Faith and Religion

Though there are numerous variants, there are only two fundamental structures categorising religious inherence. Each might cross over the other, in part, depending on the religion. The first, and perhaps older inherent philosophy, determines the individual [or group] is guided, influenced or dragged along by external forces. The commonest of these external forces are good and evil, but the range of expressions and their combinations are potentially limitless. Introspective development free of external influence is the other system. For that, there is no good and evil and the only relationship between the external and internal is as a consequence of connection. The external is made up of inconsequential objects or events. This does not remove the observer from valid interrogation of purpose or deny the possibility or consideration of the pre-destination catalyst. There are merely two approaches to resolve of the state of existence which is always from the introspective. As external influence is beyond control, even though once discovered might be controllable, from the introspective its model hinges on faith. Introspective development relies on control from a religious perspective.

This post is not focused on dwelling on the attributes of a religion or, even, the importance or plausibility for validating faith. Deciphering the elements which define religion and assessing why the user is drawn to faith is the prime objective. Faith is the acceptance of something, known or unknown, whether beyond comprehension or fully understood. It transcends belief as it is the essence of positivism. Conversely those without faith are guided by the essence of negativism. Blind faith, in true definition, is a euphemism for virtual enslavement of the mind, body and soul. The hope is so forlorn, direction so lacking and understanding so null, the user exists in a void dragged along blindly by any interposing force simply by the merit it is. Blind faith, in its corruption of the positive, becomes negative. In fact the use of terminology blind faith has corrupted the very essence of faith.

To understand these notions better, one first must consider the dynamics of existence. Current science, in the mainstream, has given the brain no added value over a rock or a turnip. Followers of Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake are not entertained and use the label circular reasoning as the great flaw of post-Darwin supporters, such as Richard Dawkins. Though Richard Dawkins has built up a reputation for censoring disagreement and removing any evidence that discredits his views, circular reasoning is an unfair slur. In fact current science is quite correct in its findings. The brain has no added value over a rock or a turnip and is made of particles which are also the constructive elements of the two dimensional universe. Though everything is expressed as part of the package which defines the expressive resonance of D3 (third dimension), actually things become solid in D2 and real scientists know that D2 is the great illusion. What connects the brain, turnips and rocks is something that is loosely termed soul network. The soul network is made up of unlimited numbers of resonances which span time and dimension and attach themselves to everything. Every single rock, readers will be surprised to learn, has a soul. However, rocks do not allow souls to function. This is fine as the soul is something like a sponge in the way it operates. The soul is there merely to feed off the introspective (and its relationship with the retrospective), so if the vehicle is inanimate it makes no difference.

Human bodies, for instance, are “powered” at a number of levels. The body itself is made up of a number of specific units comprising independently intelligent specialist cells and other materials. The coordinated perception via the master computer brain is sometimes called the ego. In fact the ego is immortal and will be stored as a shadow upon the death of the body as the next step of its journey. Death is in fact a transmutation when the body ceases to function as it was and becomes something else which is likely to be a number of things. A resonating soul was very much behind the development (maturity) of the body. Its soul in this form is both light (electro-magnetic) and dark (shadow) energy. These energies are both resonances that manifest the fixed impetus which [in manifest form] is best described as desire. In order to discover and record, the human body is accorded with a spirit. Spirits are erroneously described as angelic white light. Though some may be regarded pure or fulfil the objective definition of purity, they are only messengers designated to the course of discovery and, as such, append the mission of the body identity in that capacity. This discovery is guided by the impetus of the soul at its root.

Complex subjects desire additional information to avoid miscomprehension, so here is a recap. The body is made up of circles of cultural environments which are apart from, but may be guided by the brain, which is the functional computer for the impetus manifesting desire. Apart from and outside the body resides a fixed soul which never moves. Its impetus is attracted to a number of filters which include the dark shadow and light ephemeral body which [should] bear all the characteristics of the physical [flesh and blood] body. The light ephemeral is sometimes called the electro-magnetic body and usually aligns itself to the heart. Acting as a force field, the spirit is sometimes described as an ectoplasm surrounding the body. As any other force field, it repels intruders; although certain technologies and techniques can bypass the security. In some instances parasitic spirits can infiltrate the body. However, basically the Taoist yin yang philosophy adequately describes the collaborative relationship between body, soul and spirit. As light is the consequence of desire, the spirit is a concept of the soul. When the soul ebbs, the spirit flows and vice versa.

Faith, therefore, is something inherent and nothing to do with religion. Religion is a vehicle for faith and illuminates categories supported by wise and less than wise philosophies. Whether the body is the temple and external forces are consequences or proscribed systems that transcend reality, faith will still [or rather, always] be inherent. The only way to be the essence of “what is” is to tune into that which is inherent. As inherence is what always was, this can only be purity for that which is impure has become corrupted. This is not to say that to be creative defies purity. Rather, the creative force could not produce the desired output if it were corrupt. If the reason for manifestation was the desire of the impetus, then its corruption would manufacture un-desire. Finally, what was desired [in the state of inherence] must have been desirable else it would not have been desired. Unless inherent desire evolved, its corruption is the only plausible change.

It is through the dynamics of existence that religion has categorised faith in terms of the external and internal. At the time of its collapse, the Satan star was a vent as any other. It allowed the explosive transfer of intent and its transition into materialisation. As it was the centre of the universe (this universe) its blockage and inevitable collapse might be categorised as error. As it is the state of existence, which underpins reality, it is “is” rather than error. Whether the event is categorised as the formation of a giant black hole or the creation of a Satanic Black Sun does not capture inherence. Though it plausibly started as something different, it became what it was, and that was because it was, and there was no other reason. Only consequences attributed emotion. The net effect of that change was a shift to a state of tension populated by the dynamics of opposing forces holding everything in position. The introspective, that is deeply selfish as it is built on the principle of the manifestation of desire, judges opposing forces as [emotional] influences or objects. That is why the two directions of religious philosophy are in interoperable union or discord. They either side with inertia, tension or both.


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