The Forces behind Judaism – Part One

For regular readers, I first need to open with an apology. My channels have requested I make this post before “Planets” is published. Interesting recent personal experiences might progress unwritten “Society Must Never Be Cashless” up the queue. This was meant to be a complete post, but when I had reached 5,000 words I knew it was too much for a single presentation. Indeed, it looks as if it will be broken into three or four instalments. The motivation came in a quiet moment which was a mini eureka. Indeed, as indicated last post, my current focus is the completion of my latest book, “Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons”. The recent preview of that book (which I did edit online, in case anyone missed that) made the startling revelation that Adam (man) of Genesis was not a Jew. He was a non-Jew but not a gentile, as Judaism had not been invented at the time. The Ketzer may disagree and so they should, because they are responsible for the modern Jewish identity, which is nothing more than tyrannous nationalism. According to the Ketzer, Judaism happened as the result of the creation of Jewish man a few thousand years ago. Jewish man was Adam and he was created in the image of God and all other men are imposters. According to this logic, these imposters look like Jewish men, but they do not look like God because only Jewish men were created in the image of God.

The problem is, as my latest post (The Birth of Humanity) disclosed, Adam was neither Jewish nor genetically anything like any modern human. We can postulate about his genetics indefinitely, but ultimately the test would come from correct understanding of the Genome (something our science does not) and a sample of his genetics. From Genesis it is clear Adam was Olmec and that is why the Annunaki Viracocha did everything in their power to preserve his living genetic identity. This world is a big place, so I cannot say for sure, but I very much doubt any unaltered Olmec DNA exists on this planet now, as I write. This is a shame, because if the Genome went non-commercial and tidied up its act, I believe true science (the virtuous resource) would, ultimately, be able to decode Olmec man. Mind you the Genome has already caused big problems for the Zionists. Is the “royal” Kagan family even slightly Jewish? The German word ketzer exposes the limitations of English. Our word “heretic” obscures the true meaning, which is fraudulent Jew – Jewish claimants that are not even slightly Jewish. English heretics are effectively pagans (those beyond the reach of God – and, at one time, gentiles). Christian heretics, according to this interpretation, obstruct the true message of Christianity and reduce it to a form of paganism.

To add to this con, we have the Semitism scam. The reason the Zionists imposed anti-Semitism on humanity is to thoroughly confuse ketzer adversaries. By attaching Judaism to Semitic genetics, they fend off any bloodline arguments. The core value of anti-Semitism is “to be Jewish must be to be Semitic” and none dare say otherwise, lest they be anti-Semitic. The fact that the “Jewish” Kagans have no Jewish blood, in my opinion, making them absolutely not Jewish, is irrelevant. They are protected by anti-Semitism. This is the tip of the iceberg, because according to the Genome project there are many, many fine, upstanding, tyrannous, intolerant Jews that are not actually Jews at all. Questions need to be asked of Binyamin Netanyahu and Shimon Peres, for instance. How Jewish are you? We know anti-Semitism is a scam because it stops well short of the Arab races. Now, and once again terrible news for the Zionists, it turns out the Genome project has identified that the Arab peoples are Semites and they are not included in the anti-Semitism doctrine. Some readers are now beginning to fidget, and for good reason. You say, “Are you telling us that some Jews ‘covered’ by the anti-Semitism doctrine are neither Jewish nor Semites?” You bet! And, I’m afraid this is “with knobs on”, because not only are non-Semite, non-Jews protected by anti-Semitism, but there are Semites that are targeted by the very same doctrine that supposedly protects Semites. The reason is anti-Semitism is BULLSHIT. Sorry that is not strong enough. It is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT.

I apologise to readers for my generalisations, but the problem is we have become too bogged down with detail. We need a clean sweep overview and then, from a position of higher understanding, we can drill down and look at parts of the detail. That’s why my historic appraisal is condensed. I deliberately avoid detail and those silly arguments that have propelled something that is not. My history is not going to be a detailed history and I am going to generalise on dates. I also assure the Zionist affiliates that might have visited this blog, you will find this uncomfortable reading (if you are still here).

My decoding of the Genesis ‘Adam and Eve” & ‘fall from Grace’ texts touched on last post revealed that, Biblically celebrated, Adam was not Jewish. In fact he was not technically not man, by our definition. He was neither Homo erectus nor human, so perhaps Olmec man would satisfy anthropology’s “Holy Grail” the ‘missing link’. There is a good chance that all the prophet-king dynasties up to and including Noah were also not human and almost certainly were not Jewish by modern genetic definition. The great mystery which, thus far, remains unanswered for my Biblical research, is when did the Sephardim bloodlines start? When were the Semites created? I have discovered the common element that separates the Semitic peoples from the rest. It is a common bond of Zeta Draco genetics. Sadly, there is no example of Zeta or Draco genetics known, so the debunkers are vilified on face value. Nevertheless the same debunkers are silent when faced with the proposal, for instance, that the so-called one dimensional (presumed to be the “first dimension”) straight line cannot exist in a three dimensional world that conforms to the rules of natural law (something empirics claims it enhances) as any side (of three dimensions) of zero value does not exist. I say to the debunkers that if Zeta Draco genetics were isolated they could be proven to be the unique quality of the Sephardic Jew and other Semites. As Sanni Ceto, an autistic woman, claims to be the reincarnation of EBE823 (not sure if I have the number right); the Futczhi (Zeta-Draco) pilot that made the error resulting in the crash infamously known as Roswell, it is likely “we” (or rather “black op’s”) do have a genetic stock. Considering Sanni Ceto claims she saw her old body (via astral projection) and it is stored in a vault somewhere in the US, maybe this is not “big news” for connected Zionists.

We know why the Futczhi were created. For readers that missed that insight. The Zeta (who were the ‘builders’ of this planet and are prominent on the guardian council) made a pact with the Draco (original indigenous “man” created by the Drakkon from Tyrannosaur and Pleiadian DNA) to enable the joint management of the development of humanity (which some might, equally, argue is the exploitation of humanity). Genetically the Futczhi are an oddity. I call them little blue diddy men. They have no heart (is that where the term heartless came from?) and a very odd gastric system which processes plant foods. Reports from those who claim they have met with the diddy men at best describe them as not on the same wave length as humans. They are considered psychotically arrogant, but that is also a Draco quality. Blue diddy men are often confused with Zeta worker clones, which are grown like flowers to produce adult foetuses. The insensitivities and robot-like behaviours of the “greys” is no reflection of the Futczhi. At some point in the history of man the Futczhi were a joint venture creation of the Zeta and the Draco. Their genetic bond was used to glue a new man of thirteen distinct bands, which are today’s Semites. The “some point” was certainly after the 10,400BC disaster which possibly ended humanity.

There is an interesting writer called Nokolai Levashov who penned Russian History Viewed through Parallel Mirrors. The work concentrates on three themes: the real history of humanity, referencing Vedic texts; the destruction of the Russian language; Zionist takeover of Russia beginning with the Workers (sic) Revolution. The corporate brotherhood behind Wikipedia is not impressed with what they call Levashov’s anti-Semitism. But we are now fully coherent in our conviction that anti-Semitism is a SCAM. Rumours have been circulated, unsurprisingly, that Levashov was murdered by Zionist sympathisers. Details are lacking and, whereas that may have been the case, it is unlikely as politically it is embarrassing. In addition Levashov is often incorrect in his reasoning, which is, at times, desperately unfair. Nevertheless, for his brilliant mind, he was an asset to humanity. For this post, Levashov’s contribution is his description of what he calls derelicts. In the old days (and by old days I am looking back 100,000’s years potentially) white light social order simply expelled their social bad eggs. Criminals were merely banished from the citadel and had to fend for themselves in the wacky, wild Bad Lands. Eventually some grouped together to form marauding bandit tribes. These tribes later infiltrated honest society via masonic orders and that was the start of the mafia powerhouses. Does anyone remember reading in their Bible about the origins of Judaism coming out of the Bad Lands and the harsh wilderness before finding the Promised Land?

Already, thanks to Mr Levashov, things have become more complicated. Is that why he was murdered? We learn that his derelicts (note how that word meaning has been deliberately deviated) were not broken alcoholics or drug addicts, but sometimes well connected and very influential fraudsters (you know, your standard banking type). After the fall of Atlantis (circa 13,800BC) he postulates there was a massive exodus out of Russia and, in the confusion, many derelicts found their way back into honest society. More so, as they were used to life on the road, they became the new leaders. Were they the infamous Israelite Hyksos? If this is so, they were of Aryan Slavic decent, Caucasian in appearance, and not even slightly Jewish. The Zionist intellectual core insists that the Hyksos were Greek and a relatively recent phenomenon. Jewish, historical chronicler, Flavius Josephus does not as he describes them as Israelite (referencing Plato, perhaps a hangover of the old Atlantis regime ten thousand years ago). It is unclear whether Plato was actually talking about the Hyksos, but I am sure he was. Were these the ancestors of the modern influential Zionists? If so, they would have been violently ambitious Russian Aryan Chieftains that formed mercenary armies, such as the Varangian Guard (arguably the pioneers of the Roman Empire).

The plot is beginning to thicken. But, the intellectual Jews will chirp, “Yes, but the Romans conquered the Israelites, so your reasoning has failed”. Not so as the Romans did not conquer the Israelites. Indeed the Israelites had been conquered by the Palestinians long before Rome became involved. Actually Roman intervention advanced the powers of the Sanhedrin and the ever more vocal dreadful Pharisees, so Rome saved the day. The Jewish exodus was a rebellion against Christianity, a cult that evened things up for the gentiles and reduced the Jews to slavery (by their definition). That is why so-called crusaders of valour (and cloaked Zionists) such as David Icke insist Jesus was a fraud and Christianity is a big “con”. In fairness to Icke, “Jesus” was a fraud in the way he (or, rather, they) has been deliberately misrepresented by various insular agenda driven Christian and non-Christian cults. Jesus, whether fantasy or reality, had destroyed the Pharisees despotic claims. The same claims are the backbone of Zionist order and control.

The Romans, we know, had adapted their version of the old Babylonian religion which is pagan sun worship. Once Constantine signed up for Christianity, his machine shaped Christian doctrine to conform to the spirit of Sol Invictus (sun worship). Thus, modern day Catholics are [presumably] ignorant pagans. The Babylonian religion appears to have been established by the Draco and this was adapted into Judaism by the Futczhi. It is possible that a percentage of the Mediterranean peoples had different origins and the clash of civilisations came with the exodus of derelicts from Russia thousands of years ago. These became the Huns of the Teutonic Tribes and the mysterious Celts. The historical development of Britain is even more mysterious. So much so, I believe real history has been altered to confuse those searching the truth. Few realise the Huns, Khazars and Mongols are the same basic stock.

After the Christianisation of Rome the violent and separatist tribes, such as the Huns and the Franks, were the same Zionist, Caucasian, non-Jewish elements that were behind the Pharisaic presence in the Sanhedrin of Jerusalem. Just as had been done in Jericho, the foul bands of derelicts either found strongholds in unoccupied lands or violently attacked peaceful settlers. Vikings of Scandinavia were of identical Aryan stock that did not pretend to be Jewish. Recent events in Ukraine have prompted the Zionist controlled mainstream Media to compliment Hitler for “attempting to wipe out 50% of German Slavs”. The intifada against the ruling party was the result of a Zionist “Jewish” leader favouring a pro-NAZI leadership style. No wonder the mainstream Media were guardedly worshiping Hitler. Anyway back to deep history, this Zionist-Aryan takeover of Europe after Rome converted to Christianity was only matched by an equally virulent conquest by the Roman Catholic Church into every corner of the known globe. Kings would pay homage to Rome and convert to Catholicism or face the wrath of the merchant banker financed mercenary freedom fighters, such as the Knights Templar. So powerful were the Knights Templar and other Christian armies, the Roman Catholic Church sponsored an inquisition backed by jealous Kings, such as Charles IV (from memory) of France, to break their hold. This also doubled as a front to rid the Merovingian curse (arguably the royal bloodline of Jesus) represented by Arianism. One of the core principles of Arianism is Jesus is not supernatural and not the Son of God. It is ironic that Marcus, a Roman aristocrat and Apostle, built a Gospel around the concept that Jesus was the Son of God. His Jesus was an incognito political Messiah and a figurehead in a war raging between Pharisaic doctrinal order and Gnosticism. That war is current though the parameters have shifted to a modern day canopy where freedom of speech (art) is pitched against order (dictatorial censorship). The thick end of that wedge is if freedom of speech is allowed, unabated, peaceful protests morph into violent and anarchistic movements given enough dissenters.

After the Promised Land of Israel was well and truly abandoned, it left a void for a new order to fill. This was the start of the takeover, when a new type of Jew was invented. These are historically remembered as a small band of Turkish peoples converted to Judaism sometime in the seventh century. That was the start of overt Pharisaic Zionism. With the dissolving of the Sanhedrin and consequent removal of the Council of Sadducees (Jesus wasn’t too fond of them either) Judaic principal was reduced to no balance whatsoever. Judaism was and is undiluted Pharisaic dogma or, rather, mainstream Judaism is a corrupt nest of vipers. No wonder the Orthodoxy has splintered into numerous political sects. The takeover, “officially” in seventh century Turkey, saw the invention of the Ashkenazy ketzer (heretic). These were the descendants of the Russian derelict mafia unshackled after the collapse of Atlantis. The ink was barely dry in the new Jewish encyclopaedia, when up sprang another interesting religion led by an “unknown” peasant simply called Mohamed. Though the Jewish establishment are unable to shake off their denial, he produced a new revamped Torah which comprised of proverbs called Hadith. Islam was a fusion of the worst of all the Christian “Pauline” sentiment and the most draconian aspects of Judaism. Of course, everything is tied up in a neat little bow and when Mohamed appears to have had weak literary moments, subsequent Islamic clerical administrators have purged texts by demoting spurious entries as probably unauthentic. The establishment of Islam led to fatal clash between the protectors of old order and the new infidels. At this time, prior to the Zionist engineered crusades, Muslims and Christians were in amicable non-conflicting relationships complimenting local common law. This is probably because both were old order outcasts fighting a common cause in many ways. They each bonded in their hatred of the Pharisaic persecutors which, invariably, masqueraded as non-Jews. An uneasy truce between old Jewish order and Islam began in Spain after the Moors conquered the whole of North Africa. Their reputation for relentless pursuit threated to overtake Europe, so the Zionists decided honey was the best solution to quell the flow of turmoil.

To be continued….


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