Summing up my reasons for being

This is my first post which leads me to conclude that it is up to me to say something meaningful for any roaming audience to appreciate my sentiment. Regularly I meet human beings who wonder why the external wide world is so dangerous. These people are rarely directly affected by tragedy. Those that are usually manifest extraordinary anger at the presumed injustice of their counter relationships. The majority have comfortable lives and any pang of conscience is a fleeting consequence of the worship of self or, perhaps in some cases, reverence of a higher power. All fail to realise it is they who created the inertia for the imbalance in society. Counter relationships directly reflect the worship of self even if that is presumably underpinned by some higher power. The labelled bad guys of these counter relationships directly reflect the behaviour of those who acknowledge themselves as good. Good is not a standard, but rather a reflection of the selfish pursuit of the in-group of the counter relationship. That is because everyone tries to live their lives from the introspective – the internal whose interests trump the external. Yet, in a perfect world, humanity must wholly upgrade to the retrospective. The external interests must trump the internal to resolve the imbalance in counter relationships.

I would now like to add the opening paragraph of my book A Brief History of Human Conscience. It will take the reader a little further down the path of truth and guide to fulfilment:

There are modern sages all too numerous, but all are fatally flawed as they promote self-awareness in reaction to everything external. Whether the internal compass is directed by spheres of influenced labelled “good” or “evil” or whether the body is on its quest for ultimate discovery and due diligence, their prognoses are always the same. The self is eternally adrift from the whole, but seeks strength from positive experience. My writings, which are my essence, my understanding say “no!” In fact the opposite is so. The external is connected to and therefore part of the internal. External forces cannot be avoided and therefore must be more than heeded. To fear and hate everything external is to fear and hate the internal. That is why society has become a process to embolism. The reacting parts may not be “fair” in consideration of intellectual reason but an embolism is simply a reaction to and can never be rationalized in terms of the current status quo. My writings are very much about breaking this status quo and I may appear to side with the current version of social evils. The reader must never lose sight of the fact that in a utopian world, everyone receives unconditioned contentment. This includes all you despise and your current status quo rejects. You, the in-group, steadfastly refuse to vilify the outcasts and reject their social evils as defined by your slander and laws which offer self-serving protection to those who might become embroiled. Your laws mimic your status quo; your fictitious state of goodness and its correction system reinforces rebellion and synthetic behaviours of a mirror like incorrect nature. Society therefore is intrusively encouraged to exterminate evil and all labelled under its guise. Drug addicts reject society. Murderers fear their own mortality. Thieves seek immortality. Children are adults and adults are evidence of the corruption process. Enslavement and whoredom are the two virtues worshiped by all. Children are denied sexual interaction to make marital enslavement appear attractive. Trapped in this modern world, the hardy and foolhardy alike deserve to read on carefully both free of prejudice and sanctity but with the capacity to simply comprehend.

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