The Human Doppelganger

Has no one questioned why there was an explosion of technological development from 1870’s when, prior, there was next to none? Alright, some date the industrial revolution as having started at the tail end of the eighteenth century spurred on by the collapse of the gold standard and shenanigans in the New World (America). I am not going to split hairs.  There was the emergence of a free press at the time that allowed information, previously not usually available, for mass circulation. Certainly, the same mindless opinions based on hearsay promoted the, then, new world order. However controls were not in place that muzzle the free press of today so information was served in true Hebrew fashion. The serious chronicle provides healthy insight for the modern age and some, now discarded by time, lived beyond their chronology by simply saying what they saw.

Something else was happening. Shakespeare (nee Dee) framed Camelot as the last dignified human war. Nevertheless, life still had value right up until 1914 when a giant conflict resulted from the clash of classes as the final showdown of man against woman. The transition to modern matriarchal social order was not going to be a happy one. Up until the First World War individual lives had value and everyone knew their place. Prior Somaliland (Somalia) saw hundreds of thousands dead, but that also coincided with the First World War. Colombia, the Chinese Boxer Rebellion and the Boer War happened on similar time lines – 1899-1902. Isn’t that fascinating, war erupted on three separate continents at exactly the same time and that became the precursor to the giant European war – the mother of wars. However, prior to that tragic event, war dead were limited to tens of thousands. This was to lead to the battle of the Somme; a battle where the officers issued orders to their troops at gunpoint. 420,000 British, 200,000 French and 500,000 German casualties was the appalling result. Life no longer had meaning. All were statistics at a loss to reason.

There was a parallel to the death industry. Remember war ceased to be a conquest of valour after Camelot. Three hundred thousand slaves were generated from displaced family units of the seventeenth century Anglo-Irish wars. After Camelot, there was noticeable collateral damage; an expression Churchill used to label civilian war casualties. Collateral damage was first a function of and then became the point of war. The term was devised after the First World War and underscores a change in patriotic values. Intellectual protests of the late Victorian era saw parroted sentiment gradually filtering down into the lower classes. This is not to say that many were unpatriotic but war had become more than war and left social values behind. General Patton is attributed to have said, “War is a racket”. For instance, the American War for Independence (sic) is very closely related to the French Revolution (sic). Tea in the mid eighteenth century had become a symbol of elitism at sixty five gold guineas a pound (a labourer may have earned fifteen gold guineas a year). As a development of the 1711-1720’s South Sea Bubble fraud (involving a number of boom stock commodities, including tea and tulips, and saw unsustainable market shares reduced to zero value), the1773 Boston Tea Party attack on the commerce of elitism led to the collapse of sterling currency (gold standard) in 1797 with the issuance of royal stamped Spanish silver dollars. Circumstances allowed the elevation of Napoleon and the first attempt at global enslavement. Contrary to modern Israelite wisdom (sic), by 200BC traditional Judaism was dead and needed somewhere to go. In 196BC a very unusual individual came along and created the legacy that allowed for a mythical and an entirely new Judaism. The keepers of the old Babylonian guard, the Romans, could not allow progression of Gnostic Christianity, so they attempted to smash the new Judaism. This is historically recorded as an attack on the Jews and destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD. The following two hundred years allowed the Romans to undermine the intent of new Judaism and recreate their Sol Invictus cult in the rebadged form we now call Catholicism. Much of the wisdom of all religions is shared, unsurprisingly.

The Semites have always had long memories and would not be happy until a much better approximation of old order was created. So along came Mohamed’s Islam to fill the void with his own hybrid Judaism which is much closer to the orthodoxy. After the Roman attacks the Promised Land moved to the British Iles. The reasons are complex enough for a separate post, so I will leave it at that. However, the native Celt populous proved problematic Goyim. They did not make good bed fellows so slavery was a doomed notion. This predictably reached a crisis point in the Anglo-Irish war. That is why the establishment split with some for a new Puritan Promised Land and others who believed they could finally break the Celts in the homeland. Feudalism had gone a long way to conjure the mindset for rights free populations. Nevertheless we know that new Puritan Promised Land today as the world super power United States of America. It was to be the final failed step towards “paradise”, or a new world order. Joseph Smith created a new fusion of Gnosticism and the orthodoxy with his Latter Day Saints’ Mormonism in around 1830 which saw such a magnification of the clash between old and new orders; it created a schism which is still present today. In fact, now Mormonism is, for the most part, another lip service religion managed by atheist Zionism. The 1838 Mormon war is given little publicity as is their past manipulation of the native Red Indian slave classes.

Government, commerce, religion and wars are intrinsically linked. The ceaseless objective has been for the new Pleaidian ruling classes to seamlessly control the slave masses. The state of totalitarianism inside the planet Venus appears to have become undone recently for some reason – so there is maybe hope yet! If that reason is revealed to me, I will advise my readership. Back to our humble Earth, something happened that had not happened before with the onset of the so-called Industrial Revolution. For the first time, industrialists had the capability for mass production. People have always been as potentially lazy and unconscientious as they are today. Mass production was not possible prior to industrialisation and that is why poor people had sparse wares and not because it was the way they liked it. Consumerism did not start in the 1960’s. It started back in the 1880’s. The invention of durable plastics and a big technological leap forward saw the super productivity of the 1960’s. Less easy to spot, there was another reason for mass production and industrialisation. The reason the Industrial Revolution happened at the time it happened was as much about the will or mindset of the 1870’s as the emergence of new ideas. How many brilliant ideas have been buried today because the mindset is not ready? Nevertheless it is also important to note that reflective sentiment on social security and order from the 1870’s had paved the way for new values and an entirely different outlook on life’s purpose. This predictably broke tradition as has the progression of modern ideas in just about every artistic genre.

The reason I have titled this article “The Human Doppelganger” is because there was an acute change in the 1880’s in response to the Industrial Revolution. Something happened about this time which, once again, would be easy to miss. Since records began there have always been unexplained anomalies. Paintings dating back to the prehistoric appear to depict clearly non-terrestrial flying machines. The sane must deduce current historical appraisal is incorrect and either other or inner worldly beings have interacted with this planet for as long as records are kept. Are the Paracas skulls going to be the first official evidence of non-human humans? Whether they are or not is relatively unimportant, as the sheer weight of testimony undeniably validates extra-terrestrial interaction. Physical evidence remains in a state of non-validation or is lost. Trolls aside, occasionally evidence is fraudulently debunked by well-meaning but ill-informed individuals or simply explained away by familiar dead end arguments based on the prove the unprovable paradigm. Even if the Paracas skulls are proven, they will be proven unknown. That which is unknown is unproven because it is unknown.

I digress. The point I am trying to make is that the 1880’s saw a marked increase in records of unexplained events, particularly of an extra-terrestrial nature. The 1908 Tunguska catastrophe happened at time when there was a spike in reports of “aerial anomalies”, although reports were still quite rare. Pilot hallucinations were blamed for some of the very strange recorded claims of World War Two, which included “giant white ladies” (light beings?) floating in air just in front of aircraft or to the side. Flying saucer books started appearing just after the war. Bernard Newman published what is probably the first novel devoted to the phenomenon in 1948. Followed was a raft of publications, including Flying Saucers by Carl Jung (1950 something). After the debunked efforts of Erich Von Daniken and a few others in 1970’s there was a relative quiet. A renaissance which became the exo-politics movement began in 1980’s. However it was not until the 1990’s that the movement became a populist one and launched the careers of Steven Greer, Stanton Freidman and others. The interest shifted from UFO’s to land based extra-terrestrials and a fascination in accounts such as Phil Schneider’s Dolce base experiment. “Murdered by CIA” Karla Turner described a conspiracy where Reptilian paedophiles targeted human populations for sick gratification using spiteful mind-controlled living grey robots. Those that have connections with the CIA will notice Karla shows distinct military characteristics, though she claims she was a primary schoolteacher. She used a false name. Why, as this is hardly the behaviour of a genuine schoolteacher?  Phil was the son of a high profile German NAZI engineer, Oscar, exported to the US. Is this not more brotherhood pawns creating fake traditions that suit an elite agenda?

I digress again. If there is a human group consciousness, the 1990’s offered a significant watershed. Prior to 1990 very few accepted extra-terrestrial explanations for unexplained events. After year 2000 there would not be a single person who would be surprised if extra-terrestrials were accepted by the mainstream or even attempted to either integrate or war with humans. Though there are still many who feel safer parroting debunk sentiment as attestation to their hive patriotism. The 1990’s was not just a watershed for the change in focus from UFO’s to ET’s, but also saw complicated technical Zeta crop circles appearing. From 1999 there has been an extraordinary spike in UFO sightings; I estimate up to twenty times prior levels. Finally, the numbers of abductees has grown from a couple to possibly tens of thousands. Instead of the usual cardboard tributes to evil “chicken feet” reptilians (a late Victorian underworld concept) or sentient greys conducting painful or sexual violations of good, innocent humans, accounts now vary tremendously. We hear of those ordered to cease and desist from astral plane-ing activities. We learn of numerous entity types, some resident, some visitors and their complicated agendas in their relationship with humanity. We are told about deep politics stretching back for eternity mocking our mainstream history and proposing a number of factions (human and not) controlling humanity through their integrated networks. There is a distinct and uncomfortable connection between the paranormal and extra-terrestrial. Life and death are so intrinsically linked they are one.

Therefore, weighing up all the above, I have drawn the conclusion that the Industrial Revolution was not an accident and it could not have happened without the fundamental shift of attitude (consciousness) which is documented by the  outpouring of intellectual sentiment and the emergence of controversial art forms, such as expressionism and impressionism. The only possible way to engineer such a shift would be to create energy doppelgangers. Fortunately mainstream science has nothing to explain for, accordingly, souls and spirits do not exist. Nevertheless I am not held to ransom by this science and have gone to great lengths to practically demonstrate, as well reasoned as possible, feasible alternative explanations for existence (which often fits in the mainstream framework. I invariably do not question science data; only conclusions and reasoning based on data analysis). My explanations defy and, I believe, break convention. In line with this accrued reasoning (and I am sorry readers will need to research prior posts to gain an understanding of this), the Victorian shift in consciousness was actually a shift in soul or spirit type. It is likely our genetic cousins, the Reptilian Draco, are the culprits. This is partially evidenced in their insatiable appetite for technology. Therefore, at soul level, at least one third of all Aryan (white) humans have had reptilian magnetic souls for several generations. In some ways this has been good and seen the swell in populations, productive increase in technology and general prosperity of the masses. In other ways it has been disastrous engaging environmental, commercial and clashes of creed. Racism is a very reptilian quality [Xenophobic might be a better term and there is {sometimes} violent competition between families or houses. I believe Chivalry or inflexibly ordered society is a very reptilian concept. This sense of order is similar to the Pleaidian one, except their purest would not want to be disorderly]. Perhaps David Icke’s targeting should not be limited to politicians?

There is one final piece of the puzzle. Traditionally, the Zetas are revered as the most enlightened beings in the universe (I believe Star Wars Yoda was modelled on a Zeta) by those that understand cosmic dynamics. For instance, the Zetas are behind the body is your temple philosophy as opposed to good vanquishing evil, which is a decidedly Pleaidian-Reptilian notion. Aligned to the Zeta network is the Mantis type, which is energetically not-of-this-Earth.  Of all the insect forms (Earth traditional and alien), the Mantis type is regarded for its intellectual wisdom. It appears to have preceded the last Prime Source big bang universal purge. Zetas have been assisting the Draco in their mutual objective of rationalising the progress of the human. Though the Zeta does potentially support ascension, both ultimately share similar objectives – peace on Earth and beyond. Over the last few decades; maybe forty or fifty years, it has become apparent that the Draco and Mantis preside over complex and extensive shared technology networks with dual manned bases at a number of locations. Locations are not necessarily physical in the science-sense of that word. In order to put the brakes on the perceived state of chaos, I believe that a global transfer of Mantid souls is possibly being tested (with noticeable autistic results) for roll out after October 16th 2017. This is why the new world order is desperate to implement favourable standards before the cut off. There are also a number of networks comprising various Pleaidian types. In light of Simon Parkes unbelievable description of Draco character, it is possible the Aryan-Pleaidians with “Nephilim” genetics are creating a reptilian illusion for their naïve human partners. Perhaps it is not the reptilians that are “shape shifting” as much as super humans. Maybe this is an incorrect evaluation, but it is certainly plausible considering long past strategies of the so-called Annunaki, who will do just about anything to achieve their objectives. What is certain is the human doppelganger is about to dramatically change in character for a new age of light. However, ascension will see progression through the black light first. Ordered chaos precedes the white light state.


3 thoughts on “The Human Doppelganger

  1. Yes, I’ve question, quite often, this technology explosion, so it was interesting, and fascinating, to read this post. I believe the quote is attributed to General Smedley, if I’m correct.

    Thank you, Ozziethinker.

    • Peter, I have reread this post and feel I have squeezed a 40 page thesis into 4 pages, so I am glad you kept up with the pace. It appears that General Smedley Butler is attributed for his “war is a racket” speech in 1933. However, Patton had occupied the “corridors of power” prior to 1933 may have given an anecdotal one liner prior to Smedley Butler. As for technology, I didn’t bother to mention that our computers may have originated from back engineered Futczhi (Zeta-Draco) spacecraft.

      I intend to do a piece on the butchery of animals at some point. Keep an eye out…………;-)

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