Positive slaughter

I must admit it has been a hellish two weeks. Circumstances forced an accommodation move which coincided with a sharp increase in work duties. The net result was, web-wise, little to nothing happened. This little site is an infant, so raising its profile should be a full time job. However, today I remembered I did promise a regular blog visitor a post on animal slaughter. Of course, my posts are never simple and this subject covers so many elements. Are not human wars exercises of positive slaughter? Our peers and their salesmen tell us that wars are conducted to preserve the virtues of humanity. Yet, why are those responsible for the instrumentation so lacking in virtue? We invariably learn, in round about ways, that wars are merely manipulation of fodder for the singular and selfish purposes of those that control.

For animals, the pity is sparse. Some do chose to pay extra for free range eggs as they prefer their chickens crammed in a field in place of cage prisons. But whether it is cages, barns or fields, the story is the same; yield is based on chickens per square inch – pack ‘em in and pump ‘em out. Information as to how veal is “produced” would turn many stomachs. I can go on. Nevertheless there are two simultaneous issues to explore here. The first is the [mass] production of meats and the other is the “murder” issue. Of course the Hebrews will say that their word for murder does not apply to slaughter. Their holy Torah presents a series of instructions as to what is right and what is wrong. It does legitimise a number of sacrificial kills, of which many are celebrated in the Old Testament books Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Yet, if the flesh of the beast was not to be consumed would that not defy its Creator as an act of purposeless destruction? If the life force was not meant to operate beyond a point, only an inept or flawed creator would require undefined assistance of man. Yes Hebrews, this is an arbitrary point, but you made it so. It is your big mouths that impose will on the Creator. He, the Great One, remains silent; deathly silent.

Taking the concept of sacrifice, it is a small step to validate routine slaughter of soldiers doing their duty and “accidental” civilian collateral damage. Ah yes, dutiful civilian slaughtered by those claiming they are preserving their homeland. For those that like the idea of Peter at the gates of heaven, “I was killed by my country for my country”. Moving away from war and considering the animal theme, so-called cattle abductions are not the work of humans. Proponents for war are welcome to say that at least we slaughter humanely. This is a moot point, but certainly the cattle (and occasional human) mutilations are quite bizarre (by human standards of normalcy). Few would know that over one hundred thousand mutilations have been recorded over a hundred years and individuals appear to have been selected for certain traits. Per American folk law, beings meeting the descriptive criteria of the “Saurians” were witnessed by two hundred unrelated individuals in Varginha, Brazil in 1996. The turmoil included mysterious “unknown causes” human and zoo animal deaths as well as twenty four stray cats and dogs found with eyes and genitalia “surgically” removed for unknown reasons. This corresponds with descriptions and photographs of some cattle mutilations, except at least two have been found alive in some kind of energy field.  My original theory was they (unknown or extra-terrestrials) were building new [living] robot-bodies. This explained the need for stasis. However, it is known that the Draco (reptilians) consume blood or blood gorged organs of live prey. It is claimed they have some way of devouring or assimilating the life force as well as the flesh. Ironically the modern Vietnamese practice of eating the still beating heart of snakes may be payback for atrocities against humans administered by Draco “priests” thousands of years ago.

Nevertheless this does not solve our riddle; can slaughter be positive or “Godly”? To truly understand the riddle we must first consider fauna. I devote an entire chapter of my unpublished tome, A Brief History of Human Conscience, to the bitter question; do plants want to die? As I explain, just because they do not howl, does not mean they are all for ending up in a hearty soup.  The vegans may sip their broth in confidence, but those that visit this page will question that unchallenged validation. There are some very old plants on this planet. One that springs to mind is the carnivorous Venus flytrap. Off world, there are accounts of walking trees and my channelled sources intimate flying fauna that behave like animals on one planet beyond our solar system. Scientific experiments have demonstrated that love can improve growth in plants. One found greenhouse tomatoes grow particularly well to classical music. Another allegedly saw fauna succumb to angry threats of bodily harm against them. This, unfortunately, is the most plausible direct evidence to supporting the notion that plants like to live (as opposed to harvest death). There is overwhelming provable evidence to support poorly treated (unloved) plants die for unexplained reasons. When compared to the exaggerated health of some carefully loved vegetables, it is only possible to conclude that fauna somehow tunes in to emotions.

How many failed scientists, floundering after explosive new evidence comes to light, claim inconvenient truths are easily explained? The Venus flytrap is a staple for the evolutionists. However it poses uncomfortable questions for the vegans. As a side note, evolution is one of the blinkered sciences. There is no formal reason why the strongest genes will improve the genetic line generation by generation without a guardian. According to probability, each generation would be a random product of the range from most to least able and back again. I have always maintained that genetic change is managed by the sun through its electromagnetic field and genes can click forward at the individual or group levels. That would explain why the fittest appear to progress, but I digress. Taking away Darwin’s big hitters, the vegan might argue that the Venus flytrap is, in fact, a freak of nature. Though this position is similar to the failed scientists’ easily explained; let’s run with it. The freak of nature theory proposes that either the object is unnatural because it inconveniently contradicts science opinion or, more often, in error. In the case of the Venus fly trap, the design – though stunning, “clearly was not intended to catch insects” because “plants don’t do that”. So there it is. Venus flytrap is a freak of nature. Next time God comes up with something like that he’d better jolly well consult His boss, man or there will be hell to pay.

Positive slaughter is only positive when everyone is in agreement. If there is one dissenting voice, just one, it is no longer positive. Then it is mostly positive. Other than, mostly, plants are no direct attack threat and are not carnivorous; the compelling argument for vegetarianism is plants do not scream so they must be okay with dying. An extension of this logic dictates plants are wilfully supportive of vegetable eaters. Agreed, this is partially validated by pollination and seed distribution systems – eat me and fertilise my new born. I have already touched on the truth in other posts. Though most sciences do not explore the fact, bodies are made up of multiple energy fields. Pane Andov proposes that [all] human beings have sixty four energy bodies operating simultaneously in each dimension. He asserts our physical existence is only when the relevant energy field is switched on. Due to limitations of DNA (3% efficiency), at this frequency we have no way of comprehending our extra body experiences. Though Pane is wrong, he is not entirely wrong. There are a limited number of dimensions; of which our third dimension may be a phase, rather than an actual dimension. At the highest identifiable level manifests something called “cubed light”. In essence this is an infusion of multiple light entities forming a common brain. However, our bodies are certainly three in one. We are physical, shadow and light. This shared governance poses some interesting scenarios. In my previous post I pointed out that a good percentage of human beings have [compatible] Draco [reptilian] energy bodies via the manipulation of the energy fields that identify DNA.

We now have to seriously consider something alien to science. In doing so, we must ignore our fraudulent account of history. Human development goes back to the dawn of time and in many ways we have depreciated. Compare us to other animals, with our 3% DNA switched on. Imagine what 100% DNA activation would produce. I am just putting things in perspective. Let us now consider an alternative historic development – the real one, where our DNA started at 100%, but was watered down deliberately for reasons known. Let us suppose the reason for the false matrix and manipulation of the electromagnetic field to inhibit DNA is also known. An explanation requires a separate post, but for explanation of positive slaughter, we merely need to consider Lucifer’s experiment. Lucifer’s real name is unpronounceable and we see only a trivial nickname in its place. As far as rumours branding him the root of all evil, well they solve a big piece of the puzzle. Let us call that exhibit A. Why is Lucifer branded the root of all evil? It is not the explanation those cheesy Hammer Horror movies present with little pointy horned imps causing mischief. Quite the reverse! Lucifer was simply responsible for the creation of the new order we glibly term the survival of the fittest. Prior to the creation of the new order it would have been unthinkable to eat the flesh or even use any animal product. However do you know how many humans have been killed by the hand of other humans prior to the creation of Luciferian order? There have been more than seven trillion murderous deaths by the hand of man. Should cockroaches be exterminated for daring to exist? Is man attacking the design or the designer?

In fact old order had no problem with positive slaughter or collateral damage. This is why Lucifer decided the best way forward for beings consumed with hatred was to legitimise murder by validating the consumption of animals to survive – pigs included; although channelled sources claim the pig is a human relative in some way – as hard as that sounds to believe. I still take everything with bacon! To simplify this conclusion, according to old order plants were consigned for consumption (by God). This is some way validated by the opening up of the senses and, in cases of spiritually advanced individuals, remote or astral travel. It is via the consumption of alkaloids that inter-dimensional travel is theoretically possible although it is debatable whether the carbon body could stand the journey. It is likely that the next dramatic and instantaneous shift for humanity will be to silica atoms. Nevertheless consideration of this must also allow for considerable lifespans and a catalytic change in how time is experience. The current 10-20% of lifespan devoted to eating might be reduced to less than 0.1%. What to do with all that extra time?

4 thoughts on “Positive slaughter

  1. Before I start, you must know (by now) that I am a simpleton with a simple reasoning. Uneducated in the universities of man and de-indoctrinated in the religions of the same. Though knowledge has been my lifelong search. Part of why I read your work is it’s not the same old claptrap. Of course, this doesn’t mean I believe any, all, or part only that I find your perspective interesting and worthy my time, for the time.

    If one were to empty their head of knowledge, preconceived notions, traditions and cultural influence and set about on a path of knowing rooted solidly on observation and verifiable evidence, as I have tried to do, it would be difficult to imagine anyone arriving at a position founded on propositions, suppositions, science, paranormal, supernatural, or mythology. I speak only for myself, when I say I’ve never, yes never, experienced anything remotely resembling the paranormal or supernatural. Nothing. No gods, no ghosts, no spirits, no visions, no divine enlightenment, no ET’s, no UFO’s, nothing. Zero. Never. I’m empty. And I’ve looked and longed! This is not to say I don’t believe in the possibility of such, only that I have no basis to believe any of it. Though I can honestly say I wish I did. It would make my existence easier, and easier to relate to my wife who has a supernatural bent. Having said that I do sense a connection of some sort to some sort of something, but this I mostly write-off to whim and fancy.

    I’ll agree that plants have some method to desire life, if they didn’t they wouldn’t be alive. Does this mean consciousness? Not as I know it. I do know they show no outward expressions of fear when presented with the knife, as you’ve noted. Nor, do they have the capacity to feel pain, as I know it, e.g. a central nervous system. Forgive me I say, that any attempt to compare the slicing of vegetables to the slaughter of animals seems to me to be disingenuous, if not mere incitement–but remember, I’m simple.

    As for Lucifer legitimating murder by validating the consumption of animals, what of cannibalism? Certainly this is legit too if one were to hold to this reasoning. But to use Lucifer as an excuse to continue cruelty is self-serving, lame, and lemming like. For it’s not a question of permissibility, even should animal consumption be required for health, which I can attest it’s not, or whatever reason one find to continue animal consumption, it is nothing less than evil to take any aware and knowing participation in their brutal mistreatment, whether it be supply or demand. And for what? The taste? Because it’s good? I have no use for such gluttonous selfish excuses of humanity.

    That last statement might suggest vegans eat tasteless food, when in actuality this is quite the opposite.

    Continuing along the lines of the Lucifer hypothesis, I suspect something at play, whether that be a Lucifer, a higher or lower power of the supernatural order, or simply base human control, such as government, religion, or corporate sway. There is certainly a vested interest from these entities to continue on with animal slaughter, the least of which is to nurture apathy, insensitivity, and hostility, all necessary traits to their existence.

    Oz, I may come off as hostile, but this is not my intent as I assure you this is only my passion. I believe the cause of all our trouble begin and end with our mistreatment of sentient beings, all sentient beings. If we become kind, truly kind, there will be peace (how can there be anything else?) and Lucifer, government, religion, and corporations can all be damned.

    I appreciate your point of view. And, I believe I may have learned from it. What I’ve learned I’m not sure yet, though I suspect something useful will come from it.

    Kind regards and thank you,


    • Peter, as usual you have made some very good points.

      As for Et’s, UFO’s and paranormal, perhaps you are looking in the wrong place or simply not looking hard enough. I would be infinitely surprised if your energy is not “marked” and that means you have been identified and are being perpetually monitored whether you appreciate it or not.

      There are powers out there beyond your comprehension, but that does not mean you do not comprehend. You try as well as you may and use every cumming resource in your essence and maybe; just maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of purity.

      Far from being educated, you have a fine mind (as twisted as mine – lol). The 64 dollar question was canibalism, but I am surprised you missed the obvious one. If we can’t eat plants or animals to be “pure”, how the hell do we survive? Now, canibalism is only distasteful as per projections of those behind the development of the “new age” movenment and the universal Christ consciousness. New age is far from new and stretches back to the depths of time.

      Parts of society are happy to slaughter “criminals”; why not eat them as part of the ceremony? Personally, I’d pass that plate, but others……………………….?

  2. About eating plants, I did take note, however I suspect a subconscious ignoring, fearing guilt. 🙂 But now that you bring it up, you must know there are those who claim to live off the sun and who never eat food, sun-gazing. I’d like try it (not that I’m feeling guilty about eating plants mind you, not yet anyway). They say to sun-gaze early morning and late evening when the sun is of lower intensity, but since I’m stuck in an office before sunrise and where the only windows are operating systems I’d be half starved if I tried.

    As far as eating criminals, I’m with you. But, I do have a suggestion, or rather a solution to vivisection. Rather than suffer animals in the labs to test products used on people, why not use criminals. They’re human, and the tests would hold more validity. Of course, the program should be voluntary, in order to be justified, and offer perks to those who volunteer. But, I suspect we’re too “civilized” for such things.

    I wonder what you meant by being marked and monitored. Should I fear, loath, or honor this marking and monitoring? See, you’re already starting me believing something I don’t believe. 😉

    • Here differ, Peter. Who I am to say who is criminal. If bad behaviour was used as the yardstick, then we would start with anyone involved with government and then promptly work our way through industry’s decision makers. They, in my opinion, are the “useless eaters”.

      Humans are tested regularly and occasionally sue when something falls off thanks to “medicine”. I would imagine all are paid, so criminals are welcome to join that queue. A woman recently died of starvation in her quest to “eat” sunlight only. This is not possible at our frequency. However, when the DNA shift kicks in, “magic” will come to life.

      Beliefs that are imposed because an inherent opinionated desire wills it are the cancers that destroy rational comprehension. If I have taught you anything, Peter, do not be gullible. The very first one you interogate for honesty and truth must be YOU!

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