credentials_reducedIt is rumoured there are a mere seven thousand individuals that control humanity. If the 480,000,000 optimum Earth population levels channelled by the Swiss Billy Meier cult from the Pleiadians is correct and the claim is valid, seven thousand is hardly a mystical number. However, if the Earth’s population is truly hovering around seven billions, then seven thousand would give one supreme controller per million. Knowing the logic of the matrix, that makes absolute sense. I have no concrete knowledge or evidence as to the hierarchical structure of the seven thousand, but using assimilated logic, I decipher a structure with two at the very top, five subordinates overseeing ten centurions each with battalions of a hundred fearsome leaders. Two heads are always better than one and there never would be one overall power. Besides we gravitate between positive and negative, which is sometimes mistakenly labelled good and evil. Men and women are of equal status even if one is deemed second class at any given time. Each contributes different essential elements to the whole.

I attended another local meeting yesterday and we discussed, in part, the state of order and government so this post is topical even though the draft began 15th February. So much emphasis is placed on what is current, but the same old questions and answers are being rehashed in the expectation of an ever more gullible general public. Whether they like it or not, the two individuals at the top are also subject to the rules of general public order, which is very different to holographic order proscribed by the “justice system”. For instance, if one of the two at the top so grievously offends any wrong member of the general public, no matter how lowly, his or her status does not trump or shield the potential of violent murder. The seven thousand fearsome leaders are made of flesh and blood and can perish in the same circumstances as the rest. Credentials are holographic. Remove the intrigue and they evaporate. As a concert trained pianist should I wave my credentials or play(here, here, here and here)? When a scientist with five doctorates issues a statement that would embarrass drivel, should the general public challenge it or be entranced?

At the local meeting yesterday we discussed my attempt to construct a new model social order. The difficulties in presenting a feasible solution are numerous and subtle. Should nature be included, for instance? Though I am not compelled to believe Lance Hart understood the Cetians when he wrote his book “Roll The Bones, Spin The Wheel” expressing a new government system he calls Wheelism, he touched on something very important. Lance was coming from a dark place of personal tragedy where he had his life ripped from him and that muddies the message. The message is a universal one. Wheelism caters for everything because everything makes this world, of which we are one part. A universal system must cater for everything. Bolted environmental add-ons and disclaimers after the fact are both too little and too late and do not address the universe. This is no surprise. As Lance Hart acknowledges, all systems of government are partly based on the Westminster System, which is a commerce enabler and human resource management system. Both human – or general public and universal interests are marginalised or ignored as a result. Laws are sold as majority appeal, but in reality we are press ganged into subscribing to obtuse, singular reasoning which is minority driven. Nevertheless, and this amazes me, that method of delivery works. There are many that have not considered of laws they follow, merely parroting political correctness when their integrity is challenged. Worse still, laws that should be hotly contested are either slyly broken or observed for the greater good. How can a new system of order overcome that and remain honest? This is a perplexing question and has been a giant stumbling block for me, thus far.

Governments rely on [or condition] experts for their staple arguments and holistic (sic) justification for tyranny dressed as virtue. Or is that the other way round? Either way will do. Last year I attended a presentation of a hardly known mini-celebrity in paranormal circles. Mary Rodwell was one of few I instinctively respected and, for me; the prospect of any new information was given ten out of ten even before it was delivered. Transport problems ensured I missed the first half of the presentation and, if memory serves me correctly, they let me in for free. Content was lacking; perhaps muted, but sprinkled with the Rodwell magic that sets her apart from the rest. Topics such as living spaceships (which absolutely affirm Jon Rappoport’s ongoing education that bodies are made of particles driven by a superseding life force) and life prior to “big bang” illuminated her in ways her audience could not appreciate (beyond the superficial). In addition she was consistently professional displaying the air of humble authority one would expect from a dignified master. I did pose a question she could not answer, but that is to be expected. My concern and her esteem plummeted to a minus one rating when she discussed the flaws of known scientists. Lampooning the despicable deceit of these deliberate fraudsters that had given no consideration or commentary on some of the most significant universal findings for man, she laid claim she had been privileged to receive frank and forthright information contradicting their social censorship. Compulsive liars though the distortion of information by their omissions miraculously and instinctively morph into an epiphany for Mary Rodwell? I think not. Liars are damned liars and maybe they offer a rebrand of their deceit?

At my local meeting, yesterday, one of the big discussion points was integrity and vested interests. We discussed the bible and the Qur’an. Three fundamental conclusions came from exhaustive debate. Endorsing or following a supernatural deity is meaningless. Those who unyieldingly refer to religious texts have no integrity. Only external, more unknown the better, parties may judge actions and determine intent. The one that can only do good deeds will be indiscriminately praised by the Christian, Jew, Buddhist and Muslim even with prejudice. This is important as the fundamental objective of a new order must be to encourage praise of good deeds and not criticisms of ongoing deceit and manipulation. Currently we have systems of international commerce that marginalise majorities through minority interests; financial and moral. Policy is underscored by expressions of professional liars that call themselves scientific experts. As majestic as the system and its components could have been, it has withered in the reality of humankind and our current politics. We are naturally parasitic and deceitful. The deceit begins the first time we learn to defy our parents or carers in our determination to protect our vested interests. Our scientist, politicians and industrialists are flawed because they are human beings and not in spite of the fact.

In that way my earlier criticism of Mary Rodwell was short sighted and unfair as she also battles the interests of personal status against, dare I say it, the interests of God; assuming God is the summary of goodness. Mary wants the scientists to be true and understands if they actually spoke the truth publically they would be scientists no more. Current order would ensure the removal of as much accreditation possible along with a process of international ridicule. She feels privileged that they have chosen her as a support confidant and intellectual equal. This leads nicely to the concluding statements of yesterday’s meeting. We ultimately concluded that any system boils down to egos. Therefore the danger or peril is not found in the ignorance of the masses. It is found in neurotic intellect and calculated schemes of extraordinary intelligence. Ignorance cannot twist white into black. They can only blindly follow; no matter what. The breaks have to be put on the intellectuals with much wider powers of oversight granted to critics of all backgrounds. True majesty will always stand the test of criticism, but it cannot defeat silence. Therefore credentials are the body of a Trojan horse eternally destined to deceive humanity and any hope of Godliness.


10 thoughts on “Credentials

  1. You speak of integrity, but how important is honor and honesty in the scheme of things, and which appear to be disappearing more and more?

    Many people see themselves as so intelligent, and “transparent” (and when I hear that word, I instantly think the person uttering or writing it is the direct opposite), and of course, oh-so-civilized, but the very basics of honor and honesty seem to be lost as people regress to basic human nature again and again, and turn into mindless mobs because they are often too insecure in their position to stand alone, think for themselves, and yes, sometimes even stand up for something or someone they don’t even like perhaps if that is the honorable, and honest position to take even when going against “the group” or majority.

    • Words are not always as they seem.

      Surely is not honour and honesty reflective of influence, whereas integrity expresses balance of all things? If I was to behave potentially dishonourably to someone or something unknown in order to uphold a perceived honour, whould I have behaved honourably or dishonourably? If my wishes are different to yours and conflict, do I honour you to dishonour me or vice versa?

      Is ignorance ever acceptable? The same logic can be applied to honesty. Some honesty needs to be decyphered, pondered and calculated to be a universal truth. Should I research everything to the Nth degree before I ever make a statement or judgment? Could I possibly do honesty real justice in a single lifetime? The bridge may be integrity as that allows you to be as honest and honourable as your heart permits. Good intent will never trump good deeds.

      • Very interesting, let me think on that a while.

        I have used the word integrity quite often in speaking about the wild horse issue and them being eradicated and seeing how when someone, or a group, of people want to further their position, they perhaps use “whomever” or “whatever” to do so, even when “whomever” and “whatever” is not the cause of their problems but if jumping on that bandwagon will win favor with those who have the control, people will do whatever it takes. That is a lack of integrity by my definition and understanding of integrity.

        in·teg·ri·ty [in-teg-ri-tee] Show IPA



        adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.


        the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire.


        a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition: the integrity of a ship’s hull.

        So now the shoe is on the other foot and the non-corporate sell-out “mom and pop” cattle ranchers who graze their cattle on public Open Range are systematically being eradicated just like the protected wild horses, and now they cry foul, and unfairness?

        Much of human nature can become confusing, but what I see in it’s simplistic state is that often it doesn’t have to be complicated and it goes back to possessing a conscience, being honest, being honorable, possessing integrity such as the definition above, and also not going along with what I call “selective enforcement” of laws/rules/statutes (and if these are flawed and cannot be enforced consistently, then they need to be changed so they can be “consistently enforced”) that if one person is held accountable one way, but another is held accountable for the same rules but they have “friends” that can perhaps manipulate the “rules” so that it is inconsistent, “selective enforcement”, that should leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth who possesses honesty, and also as you say, integrity too.

        Thank you for the discussion.

  2. There is something else. Horses aside, currently in the battle to enslave humanity there has been a major swing towards commitment to the detriment of competence. Therefore a second rate “star” that outscmoozes a true talent will be elevated for being a good slave. There will always be a conflict of interest between the self and the other, but honesty does not mean truthfulness. Honesty can be deceitful when considering those that deliberately avoid research or information streams due to prejudice or per peer group pressure.

    This is not an easy discussion and it is far from over. Thank you for your contribution.

  3. I like that ………”Horses aside, currently in the battle to enslave humanity there has been a major swing towards commitment to the detriment of competence. Therefore a second rate “star” that outscmoozes a true talent will be elevated for being a good slave. ”

    Since horses are a large part of my life for nearly my whole life, I have seen this happening what you describe above in the animal welfare/rights area with all types of animals, and have also experienced it, and I thought I was the only one noticing the *phenomenon* of “commitment to “the cause” over “competency” with, and knowledge of, the animals. Apparently not, since it appears to be happening in many other areas of society.
    And your observations ring true regarding honor and honesty, another perception I couldn’t quite put my finger on of “why” people behave the way they do depending on what the issue is, who is the ring leader/manipulator, who will say or do “whatever” in order to further “the cause” and please their “handlers”, etc.

    More good info for me to think on and ponder as I am out taking care of, and interacting with my horses………they’re good listeners even when they don’t know what I’m talking about from a verbal standpoint, but can instinctively know how I’m feeling, and they are also “true” in their hierarchical interactions, so are interesting and refreshing to watch the honesty of their actions.

  4. There is a sense that science does not want to acknowledge. It is called temperament.

    Science sells that brand as an illogical mixture of “instinct” and “habits” (at the extreme “addiction”). Yet, those into exo-politics know that non-existent “extra-terrestrials” can channel temperament. If a “grey” wants you calm it can make you calm. Similarly the Draco can instil fear into their victims.

    Have you ever visited a doctor that has made you [inexplicably] at ease? It is unlikely the doctor would be able to manufacture the effect but, like horses (and certain other species), he naturally exudes temperament.

    No time to do this justice. Happy to add more later upon your request.

    • Yes, one nice old Jewish doctor a client of mine (a gal who “sold drugs” to doctors actually……a pharmaceutical rep who I trained she and her horse for dressage….lol) sent me to over 30 years ago was that way…….he came into the room, and was simply – calming, and helped me “problem-solve” a non-medical issue, even though I was there for a perceived “something wrong with me”, which wasn’t—–

      I take my “lead” for the most part from horses and other animals because I have been raised around dogs, cats, exotic animals (not wolves, but a wolf hybrid, and also a red fox, so does that count toward “raised by wolves” somewhat? lol) since I was 2 days old just home from the hospital, and then horses beginning when I was 8.
      I have been an observer of horses, both domestic and wild, and also other species of animals, regarding how they interact with one another, and how they avoid chaos and strife in their hierarchies, bands, packs, etc, and what they do when others in their midst’s display “deviant” (not sexual so much) behavior that can endanger animals roaming wild and trying to survive in their societies.
      So while there are varied temperaments within the animal kingdom of calm, (some of the wild horse mares I call “Earth Mothers” because all of the horses gravitate to them for comfort, to just hang-out with them, to social groom, etc), mellow, thoughtful animals, and also “drama queen and king” animals, “hot” animals, anxious animals, some are very smart, some “not so much”, some being high-strung kind of gets in the way of their intelligence sometimes, etc, out-and-out bizarre, deviant behavior is most often not tolerated, and at the very least, the animals who display it are shunned, which is as good as dead for some/many of them in the wild.
      So I do base a lot of what I say or do on fairness, balance, being direct, clear, consistent, and not wishy-washy in my interactions with people and/or animals because that causes confusion, and I cannot stand what I call “palace politics (but do have poison rigs my mom collected to lend to some of the “players” of this tactic that is having more and more of a re-emergence it appears. lol) of back-stabbing, secretive, gossipy behavior because it reminds me of the 7th grade social structure.
      Unfortunately, I am not as much of an observer of the human-animal as I should be, and while I am good with interacting with people, calming them, listening, helping problem-solve, etc, especially those whom are secure about themselves and what they know, and also don’t know, for some reason with other people (mostly women), they usually either like me and we get along great, or they don’t like me, so not much of an in-between.
      So with most animals, we simply “get” one another and have no strife and I’m like Dr. Doolittle because I’m calm, but even though I’m also calm with people too, I am blunt and fairly direct, and that puts some people off..

      What are your thoughts on some people actually being alien-hybrids since you mentioned the greys and draco’s?

  5. Very interesting. You put a lot in there. Some research has also revealed some surprising information on particularly aggressive Apha males of a patriarchal baboon social order heading for implosion. The order was “saved” by disease. All the placid males and females survived whereas the aggressive males did not and order shifted to the matriarchal. Effectively, we are going through the same shift but our females are more inclined to be spiteful and have become “defacto” males in many ways (perhaps that’s why we are going through a rapid Mantis phase).

    I am well into my writing my book “Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons”. Analysis of the Old Testament Adam and Eve & fall from Grace “stories” reveal we share Pleiadian DNA with the Draco because they created “new man” in deference to the creator of “original man” (who is labelled “Lord God”). For some reason, Lord God, who also possessed Pleiadian DNA, did not want us to have a conscience. I wonder why? (sic – could you imagine if the current “machine” could produce something like that what would happen to the “useless eaters”?)

    I believe there was an energetic shift around 1870 and gradually humanity has shifted to Reptilian (Draco) magnetic bodies. There was a transference to the Mantis energy from 1950’s and the so-called inido child syndrome is them “stepping up the pace”. Hydridisation is largely misconstrued. I will explain it some time.

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