The Birth of Hu-man-ity and its Practical Implications

Over the last few weeks my focus has been devoted to making headway with my new writing project I have titled “Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons”. This may not be the title when the book is completed but, a third of the way into it; I see no reason to change. I do not wish to be like other writers, producing enormous bibliographies with a nugget reference every paragraph. To me that is plagiarism on steroids. Surely I can find enough that is fresh and new to fill a book that no one can say, “Well I like his ideas, but I prefer Philpot’s account”. However, producing something completely new also risks ridicule from professional debunkers who imagine fantasy at a hundred paces. Therefore, I have engineered a compromise. Whereas, I do not intend to provide a list of bibliographic references as the work is not a continuation of past wisdom, I have included a form criticism and textual analysis of the Genesis ‘Adam & Eve’ and ‘fall from Grace’ [so-called] parables. The analysis shows they are neither parables nor anecdotal, and will cause rumblings in theological circles.

To show I have been busy, I would like to present the end of the conclusions of this Chapter, “The Birth of Hu-man-ity and its Practical Implications”. It is unedited and long so hopefully it will read o.k.

Though readers must understand that Khazars, Mongols and Huns which made the original broad based populations of the Ashkenazy are not bloodline Jews, there is a genetic Jew. Khazar is related to the German word ketzer and means heretic or Jew. The German word musselmann is used as a descriptive noun for those who suffered the muscle wasting condition of walking death in WWII concentration camps. It is also German for Muslim. Modern Khazar royalty is linked to the Jewish Kagan family, prominently located in and occupying various positions of political power in the USA. We now know the Adam and Eve story was not concerning the creation of Hebrew, but Olmec man. The fall from Grace testifies the Reptilian Draco creation of a new impotent Aryan. No doubt coded information can be found somewhere in the Biblical Old testament, but I have not located it, so I must rely on intuition for my explanation. Simon Parkes has laid claim he is the reincarnation of Biblical Adam, who led a band of about two hundred men. Parkes claims he has met the current Draco king and a holograph of the Mantis premier. Yet, Adam was not a Hebrew and also was not one of the thirteen tribes (races). If my calculations are correct he preceded the creation of the Hebrews by around two hundred and thirty five thousand years. Though the Draco engineered a failed attempt at [their own version of] Olmec man twenty thousand years ago in southern Africa, this is not so important. Although it does explain why some Negro persons see Reptilian energy bodies so clearly they confuse the energy with flesh. It is likely the originals were more “Draco” than any other man on our planet surface.

Contrary to popular myths spun by the New World Order via alternative Medias and charismatic spokesmen like David Icke, the Draco are committed to resolving planetary turmoil and [counter] the compulsion of human leaders to abuse their governance. As, by Draco standards, human genetics are greatly inferior, commitment, at best, is lacking. They have been reluctant to use their own genetics as a replacement template, perhaps through fear of competition. Nevertheless the missing link in the Semitic Hebrew equation appears to be the [Zeta-Draco] Futczhi. In their way of harmonising disorder into order, the Draco created a new Hebrew man from thirteen races. Each tribe was a separate race related through shared Zeta and Draco genetics. That is why Zeta and Draco are joint guardians of the true Chosen people, which are not the Kagan Khazar Zionist imposters and others the Germans call heretics. I am not entirely convinced by the numerous flood stories indicating miraculous human survival after the 10,400BC disaster when the Earth’s crust briefly detached from its core and slipped. So, either stock was collected from the fleeting remnants on Earth and processed off world or everything post 10,400BC is “alien”. Do some of the Genome findings give credance to the consideration that ancient genetics can be switched on even after being laid dormant for several thousand years? Plausibly this would mean there might be an ancient store of preserved human and other genetics which could be used for regeneration of any archived restore point.

Incidentally, gauging a number of ancient myths, including the Adam and Eve and the fall from Grace stories, all plants and animals were created from the same sources of DNA used for humans. Thus far, this has been born true by the Genome Project. Bizarrely, bananas are fifty per cent human (or rather share fifty per cent of human genetic structures). This proposes the least plausible possibility; a fundamentalist interpretation of ancient Scripture. According to hard line creationists the world was formed somewhere between 6984BC (Alphonse X of Castile’s opinion) and 3616BC (Rabbi Yom-Tov Lipmann Heller’s view). Others more sympathetic to interpreting Genesis laterally have calculated the start before 10,000BC and perhaps as far back to 20,000BC. If this notion is to be taken seriously, then the 10,400BC disaster, which saw the Earth’s crust detach from its core, led to the collapse and disintegration of the globe. Only then might a new holographic timeline have been super-imposed and, thus, the creation of an entirely new origin. This would explain why real history has been so subverted. However, as the Genesis and other ancient texts are contextually current, theologians and historians might expect to find some clue [in them], but none is prevalentn other than the original [Genesis] genealogy (up to Noah) arguably might consist of pre-disaster genetics. It is also ironic that Noah is the one that survived the flood. Could this actually be an analogy of an off world repository of DNA/RNA (including all animals) which included the provision of three [genetic variant] “sons” used to rebuild surface life after the cataclysmic disaster? Did the violent outcomes of the disaster for a long period obstruct or seal all reasonable access points from inner Earth removing that decolonisation option? The creationists are certainly wrong as there is no indication that the Earth was destroyed in any ancient textual account (Sumerian and Mayan included), but several suggest it miraculously survived a severe battering (which included a planetary collision – Moon Falla?).

Enlightened writers have observed the scientifically unverifiable Turaneusian Pattern. This is the name given to a step process or evolution working towards ‘twelve strand’ DNA. In association with the Turaneusian Pattern alternative historic sources present a variety of Elohim light energy, which is called (by its group name) Zionites. These Zionites, sources day, travelled back in time to engineer a shift from Harmonic Universe One to Two (likely almost immediately after the destruction of Tiamat). It is unlikely this does not describe the creation of a second real time standard to create Earth in place of Tiamat one and a half billion years ago, but it may be refering to something else. According to the Genome and science we have always had ‘three strand’ DNA whereas our broken chromosomes are ambiguouslyunexplained (or, rather, mainstream science explanations mostly remain unsatisfactory). Nevertheless, according to Lloyd Pye and others, it would be reasonable to conclude that our higher being (Pleiadian) DNA had been nobbled in the hybridisation process. I have yet to scrutinise the detail but Alex Collier hypothesises at least twenty two alien races can be found in the human Genome pool. Given the method of the sun’s electromagnetic field, human ascension is booked in and will arrive on schedule providing genetic markers are activated. A relatively early attempt at stemming the progression was made by the Zetas in 1748. This is known as the “Zeta seal” and is a frequency fence attached to the harmonic energy fields of the Earth and the Sun which filters in a similar way to the “false matrix”. Arguably it was an attempt to restrict DNA progression to three strands. It is unclear whether it was activated by the Zetas or Zeta-Draco. Either way it would have needed to have been permitted by the guardians, so it must have had Zeta “sign off”. Gauging the enormous political changes globally either side of 1750 and knowing the Zeta’s time awareness, I suspect that date was not an accident. Zeta-Draco Futczhi were certainly the Eisenhower (?) partnered overseers of the catastrophic Philadelphia experiment of 1943. Though most are ignorant of the fact the ramifications are being felt today. Essentially, the Futczhi, in their unfathomable stupidity, decided they would bend time and light to permanently fix the human problem. They were lucky the Earth did not implode. Fortunately they only managed to hack the time network and the rest is history to come. Is 2084 going to be the feature date as I predict?

The diligent researcher must consider all evidence, no matter how bizarre or contradictory (when compared to popular calculated scenarios or outcomes). Turning back to deep history, fossils have posed more problems than answers. Much collected and archived has been ignored, forgotten or censored. Skeletal evidence of million years old human remains rather quashes the creationist’s ideals. Officially there is a great mystery as to why the dinosaurs systematically died out. Popular science theories propose the cataclysmic event that was an all-consuming meteor shower which stuck all parts of the globe more-or-less simultaneously. However, the same scientists that came up with that theory don’t question where the meteors came from and prattle on about natural cycles of things they neither have evidence for of nor have any understand of. Via channelled streams of inherent information, I have understood that science, ironically, was quite correct. There were extraordinary meteor showers, but that is not all. There were also enormous interposing forces which catapulted the Earth out of its position in relation to the sun. Indeed it may have only been the collision with Mars that fixed Earth in its current position which was Mars’ old location. Mars was then shunted out too far away from the sun and this would have made surface occupation intolerable. The event concured with a giant war between the Aryan Martians and the Drakkon Earthlings. At this stage the Draco had not been created as the event took place seventy eight million years ago. The meteor shower was the residue of the splintered planet Maldek. A deep problem with rationalising this information [as correct] is it took twelve to thirteen million years for the large dinosaurs to die out, so the meteors and Earth’s changed position and climate was not the exclusive reason for their demise, although may have precipitated a long chain of events to end the magnificent dinosaurs.

Rosine Lallement’s cosmic pulse theory does merit consideration. However, if there was a giant electromagnetic pulse generated by the centre of the universe that globally altered all DNA it does not explain why a number of smaller dinosaurs, such as crocodiles, remained unchanged after the event. Another theory claims the dinosaurs, in general, evolved into birds. The problem is identical and with a twist. For the large dinosaurs it would have been a mindboggling, and therefore implausible, downsize. The small dinosaurs group did not change into birds. Some stayed the same. Others may be contenders. In fact, as I have already explained, evolution does not work in the way mainstream science proposes. DNA is processed in the belt made from Earth’s electro-magnetic field co-joined with the Sun’s. DNA is processed at individual and group (family) level, so changes could see one or the entire group elevated. The group is broken into hierarchies which, equally, can see individual changes. There was an experiment a few years back which presented startling new insights. I forget the details; names, places and so on, so I can only offer a rough scenario. Verified distilled water free of life was placed in a sterile container and left for one month. When checked for life signs unusual single celled entities were observed. Over a control period the progress of the organisms was monitored and adaptive variety was observed. Though there is some ambiguity as to whether the container and/or the distilled water were truly sterile, or, indeed, something was not airborne (if the solution had not been compressed in a vacuum), the findings propose spontaneous existence is a reality.

There is another enigma which affects the analysis of the Biblical stories Adam and Eve and fall from Grace. At the precise point when the Earth suffered from the destruction of Maldek, it would have been a pretty hostile place to make genetic peace. If, as could be reasonably concluded from the massive change of climate, the large sized fauna and animals died out over an extended period evolution does not explain the change of life systems. Nevertheless, if there are bustling life systems in the temperate zones of inner Earth that might be suited to the old Mars surface conditions and not the sweltering super climate of the dinosaur age, then the change of hierarchy is likely to have come from a transfer of inner Earth resources to the surface. According to science, most mammals and so on were evolved by millions of years by the time they miraculously appeared after the demise of the dinosaurs. However, the real problem with determining that man was one of a worldwide array of animals and plants instantly created by the God’s, is man was at least part Earth indigenous stock, whether you select clay or dust as the code word for genetic culture. Homo erectus certainly preceded modern man, only contradicted by odd and unexplained geological finds dating hundreds of thousands or millions of years prior to rational datelines.

By way of conclusion, we have more questions than answers, but I shall attempt to summarise my findings and draw lateral recommendations. Firstly, at some time after the demise of the dinosaurs a new human was created by the Drakkon, as agents of Ba’al (manifestation of Lucifer). As the hybridisation process was manufactured by genetic steps, duration assessment ranges from at least a million and maybe millions of years. Built from (certainly) Tyrannosaur and Pleiadian and perhaps other DNA source material, they were the walking version of Tyrannosaurus Rex. At some point in Earth’s surface development they were forced below ground. This was perhaps 2,300,000 years ago, but the date is not particularly important. It appears the regulated inner Earth climate with the potential for hot and cool zones suited the Draco so well, they made it their permanent home. The legendary city of eternal life, Shambhala, may be the Draco inner world epicentre. If so, it is located relatively close to the region we call Antarctica and maybe only a few hundred miles inside Earth. By the time the part Pleiadian Annunaki arrived to create Olmec man about 250,000 years ago, the Draco had such a well-protected inner Earth stronghold they could not be defeated. Considering the mind blowing technologies the Annunaki had possessed, it is reasonable to assume that the Aryans of Atlantis were inferior and also were also no match for the Draco. I am of the opinion the reason their key technology centre was built around the opening of the corridor to the inner Earth (under the Arctic Circle of modern times) is they tried to encourage joint venture relationships with the Draco and not the other way round. Once again, it is likely the Aryans at Atlantis were insubordinate to the Annunaki technologically and intellectually. Decoding the ancient texts suggests our technologies (even allowing for “secret” undisclosed weaponary and so on of so-called super powers) are primitive in comparison and in a contest against the Draco we would be annihilated if that was their determination. This is consistent with rumours that the Military Industrial Complex’s “secret” TR3B “UFO” was a gift originating from the Draco. The Draco would not share anything dangerous enough to be used against them.

We have learned from the analysis of the Genesis texts Adam and Eve and the fall from Grace that man’s original version was conscience and Pleiadian DNA free. Original man was also all weathers black and did not need cloths, which suggests he may have had the ability to grow or shed a coat of hair like primates of today. The Adam and Eve “no suitable helper was found” line (Genesis 2:20) perhaps hints that Olmec man was neither domesticated nor wild and therefore could find no partner of equal temperament. It also hints at intellectual inferiority lacking the cunning management skills of modern man. Though no indication was given as to the work was required, “it winds through the entire land of Havilah, where there is gold (The gold of that land is good; aromatic resin and onyx are also there.)” (Genesis 2:11-12) is too much information for the context and this suggests that Olmec man was mining labour with the Garden of Eden provided as a convenient home. Something in the genetic mix of new man, created by the Draco, inhibited the production of a natural coat. We know that this mix did contain Pleiadian DNA, but the other ingredients are unknown (or no indication is given in the texts). Nevertheless, we have identified the Yahweh God as Beruzdia which is of the Mantis lineage. The Mantis are part of the group under Zeta guardianship and the Zeta (termite) energies were used in the production of planet Earth. At the highest material level Ba’al has a contract with Thoth, which is not the Sacred Ibis depicted by the ancient Egyptians but, rather, the mosquito energy body in manifest form. The orange browns to blackish purple Saurians are the creation of shared Ba’al/Thoth genetics which might mimic the native wasp energy field. They were created as an elite attack force and are of similar status to the Tall Whites.

After the disaster of 10,400BC the Draco created a newer man, which is sometimes called the Hebrew. The Hebrew was a genetic collaboration of thirteen different human races, each kept genetically correct, and the Futczhi (Zeta Draco). Zeta Tyrannosaur DNA (in minute quantity) is what separates the newer man from new man. However, there were also several attempts to upgrade original man (Olmec) with Draco DNA from about 20,000 years ago. Therefore parts of the Negro population contain Tyrannosaur DNA (but no Zeta). There may have been an attempt to create a Zeta Pleiadian and these would be the mythical mermen and mermaids which have probably been filmed and are occasional beached (evidence is always whisked way; never to be seen again). These beings (genetically advanced of us) have a special relationship with dolphins (created from Zeta and perhaps Pleiadian genetic stock). It is unclear when the so-called establishment had connected with the Futczhi but, certainly, the Philadelphia Experiment was a failed US-Futczhi joint venture operation. Discovery of Futczhi monitoring of Earth with incidents such as Roswell led to the establishment of Israel. Shortly afterwards and over roughly two decades purer extra-terrestrial Aryans and Lemurians made contact with various human circles, not necessarily political. These included representatives of inner Venus (Annunaki stock) negotiating with the American government of the 1950’s under Eisenhower. Venus society at the time was successfully controlled by a form of totalitarianism, although that has changed in recent times. Human societies, such as Germany’s Thule Society indicate that global political elements already have long standing relationships with Draco, including joint venture operations in/on the Moon, in Mars and at several Earth underground bases. The nature of these relationships is unclear as the Draco have evolved out of the third dimension. It appears they have manufactured go between bodies. I will discuss this next chapter.

Though very far apart and dimensionally disconnected, we are very much connected to Draco culture even if some [of them] regard us as savages or genetic sputum. Nevertheless they know of hereditary energies. To which end, they view the body as a husk (something I will discuss at length next chapter). Every new birth is a new window created from the old – a combination of the genetic identity of both parents. This genetic identity has an energetic history that travels back to the dawn of time. It is the management of these energies, via exotic external technologies, that the Draco, and their hierarchal peers, do so well.


8 thoughts on “The Birth of Hu-man-ity and its Practical Implications

  1. “The small dinosaurs group did not change into birds. Some stayed the same.” – So what’s your take on the origin of birds?? Mainstream science theorizes they evolved from smaller therapod dinosaurs…

    • They are a genetic variation created by the creators of dinosaurs. The DNA block for dogs/bats, cats/birds is under dragon management. Rosine Lallement’s “cosmic burst (pulse)” theory (validated by the Mayan texts) has some weight, but a force that great would destroy everything in its path. DNA has built in steps forward (which are switched on by entities beyond our control) and it is this process that science calls “evolution”. Their reasoning is false, although DNA shifts will sometimes appear to mimic the evolution theory.

      When the dinosaurs reigned this planet had a super climate as it was much closer to the sun. Designers needed to reengineer a new suitable life spectrum, but there was also an influx (of different creatures) out of temporate inner Earth.

      • Again – Very informative! I always wondered what the actual mechanics of evolution are (and I don’t believe they are random mutations like we are taught at all). I imagined that a specific species had it’s own group consciousness and its progress is managed by higher entities. I think you wrote in some previous post that the Draco were basically project-managing the whole dinosaur era? I’d love to hear more about that, dinosaurs fascinate me..well prehistoric life in general anyway.

  2. Well worked out, Ian.

    Invisible DNA has hierarchical oversight. I don’t think Prime Source would intervene, so highest imput would be from the tier one energy field (each species group has one). DNA can be activated at the group, sub-group or individual level. Effectively it is clicked forward (or back) corresponding with evolution or devolution.

    No, the Draco were a new project which came from the demise of the dinosaurs. They are “original man” (a fusion of tyrannosaur and Pleiadian genetics). Some time after 400 million years ago, Lucifer (a sound being) attempted an experiment managed by the Anunaki (they manifest as Ba’al – fifth dimension giant sea monsters that have characteristics of the aligator). Dragons are of the Annunaki genetic line and are much closer to our third dimension, so they were the scientists that created the dinonsaurs and project-managed the enironment. It is likely the start was 280 something million years ago.

    Anthropology is not a reliable information source as they have been infilitrated by forces harmonised to obfuscate the truth at all cost.

    • Well that was some project managment then! It’s a shame that era had to end…Anyway, looking forward to new posts (and the complete book too)

  3. good formulations, interesting assumptions, claimed knowledge barely if any presentation of evidence, so all in all good entertainment and far fetched speculations. i understand it as a novel and find it quite exciting, cant wait to meet the main characters. science it is not, but fun yes

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