How real history connects with purpose. Part one: in the true beginning

Sadly few if any are aware of the true origins, purpose and mechanisms for my perception of what we term existence. It would be nice to simplify an explanation down to a couple of charismatic proverbs echoing eternal sound bites. Obfuscation with proverbial tools has landed my perception of existence where it is. It is the mess I am in. Adding more indulgence will save no one. It is important, therefore, to start at the start and formulate a cohesive beginning in light of the end. How words unravel is almost as important as the truths they heed. Beginning in light of the end is not some casual or clumsy expressive idiom. Time immortal began at the end which reflects on the beginning. Though the Vedic masters created a functional duration of three hundred and eleven trillion years, this is by no means correct. Time is both immortal and infinite within the parameters of the mortal and finite. Our Vedic masters were talking about the reflective essence of time and not time itself. Just as the reflective essence might shatter into infinity, so too does time in the way it is constructed. For every single piece of that shattered essence is lovingly reattached in order for order, or when the disorderly might be reordered.

Before we postulate the properties of time, attention must be given to why. Time did not just happen. Of course there was a good reason for it. The reason preceded the first thought, but it needed the first thought to realise the essence of essence and not merely accept it. When essence was more than something that was, it needed somewhere to go. It needed some release. And just when the pressure becomes too great on mortal Earth, we puncture a few small holes to release some steam; release some pressure. That is the natural way and this is how the essence released what it needed to release. A series of pinprick holes; vents were scattered about the cosmos which, at that time, did not exist because it preceded time. There was no particular order to the network of vents, which grew as fungal spores, but it was absolute order because that was what was and there was nothing else. These pinprick holes, which would not even register as a point in scientific reality, did not expel steam. They expelled the creative force that would become what I experience as my perception of existence.

The creative force was a power to behold, but it neither had form nor concept. It simply existed in a state of non-existence as time had ceased to begin. It had no form because it did not need form. Yet it did need to reconcile its essence and that, most simply put, was contentment. Indeed the only paradox against contentment was the very consideration of it. For if it was to be appreciated from a position of understanding, it needed to be measured against something. So contentment broke into perception, understanding, prudence and grace. “We saw, we comprehended, took heed and outwardly reflected”. That was and is the basis for the ultimate self and prime force. Immediately the prime force knew itself (for it was both male and female and neither), it was ready to express time or, at least, the potential for a continuum. The truth was clear, but the creative force was unknown and needed a power of exploration for nothing had been or would be done until it was done. Many positive notions; some known; some unknown, came into being in the new light of this comprehension. Happiness, calm, trepidation, excitement, awe, ecstasy, comfort and love were a few. They radiated the substance of nothing through the specially created vents that allowed their release. They made nothing something before it was but a paradigm leap was needed. Was that the accidental creation of light?

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