much to gain from disrupting the equilibrium managed by the European monarchs as many were, at least partly, supported by or sponsors of black nobility funds. Zionism’s major draw on power coincided with the medieval royal houses which continued right up to the twentieth century (as referenced by Benjamin Disraeli’s poignant comments about [Jewish] orthodoxy marrying into the aristocracy via maternal lineages). Once the royals were broken, no doubt Zion could then target and fell the papacy. That seems to be happening today with mainstream paedophilia hysteria.

The hybrid Zionists, most notably via William the Conqueror, tried to seize Europe. However, in those days, the people roamed free and common law reigned. This meant non-Jewish and, invariably, non-Zionist mini-chieftains reigned precincts. Land had no value and, providing it was not occupied, it was available for the taking. The tales of Robin Hood scope the, then, sense of the right to life. They also carefully omit the history of money. Indeed the Romans failed to convince the British commoners and their rural chieftains of the value of money as, often, they could not give it away. The reason the Robin Hood tales omit the role of money is not just because the concern was the, then, present but they were written as propaganda to underscore the Zionist plebian coup d’état. Under Anglo Saxon Law the Jews (Zionists) became local bankers under a treatise known as the Starra in order to honour Jesus’ perceived distaste for money changers. It began with unsecured transactions that effectively amounted to hire purchase arrangements for social up and comers. Middle classes were encouraged to invest in luxuries beyond their means. Unexpectedly that was followed with massive land grabs on behalf of the state by temporary King John. Of course, this is emphasised in the Robin Hood tales with triumphant King Richard returning from the Zionist “crusades” in revenge for the Moors advances centuries earlier. Historical plausibility behind the peasant rebellion that resulted in Magna Carta charter is woefully lacking. The real amibitions of King Richard became clear after the crusades when he bequeathed great tracts of land to his inner circle. Peasants on these land gifts were stripped of rights and under the royal stamped terms of that thievery, the rightful owners (per common law) now had to pay rent in perpetuity to their new thief landlords. In order to pay rent, they had to work the land and sell produce back to the landlord (that had stolen the land). In effect one tenth of the yield was given to landlord by this arrangement and money was instilled as the denominator at all levels of society. Robin Hood be damned.

Gnostic “King” Jesus’ trusted friend was Joseph of Arimathea. He had a booming tin mining business in Britain. Tin was the new super commodity and the local druid chieftains made excellent business associates. What happened before is a great mystery and one I have not yet deciphered. It is too great a coincidence that Britain was selected and became the new Promised Land. Nevertheless, the Anglo Saxons were of the same stock as their masters – Aryans through and through. They made reluctant slaves and were, overall, poor workers (often due to poor health, rather than rebellion). Moreover, they expected rights. Serfdom backfired and after a few hundred years of little or no progress, the Zionist establishment effectively gave up without ever letting go. They therefore needed to find a new Promised Land. The land they selected was Amerika. It was more than some urban myth. The elite had esoteric documentation which confirmed its existence, land maps included. They merely had to go there. That’s why the freemason, Christopher Columbus, was sent. Some dispute whether he actually found mainland. It is unimportant as he was a puppet for America was known presumably prior to the most ancient records. The reason the Portuguese Columbus in particular was dispatched is Catholicism was intent on conquering the unknown world by discovering it. He also had Jewish “handlers”. The world was governed by two Aryan poles. To the north was Catholicism and Zionism held the south, east and west. For those that are confused by this; Zionism’s unofficial religion is atheism. That means its members can position themselves under any so-called faith they chose; Catholicism included. America’s so-called discovery date 1492 is a significant one. Not only does it mark this official discovery, but it also represents a significant attempt at cooperation between the forces of Zion and the old Babylonia cult.

Some Zionists, surprisingly, were and are also very religious. There were sporadic bouts of plague in Europe from the 1200’s and perhaps prior. These often produced a xenophobic reaction from deeply superstitious peoples wishing to ward off evil. As the Jews have always created insular microcosms parasitically drawing off wider society, they have generally been viewed with suspicion by the majority. 1349 saw 2000 Jews burned by an angry mob in Strausborg after an outbreak of bubonic plague or “black death”. Basel (Switzerland) rounded up and burned 4,500 of theirs. The Mainz communities tried to defend themselves killing 200 of an angry mob. This saw 6,000 of their own incinerated as a result. Members of the orthodoxy also found the Catholic interpretation of the Torah so appealing they were tempted to convert. Popes had even started to issue promissory notes which allowed advance sinning. Due to conflicts in business life, merchants had no option but to sin if they wished to be become successful. When another very bad outbreak of plague and syphilis hit Europe in 1490 an amnesty between the Jews and Catholics in 1492 seemed the only way to avoid eternal damnation on Earth.

The agreement was short lived because it obviously offended Pharisaic order. Indeed it made a mockery of old order. Therefore, Zion’s man, Martin Luther, infamously pinned his list of demands to the Catholic Church door. We know Luther was definitely Zion’s man because his new interpretation of Christianity was so Pharisaic in flavour it would have made St Paul blush. The fresh new name for Pharisaic order is Puritanism and now, by the backdoor out of Europe, a new land called America had been “discovered”. It was not too long before a boat load of pilgrims set off from the old Promised Land, Britain, to establish a new puritan haven. The fusion of Catholicism and Zionism coincided with the creation of a new masonic Christian sect called Calvinism. It is interesting to note that some claim that Barak Obama is Calvinist and not a Muslim (even though he swore into office on the Qur’an) as popularised, at one time, by the mainstream press. Good old Queen Elizabeth I of England (known as the iron queen) was a Zionist through and through, as was her father, Henry VIII. Henry’s claim to fame was to sack the Catholic Church of Rome, plunder its premises replacing them with his own church of atheism (colloquially known as the Church of England). Spiritually did make a comeback under Elizabeth. She imposed hefty punishments for non-attendance of church services in true Pharisaic fashion. The pews were always full in her reign. From about this point on the Churches became the local gazette. Towards the end of her life she blessed the foundation of the Virginia Company, which was a cooperation of merchants. James I, who was James IV of Scotland, heralded a symbolic coming together of a “broken” Britain after being selected as Elizabeth’s successor. James also heralded the introduction of Calvinism. The band of merchants behind the Virginia Company eventually plucked up courage to sail to America. When there, they grabbed the first piece of land they could easily secure and named it Jamestown.

The foul and deceitful pilgrims finally had their puritan haven, but who would do all the menial jobs unfit for a God-like community? Even back in the day of Christopher Columbus, Negro slaves were being introduced to the grand houses of the day. African social structures were such that if a chieftain could be influenced in the right way bond labour would have the blessing of all parties, including the slave. Over time, the African chieftains and local peoples realised they were being exploited and attitudes changed. However, Negro slaves were renowned for making the best workers. Texts that allege Columbus did reach the American mainland also say he captured five hundred native Indians to sell as slaves. Reputedly he was double crossed by his Jewish stakeholders, never receiving a penny and was falsely imprisoned for a while. For anyone feeling the remotest sympathy for Columbus need to be aware of his character as, once again, reputedly he used to play a game with captives. This game involved trussing them up securely with rope so movement was impossible. Feet up they would be dangled from a fall overhead branch. Then his men would take turns to see how fast they could chop through these human “logs” with their axes. Whereas the coming together of Wales and Scotland had been a bloodless affair with the royal engagement of James, Ireland was far from conquered. English colonisation of Ireland had begun in the 1500’s was met with violent resistance from the Earl of Desmond (aided by Rome after the fallout with Henry VIII). Things reached a head in 1640’s when 1000’s of displaced peoples needed to be processed. James II came up with ideal solution. He decreed the declassification of Irish as Aryan slaves and bundled them off to the colonies (America and the West Indies) for sale. While a Negro was regarded as prime stock and would sell for fifty pounds sterling (the price of a mansion house) an Irish would struggle to fetch five pounds. Indeed for some Irish no price tag was attractive. To make the exploitation palatable the term slave has been upgraded to servants now when discussing the plight of the Irish.

The Pilgrim Fathers needed slaves and plenty of them. One of the great ironies is that the Irish slaves originated from precisely the same genetic stock that is the Zionist elite – Khazars, Huns and Mongols. Perhaps it is not so ironic. What better way to protect the true origins of Zionism than fabricating myths of Jewish separatism, when all along the same Atlantis rejects; the derelicts have been driving politics on both sides. Religion is merely a front. However let me press on with this historic saga. History has told us that the Redskins also did not make willing slaves, although many ended up supporting white man’s households. Historically, like the Australian aborigine peoples (who may be the closest to Olmec man); the Redskins welcomed visitors to lands that yielded. It became clear very early on that white man was not there to share. He was proposing a takeover. The advent of a stampede of greedy “pioneers” was designed to engage a clash of cultures. However, the Redskins ultimately lacked the ability to fend off white man, as recklessly brave as individuals may have been. Back in Europe, notably Britain, the old guard kept a beady eye on the America situation, with a muted opinion it would fail. They presumably had privy information as to the reputation of the Redskins as fearsome warriors. However the seventeenth had smoothly flowed into the eighteenth century, on schedule, and there American puritans had settled relatively incident free. Indeed the relationship with the natives was more positive than negative as great tracts of unused land were available. Thus, in light of the early success and potential for fortunes to be made, the British Crown (accompanied by a gaggle of Zionist bankers) decided it needed to stamp its authority on the rogue colonies. In the centre of these politics was an unknown (if you believe that you’ll believe anything), relatively impoverished son of a Jewish German grocer and money changer. “Chance” (sic) placed Mayer Amschel Bauer (Bayer) under the tutelage of Jacob Oppenheimer. Through Royal connections, the fantasy goes on to say he became a dealer of rare coins, but things become foggy in trying to justify the rise to enormous wealth as a financial middle man for the nobility. Bayer changed his name to Rothschild supposedly out of respect of family, which could be traced back to 1577 and, then, a roth (red) schild (shield) represented the family business. This red shield, others have pointed out, was the old Yiddish Zionist solidarity emblem based on a Babylonian lucky charm.

I am not sure if I discussed the Zeta Seal in my last post. If not everything has been covered in my edging-ever-towards-completion book Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons. The Zeta Seal dates back to 1748 when they attempted to halt the genetic ascension of man, or, rather, human. In essence it was very important to them that we were stuck at three strand DNA with broken chromosomes. Amazingly 1748 was a very important year. Firstly (on January 26) Britain, Netherlands, Australia and Sardinia (!) sign the anti-French treaty. Sardinia, by the way, became the ruler of all states and principalities under the formation of Italy in 1863. Germany reverted to joint control from Bavaria and Prussia in 1870. Anyway, more on 1748; March 19 heralded the Naturalization Act granting Jews the right to colonise North American colonies. [Pachter] Riots saw the death of over 200 after Netherlander Marretje Arents was executed for leading a contingent of protesters at the government peat tax. On August 15 1748 a United Lutheran (Zionist) Church of the US was conceived and followed by denomination in Pennsylvania August 26. December 26 France and Austria signed a treaty over southern Netherlands after the French defeat of Maastricht May 7. In 1749 Britain’s George II (a puppet king for Zion) gives the Ohio Company [the trading rights to, which amounted to land ownership of] Ohio. The stakeholders in the Ohio Company were none other than the dear Washington’s, George not, officially, included. Jefferson and a few other noteworthy names were involved with that investment. Not on theme, but relevant, in 1750 September 5 a decree was issued in Prussia allowing the annual search of Jewish homes for stolen or “doubtful” goods. Oh dear, they were the “fences” that far back? I very much doubt many Sephardim were embroiled.

The whole concept of Capitalism has been driven and exploited by the Zionists. However, with the emergence of the “unknown” Rothschild dynasty a special order for centralised control was created. Many talk about the powers behind the power, surreptitiously known as the “powers that be”. However, the identity of the prime peer group was brazenly labelled for all to see. The name has not changed today and, officially, on 1 May 1776 Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit and university professor, founded the Illuminati. The name actually means “enlightened ones” and was likely the reinvention of the, prior protectors of Zion, Knights Templar. They, as touched on in part one, had largely brought about their own demise by alienating a number of monarchs, Charles IV of France and Henry V of Britain included, in 1300’s. Today’s Illuminati is a “now you see it, now you don’t” affair with the main visible drive illuminating (brainwashing) the general (ignorant) public with propaganda. Your mainstream news is an example of that propaganda, so if you rely on that fantasy as “basis”, you are an ignorant peasant. This is not to say “events” advertised by news streams do not occur. Propaganda is usual found in voiceovers giving Zionist favoured outcomes to each plot or critical omissions. The landscape had changed and the world had become too big for things to return to middle ages standards, so the Knights Templar casualty would never re-emerge intact.

1776 was another big year and the formation of the Illuminati was as much symbolic as practical. It heralded declaration of Independence of a free America. Free referred to “tax free” so Zionist merchant bankers could operate unshackled from the British Crown. This is important and more on this later. It also marked the end of torture as a means of interrogation in Austria, although this was the fashion in Europe and by the end of the nineteen century it was a common law. 1776 was also a hinge date in Russian affairs, although topically 1772 was a more significant one. Part of Poland was annexed for Jewish peoples by Catherine “the Great” (another Zionist) and she also broke the Khazar/Cossack (perhaps not with Zionist affiliations) republics on the Russian mainland, possibly completely by 1776 or shortly after. That was a turbulent period of Russian history. France had been plunged into revolution after deliberately squandering its assets in the American Revolution. Some argue that the Statue of Liberty is [masonic gesture] evidence the French foreign minister at the time, Pierre Beaumarchais, was a conspirator who set up King Louis XVI, both toppling the monarchy and funding Zion’s new haven, America. Let us never forget the British/Italian Sponsored “anti-French” treaty of 1748. An “unknown” Italian banker’s son eventually progressed to lead the new Republic, only to declare himself Emperor. That betrayer of “new order” was Napoleon, of course. The French “model” was a precurser to Russian “Communism”.

Jim Kirwan is an aggressive writer whose style I do not favour. However, I do confirm he seems to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the Unites States of America’s legal historic development. Frequently he references controversial laws created to empower the bankers to the disadvantage of the people. However, the rules of the game were about to abruptly change. One can loosely argue the change in standards began with the abolishment of torture for war purposes. However, this is hard to validate. The British Abolishment of Slavery Act 1833 was a certainty. On face value it was a positive step towards great civilised society. In reality it was a Zionist driven commerce ploy. The problem with slavery was not only the slave was bound to an owner, but there was no real incentive for an impressive work rate. Therefore, a bad slave was a huge problem. Punishment demotivated the good workers so much it served a negative purpose. Most slave owners were not inhumane and, in some ways, felt they had a duty of care. Besides, to free slaves due to poor work efficiency might encourage a trend. Good slaves were often very well treated and often incentivised. I say that not to vilify their lack of liberty, but merely to put things in perspective.

A low paid underclass with no social security was deemed a positive step. The new crop of third class citizens with no voting rights would have to work well or perish. They were no longer an owner’s problem. The predictable consequences exploded in the numerous newspaper reports of the 1850’s and 1860’s. It took no time for this displaced underclass to come into conflict with the landowners and present a new problem. Initially it was dealt with using the gallows and the prison system, but delicate members of civilized society became more and more scathing in their published writings and this led to a galvanisation of human rights movements between 1860 and the turn of the century that threatened to topple world order. I will come back to that. The United States of America’s reason for joining the trend and abolishing slavery ultimately had nothing to do with the civil war, other than the winning side held the cards. Both sides were strategic friends of Zion [and some enemies], so the war was a safe bet. In 1863 Lincoln abolished slavery in the Confederate States by emancipation. However, this was a feeble gesture to weaken the Southern forces in the civil war. Nevertheless, his stakeholders cornered him into the full abolishment of slavery. Because he tried to reverse the direction of cabinet, his assassination was commissioned. In April 1865 John Wilkes Booth was hired by a masonic group [some argue was connected to or a splinter of Rothschild’s Illuminati] called (something like) The Order of the Golden Hand. Behind the scenes this event was significantly complex and a number of parties are implicated, including politicians and the Catholic Church. Just as in Britain, an impoverished underclass was created, but these were mainly black and not Irish. The significance of the abolishment of slavery was the cotton price in England was sent up fivefold and created a mini boom time.

The new rules of commerce favoured import/export. It was called the economic wedge. With a low paid labour force, cotton stock now had value prior to retail or wholesale. Stock now needed to be insured and required money changers’ services at every port of call. The money changers, unsurprisingly, were all Jews of the old order. Thus a relatively low cost product became quite a costly one when rinsed through the economic funnel. I have heard there is a statue or plaque donated by the Rothschild’s to the city of Manchester celebrating the abolishment of US slavery. Manchester was the prominent British resource point for skilled seamstresses at the time. Rigged commerce is not all that developed from the independence of the United States of America. On a side note it is worth mentioning that Englishman, Captain James Cook, was sponsored to circumnavigate the Pacific region for his third voyage in 1776, after “discovering” Australia in 1770. It is likely Zion was seeking the next United States of America in case of its collapse as a union. The late eighteen century was a turbulent period for the freemen of the United States. The so-called Boston tea party 1773-1776 saw a dispute between the British Crown and the East India Company impose a levy on tea, due to piracy and smuggling operations. The standard retail price per pound was about three shillings or more but smugglers could sell the same stock for two shillings and a penny. Though the levy actually reduced the price of tea sufficiently to undercut the smugglers by one penny, it enflamed British US relations to such an extent a band Mohawk imposers dumped 342 chests of tea into the bay of Boston. This directly impacted the Deep Sea Bubble stock market crash of 1790’s and the United States experienced a number of painful recessions throughout the early 1800’s. It is interesting that the gold standard was “invented” in 1696, collapsed in 1797, and reformed the British banking system in 1821. The party was over by 1890’s with simultaneous wars; Colombia, China (Boxer Rebellion) and South Africa (Boer War) and the gold standard was only saved by bonds, which first began in 1901 (I think), or “stock options”. That concept was refined with invention of the “premium bond” in 1950’s which was capitalised on by Britain’s Harold Macmillan with the consumerism boom of 1960’s. Unlike the prior bonds which acted like “shares”, premium bonds were indexed and better than currency. In effect the concept allowed the explosion of asset values, whilst being indexed to a superficial standard (such as gold) – a very clever idea. The next step had to be the derivatives market bolstering fraudulent trades aimed at compensating the bankruptcy of all Western nations after the Vietnam War. Currently, I am led to believe, the United States has $180 trillion of futures debt.

To be continued….


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